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act 111 · vromb · episodes · cd/ vinyl

vromb. episodes. cd album.

available packaging:

vromb. episodes. cd. ant-zen act111
regular jewel-case packaging. 12p booklet: black cardboard w/ silver print

vromb. episodes. boxset. ant-zen act111.1
metal boxset w/ vromb logo, cd (cardboard-package) + 5"vinyl (cardboard-package) + 12p booklet + sticker. limited 740 copies.

vromb. episodes. vinyl set. ant-zen act111.11
2x12" vinyl + 7" vinyl in cardboard box w/12p booklet + sticker. limited 446 copies, deleted

vromb. episodes tv. postcard. ant-zen act111.111
card. build your own episodes tv!

tracklist cd:
le theme
episode #1. vision stroboscopique: synthonisation, reglage, capteur
episode #2. le temps a vitesse variable: superposition, centre, emphase
episode #3. l'objet synchronisateur: signaux, auxilliaire, ambiometrie
episode #4. mouvement multiplicatif: amalgame, connexe, neurostatique

music: hugo girard. voice and lyrics: heurel gaudot. graphics: bio-z.

this fourth full length release is yet another masterpiece by this extraordinary canadian artists - and we hope that you are a lucky owner of the 'perimetre 3+10' set released on ant-zen in 1999, because 'episodes' is a part of a bigger piece of work which includes 'perimetre 3+10' and the 'episodes' boxset. The boxset contains a 5" vinyl entitled 'perimetre 5'. A schedule explaining on how to listen to all of these items as a whole is included in the cd booklet - no wonder it took vromb almost three years to create the sounds and artwork.

it has been vromb's intention since 'le facteur humain' that the text on each release should add to the music. Furthermore, the text should be be lingually understood. As such, the writings on each release are translated into french, english and german.

musically 'episodes' follows the path that vromb started with 'le facteur humain' and has continued developing during the last five years. The end result has been a hypnotising combination of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, rhythms and voices. Also with 'episodes' you get the feeling that you are listening to a soundtrack that has yet to be done.

beware - this is not 'consumer ambient' you have to watch and to listen!

subliminal ambient-noise techno hypnotism.

additional info:

vromb discography. 10.2k1
jeux de terre. cd. tesco. 1993
transmodulation a.m.p. 7". ant-zen. 1995
le facteur humain. cd. ant-zen. 1996
perimetre 3+10. 10" vinyl+3" cd. ant-zen. 1999
emission pilote. cd. ant-zen. 2000
emission pilote. lp. hymen. 2000
rotation. 7". klanggalerie. 2000
interlüder. cd-ep. pflichtkauf. 2001
episodes. cd. ant-zen. 2001
episodes. cd+5" vinyl. ant-zen. 2001
episodes. 2x12"+1x7" vinyl. ant-zen. 2001

official vromb website:


Vital Weekly 300, co. Staalplaat
Ever since Vromb had his first album "Jeux de terre" released back in 1993, the unique sci-fi landscapes of the canadian artist, whose original name is Hugo Girard, just seems to become clearer and clearer as every new album sees the light. "Episodes", being the fourth full-length album, continues the voyage through sonic places of oscillating frequencies, static noise and pulsating electronic signals. Vromb separates from most other profiles on Ant-Zen Recordings in the less technoid approach and a more ambient-oriented style. Most similar artist on the label must be Morgenstern, though Vromb seems more futuristic spacey and less Industrial in his musical approach. Since Vromb does use rhythms in his work, "Episodes" is not ambient in the traditional way. Still the rhythmic structures seem so absorbed into the hypno-sphere that the overall expression is drifting rather than up-beat. A distinctive feature of Vromb is the French spoken voice that sometimes penetrates the music, suiting so well into the high tech-tribal sound texture. Listening to Vromb is quite a spectacular experience. Starting out with "Episodes", you might continue towards previous Vromb-albums sooner or later! (NMP)

kurz nach der "interlüder"-ep bei pflichtkauf erscheint nun bei ant-zen der zweite teil nach der "perimetre" 10"/cd-box von 1999, des grožen klangwerkes der kanadier. diese beiden releases, bei der "episodes" ist es die box-version mit extra-cd, verbindet eine gemeinsame melodiöse bearbeitung.
im gewohnt extraordinären artwork liegt nun "episodes" vor. im booklet aus dicker schwarzer pappe gibt es sogar eine anleitung, in welcher reihenfolge die stücke dieses gesamtwerkes gehört werden sollten. die musik strahlt eine sehr düstere atmosphäre aus. dunkle soundscapes, ambiente rhythmen und verzerrte vocals resultieren zu einer seltsamen stimmung im kopf. es fährt ein film hinter den augen ab - die phantasie spielt einem streiche. ein herrliches gefühl!! je nach anfangskonfiguration der gedanken erscheinen, bewirkt durch die musik, die tollsten bilder. geschichten ändern sich durch einen beat, der held siegt oder unterliegt der synthese aus kälte und elektronik. schalter werden betätigt, synapsen gereizt. intelligenz wird bewiesen. ein märchen aus 1001 schaltkreis.
es ist eine moderne psychedelische schwarz-weiž-reise ins ich. unglaublich! gut!! (holger galla)

hypnotic atmospheres with sweeping hi-hats and jumpy beats, this latest release from vromb catapaults them into the electronic scene. easily mistaken for a release from the infamous peter namlook's fax label, which is a high compliment indeed. perhaps best listened to in the dark after a few pints or whatever your poison, this chill zone music takes the listener to icy landscapes and dark places. the 18 tracks on offer here are separated by the opening and closing tracks and 4 tracks split into 3 movements each in between. they all have their own subtle differences, the standout piece here is perhaps 'vision stroboscopique', especially the movement called 'synthonisation', which slowly builds in textures and tones before fading from the listeners ear. if you like your ambient more autechre than eno then check out vroomb.

chain d.l.k
the long overdue and highly anticipated new full-length album by montréal's very vromb is finally available. once again released by ant-zen records, "épisodes" takes the good doctor heurel "glugloïde" gaudot's scientific experiments one step further. "épisodes"'s theme is somewhat blurred to those not yet familiar with vromb's natural proggression and evolution. while hugo girard provides all sonic and audio excursions, his mechanical and electronic renderings are also based on and using recorded voice tapes by dr. gaudot. seperated into four main episodes (each including four pieces), and sandwitched between a prologue ("le thème") and an epilogue ("générique"), the format prooves to be quite the sonic journey. once the album begins with "le thème", we are off into an introspective audio excursion which comes to and fro the background of audible/unaudible sound. the first episode is called "vision stoboscopique" and quickly puts the listener into the right frame of mind. an introductory segment by dr. gaudot is followed by static intermissions and rhythm-heavy experimentalism. episode two is "le temps à vitèsse variable" and features a difficult yet precisely executed mixture between a slow-moving synthscape and frantic speeded sequencing compositions. only vromb can try and succeed at this! next comes "l'objet synchronisateur", the third episode. by this time, both the listener and dr. gausot are getting into deep sounds, each wave segways into another electronic movement. the fourth and final episode, "mouvement multiplicatif" prooves to be the most experimental of them all, with sounds multiplying themsleves (as the title of the episode suggests) to a mass of deep, dense electronic drones and rhythms. we close off the episodes with "générique", which basically serves as the end titles sections, if this cd was in fact a motion picture. while a few other vromb fans have told me they were left unsatisfied with "épisodes", i find the cd to be enjoyable for the most part. as always, vromb's sound is constantly evolving, so perhaps the subtle changes from release to release isn't as tantalising to certain fans as it may be to vromb himself. as for myself, i found "épisodes" to be as good, if not superior to some of his previous work. released in three formats: a) generic jewel plastic case/regular packaging, b) metal sliver box, which a bonus 5" vinyl record which includes two unreleased pieces ("cercle" and "cylindre"). this specially-sized vinyl record will not play on automatic turn tables. c) deluxe full-sized triple vinyl lp in heavy-duty carboard box packaging. the four main episode segments are featured on the two 12" records, while the intro ("le thème") and prologue ("générique") are seperated onto a third, 7" record. again, the artwork and visual graphic design was perfectly executed by bio-z, mixing the tones of grey, silver, and black in perfect unison. (alex "the butterman")

orkus 12/2001
im jahr 2001 ist der frankokanadier hugo girard alias vromb besonders fleižig gewesen, denn nach der ep emission pilote und seiner pflichtkauf-ep interlüder ("zwischenspiel" - nomen est omen) ist er gleich mit einem ganzen satz neuer tonträger in einer monumentalen metallbox auf dem weg zu seiner fangemeinde. und eben jene wird episodes mit sicherheit heiž und innig lieben, denn vromb bleibt seinem mechanistisch-industriellen minimal-techno-stil auch dieses mal kompromisslos ergeben. wieder ganz im stile seines international berühmten landsmannes richie hawtin alias plastikman spielt episodes mit insektoidem analoggezirpe, gezwitscher, gebleepe und gebrumme, beständig unterlegt von genauso monotonen wie komplexen rhythmusmustern, die nach einer weile selbst den wachsten geist in trance versetzt haben dürften. im elektrischsten sinne des wortes bauen die achtzehn ineinander verschachtelten stücke einen sehr intensiv knisternden spannungsbogen auf. so oder so ähnlich muss sich ein elektron anhören, das mit annähernd lichtgeschwindigkeit durch die logischen schaltkreise eines mikrochips geschleudert wird. kein einfacher tanzboden-industrial, aber garantiert ein fest für alle phasenmodulierten e-romantiker dieses planeten! (alexander maciol)

black #26
und wieder blubbern die dioden und ächzen die schaltkreise. der kanadische einmann analogmachinist zieht mit 'episodes' alle register seines könnens. der mix aus retroambient und analogen loops stellt für mich die abschliežende bestandsaufnahme in seiner entwicklung von ruhig zu rhythmisch dar. (eine ausführliche darstellung seiner vorstellung, wie alle seine arbeiten zueinander in beziehung stehen, ist als detailliertes diagramm im booklet zu finden. als einzig stilbrechend empfindet er sein erstes album auf tesco und die 7" für klanggalerie, die deshalb keine erwähnung finden.) 'episodes' ist keine wirkliche überraschung, schliežlich konnte man auf 'perimetre' schon auszüge aus diesem album hören, aber er scheint das oberste plateau in seiner erkundung hypnotischer elektroniktracks erreicht zu haben. in vier blöcken, die mal mehr oder weniger heftig hypnotisch pulsierend ausfallen, nähert sich das album dem rhythmischen drive der 'interlüder' ep. selbst ruhige momente besitzen rhythmische komponenten. rein atmosphärische stücke sucht man vergeblich und auch die ausführungen des heurel gaudot sind auf ein minimum reduziert. federnde tracks voll elastischer sounds und ansteckendem groove klingen seinem markenzeichen entsprechend gleichzeitig veraltet wie hypermodern. ich bin ja mal gespannt, in welche richtung er aus diesem stil ausbrechen wird, um sich beim nächsten release nicht zu wiederholen. trotz dieser in weiter zukunft liegenden, fiktiven gefahr, selten hat ein künstler das wort klangtüftler mehr verdient als vromb. 'episodes' ist das fantastische resultat jahrelanger anstrengungen und überzeugt auf ganzer linie. übrigens gibt es das album auch in zwei limitierten boxen, einmal als vinylvariante mit bonus 7" und als cd variante mit bonus 5" vinyl in einer metallbox. (till)

moving hands
one of the older acts on ant-zen, vromb, is offering us another album of clicking, cutting, scratching, bubbling and buzzing. at first glance, one may think that there is nothing very special about this act, but after getting deeper into the hypnotising world of the canadian behind this project, hugo girard, one realises that there really is nothing that sounds this way. perhaps a bit like pan(a)sonic or tho-so-aa from time to time, but the atmosphere is another, and the tracks are built up in a different way. and while girards albums have sounded quite different from each other, vromb is usually easy to distinguish from the rest. the repetitive, yet ever-changing songs still work very well and easily hypnotises the listener. there are not many emotions in here; "episodes" is instead bleak and quite nihilistic. the music consists of loops, but they never remain the same for too long, yet the songs rarely change dramatically. instead, vromb manages to mesmerise the listener, almost putting him/her in a trance, and an added click becomes very evident. vromb has not tried to change himself more than necessary, he has remained very true to his original idea, yet you never feel that he gets stuck on a concept that stops working. as always with vromb, the feeling of this album is very futuristic and somewhat mystical. these themes are also obvious when reading the text and looking at the large and complex scheme coming with this album. almost all of vrombs releases are a part of this scheme, which shows in what order to listen to them. this scheme can also be found at the episodes website, together with further information about girard's idea with this release. this is an album that, at least for me, gets better and better the more you listen to it, and also the more attention you give it. it is extremely rich and full of details, almost subliminal sounds and listening to it is an adventure in cold beauty. a few pieces are missing in my collection, and i therefore cannot listen to his works as the scheme shows, but with or without the rest of this canadian's discography, this album is full of pleasure. i found the best way of listening to this album to be without thinking at all, just leaning back and focusing on the music. it is best listened to at home, but works great in a walkman and i dare to say that some parts might even work in clubs. picking highlights is probably rather pointless, since this album clearly is something to be listened to in its entirety. however, i tend to enjoy the tribal feeling of the two tracks on the 5" vinyl that comes with the cd box set very much (they certainly make it worth getting the box). this is a great release from vromb, and it might even put vromb among my favourite bands. a great way to get familiar with this project, and an extremely polished and well produced album for those who liked his earlier works. (klas molde)

sonic seducer 02/2002
angesichts der format-vielfalt, mit der die neue vromb aufwarten kann (cd im jewel case, cd boxset mit badge + bonus 5" single, doppel 12" + bonus 7") mag manchem sammler ganz schwindlig werden. nach dem instrumentalen interims release auf pflichtkauf findet sich nun zwar wieder die stimme heural gaudots, wenngleich in deutlich reduzierter quantität als auf früheren alben. ansonsten bleibt fast alles beim altbewährten: abgefederte beats nebst elektrischem summen und brummen. neu hingegen ist die bei einzelnen tracks zu beobachtende hinwendung zu intelligenten technoiden strukturen im rhythmusbereich, was vromb vielleicht den einen oder anderen neuen hörer bescheren dürfte. im wesentlichen befinden sich vromb aber in einer ähnlichen situation wie pan sonic: durch ihre (hoffentlich freiwillige) beschränkung auf wenige unverkennbare elemente haben sie zwar einen ganz eigenen sound entwickelt, der sie innerhalb von sekunden identifizierbar macht, allzu grožen stilistischen weiterentwicklungen scheint diese selbstbeschränkung jedoch eher im weg zu stehen. (sascha bertoncin)

spectrum magazine
over the years by virtue of simply having too much music to listen to, i confess that i have never succumbed to the cult of vromb - but this is not to say that i have listened to prior cd's and rejected the project, rather it is that i never have actually heard a vromb album until now. starting with a complex and clinical programmed piece (with an underlying sinister edge), i can't but help make a comparison to black lung's conspiratorial theory based debut cd - and with this being my comparative point of music reference, this is rather a large compliment. the low key clinical approach, is again in order for the 3nd track, yet her the pace is stepped up a few notches, with clicks, pops and pulses inter-linking to creating a driving rhythm with minimalist melody. the mid paced, dance floor drive of track 5 again sees the construction of a piece by repetitive means - creating what is essentially a minimalist arrangement built with multiple non tuneful, rhythmic layers. the hyper speed programming of track 7 works particularly well, yet retaining the minimal progression approach (here sounding akin to the streaming of computer data), whilst on the other hand track 9 really solidifies the direction and atmosphere of the cd with a mid paced swirling and pulsing and composition offset with a quirky blip oriented tune. likewise with the predominant album theme being that of rhythmic minimalism, another potential comparison that could be bantered around would be the current direction of oprhx - and of course this is again a large compliment in the humble opinion of yours truly. track 15 is another standout piece, continually building and evolving, but at the same time retaining a subtle flow and evolution to the programmed beats, swirling electronics textures, bleeps, blips and random sounds. whilst i might not be able to give an adequate comparison of this album in relation to prior efforts, "episodes" remains an impressive release to my virgin vromb ears.

toronto industrial kollektive
this is a true story: so i finally get myself a portable cd player and am listening to vromb at work, hooked up to a pair of small speakers behind the cash, when a customer comes up to buy a couple of movies. this has nothing to do with the review, but i work at a porn store (i mean 'love boutique') and the movies the guy is buying are "erotic eye" and "invisible". "that's kind of irritating, isn't it?" he says to me, he's trying to talk, be friendly. most people don't say anything. "huh?" i respond, not knowing what he's talking about and unused to being treated as an actual person. "that noise," he explains. "well, actually, that's my music," i say back. "oh sorry, i thought it was a tape rewinding." he tries to apologize. i don't rewind tapes because we don't rent tapes (i wouldn't work at a place that rents, because i don't want to think about all the 'residual' material i'd come in contact with.) "it's ok," i try to assure him, "i expect that sort of reaction." he pays (two movies comes to a total of $114.98 canadian), and then, i assume, goes home and jerks off. vromb is pretty cool in my opinion, specifically the part of my opinion that comes from the "i've smoked a lot of drugs in my lifetime" part of me. vromb may not be well suited to everyone, however. it may be well suited towards you if you are the sort of person who wouldn't mind smoking vast amounts of pot, sitting back, chillin' out and listening to some dark and crazy electronic sounds. (squid)

finde den schlüssel zu deiner eigenen wahrnehmung - was sich anhört wie der leitgedanke einer spirituellen sekte bezieht sich auf ein experiment von heurel gaudot und seinem team aus dem jahre 1958. bei diesem "expérience auratrive" wurden verschiedene zerebrale bereiche des gehirns mit elektrischen impulsen stimuliert und erzeugten bei dem probanden visuelle eindrücke. hugo girard, mastermind von vromb, versuchte, dieses experiment auditiv umzusetzen, unterstützt von bio-z' grafischen ausführungen. das hören von "épisodes" führt einen jedoch nicht geradewegs zum psychiater. es ist das mittlerweile vierte album der kanadier und schliežt direkt an das "perimetre 3+10"-set (1999) an. damit man beim hören der vromb-alben auch keinen fehler macht, liegt der scheibe eine höranleitung bei. das klingt zugegebener mažen etwas seltsam, zeigt aber, dass vromb nicht wahllos ihre songs zusammenbasteln, sonder hinter allem ein konzept steht. aber nun zur musik. hier dominiert der minimalismus. "épisodes" verzichtet auf melodien. durch verzerrte töne, monotone rhythmen und sprachsamples wird jedoch eine stellenweise beklemmende atmosphäre geschaffen. stilistisch lässt sich das ergebnis schwer einordnen. am treffendsten liegt man wohl, wenn man die mitte zwischen ambient und noise wählt. wer sich einen besseren eindruck verschaffen will, sollte die homepage der kanadier konsultieren, da werden mp3-hörproben zum download feilgeboten. alle interessierten sollten sich beeilen, um noch die limitierte box zu ergattern. neben einem metal-case gibt's auch noch eine extra mini-vinyl-platte in cd-gröže. die darauf enthaltenen tracks dienen laut vromb zu einführung in "épisodes". leider kann ich dazu nichts sagen, weil bei der vinyl-gröže mein plattenspieler streikt :-( (veit)

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