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act 107 į cellulo•d mata į sable į cd

tracklist cd:
init seq (1&2), seq, barbarous coast, foolish, at bunkers, zily lip-eze, pieta, shell, pop porn doll, del mar, code, we sync, carbon sailor, sable, modulation in sync

finally the french project celluloid mata delivers its first longplayer on ant-zen. after having released on various other labels and last year's release 'acti-room' (act95) - with ultra milkmaids as well as the highly acclaimed 'escaped from room 7' lp, 'sable' is the consequent follow-up to 'la connectique' which had been released on hymen as a 12".

'sable' offers 16 state-of-the-art rhythmic post-power electronics intelligent dance music. although repetitive and harsh beats dominate the record, 'sable' has more to offer than a simple power electronics album: starting off with doom frequencies and a nearly dark ambient track the record climaxes in technoid, high-speed beats and rhythms without losing track on the chosen path - modernist soundscapes with a scent of 'intelligent', slow motion drum and bass ingredients - ending in a somehow warm and relaxing atmosphere. variety is the magic word on 'sable'.

cellulo•d mata have probably made their most interesting and differential work skipping through various styles, on the one hand deep, haunting drones interrupted by disturbing noises whereas, on the other hand, hectic, danceable beats and rhythms dominate the scenery. nevertheless, 'sable' must be above all regarded as a new standard for the intelligent dance music genre as well as a masterpiece for the rhythmic power electronics scene.

the only constant thing is change and .................. technology is deliberate.

jewelcase packaging / transparent paper + 2 of 6 covercards (polaroid mata's)

discography 11.2000
2000. 12 inch. la connectique. hymen records y020
1999. cd. invasion of. noise museum records
1998. cd. mix oscillations. noise museum records 027. remixes
1998. cd. bimbo oscillations. noise museum records 021.
1997. 7 inch. pink one ep. v-lego 0.02.
1997. cd. fancy binaries. noise museum records 014.
1996. 7 inch. mata mensch. v-lego 0.01.

collaborations and other projects :
1999. 10 inch " acti-room " with ultra milkmaids. ant-zen.
1999. remix for ultra milkmaids "lyr 40 122" - "vorely relay" - cd on noctovision (japan).
1999. side project my - "randomsundaytracks" - 10 inch on v-lego rds.
1999. v.a. "welcome to execrate" cd. leaf.
1998. track "trifin theatre" taken from "fancy binaries" on sampler triton compilation (germany).

cellulo•d mata homepage


modulazioni industriali
grande cd per questi francesi , mirabile produzione che sin dall' introduzione in stile pan-sonic ci introduce in atmosfere oscure e rarefatte , dove i drones e i battiti sono gestiti con grande cura e perizia , l'omogeneitˆ del lavoro  un punto di forza di questo progetto perch si basa non sul reiterato calcolo di sterili concetti stilistici , ma sulla ricerca perseguita per soddisfare l'impulso primario alla creazione . non si ricerca la distorsione fine a se stessa , o la reiterazione ciclica di un percorso giˆ troppe volte diventato ortodossia cieca e becera . anche le distorsioni sono in un qualche modo compresse ed elaborate in un ambiente "analogico " , se amte la patina fredda , diamantina e urticante delle distorsioni digitali cercate altrove.molto belle le "polaroid mata" del jewelcase packcaging , ma questa non  una novitˆ per i prodotti della ant-zen di salt .se siete arrivati fino a qui e non siete ancora corsi ad ordinare il cd , il mio consiglio  di pensarci seriamente ,perch sborsare i propri sudati quattrini per un prodotto come "sable "  pi che mai consigliato

"Sable" is the fourth full length album of the French Cellulo•d Mata. This is also the first released on Ant-Zen, after a LP on the sublabel Hymen ("La Connectique") and a collaborative 10" with Ultra Milkmaids ("Acti-Room") The 16 tracks of "Sable" seem to me very different from Cellulo•d Mata's previous material, for example from "La Connectique". The music relies less on loops, and the track have gained in evolution what they have lost in repetition. Less grinding, the sound is also deeper and clearer, less distortion being used. This result in an album that sounds more thoughtful and abstract. "Sable" goes slowler but in more directions than what I'd heard before from this act. Each track seems to explore a sound or an ambience, Cellulo•d Mata trying to use a sound to its limits, which ends up in a lot of extremely short track (the first two, for example), and in unexpected sonorities (the almost accoustic drum'n'bass of "Carbon Sailor" or the dubbed vocals of "We sync" and "Modulation in sync". This also gives the impression, from times to times, that the tracks are going nowhere, but they don't last long enough to be really annoying. Another major change is the really dark aspect of this CD. This is quite rare in this style, but "Sable" is really creepy from times to times. Hypnotic and dreamy, this album has some sounds that evokes sadness and fear. Absolutely not a club CD, this is more something you listen at home, but still doesn't provide a relaxing listening. "Sable" is weird and plays with your nerves, like an Autechre CD that would have collapsed with sound collages and dark samples. "Sable" is impressive but quite difficult to enter. Even though this is an very well done CD, it may not appeal to the usual fans of rhythmic noise, and I would rather recommend it (highly) to people looking for innovative electronics. To conclude, this is a highly intelligent and creepy journey.

orkus nr. 12/01 dezember 2000/januar 2001
irgendwie klassisch angelegt in seinen monoton-rituellen strukturen, aber doch modern und ein wenig technoid prŠsentiert sich das vierte album des franzšsischen ein-mann-projekts celluloid mata. als ob sable dem spannungsbogen eines guten films gehorchen wŸrde, wechseln sich ambiente, soundtrackartige collagen mit rhythmischen, zumeist seit monoton gehaltenen industrial techno-tracks ab. melancholische melodie-schnipsel und federnde, verzerrte beats wie bei den classics von aphex twin, oder auch hŠmmernde beat-stakkati a la imminent starvation Š celluloid mata spielt abwechslungsreich und in hoher technischer qualitŠt auf der klaviatur der verschiedenen industriellen styles, und bis zum ende werden immer wieder akzente gesetzt und neue ideen verarbeitet. obschon die tanzbarkeit vieler stŸcke nicht zu verachten ist, scheint der schwerpunkt von sable eindeutig auf der atmosphŠrischen gesamtdichte sŠmtlicher kompositionen zu liegen, die sich wie die visionŠre bilderwelt eines surrealen science fiction-streifens in das gehirn des hšrers einpflanzt. industrial-techno mit kšpfchen. (8) alexander maciol

equinoxe ausgabe 14
nach etlichen cd- oder vinylveršffentlichungen auf den unterschiedlichsten labels erscheint nun das fŸnfte album der franzšsischen rhythm-noiser auf ant-zen. āsableÕ bietet sechzehn kraftvolle powerelectronic-stŸcke, deren bestimmungsort eindeutig auf den tanzflŠchen der electro- und industrialszene zu finden ist. neben den obligatorischen beats, die hier teilweise in hšchster bpm-geschwindigkeit und natŸrlich ādistortedÕ dargeboten werden, tauchen auf dem album auch immer wieder ruhige, ambientlastige passagen auf, die nicht stšrend wirken, sondern dem ganzen vielmehr einen passenden rahmen geben, und au§erdem als entspannender gegenpol zu den schnelleren stŸcken wirken, bei denen intelligente breaks des šfteren die konzentration des hšrers beanspruchen. nach einer guten dreiviertelstunde der unterschiedlichsten rhythmen klingt āsableÕ dann mit der Šu§erst harmonischen nummer āmodulation in syncÕ aus, einem finalen hšhepunkt, welcher zum wiederholten genuss der platte einlŠdt. (uwe schneider)

side-line no.34 january/february/march 2001
the french celluloid mata donÕt belong to my personal favourites in the electro-industrial style. their new album sounds a bit more acceptable to me, but only as extremely bizarre background music! ŌsableÕ is an ambient release which takes us away from some previous harder distorted electro-industrial work. if you want to organise a weird and haunting christmas-evening, it could be good music, but once again it never convinced me... except 2 cuts which are into the pure electro-industrial rhythmic. iÕm thinking here on ŌshellÕ and the title-track ŌsableÕ. the last cut Ōmodulation in syncÕ sounds a bit more elaborate and in the ambient genre and i can only regret that the whole composition hanÕt been similar to this song. i get more impressed through the typical ant-zen artwork than through the music! (dp)

sonic seducer 03/01
zeitgleich mit den ihnen nahestehenden und ebenfalls aus frankreich stammenden ultra-milkmaids legen celluloid mata nun ihre cd auf ant-zen vor, nachdem sie bereits mehrere alben auf noise museum und einiges an kleinformatigem vinyl auf diversen labels veršffentlicht hatten. wer das projekt kennt, wei§ schon im voraus & groben, was ihn erwartet: hypnotisch-monotones getrommel und geklopfe aus sampler und synthesizer, in diversen tempo-variationen und u.a. in den geschmacksrichtungen ādistortedÕ, āsinus-welleÕ oder āstšrgerŠuschÕ erhŠltlich. was celluloid mata letztlich so sympathisch macht, ist, da§ hier erfreulicher weise auf jegliche form von hŠrte-posing verzichtet wird, und man der musik vielmehr den dahintersteckenden spa§ an ihrer erzeugung anhšrt. zwar kann āsableÕ fŸr meinen geschmack nicht an den klassiker ābimbo oscillatorsÕ heranreichen, was nicht zuletzt am bemerkbaren abnutzungseffekt des musikalischen konzepts liegt, aber liegt dennoch qualitativ immer noch Ÿber dem durchschnitt Šhnlicher veršffentlichungen der letzten zeit. (sascha bertoncin)

auf abwegen #30 winter 00/01
dagegen wŸtet celluloid mata ganz betrŠchtlich im heimischen gemŸsebeet. die von der 10" mit ultra milkmaids gewohnten, langsam flie§enden klŠnge mussten doch grš§tenteils ruppigen beats weichen. da§ celluloid mata so brachial klingen wollen, hat mich Ÿberrascht. knirschende, brockige schlŠge setzt es ein ums andere mal, natŸrlich mit eleganter kurvenlage. die verzerrung ist dennoch so stark, da§ der langersehnte track mit ka-spel wieder nicht auftauchen konnte. bestimmt demnŠchst. (zipo)

blackharvest 4.0
what a fantastic cover (yes, iÕm impressed again), another of ant-zenÕs artistic explosions then. Ōcelluloid who?Õ you may ask. indeed iÕd be lying if i said iÕd heard of them before i got sent the cd. i am well aware of who they are now believe me... haunting ambience, tripping loops and beats combined with twisted electronics challenge the listener once track four (but the first true track) Ōbarbarous coastÕ hones in. i warn you not to take cm for granted and try go to sleep listening to their brand of ambience and noise. i did and completely freaked out at 4.30am when i woke up half way through one of the tracks believing there to be someone or something nasty in my room. yes, this is relaxing, in the same way a twisted nursery rhyme or a brothers grimm story is. true genius is on display here, but it just may take you a while to figure it out. (tony)

prospective 1/2001
this stuf is weird! the first three tracks Ōinit seq 1Õ, Ōinit seq 2Õ and ŌseqÕ are gone gone before you understand that theyÕre just about the beginning. then comes slowly and minimalist ambient song barbarous coast. in some tracks french celluloid mata reminds me of finnish minimal experimenters pan sonic, but pan sonic wins the battle of experimental race. maybe celluloid mata wins more listeners cause sable isnÕt so boring that pan sonicÕs are. who knows? thereÕs nice hypnotic rhythm in at bunkers which get my legs shaking Š so is this dance music also? no, most of the records thereÕs no danceable stuff at all, but at bunkers is very danceable (if you think itÕs like apoptygmaÕs pop songs youÕre very very wrong). sable is almost industrial album only the last track called modulation in sync has voice of sheila mata and itÕs just voice i canÕt say she sings. i like ant-zenÕs promotion letter when they say Ōsable offers 16 state-of-the-art rhythmic post-power electronic intelligent dance musicÕ (?). thatÕs all folks! (8/10) (arto siniluhta)

sable est le 4e album de la formation franaise cellulšid mata et le 1er de cette sŽrie qui para”t sur l'Žtiquette ant-zen, aprs le la connectique lp sur hymen et un acti-room, un 10" fait en collaboration avec ultra milkmaids. cet album n'est pas juste du power noize, mais une exploration de sons et d'ambiances bizarres. pourtant, quelque unes des chansons ont des influences techno•de bruitiste, comme pieta et code, qui est vraiment fascinante avec sa mŽlodie inhŽrente cachŽe derrire un amalgame de rythmes. carbon fiber possde un rythme drum & bass acoustique. mais on remarque surtout l'aura d'obscuritŽ et de peur qui semble dŽcouler de l'Žcoute de ce cd. on dirait presque des ambiances d'ah-cama sotz, groupe belge reconnu pour ses albums atmosphŽriques sombres. ce n'est dŽfinitivement pas un album qu'on peut mettre dans un set trs agressif. plut™t, il prend une tangente idm par moments, qui peut facilement permettre ˆ des auditeurs prŽfŽrant ce genre lˆ, de s'interesser au noize rythmique. la pochette est faite d'un matŽriel translucide qui permet de voir le logo du groupe calquŽ sur des polaro•ds de pierre et de mer. un album recommandŽ aux fans d'idm qui s'interessent aux diffŽrents courant dans la musique Žlectronique.

if something could actually describe sable at best it would be "ambient brutality".slow-motion heavy beats and metallic percussion, carefully meshed with dark technoid soundscapes, the french project celluloid mata is delivering a complex and truly engaging work of intelligent noise music. maintaining a darkly mechanical ambience during the barely hour length of sable, celluloid mata is ingeniously playing on the atmospheres while skipping from dark ambient tracks to rhythmic noise ones. at bunkers represent the late category at best, crawling with a menacing grind, distorted noise rhythms and harsh distant beats all enveloped by a dark chilling soundscape. pieta puts the distorted rhythm ahead, letting the haunting ambience floating like a nightmarish soundtrack behind a bombastic wall and the following, shell, is the powernoise climax of the album made with a corroding structure of punishing beats, noise bursts for an overall intense result. most perfectly capturing the true character of celluloid mata is code, a colossal technoid track fueled by slow drum and bass ingredients with smooth noise intrusions over the abstract ambient soundscape; a track that, alone, represents the essence of the album. like its rhythmic and noise tracks, the dark ambient moments of sable are brilliant. starting with the doom frequencies of init seq and seq, barbarous coast is somehow warm and relaxing while being frightening with its techoid modulations floating over the dense atmospheric electronics. zilly lip-eze push the boundaries further and deliver a remarkable work of sinister ambient with haunting drones rip with an hypnotic tension. sable is ending with the desolate and melancholic ambient of modulation in sync, closing perfectly the sweeping mechanical atmosphere created by celluloid mata. sable is a world within and a monumentally powerful work, a brilliant success into noise music. celluloid mata is a remarkable creator of synthetic atmospheres and the compositions found in sable illustrate its impressive abilities.

this is cellulo•d mata's first full-length release on ant-zen, and as far as i can hear they're right at home. in a scene saturated with some pretty strong trends, sable manages to put a unique spin on things, with engaging, hypnotic results. the formula is pretty basic, when you break it right down, but the outcome is far more than the sum of its parts. there is a soul at work here, that little something that makes each track click with an extra breath of life. this is primarily percussive music -- textured, repetitive beats backed with patterned melodies and brief soundscapes that drive the mechanical rhythms with a glint of emotion. "code," one of the longer tracks on the disc, features layers of relaxed, matter-of-fact beats laced with subtle ringing pitches that give the impression of a vast backdrop. simple, but mesmerizing. "we sync" is quite strange; purely textural to begin with, like a static charged anthill, the track then evolves into an odd, whispered, anecdotal tale that constantly looses me every time i try to follow what's being said. "shell" serves up a heavy dose of pounding beats with intermittent squeals that give them a strange illusion of feeling squeaky, whereas the final track, "modulation in sync," lacks beats entirely, capping off the disc with soothing, linear strings of warm tones blowing over a hazy, manipulated voice. rhythmic, tribal music that is caught in flux somewhere between the primal urges of raw percussion and the unlimited sounds of a fragmented computer age. how's that for avoiding using the words 'power noise'? for more info and a handful of mp3s from past releases check out the cellulo•d mata website.

twilight zone
once again a wind of quality for the electro scene from this great german label. this work is an excellent mix between powernoise and intelligent techno, with an effervescent and dinamic sound. 16 tracks oscillate between noisy assault and mental carpet with a bass line snog or scornÕs style. besides it doesnÕt miss moments of apparent calm, where echoes of improbably, caustic scenory sobstitute themselves for heavy craft. the essence of the actual industrial music runs away through this electric flexes. thereÕs no possibility to be bored ...

sable was my first exposure to the band cellulo•d mata and it was a great one. their latest release on ant-zen records is a creepy ride of rhythmic noise and deep bass sounds. the first three tracks are quite short and sound like the band is messing around with the input/output plugs on their amps. soon, though, the dark atmospheres of "barbarous coast" creep in and mellow you out with dark drones, extremely deep bass and electronic loops. "foolish" is very much in the realm of autechre. pounding dark dance beats and vibrating tones build up this enjoyable technoid track. "at bunkers" and "pieta" find themselves in the realm of such acts as converter and imminent starvation, with a thunderstorm of rhythmic clutter and enough bass to blow out the speakers of any good system. shell explodes with rhythmic chaos and massive amounts of pounding percussion. this work is very dark, distorted and creepy all at once. many of the tracks have a very individual characteristic that show cellulo•d mata trying to convey a different emotion to the listener with each song. sometimes the mood is very somber, sometimes it's insanely violent and at other times it combines the two emotions into a thick cloud of sound. sable really incorporates more than just highly distorted rhythmic loops and percussion for every song, but instead mixes it up to form a mind altering fun ride of emotion and noise. recommended to fans of experimental electronics (gunhed)

celluloid mata's first release on ant-zen entitled, sable, follows the fine tradition of ant-zen releases, amazing quality and distinction. celluloid mata offer a range of music from ambient to rhythmic noise, overlaid with a twisted, haunted feeling. this album seems more designed for the dancefloor than many of the other releases of ant-zen, with a more simplistic approach to beats. the noise and grinding is there, but in a more unified, easier to follow format. the songs themselves get going quickly, hit you with what they've got, and end (there are no 18 minute tracks), further adding to potential dance floor appeal. what's nice is that there are plenty of songs to choose from, each with its own distinct sound, from heavy distorted beat driven tracks to more funky sounding drum and bass like tracks. it gives a dj, where one to play this, the chance to pick which track appeals to the crowd at any given moment. (squid)

encore plus prŽcis, encore plus carrŽ, "sable" impressionne. une fois la machine mise en condition, le bal dŽmarre vraiment sur le fabuleux "barbarous coast". sombre et planant, de vastes paysages lunaires et dŽcharnŽs se succdent, importŽs des tympans au cerveau gr‰ce ˆ une tension mŽlodique mŽthodiquement entretenue. "foolish" s'axe plus largement sur une rythmique soigneusement articulŽe, le long de laquelle vient s'Žchouer une lointaine et froide nappe sonore. "at bunkers", plus massif, retrouve les grooves noisy typique ˆ celluloid mata, effleurŽs eux aussi par une longue plainte artificielle. atmosphre Žtouffant et glacial durant le dŽmoniaque "zily lip-eze", puis retour des danses saturŽes et mŽchaniques avec "pieta" ou "shell", tout simplement hystrique. sonoritŽes rugueuses et indus sur "pop porn doll", contre larsen aigŸ et quasi-douloureux pour "del mar". "code" et son tempo lourd se chargent de faire place nette pour l'intriguant "we sync". plusieurs voix s'entremlent en chuchotant de faon incomprehensible durant presque 5 minutes, crŽant ainsi une ambiance de replit sur soi assez agrŽable. arrive ensuite "carbon sailor", simple et direct, terriblement efficace ˆ haut volume. "sable" persiste et signe avec son rythme dur et imperturbable, ˆ mi-chemin entre le bruit et le rituel. "modulation in sync" achve l'Žcoute de "sable" sur une note douce et ambiante, acceuillit comme une oasis au milieu d'un dŽsert de roches bržlantes. celluloid mata en pleine possession de ses moyens propose lˆ une pice unique. simple, sans jamais devenir simpliste, rugueuse, sans jamais tomber dans le vacarme gnant. a noter qu'il s'agit du dernier album original sous le nom "celluloid mata".

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