act 104 į ah cama-sotz į the house of the lordh į lp

special cover. limited to 601 copies, deleted

god is deadh, the gathering, crucifixion of the flesh, bleeding crosses, prophetic vision, i:believe

yet another masterpiece from the underlord of darkness and lost souls. 'the house of the lordh' combines the renowned ah cama-sotz ingredients of percussive, tribalistic elements with its unique scent of dark, atmospheric soundscapes.

orchestral moments meet cold, defiant samples, restless chords and sounds meet somehow warm elements which all in all lead into dense drones and pure fear. the fear of never being able to escape from this spiral, this maelstrom, leading south of heaven.

this is another journey into man's inner self: the other side, evil itself. once listening to the immense howling, the distorted voices, the screams of long forgotten demons, ah cama-sotz has yet again won the battle you dared to fight. call it rhythmic industrial, call it dark ambient, call it anything, you'll never find a clear description - call it 'the house of the lordh", call it ah cama-sotz and prepare for thy master. you have been warned.

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re:mote induction
house of the lordh is the latest release from belgian artist ah cama-sotz, continuing a run of limited vinyl releases. released by ant-zen the sleeve is heavy textured card, with the images stickers on that, with a polythene sleeve and additional sticker on that. the feel of the release is that it is a mood piece, working on atmospherics conjured by the lp and track titles. a rumbling, rushing mass announces that god is deadh. a voice says "i am his messenger" and the atmosphere is the swell of keys. ominous voices layer within, building a potential, added to by sepulcheral slabs of bass. the mood this creates is maintained, providing the consistent feeling that something lies ahead. a feeling that is kept up for 7 minutes but is never delivered. leading us still anxious to the gathering, slower build with echoes and a hollowness. winds sweep and voices groan, a vocal sample speaks a prayer once again creating a dark atmosphere. open spaces filed with deep thuds. echoing strikes lead to the more in your senses crucifixion of the flesh. bass drone with percussive tolling, continuing the mood created by the gathering, in a more funereal fashion. mourning gloom mixing with a suggestion of last rites. increasing the rise demonstrated by each piece bleeding crosses has a clear electro line. classic melodies play out against high percussion and the ever present bass groans. engaging and upbeat, mixing the established atmosphere with the electro influence. the second side starts with prophetic vision, a couple of beats sliding into an opening. a dark expanse opening into which tones come and echo. bass lines threaten to be drawn and beats roll in to similar suggestions. though neither seem inclined to deliver, leaving the increasingly swirling mass untouched. an echoing voice can be heard becoming past of the droning atmosphere. some of the earlier elements return, seeming to work their way in as the mass thickens till they are more prominent. mild percussion, indicating more, a stroking bass and a voice warning of the day the lord will come. with that the thickening continues and sound becomes more tangible. i:believe is the final track, sweeping motions with streamlined streaks traveling through. another vocal sample is heard and we have a sense of the darkness coalescing. choral voices tone significantly with bass organ and the motions of heavy doors. from this the sweeping winds build, seeming to suggest that we've built to this point. deliverance, where all else is swept aside... ah cama-sotz the giant demon bat that comes down from above - may he show you mercy

after latest "murder themes & terra infernalis" released on hands (that easily entered my top 10 last year), herman has moved to ant-zen with this vinyl release. it is still a mystery to me why it has been decided on vinyl as opposed to more easily-accessible media. however i do have to say that eerie packaging and artwork on the vinyl envelop contribute a lot to the mood created by the music. the record begins with "prophetic vision" which is a slow epic track with hollow noises and gloomy dark atmospheric sweeps that end with a crashing beat. demonic screams full of infinite sadness are trying to escape from the background. desolate landscape is filled with distorted voice and shadows moving in the fog; rhythmic patterns emerge from chaos, directing the flow of threatening energy. "i:believe" concludes the first side with mesmerizing voice samples spoken over the dense collage of slowly pulsing dark atmospheric waves, short chorus parts, occasional heavy abrasive beat. the combination of eerie dark strings and subtle clean chorus samples is simply incredible. symphonic arrangements slowly progress on the next track, "god is deadh"; the music expands and acquires rich deep strings that cover fading whispers supported by sparse abrasive explosions, organ samples, distorted screams and collapsing textures. "the gathering" assembles a solemn atmosphere becoming a sermon where gentle chimes break into corroding noisy patterns built upon epic atmospheric waves. "crucifixion of flesh" gains momentum with regular percussion slowly leading the grave procession with ensemble of ominous strings weaving the melody backed by slow heavy beat and mechanized breathing. "bleeding crosses" concludes the album with truly demonic atmosphere built with fast string arrangements full of fear, passion and burning desire. scattered whispers are lost in between chimes and heavy regular beats are counting down the remaining moments; at last the track stops and you are left alone with the images the music has brought to lifeÉ ah cama-sotz creates music that is not quite ambient, and it never reaches the monotony and simplicity of most ambient acts; the sounds are always intriguing and incredibly dense atmosphere is what makes it possible to instantly recognize the band. every single music element together with packaging creates an exquisite and very carefully crafted atmosphere. try listening to it while falling asleep - the intensity is building up slowly and before you notice, you are trapped, following all intricate changes, suddenly finding yourself in the dark fighting with nightmarish images created by the music

Our Lordh, who art in Heaven... Ah Cama-Sotz, one of the fastest rising band in the rhythmic noise scene returns with his first album since the very successfull "Terra Infernalis". With this 6 tracks LP, this Belgian acts presents us songs that are slowler and darker than its latest productions. The whole thing starts with the long "Prophetic Visions", where deep drones are covered with a distorted voices, before getting very religion oriented with "I:believe". The themes of the songs are less ritualistic and more sacred than before. The rhythms, when present, are extremely slow. We're clearly not listening to the danceable side of Ah Cama-Sotz here. Very strange at first, "The House of the Lordh" becomes really pleasant after a few spins. Dark, almost beatless, and full of movie samples, this LP has an old school death industrial feeling that will delight the fans of Cold Meat Industry stuff. The fact that only 6 tracks are featured makes of it a very consistent and coherent item. Very cinematic, this is probably the most conceptual Ah Cama-Sotz album to date. Moreover, this is probably not what you were expecting from this act. Anyway, it is very pleasant to hear how Ah Cama-Sotz manages to make his way with such a dark music. Brillant and addictive, this "House of the Lordh" could very well be the slow industrial surprise of the moment. Thy Kingdomh come!

mute! #4
walking through the mind of ah cama-sotz is like taking a journey through the forgotten ruins of war strewn cities Š you can feel the atmosphere of despair and the cold loneliness of extinct cultures. the house of the lordh presents the newest audio outpouring of such a setting and itÕs remainsÉ six new tracks and a thousand new atmospheres. (bb)

spectrum issue 4
this new lp encompasses the style in which i most appreciate ah cama-sotz Š splemn death industrial sounds devoid of beat programming, etc. (this is not to say that the beat oriented tracks are at all bad, but that this is the sound that i tend to prefer). slow and massive orchestral sentiments are quickly laid down with track 1 and, being rife with movie samples and deep catacomb atmospheres, the horrific nightmare aura is soon established. scattered chiming bells, orchestral string layers and smatterings of vocal and noise layer embellishments, create another tense track on Ōthe gatheringÕ. things really hit the mark on Ōcrucifixion of the fleshÕ, a track that is quite comparable to in slaughter natives. slow pounding percussion and deep horns are the main musical elements, also containing the obvious sinister industrial backing sounds. atmospheres morph in intensity, shrill and warlike in intentÉ and i ask does it get better than this? the last track on side a (Ōbleeding crossesÕ), despite being a quite mid to fast paced composed keyboard number, does retain a dark stylistic approach to the tune, and sparse backing of noise elements. side b features only two tracks, the first one Ōprophetic visionÕ being an extremely lengthy piece. dense and heavy in sound production, the dark ambience structure sees the sporadic use of percussive sounds and orchestral elements all thick and resonating with cavernous darkness. the extremely distorted and treated vocals that arrive mid-way through sound as if they are being spoken by the dark lord himself and thus add quite a bleak touch. towards the end of the track a programmed keyboard rhythm injects somd urgency to the proceedings, leading into the finally with Ōi believeÕ. there is certainly no disappointment either with a track of massive sweeping death industrial qualities. more vocal samples sit amongst scattered segments of dark orchestral melody that puncture the otherwise barren and desolate sonic landcape. with salt always going that bit further with packaging and despite this being housed in a simple slip sleeve the presentation is impeccable as always. limited to 500 iÕm sure most have already missed this one. (richard stevenson)

Ē...holy iz the spirit that keeps us in captivity.Č le nˇerlandais ah cama-sotz semble avoir quelques comptes a rˇgler avec le barbu d'en haut... nappes de synthˇs dˇmoniaques tout droit sorties de l'exorciste ou de hellraiser, chants liturgiques samplˇs et passˇs au ralenti, ˇchos de voix inhumaines se rˇpercutant sous des voutes abyssales - tous les ingrˇdients sont rˇunis pour lancer une nouvelle invasion des profanateurs de sˇpultures. si le prˇcˇdent album "terra infernalis" (hands 010) hˇsitait entre rythmes tech-indus et plages ambiantes, ce 12" ne fait plus de concessions et se rˇvele etre un pur joyau dark ambient, comparable au "heresy" de lustmord ou aux derniers raison d'etre... chaudement recommandˇ aux amateurs de messes lucifˇriennes ainsi qu'aux djs orientˇs darkstep/doomcore qui s'en serviront pour agrˇmenter leur set de quelques breaks sulfureux (attention cependant au niveau d'enregistrement anormalement bas, rendant le disque inaudible sur certaines tables de mix). (dj godzilla)

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