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act 103 · imminent · synapscape · screenwalking · cd-ep

tracklist cd:
eval, genebiel, aléa, sabré, tors, warc, uatio, aigre

12" vinyl (¥023) on hymen records
hymen website :

'imminent starvation is dead - long live imminent'. by far the most surprising project over the last two years, imminent now strikes again on a collaboration ep with the highly acclaimed synapscape.

'screenwalking' is the conclusion and essence of state-of-the-art rhythmic power electronic noise featuring eight tracks combining imminent's twisted metal, mass confusion, agony, chaos and penetrating coldness with synapscape's energetic force, harsh rhythms and multilayered distortion.

'screenwalking' is the perfect balance between heavy processed percussion and noise manipulation, the next step in the evolution of both bands. imminent and synapscape both perfectly combine their familiar elements to an overall sound resulting in something completely different and unique. sit back and enjoy.

imminent website :
synapscape website :


dj quesako (ascolta - strasbourg)
collaboration réussie entre 2 figure emblématiques de la scène industrielle : imminent (starvation) qui ne se nomme plus que imminent tout court et synapscape. ce maxi contient une énergie incroyable. une fois libérée, cette énergie vous transporte et vous ne vous en sortirez pas indemne !

recycle your ears
right before leaving europe for their short american tour in march 2000, two of the most prominent acts on ant-zen have recorded and released this collaboration ep. "screenwalking" is not the first collaboration between the two projects, since they already had released a split remix ep, a couple of years ago. "screenwalking" goes further, however, since the two bands actually met to record these height tracks. i would say that this ep bears most the mark of imminent (yes, there is no "starvation" anymore) than synapscape's. first, the tracks are instrumental and, then, they flow with imminent fast and chaotic touch. the sounds used here are very noisy, at least far noisier than what synapscape usually does. what the two guys from this project have added seems to be the crunchiness of the beats and the fact that the rhythms are less repetitive, less techno-like, than on imminent's music. the result is complex and very noisy, with a lot of distortion and statics spread all over the cd. with the exception of "warc", all the songs are violent and up-paced. imminent and synapscape are two excellent bands, and this collaboration is extremely interesting for anybody into rhythmical noise. however, i find the music on this ep quite hard to listen to. it's absolutely not as catchy as the latest works of both bands (except maybe for "uatio", very danceable). this may come from the fact that every track is quite close to the other ones, or maybe it is because of the very chaotic feeling of the whole. to conclude, very interesting sound and lobotomy guaranteed, but not as great as their respective works. for everybody that saw this bands live in america, the sounds of this ep is quite close to what imminent played on stage and, of course, of what he did with the guys of synapscape at the end of each show, except that the cd contains less use of feedbacks and very high sounds

re:mote induction
following the previous remix 10" picture disc by imminent starvation and synapscape we have the 8 track ep screenwalking. screenwalking a collaboration to accompany the recent touring by synapscape and the renamed imminent. with the completion of the tours screenwalking is now generally available - as a cd from ant-zen and 12" from hymen, though both versions have the same tracks. screenwalking starts with the easy ominousness of eval. creaking and rubble filled sounds quickly overwhelmed by the bristling rhythm of both bands. through this we can hear a vocal sample, which sounds similar to that from imminent's tentack. following that comes the snipping form of genebiel with its bristly synapscape bass and spiking imminent percussion. solid, consistent intensity - creating a certain malevolently catchy vibe. from the fade and sigh we have the looping trigger beats of alea. bass is up and down while the constant crackles in a surprisingly subdued and relentless form. sabre hums, little strokes delivered into the rising fluctuations of this wonderful minimalism. slow imminent beats build into the sustained minimalism. this then forms solid electro rhythms ringed with a synapscape quality. sturdy and dynamic this is a stand out piece without a doubt - from its start through to finish. spiralling rotations lead to the interrupted patterns of tors. peaks jag in inconsistent technoid distortions. while beneath this atmospheres sigh and shift - smooth contrast. bass works between the two extremes as a sine wave of regularity. connection and ignition - crackle and hum - thus comes warc. blips challenging the moment of connection, leading to a quick distorted voice. a metallic beat intones gong like against a lapping surf. warc has the fee of meditative experimentation, demonstrating the more explorative aspects of these bands and reminding of sabre's first stages. momentary clean blips lead to a looping voice sample and crackling synapscape ferocity. the voice sounds like some one saying "bullshit" or "push it", but it is ultimately unclear. uatio has a strong rhythm which lends it a strong club potential - damned catchy. leaving the conclusion of aigre, slow slide into twisting physical gyrations. spiking bodily jerks in smooth paths of continuity. this captures the sense of much of screenwalking's material - upbeat in some ways but with a central unfussed easiness. the most in your face elements of aigre stem from synapscape while the imminent influence works across/within that sensation. playing out to slow conclusion it has become clear that i have been neglecting screenwalking by not having listened to it a lot more often. certain tracks stand out more than others in the way that upbeat in your face pieces usually will. but there are subtle and experimental moments here and through the course we can clearly feel the influence of both bands. for me the immediate stand out tracks are genebial, sabre and uatio. though both tors and the subtle experiments of warc stand out with this listen

when i first heard about the collaboration between imminent (formerly known as "imminent starvation") and synapscape, i tried to picture the resulting sound as a mix of both crunchiness of imminent starvation and percussion-heavy sound of synapscape. "screenwalking" turned out to be the next step in evolution of both bands; you can hear the elements that are familiar from their previous work, but overall sound is something completely different and unique. by far, "screenwalking" has been one of the more mature and impressive releases in this genre; reaching incredible complexity level and creating dense sound, where no matter how noisy the music is, the separate elements do not create the cluttered feeling. the sound manipulation and diversity of elements used will satisfy any eclectic listener. multiple layers of percussion - ranging from brutal compressed distorted beats to saturated background bass - possess enough force to be compared with most violent material from both bands. the sound is not simplistic like it was on axiome's "rictus" and not as "dirty" as some of the early synapscape work. it is amazing how perfect the balance is between layered noise manipulations and heavy processed percussion that blends perfectly into the mix. "genebiel" catches your attention from very beginning with sharp explosive sound. no simple beats, but several layers of saturated dense percussion overlaid with myriad of perfectly arranged crunchy noises, twisted analog bleeps, hisses, vibrations. being one of the most energetic tracks on the disk, it still does not oppress the listener on "sabre" slow ambience is evolving into mechanized rhythm with powerful technoid percussion driving the track into the depths of controlled chaos. corroded collapsing frequencies add a darker edge to the track, and pulsing waves of sound do not cease till the very end. "aigre" is another perfect blend of homogeneous atmospheres and powerful percussion. addition of cold atmospheric elements seems to "extend" the sound adding new dimensions. "eval" features solid, monolithic sound with high-pitched twisted squeals that imminent starvation was famous for; dark atmospheric beginning suddenly explodes into heavy, seemingly repetitive rhythm. the beats turn, twist and change unexpectedly trading places with waves and waves of harsh percussion. this release put together the best elements of rhythmic power electronics and should be considered an absolute _must_ in every "power electro for dummies" course

kortex webzine
une collaboration à première vue intéressante entre ces deux formations passées ma”tres dans l'art du 'power noise'. et pour avoir du noise, il y en a, peut-être trop même ! l'idée de réunir ces personnes est certes louable, mais ne fait pas forcément avancer le shmilblick. ça ressemble à certains moments à du bidouillage à la sauvette. peut-être un manque de temps est-il à l'origine du résultat (se sont-ils seulement rencontrés ?) ? d'accord, je suis un peu dur avec ce vinyle, il y a quand même quelques bons moments, mais ce maxi ne fera pas date dans l'histoire de ces deux groupes. uniquement pour les fans ou les collectionneurs ! fabien caestecker

subtlety? forget it. this is full on rhythmic music distorted in a handful of different ways. lots of diversity to the fast, driving rhythms, but overall the sound is overdriven (not unlike a lot of regis's material, and only a tad milder than aphex twin's "ventalin"). industrial by default, but otherwise a techno derivative sound, owing as much to autechre as it does to the noise fraternity. the variety to the actual rhythms is quite diverse and each white / grey blast is cannily separated from the next to maintain a clarity which constantly threatens to collapse into total war. there's enough drive on tracks like "uatio" to force you to dance - it's insistant and unrelenting.

celebrating a full hundred releases under the furious ant moniker as well as the successful power electronics assault of america this past march, ant-zen put olivier moreau (operating under his recently truncated imminent [starvation] persona) and the two lads from synapscape into a studio shortly before they went on tour and had them bang out eight tracks of fused sonics. traditionally, the term "bang out" has pejorative connotations, but in this case the threesome literally banged these tracks out of their equipment, wrestled them and tied them down with live spikes of electricity, and force-fed them through the electron equivalent of a meat grinder. as evidenced by his improvised live set, imminent is exploring broad soundscapes of splintering noise, leaving the beat influence on this ep to be the responsibility of synapscape. the combined efforts are thick jackhammering rhythms buried beneath thick fields of churning static with short-wavelength drones scurrying back and forth in the middle distance. this is einstürzende neubauten before they forgot how to make noise blended with all the snarling industrial beatbox that front line assembly ever aspired to be; all this forced beneath heavy atmospherics as if scooped from the surface of venus and ladled into your ear canals. ant-zen continues to push back the limit of music with their relentless assault on the outer fringes of technoid rhythms.

final man @ electroage
after the much-talked about new name of imminent starvation, now under the short moniker of imminent; many people wanted new material from the oliver mureau's project. there is and you will be pleased. paired with the prolific synapscape, the screenwalking ep embrace the perfect balance of each act's much-loved characteristics. heavy processed percussion and impressive noise manipulations; screenwalking is somehow unique as both bands are in a perfect fusion instead of delivering an half-imminent, half-synapscape product. the seven tracks found on this ep is a rousing success where fans of both bands will find their own pleasure particularly in the intense noise tapestry of sabré and the powerful and complex rhythmic noise attack of uatio. this alliance between the new imminent and synapscape is excellent and certainly beyond what fans were expecting. with screenwalking we can only wish that this unique collaboration is simply a first step to an upcoming full-length album. let's hope.

side-line no.32 july/august/september 2000
although i have often been deceived by collaboration projects which generally lack depth and consistency, i must admit that this joint-effort by two artists i profoundly respect was intriguing me. 'screenwalking' belongs to the exception thanks to its force and self-confidence. the screenwalking janus-beast catalysed the intelligence and genie of both successful entities to become one same thinking self-dependent machine that culminates in multilayered noise assembling and rhythm dislocation. agonising mechanic electronics vibrate against walls of heavy harsh rhythms haunted by drowning confused voices and other samples. a powerful collage of noise-addicted personalities for an ultimate cleansing brainstorming result. get this one in emergency! (tsf)

spectrum issue 4
not having any knowledge of synapscape's previous works i guess i can only review this from the imminent perspective, likewise with the 'starvation' tag having been dropped from 'imminent', there might have been the perception that an aim was being made to a more commercial and accesible sound. in reality any notion of this is quickly dispensed with the powerhouse beat-n-noise-fest served up. whip lashing beat structures explode in crystaline static bursts, leaving barely any room for the trademark moody background layers. and as intense listen as the 'nord' cd was this effort makes it seem like an album of candy floss coated pop tunes. the flurry of electronic beats are relentless, surging and attacking from multiludes of angles, the remaining soundscape encompassing barbs of flesh scrapping static and noise. the tracks are akin to a machine careening out of control being overloaded with pure sonic power, which actually in part would make this music difficult to groove to given the rigidity of it. the track 'warc' differs slightly by not containing any beat structure but with a tonal soundscape backing and fractured electronic blips and bursts of frequency. the following piece 'uatio' moves closer to the noise and groove sounds of the 'nord' cd, with 'aigre' the final piece being an elongated slab of technoise beats and static. as the promo for the cd went 'imminent starvation is dead...long live imminent'. well while you there singing praise of them please bring on the next full length so when can hear just what imminent have become in an individual setting! (richard stevenson)

auf abwegen #29 sommer 00
für freunde des knirschenden rhythm-noise gibt es diesen sommer einiges zu goutieren. imminent starvation hat sich mit synapscape zusammengeschlossen, um eine bösartig fiepende ep mit acht krachenden nummern aufzunehmen. es knüppelt und zischelt ganz ganz knarzig und ohne rücksicht auf verluste. bei dieser ep wird klar, da§ rhythm-noise vor allem bei voller lautstärke und in einem club sinn macht. ich würde mal sagen: routiniert.

black ausgabe 20 - sommer 2000
imminent starvation (jetzt nur noch imminent!) und synapscape haben sich auf vorliegender ep zur âant-zen-super-group' zusammengeschlossen und dieser kollaboration entspringt trotz namensverkürzung von imminent genau der sound, den man eigentlich von diesem zusammenschlu§ erwartet. fauchige distortion, knarzige noiseloops und harsch-technoide rhythm - 36 minuten lang und ohne gefangene zu machen! gefällt mir wesentlich besser als die âremix item' 10" der beiden projekte vor einiger zeit. marco fiebag

mute! #3
the new collaboration of imminent and synapscape brings us eight beautiful tracks of rhythmic noise and power electronics. since the death of imminent starvation, imminent has continued on with a fresh sound and a different look. joined with ant-zen label-mates, synapscape, 'screenwalking' is a joyous step through the concrete jungle, complete with mechanical monkeys, robot flies, and enough concrete on concrete crushing to make tarzan cringe. bb

blackharvest 4.0
one man box tricks 'imminent' drops the 'starvation' side of his title and collaborates with fellow noisemongers 'synapscape' for this 8 track ep. so the transition is made and a new step in evolution has unfolded, where do imminent go? maybe it's the mix with synapscape, but this is more focussed than i've heard the pair do seperately. blistering noise, intense rhythms and the best piece of ear shattering excellence i have heard from this genre yet. if you're a fan of either of these two artists, you know the score musically (well if it is music). absolutely brilliant, a prime cut of what all noise manipulation should sound like. perhaps the most progression i have seen this scene show in a long time. (tony)

barcode #3
why anybody would want to do an 8 track ep and not call it an album is anyones guess, still i shall respect their wishes. screenwalking is a collaboration project between imminent & synapscape, resulting in a collection of brutal electronic noise. such is the mess of processed percussion and sound manipulation that who exactly did what in the studio is completely impossible to discern. 'sit back and enjoy' retorts the press release, an utterly absurd proposition. if you enjoyed this energetic tour de force of multilayered sound rape you'd be doing cartwheels down the local mental institution. if it's total uncompromising noise your after then screenwalking will suitably fulfill your nutcase mind, but if you don't want to pay for it then pop along to your local scrap metal yard and listen some meathead mushing cars into tiny square boxes, the result will be much the same.

orkus nr. 06 juni 2000
imminent starvation hei§t jetzt - nachdem das alte mischpult auf die letzte limitierte box verteilt wurde - nur noch imminent, und synapscape hei§en immer noch synapscape! was nun passiert, wenn zwei lärmapostel erster kategorie aufeinandertreffen, dürft ihr au dieser acht-track-ep über euch ergehen lassen: rhythmischer lärm der weniger subtilen sorte. monoton rollende, schleifende und ächzende noiseloops und maschinelle flächensounds aller couleur wabern über den typischen, schwerfälligen metallpercussions und monumental-rhythmen der imminent starvation-klasse vor sich hin. abgesehen von einem rhythmuslosen knister-intermezzo mit ambient-charakter passt diese beschreibung - von ein paar variationen in geschwindigkeit und klangfarbe einmal abgesehen - auf den gesamten rest der ep, was aber besonders die dj- und clubber-fraktion wenig stören dürfte. die abwechslung und originalität hält sich in grenzen, aber durch die recht komplex gehaltene rhythmik und die hohe tanzbarkeit ist âscreenwalking' trotzdem ein nettes bonbon für alle fans der beiden bands. (-) (alexander maciol)

@resistant media
ce mini-cd nous offre huit nouveaux morceaux bruts de coffrage, nés d'une récente collaboration entre imminent (ex-imminent starvation) et synapscape, deux des groupes les plus réputés du label ant-zen, qui se montrent ici au meilleur de leur forme. place donc aux rythmes monolithiques et saccadés, aux textures sonores grinçantes et corrosives qui se superposent pour aboutir a des constructs biomécaniques d'une densité assez hallucinante. a l'exception d'un ou deux passages ambient (warc, aigre), l'ensemble est assez 'rentre dedans', tout en s'avérant d'une redoutable complexité, démontrant au passage qu'on n'est pas forcément obligé de se coltiner des basses techno pour remplir un dancefloor. bref, nos chirurgiens de l'apocalypse affichent la une nouvelle preuve de leur talent, et gageons que ce screenwalking ne décevra aucun de leurs fans... (xph)

textundton #36 juli/august 2000
hier trifft metall gnadenlos auf strom. digitales verzerrschlachtfest als ausdruck deutsch-belgischer nachbarschaftshilfe. imminent (die mittlerweile das starvation haben fallen lassen. wenn man schon sein mischpult zerstört, kann man ja auch ruhig seinen halben namen eliminieren. belgische logik eben.) und synapscape gönnen sich kaum eine atempause. die kalte endzeit-maschinen-elektronik des imminentschen universums verbindet sich hier mit synapscape'scher tobender emotion und wütender leidenschaft. die fieberträume pubertierender computer und frühreifer effektgeräte kollabieren in sich und klonen hybridpolypen intelligent, rhythmisierten geräuschs, das vor sich hin puckert, um sich schlägt, attackiert und tobt. die hypnotik der im rhythmus explodierenden klangfetzen ist ansteckend, geht in die glieder und lä§t nicht los. superb. (till schröder)

juste avant de partir en tournée ensemble, les 2 groupes les plus reconnus sur l'étiquette technoïde ant-zen ont produit un ep de 8 chansons intitulé screenwalking, disponible en format cd et vinyle. à première écoute, les chansons semblent porter une marque très profonde d'imminent, puisque leur structure, ainsi que leur titres (tous les titres des chansons d'imminent ressemblent à des jeux de mots) est plus proche de ce groupe-ci que de synapscape. par contre, les rythmes sont moins répétitifs que ceux dimminent, d'oť l'influence de synapscape. les chansons sont toutes complexes et remplies de distorsions. ce qui est plaisant, c'est qu'à part wart, toutes les chansons sont rapides et rythmées. ces chansons offrent, d'une part, un aperçu des spectacles que ces groupes ont donné en amérique en mars 2000. d'autre part, tout ce que ces 2 groupes font est intéressant. une collaboration entre imminent et synapscape ne peut que donner des bons résultats. cependant, il faut se rappeller que les derniers albums des 2 groupes sont très bons. nord d'imminent et so what de synapscape sont dans les meilleurs albums qui sont parus sur ant-zen. ces 8 chansons sont un bel complément à ses oeuvres, même si elles sont plutôt chaotiques. screenwalking est recommandé pour tous ceux qui aiment imminent et synapscape et qui sont curieux à quoi peut ressembler une coopération entre ces 2 groupes.

i am presented with a dilemma: do i like or dislike power noise? when i first heard albums from breakthrough artists like noisex, synapscape, and imminent starvation, i felt a certain thrill from a new and interesting musical subgenre. years ago, i likened p.a.l's matrix album as closer to the industrial spirit of throbbing gristle than any other recent album i'd heard. but lately (and those who've read my idm reviews can concur), i have had few nice things to say about power noise. the genre has stayed stagnant, failed to move forward, and what's worse, lost my attention and dollars. every kid with a drum machine or sampler or computer with midi capabilities just needs a distortion pedal or software plug-in to make power noise. now i feel like "been there - done that - bought the boxset with the shirt and latex condom." still, i find myself putting on the albums from those that first inspired me, as well as keeping up with those who continue to do so, such as p.a.l and imminent starvation. screenwalking, an ep-length collaboration between power noise heroes synapscape and imminent (now minus the starvation) sounds, for the most part, like what you'd expect to hear: overdriven and crunchy percussion. naturally, older fans will dig the more standard tracks like "eval," "tors," and "uatio." then there are tracks that attempt to break the mold. "sabre" sounds much like one of silk saw's tracks, until the beats and whitehouse-esque noise fade in and proceeds to drown it out. this would fit in on imminent's first ant-zen album, human dislocation, which is probably why i like it so much. "warc" is another good example of this style, although it bypasses beats altogether and serves as a nice interlude. "alea," a delirious noisefest with indiscernible rhythms, is, unfortunately, a mere two minutes in length. while not entirely groundbreaking, screenwalking is a step in the right direction. the project shines most when it alters the power noise formula to create something different. could this be progression? let's hope so. (djgyn)

toronto industrial kollektive
of all the collaborations that industrial[1] fans could have gotten excited about, imminent and synapscape is probably one of the most obvious. in 1999, a number of labels, but ant-zen in particular, released a number of spectacular rhythmic noise cds. imminent's "nord", featuring the irresistible pounding of "tentack one" and the powerful "ire" was one of the most acclaimed releases of the year. for their part, synapscape's "so what" also received very positive reviews, due to the fact that it is very harsh and relatively noisy while managing to remain rather catchy. one can think of synapscape's sound as halfway between skinny puppy and rhythmic noise: good, solid harsh elektro. needless to say, the "screenwalking ep" was hotly anticipated, and expectations were very high. personally, i quite enjoy this release. the general sound is very complex and fast pulsating rhythms pounding away underneath something that begins to resemble a melody at times. one can most definitely hear the influences of the two artists, with a synapscape-esque distortion being applied to most of the rhythms. meanwhile, imminent's oliver moireau adds his characteristically haunting, pensive synth-lines and idm feel to a few of the tracks. there are no vocals to be found. the release isn't meant for the dancefloor, but it certainly has its share of energy. more fast-paced and harsh than the majority of the solo work of these two artists, the release bears a superficial similarity to some of winterkalte's work ("structures of destruction" in particular). the major difference is that the high end is more sedate here. also, as one expects from any release that moireau is involved with, the sounds are carefully chosen and magnificently crafted, resulting in a very tight sounding release. all in all, i'd say that if you have heard "nord" and "so what" and liked them, buy this. however, don't use it as an introduction to the work of these two fantastic artists. [1] please note that when this particular author uses the term "industrial", he is not referring to the legion of ebm/synthpop soundalikes that get played in clubs these days. fans of the "boom boom boom boom boom boom" sound are urged to check out for all the music information they'll ever need. (drew) just as a note: the band imminent used to be named imminent starvation, but have since decided to drop the starvation part. which i think is a good thing. to tell you the truth, the name imminent starvation gave me the wrong impression of what the band sounded like. think of what you imagine the sound of a band named imminent starvation to sound like. well, they don't, you (and me) are wrong. (squid)

imminent starvation ist tot, es lebe imminent-synapscape ! die coproduction aus imminent und synapscape beschert uns industrial-terror, wie er brutaler fast nicht sein kann und die fans diesen genres werden sich über die 8 songs höllisch freuen, sollten aber auf jeden fall starke nerven haben, den alle 8 songs lassen einen clubeinsatz zu und die fans werden im strobogewitter sicher nicht mehr wissen, wo oben und wo der boden ist. songs wie "genebiel" sind absolute hardcore, doch das man es etwas lockerer angehen kann, beweist man etwa bei "sabré", was hier aber absolut relativ zu sehen ist, aber was soll's...

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