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act 112 į veruschka į the secret į 10"

the secret, the department, supernature, boredom kills, the fruits

454 copies in red vinyl, deleted

all titles by veruschka/d.thrussell; recorded in the iso-erotic-time-warp-dungeon.

'the secret' is full of drifting tunes and a wonderful orchestration; backed by marvelous female vocals and graceful melodies with a solid thread of weird melancholy. the gentle and dark use of mechanical click and buzz layers, enriched with fluid beat structures and initial noises expire in the savage beauty and rough grittiness, sadness and euphoria, fragrant melody and glitchy electronics. a hybrid of scary nostalgia, sweet paranoia and wonderful lyrics - accusing, demanding, and having the blues of grace and beauty.

veruschka, hailing from the great continent of australia, is a project by the female singer veruschka and david thrussell (mastermind of snog, black lung, soma).


Veruschka is a new project of Mr David Thrussel (Snog, Black Lung...) to which he's writing music while a female singer called Veruschka adds her voice. Released on a fun and cheesy glow in the dark 10" enriched by a drawing taken from some gore movie from the 60's, this first 10" tries to show that Veruschka is more than just a Snog offshoot. A last thing to say about this: the labels are glued on the wrong side of the record. Listening to the track "The secret2 brings instantlt one comparison: this sounds like pure Bjork. Everything is here to remind of the Icelandic pop singer: the electronic mainstream-but-intelligent music, the naive atmosphere, and, most of all, the voice. Not bad at all, but really not original at all. It gets a bit different with "The department", on which more elements from Snog are to be found: echoed percussions, orchestral samples, tiny details and material that sounds out of place at first and finally integrate well in the whole of the track. The second side (the drwaing's one) is a bit further from Bjork, Veruschka singing with a less childish voice and a deeper tone. It stays however in the same pop vein, mixing soulful vocals with mid paced Snog rhythms that would have fit on "Third mall from the sun". The comparison is even stronger on the closing "The fruits" (still sung, but whose music was written by David Thrussel alone), which features a tweaked country line, in the perfect "Buy me! I'll change your life" vein. This said, Veruschka bears the mark of quality of Thrussel's production, combined with a very competent vocalist. The result is probably the poppiest release ever on Ant Zen, and I can't help but think that these 5 tracks could very well have been taken from a Snog CD (even lyrics-wise). I like this 10", this is a real ear-candy, with melodies you'll sing for several days and nice sweet tracks, but don't expect anything new compared to the recent offerings by Snog.

black ausgabe 23 Š frŸhjahr 2001
veruschka ist neben snog, soma und black lung ein weiteres projekt des genialen australiers david thrussell, der hier mit seiner schon bekannten sŠngerin veruschka ganz seiner leidenschaft fŸr den sound der 60Õer jahre a la nancy & lee fršnt. 5 wunderschšn-melancholische tracks, die ganz von der erotischen stimme veruschkas und der surrealen atmosphŠre leben und unter die david ganz behutsam elektronische beats, seine typischen klick & cuts und massives vinylknistern mischt. ein absolutes highlight und hoffentlich gibt es bald davon ein album. bis dahin mu§ man sich eben an die 10" halten, welche auf 454 stŸck im roten vinyl limitiert ist und im iso-erotic-time-warp-dungeon aufgenommen wurde Š alles klar?! (m.f.)

orkus nr.04 Š april 2001
wenn schon richard d. james/aphex twin nie mit einer sŠngerin gearbeitet hat, muss diesen schritt jetzt eben australiens elektronisches enfant terrible david thrussell (snog, soma, black lung) Ÿbernehmen. nachtleuchtend und tiefrot in vinyl eingefasst, finden sich auf dieser ep vier durch und durch ambivalente stŸcke, die david zusammen mit der sŠngerin veruschka aufgenommen hat. schmatzende beats, noiseloops und bleep-experimente bis zum abwinken auf der einen seite und die zauberhafte stimme von veruschka samt melancholischer melodik und klassischem soundtrackbombast auf der anderen seite erzeugen einen enormen spannungsbogen, und man wŸnscht sich insgeheim, dass mr. thrussell sich vielleicht am nŠchsten madonna-album vergreifen sollte. die schšne und das biest in reinkultur, nur leider viel, viel zu kurz. (alexander maciol)

l'ame electrique #2 november 2001
this must be by far the most 'commercial' release from ant-zen! veruschka is an australian project from dave thrussell (the mastermind behind snog and black lung) and a lady named veruschka who does all the vocals (do you remember her? she had also participated in 'third mall from the sun'). i was taken by surprise bacause 'the secret' is an astonishing release and has nothing to do with either or mr. thrussel's other groups. actually it sounds more like hooverphonic, goldfrapp or even portishead. if you find the sound of the aforementioned groups charming. veruschka is just for you. i was only disappointed by the absence of artwork (there is no cover, co inlay card, nothing, just a red vinyl in a transparent sleeve). mr. salt, you should have taken care of this little jewel! (monsieur x)

si court, mais si bon. le son, volontairement dŽgeulasse, donne l'impression de sortir des enceintes d'un vieil Žlectrophone, ou encore de provenir d'un enregistrement radio des annŽes 80. "the secret" entame l'album avec batterie jazz, tablas et violons lyriques. ton orchestral, ambiance intimiste. la voix de veruschka est sensuelle et calme, sans exploits vocaux inutiles. "the department" revt les habits de la tristesse. downtempo, tonalitŽ grave, et clavecin rivalisent de beautŽ avec le chant, presque timide et rŽservŽ. "supernature" est beaucoup plus electro. abstrait et froid, un violoncelle plaintif souligne la partie vocale, ˆ deux voix. les drones s'entrecroisent, dans un amorphisme musical surprenant. trs nettement different, "boredom kills" transporte l'auditeur dans les plaines glacŽes et mystrieuse d'un electro/goth trs rŽussit. groove robotique et omnipresent, retour des violons dramatiques, et envolŽes lyriques lors du refrain. enfin, "the fruits", entirement Žcrit et composŽ par david thrussell, s'aventure en terrain conquit. tous les Žlements des titres prŽcedents se retrouvent ici : ligne de basse discrte et ultra-mŽlodieuse, rythme cassŽ allant-et-venant, sample de bruits de la nature (chant d'oiseaux) et violons mŽlancoliques. puis, le volume de la musique baisse lentement jusqu'ˆ dispara”tre totalement. veruschka reste seule ˆ chanter quelques secondes, puis s'arrte. c'est finit. on ne peut qu'Žsperer voir le duo poursuivre sa collaboration, tant leurs compositions invitent ˆ l'abandon. sortit en Ždition limitŽe ˆ 454 exemplaires, cet album est malheureusement ŽpuisŽ ˆ l'heure actuelle. il existe Žvidemment des moyens trs simples de se le procurer en mp3, mais il s'agit lˆ d'une vraie pice de collection.

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