act 01 v.a. men-an-tol tape

lim. 150, tapebook-box edition with booklet, deleted
lim. 150, normal edition, deleted

stin scatzor injury
ode philipica no navera divaleere, self immolation
contagious orgasm christine
fellatio et cunnilingus snapper
telepherique harmonie 20hz, kakophonie 20000hz
allerseelen nebelung
salt feed me
pal shiftwork
arcus arcanum a message from beyond
pale action triumph
wumpscut against decay
notstandskomitee deprogrammierung
control images still born
mondblut the love of christ
br & co das duell


Phosphor, february 94
The German label Ant-Zen (ANTiZENsur Recordings) released a tape-compilation in a tapebook-box with a 38 page booklet. This tape-compilation features 15 underground bands. Stin Scatzor, hailing from Belgium, opens with heavy industrial beats. And with that the tone has been set. Most bands featured on this cassette present a rhytmic heavy industrial song. For instance P.A.L, also presented on the double tape-compilation 'Tilarids & Raynir', Pale Action and Mondblut. Allerseelen, from Vienna, Contagious Orgasm and some other bands use heavy noise to support their music. Arcus Arcanum is the most spherical with their song which surrounds you like a thick fog. Salt, responsible for the artwork, tries to attack your speakers with the most intense and heavy song. If you are in favour of electronic powered rhythms ask Ant-Zen for traditional information and/or go to the next Arpeggio Fraktur night, featuring Kapotte Muziek, Bee Queen and Maeror Tri, 12 february at the Backstage in Mnchen.

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