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act 108 · vromb · emission pilote · cd

tracklist cd:
emission, mecaniblock (pilote), erreur, variation, segment
special tracing paper w/ silver printing

12" vinyl (¥022) on hymen records
hymen website :

new five track release by vromb. oscillating, minimalistic frequencies, rotating sequences and bubbling technoid sounds describe vromb's special and unique repetitiveness and grant a preview of things to come.

note: this is not an album, at the most a few elements extracted here and there from work intended for a future album called 'episodes". in this work, there is a bifurcation on the sound results of the moment or in the randomness obtained through the steps of transformation of certain usable or non-usable versions. here is, in part, and with a certain similarity, either through the sounds, or through the sequences. a pre-episodic ensemble, a mutant alteration of the album in question.

nevertheless the important suspense creating factor is always imminent. despite the undeniable magic of monotony there is as well the soundtrack-like, dark science fiction atmosphere contributing immensely to taking the listener on a industrial, futuristic trance trip he / she will never forget. needless to say that vromb soundcarriers can be found on playlists of innovative underground (techno) dj's.

furthermore there's growing acceptance in vromb's work having composed score-like tracks for local film documentaries and tv specials as well as having contributed various sequences of music for underground movies already.

welcome to 'emission pilote' - after 'transmodulation a.m.p.', 'le facteur humain' and 'périmètre' a further step ahead in vromb's history, a mature and intelligent work preferably for home use. but decide yourself ...

vromb discography 04.00
jeux de terre. cd. tesco 014 / batarr tar01 [sold out]
transmodulation amp. 7". ant-zen act24 [sold out]
le facteur humain. cd. ant-zen act38
perimetre 3 + 10. picture 10" + 3"cd. ant-zen act101 [sold out]
emission pilote. cd. ant-zen act108 (one different track)
emission pilote. lp. hymen ¥022 (one different track)

official vromb website:


dj quesako (ascolta - strasbourg)
1er maxi de vromb sur ce label, ce disque est bien dans la veine tech-noise indus et même proche de la frénésie. totalement envo×tant, on ne se lasse pas de l'écouter. une pièce maötresse à ne pas manquer.

re:mote induction
emission pilote is the fourth release from canadian vromb, following the two full length releases jeux de terre (tesco) and le facteur humain (ant-zen). like the more recent perimetre, emission pilote is a 5 track release and is not intended as an album. rather, in the manner of a tv series this is a pilot for the full length piece which is to follow. this release is available as two formats - cd on ant-zen and vinyl on hymen . though both have five tracks the fifth track is different - which is partly due to the extra length of segment and the problems that would have caused in pressing the vinyl. appropriately the first track is emission and builds from a reverberating hum. a little wavering building in the buzzing loop. the motion of this piece is slow and it takes a couple of minutes for other solid elements to be worked in. a suggestion of melody and electric signal add to the humming atmosphere. quick glitch and interruption and we have a bark of distortion and overwritten voice. this then moves into the steady pulsing motion of mecaniblock (pilote). its structure very much in keeping with recent works by vromb. unhurried, hypnotic cycles moving through a gradual build. cracks of electric signal provide a percussive level mixing with the pounding aspect of the bass and tinny edges. mecaniblock seems to build steadily though nearly imperceptibly. fading off towards 8 minutes as a blipping signal we continue with the loop of erreur. momentarily suggestive of rain, we have transmission of analogue squeals layering. into which the flat rotary beat pulses circle continuing emission pilote's trance rhythms with a little high and a little blunt. the tones shift in its conclusion, rounder and warmer in their smooth drawn out fade. only to suggest that it could build back up with its constant pulse past 8 minutes. the fourth piece variation et has us straight into the vromb rhythms once more. the variation is in the cycles and the static tips. tighter, higher cycles build into the regular and constant rhythm. the whole seeming to speed up as it attains a dizzying mass. the suggestion that vromb has of being astral and spacey giving this the feel that it is a spinning top - a vessel building rotations for take off. till a little crackle, a sweep of wind and its gone. on the cd version of emission pilote we have the massive segment. which is allowed to build from the first slight tone. electric swirls wander across this thrumming. there is a tin-tin and a distorted chatter of voices. the whole build here accentuating the essential vromb mood and feel - pure atmosphere to start, with rhythms as suggestions. suggestions becoming pitter patter, subliminal pulses building in their background. by 11 minutes the beats are coming thick and steady, almost ritual or tribal in the timbre of their stroke. the building textures and detail enhancing the full audio experience - sitting eyes closed as if the sound is physically all around you. from there it just keeps building in sensation. steadying out again past 16 minutes, creating an even rhythm. progressively slower to 20 minutes and beyond, leading to final conclusion at 24 minutes. while on the vinyl the fifth track is orisation e.g., which at about 8 minutes is considerably shorter. electric signals are high and become focussed in blip streams. the rhythm is centred in the calm pulses. though this then builds to the more rotary form. this has a flatter feel to it but less usual details layer into it. in some ways this has a different feel to the bulk of this ep, and i am suddenly thinking it is actually more in keeping with perimetre.emission pilote continues to explore the sound of vromb. building trance industrial rhythms, with certain pieces building towards a dance floor potential, though not quite going all the way. vromb offer total mood music, if you get that mood then the sound is overwhelming, if you don't then you probably won't quite get vromb.

emission pilote" is continuing the themes suggested on "périmètre", creating unique surroundings that mix structured ambience with dark technoid noises. together with new ah cama-sotz and beefcake it has been one of the most anticipated releases from ant-zen this spring. starting with "périmètre" the band has established themselves as one of the most interesting technoid ambient acts combining strangely addicting elegant minimalistic tracks with appropriate packaging and ideology. first track starts out with minimal frequencies and unstructured pulses - quite similar to the atmosphere on "jeux de terre", but not nearly as dense; modulated transparent electronics quietly hums throughout the whole track. following less atmospheric but still captivating "mechaniblock (pilote)" is a lot more in the vein of "perimetere", emphasizing strong and somewhat straightforward monotonous percussion which is not nearly as dreamy and subdued as on "perimetere", approaching the point where it could be called almost "aggressive". "erreur" is next with strong percussion, but this time backed by a variety of hollow beats, collapsing frequencies, buzzing sounds and piercing static noises. the whole array brings back cold hypnotizing feel of vromb together with a vast number of raw retro-sounding mechanized elements. the track quietly drifts into minimal isolated pulses that lead to the "variation et"; strong percussion backed by more prominent background noises and minimal touches that do not allow it to overshadow the whole track; it is probably the harshest i heard from the band. gradually the tracks are getting longer and longer to result in an epic climax that is "segment" - a 20+ minute masterpiece that pulls together the best elements hinted by previous tracks on this cd. at this point you realize that every previous track before was just a building block for this perfectly constructed composition. dark cinematic passages start the track that persistently and unnoticeably advances showing its different sides to the listener - from unstructured throbbing static to more and more controlled soundscapes with caustic twitches, subliminal progressions, touches of hollow percussion, fading frequencies, bubbling abrasive noises. several times throughout the track you realize that what seemed to be an unchanging pattern has mutated and morphed to something completely different than what it was just a minute ago, yet the sense of continuity and monotony is present in every single moment. sound structures and some of the elements used on "emission pilote" at times remind me of ah cama-sotz, but the resulting atmosphere is quite different - vromb is concerned more with perfecting monotonous soundscapes, building abstract collages and excelling in precise sound manipulations, while ah cama-sotz focuses on building highly emotional and dense environment. "emission pilote" presents minimal exquisite soundscapes for the eclectic listener, a unique cinematic atmospheres captured on record, a dynamic image of random flow of energy hidden within the waves of elegant monochromatic textures; a challenge and a reward for the ones that understand

Several months after "Périmètre 3+10", Vromb is back with, once again, an appetizer before the next full length CD of this rising act from Québec. This time, a very rhythmic edge is brought to the overall sci-fi / saturated sound of the band. Past "Emission", a short intro to the CD, featuring the typical Vromb voice, each song focuses on one main rhythm, whose hypnotic monotony flirts with Pan Sonic-like soundscapes or some background noises. The whole thing, in a very Vromb way, seems to rotate and levitate. Both percussive and aerial, this act still prove to have its very own way of playing rhythmic noise. Instead of re-playing "Périmètre 3+10", Vromb has here taken a slightly more dancefloor direction, with songs that would fit very well in any electro or techno club. Then, the resemblance with Orphx deepens, when the heavy rhythms and ground shaking beats meet in the slow evolution that constitutes the 20 minutes long "Segment". I really feel that Vromb is getting better and better with every release. This new one is definitely a jewel of catchiness and efficacity. Very well produced and thought, this is a very typical Ant Zen release: noise, rhythms and quality.

side-line no.32 july/august/september 2000
vromb has once again switched on the noisy pump of its bubbling aquarium of sounds for a new exploration of the trance effects of overused repetitions, the devoted adoration of rhythm monotony. on this 'non-album release', vromb changed gear and accumulated the bpm's to intensify the mesmerising effect of its technoid darkish electronics. 'emission pilote' gives a much more powerful and nearly danceable image of vromb, although i personally prefer the chameleon when it's dishing sombre lingering instrumentations haunted by french voices. a question of taste, but i'm sure fans of pal's latest release could favour this 5-track cd. (tsf)

black ausgabe 20 - sommer 2000
nach dem optisch wie musikalisch überzeugenden pic-10"/3"cd-package 'perimetre' ist 'emission pilote' ein ausblick auf das schon lange angekündigte Ôepisodes'-album des kanadischen space-electronikers vromb. das für seine monotonen-blubbernden rhythmussequenzen bekannte projekt überwand ja schon vor jahren mit dem zweiten album Ôle facteur humain' das industrialghetto und begeistert neben techno-dj's auch sci-fi-filmemacher, so daž vromb den soundtrack für eine kanadische fernsehserie schreiben durfte. die 5 tracks der cd bzw. lp sind diesmal etwas minimalistischer, aber dafür noch technoider und tranciger ausgefallen, wobei der jeweils letzte track unterschiedlich ist. der lp-track Ôorisation e.g.' ist gegenüber dem epischen cd-track Ôsegment' weitaus pulsierender und treibender, was natürlich auch der tatsache geschuldet ist, daž die lp auf hymen und die rund 50-minütige cd auf ant-zen erscheint! garantiert auch ohne utw-helm ist hörgenuž bzw. trance garantiert! (m.f.)

die erforschung der unendlichen weiten des weltalls ist einer der grožen menschheitsträume. es wird allerdings noch einige zeit dauern, bis die technischen möglichkeiten soweit ausgereift sind, dass erfolgreiche missionen zum mars oder gar anderen sonnensystemen gestartet werden können. den richtigen soundtrack zu einem solch endlos langen trip gibt es bereits heute. vromb liefern mit Ôemission pilote' einen spannenden klangcocktail ab. monotone maschinenrhythmen fungieren als triebwerk. minimalismus ist trumpf. während der einstieg eher gemächlich ausfällt, gibt es zum ende hin kräftig was auf die ohren. Ôvariation et' besticht durch wuchtige rhythmik und abgedrehte sphärenklänge. Ôemission pilote' ist so die ideale alternative zum teilweise langweiligen space-night-gedudel. ideal geeignet für imaginäre trips durch raum und zeit. (markus fürgut)

mute! #3
tribal warfare on a mad max scale,. futuristic beats mixed with old sounds like taking congo pygmies to a techno studio. 'emission pilote' is a mixed up sampler of the sounds for a future album called 'episodes'. five tracks that build and build and build and then lead to an understanding of why vromb is vromb and why they are so cool. check 'variation et' and 'mecaniblock'. (gb)

barcode #3
this is for home listening only and even then you need to be in the right frame of mind to piece together this minimalist collection of atmospheric soundtrack-esque sequences. the tracks thrive on their suspenseful ilogic variations of analogue oscillators and frothing sound warbles. in my opinion music of this type needs to put to practical use, set to film or art installations, otherwise the listener tends to feel somewhat perplexed as to what purpose it renders, very little in the comfort of ones attic but i would imagine it could well give the children nightmare, if that's how you get your kicks? (5) (dt)

orkus nr. 06 juni 2000
das industrielle kratzen am kopf des techno-beats? oder vielleicht eher der versuch, akustische monotonie durch chaotisches übersteuern von trommelschlägen zu erzeugen? der kanadier hugo girard und sein projekt vromb liefern mit der neuen cd (die eigentlich eine ep ist) eine reife, intellektuell wie intuitiv zugängliche fusion von monotonen techno-beats, ambienter klangflächen-ästhetik und industriellem lärmloop-fetischismus ab. wie auf dem vorgänger Ôle facteur humain' oder der aužerordentlichen Ôperimetre 3-10'-ep ist wieder die unbemühte gratwanderung zwischen klarer struktur und chaos der auslöser für das, was man gemeinhin als faszination zu bezeichnen pflegt. tanzen ist ebenso erlaubt wie bložes wirkenlassen, und die effekte buhlen nicht krampfhaft um die gunst des hörers, sondern entwickeln sich in der subtilen programmier- und sounddesignfertigkeit girards praktisch von selbst. wer fünf überlange perlen aus dem stilistischen dreieck plastikman, esplendor geometrico und lassigue bendthaus zu geniežen vermag, sollte Ôemission pilote' unverzüglich dem plattendealer seines vertrauens entreižen. auf ant-zen-ableger hymen wird es die platte mit leicht verändertem tracklisting übrigens auch auf vinyl geben. (9) (alexander maciol)

textundton #36 juli/august 2000
dies hier ist das rhythmisch geradlinigste, was ich bisher von den knöpfchendrehenden kanadiern gehört habe. fast schon stoische clubtechnobeats, die sich den song über nur minimal verändern und damit auf den alles umwickelnden analogen klangteppich reagieren. die fünf tracks des albums sind eigentlich nur work in progress, denn sie werden auf dem später erscheinenden album "episodes" endgültig veröffentlicht werden. man hat sich einfach erlaubt auf den momentären zustand der tracks einen blick zu werfen. der erste track ist subambientes gerumpel wie gewöhnlich. dann folgen drei tracks mit knalligen, einfräsenden beats und ein 25-minütiges stück, das sich an der glockenförmigen gauž'schen verteilungskurve auszurichten scheint. langsames, anfängliches rauschen und fiepen gehen in einen sich langsam steigernden beat über, um nach dem crescendo wieder abzuflachen und in rauschen zu enden. wenn das nicht fertig klingen soll, was hat man da erst vom album zu erwarten? cd und vinyl version dieser ep bieten übrigens jeweils einen für das format exklusiven track. also zuschnappen. (till schröder)

toronto industrial kollektive
woohoo! what a pleasant surprise! after having seen this montreal-area act live, i came into this release expecting solid, but still pretty typical, lo-fi technoid-type music. perhaps the sound quality of the live performance wasn't as good as it could have been, or perhaps i just wasn't paying attention. in any case, i should have known better than to doubt s.alt and ant-zen. "emission pilote" is meant to be a preview, a distorted version of the forthcoming release "episodes", and what a preview it is. fast, pulsating rhythms, only slightly distorted, whirl away at high velocity throughout this ep. they are complemented perfectly by an ever-changing and creative soundscape. catchy and seemingly very accessible, this release makes a perfect introduction to the ant-zen sound. the tracks (especially the last two) build in intensity, adding layer after layer of sweeping static and quasi-melodic elements. the underlying repetition has an almost hypnotic, subliminal effect on the listener: almost reminiscent of some of the hafler trio's work. this is a very, very solid release, borrowing almost as much from the idm/techno camps as it does from the now-classic ant-zen rhythmic noise sound. very energetic, hypnotic and fascinating, it leaves the listener with the distinct impression of moving at high velocities through uncharted territory. perfect music to lose yourself in, to work to, and to be inspired by. (drew)

auf die (über)länge von insgesamt 5 stücken bietet vromb rotierende minimalistische sequenzen, die durch eine nicht aufdringliche monotonität bestechen und trotz der dezenten rhythmen auch für innovative djs und clubgänger sehr interessant sind. dabei eignet sich die musik auch für den hausgebrauch und die benutzten, verzerrten samplefetzen werden gezielt eingesetzt! vielleicht sind die einzelnen tracks insgesamt etwas zu lang, aber das kann man durchaus wegstecken. laut info bewegt man sich in dunklen science fiction gefilden und wer phantasie hat, dem kann es durchaus passieren, dass bei titeln wie "erreur" oder "segment" ein entsprechender film durch den kopf läuft. "emission pilote" ist für denjenigen gemacht, der sich dezenten sound von hypnotisierender weise ins haus holen will. das (französische?) projekt dürfte mit diesem release auch neueinsteigern in die experimentelle industrial-sequenz-schiene begeistern....

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