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act 110 · ultra milkmaids · disco 2k_ep · 10"

disco 2k, rrr d, um_bb (with blue baboon), aka, mer 1, elizablank (rmx by scanner)

special cover/booklet. limited 585 copies, deleted.

little turning loops of lush tones within the activity of slow strings, scratch and stutter moments. cuts of warmth and a light, barely heard sound within the dust of organic ambient and undemanding fashioned melodies. subtle warm vibes of transparent breaking frequencies are disturbed by light brushed and wafting percussion layers, vanished by chiming reverbs, wet noises and random bleeps. it absorbs the isolated suggestion of a slightly coherent motion. gentle minimalism.

'um_bb'. collaboration track with blue baboon
'elizablank'. remix by scanner

ultra milkmaids: www.ultra-milkmaids.com
blue baboon: www.zone51.com/digital_baobab
scanner: www.scannerdot.com

selected discography jan2k1
4 demo tapes. (1993>1994)
split lp with unit moebius_oxalis records 001 (france). 1995
7". lou . u mohol records 03 (france). 1996
video tape c-30. the chicken in the kitchen videos. u mohol records 04 (france). 1996
12". borray ep. noise museum records 010 (france). 1997
cd. vorely. noise museum records 015 (france). 1997
10" collaboration w/ telepherique. voice in the dark / plankton. rendezvouz radikal 03 (germany). 1998
7". jain umpoulet. drone records 025 (germany). 1998
cd. mort aux vaches. staalplaat records (netherlands). 1998
cd. vorely relay. noctovision records 07 (japan). 1999
10" collaboration with celluloid mata. acti-room. ant-zen. act95 (germany). 1999
cd-r. 95>97. taalem records 02 (france). 1999
cd. peps. duebel records (germany). 2000
cd-r. v/s part 1. ignis records ti01(poland). 2000
cd collaboration with pure _s[e]nd_vacuum v0.2 records (france/germany). 2000
10". disco 2k_ep. incl. remix of scanner & collaboration with blue baboon. ant-zen. act 110 (germany). 2001

cd collaboration with telepherique and inox kapell
live at the oblique lu nights (nantes/fr)
cd collaboration with imagho _by mail ..._sssm records (japan)


And here is a new release by the Ultra Milkmaids, a french project that has already been active for almost ten years. This productive band has recently seduced a lot of listener with their soft ambiences are gentle samples, and here come 5 new tracks and a remix in a very originally packaged item. This time again, Ant Zen have produced something quite unpractical but very nice to look at. "Disco 2k" comes in a 6 page calendar (the kind with the spiral, with usually one month per page), in which photos and drawings by the band are reproduced. The 10" disc in itself comes with the last, folded page. Instead of weeks and days are printed information about each track. All in all, an impressive packaging, once again on Ant Zen. "Disco 2k"'s title track is, in my opinion, the most edited and tweaked of the disc. This is a typical Ultra Milkmaids piece, with a small, sad, melody trying to find its way between strange and subtle beats and scratches, as the track evolves slowly, sometimes with a slight free jazz feeling. The following track, "Rrr" is a bit more ambient, with less beats, but feature a uncommonly high frequency. The first side of the disc is closed with "Um_bb", a track written in collaboration with Blue Baboon., Slowly, some very soft percussions appears and are joined by little tunes, nicely taking the listener to a calmer, "safer" ground than the almost chaotic first track. Melancholic and melodic, this collaboration still carries the "dusty" sound of Ultra Milkmaids, but brings in a nice, clearer, emotional touch "Aak" is, like "Disco 2k" a track that could have fit on the "Peps" CD, with its short sounds being carfully thrown in an apparantly improvised manner over fragile tones. It is followed by Finally, "Elizablank", which is a remix by Scanner of the track "God god" (taken from "Peps") is the most rhythmic of the disc. The borken beat, far louder than usual for this band, provides an more accessible and more hypnotic edge to the tune. This track also reminded me of the excellent 10" "Acti-Room" in which the Ultra Milkmaids collaborated with Celluloïd Mata. Ultra Milkmaids are a band that have found an original sound and are now presenting shades of it in their various tracks. Soft, careful, abstract but touching, their music is hard to describe but should appeal to fans of innovative electronic music and to those of you who like ambient. The Ultra Milkmaids are definitely not typical of Ant Zen, and don't expect here loud beats, but warm, only slighlty noisy layers of sounds. Then, this "Disco 2k" is a good way to begin with this project, since these 6 tracks are both representative of the Milkmaids' music and present nice variations with the particaption of two other bands. A nice choice for amateurs of subtle sounds.

black #24
nach ihrer "peps"-cd auf duebel und der kollaboration mit pure auf vacuum, welche mir ehrlich gesagt zu experimentell und nervig ausgefallen waren, besinnen sich die französischen ultra milkmaids wieder auf ihre stärken der warm-flieženden klick & cuts und veröffentlichen auf ant zen diese im ringgebundenen-kalenderstil verpackte 10'. das artwork ist angelehnt an ihre kollaboration mit celluloid mata auf gleichem label und wie oben schon erwähnt ist der sound wieder wesentlich zugänglicher geworden! es schwellen und schweben also die klänge, unverhofft klicken die beats und das ganze umgibt eine surreale atmosphäre - phantastisch! diesmal gibt es neben einer zusammenarbeit mit blue baboon sogar einen remix von scanner, welcher überraschend sehr groovig ausgefallen ist! limitiert ist das teil auf 585 stück und wer mehr über die umfangreichen arbeiten der ultra milkmaids erfahren möchte, kann sich gerne unter www.ultra-milkmaids.com informieren und dort auch das obskure instrumental-surf-projekt finden! (m.f.)

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