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act 120 į david thrussell į the voices of reason į cd

... a glimpse inside his majickal world É

tracklist audio:
the brilliant seed, the explorers, humans as introduced species, it's a majick, majick world, the scent, turn muzak on it's head, oil, the plastic wars part 1, the plastic wars part 2, a new beginning

cd-rom film 'the plastic wars part 1'

deluxe 6page digipack & 24page booklet. incl. drawings by david thrussell

david thrussell aka snog, black lung and renowned for various other musical projects offers with this release his own personal thoughts on a spoken word album. despite other famous narrators like jello biafra and henry rollins just to name todayÕs most active spokespersons, the weirdest think tank from down under (or the world?) surprises with subliminal statements on vegans, media, information, tells stories about bizarre journeys, reveals his personal social observations regarding politics, capitalism et al and juxtaposes philosophical aspects of daily routine.

"the voices of reason" is not a spoken world album in the common sense - it offers both smooth and happy tunes as well as abstract, experimental soundscapes and beats mingled with the dominating smart voice of thrussell.

"the voices of reason" - an eclectic radio play for the eclectic listener or a soundtrack for the insane?

do not hold this album under the hot water faucet as the people living inside the record might pop out into living 3-d right there in your kitchen...or even worse, your bathroom. the crowd might be hard to explain to the landlord. this same warning applies to any david thrussell record because of his secret recipe for canning real people like you and me and valdemar valerian into plastic discs without losing the original flavour. the characters in these stories act completely on their own, sticking up their noses to mr.thrussell. they couldn't care less if he is stuck without a romantic ending or an earthshaking moral. they've got their own troubles and they work them out in their own way. thanks to the miracles of science, we can eavesdrop in living stereo. heroes and beautiful people are the usual favourites of storytellers, but david finds poetry in us ordinary hairy-legged mortals with our petty selfishness, hypocrisy, and intolerance...our weaknesses, and our occasional goodness. so, step inside. you're likely to run into yourself somewhere in this record. and, oh yeah, like i said at the beginning, keep this record dry and out of the reach of children. and please keep david thrussell's picture off the floor if you have pets. < darrin verhagen. march 2001 >

all voices channelled & all musics composed by david thrussell
the cd-rom film "the plastic wars part 1" is an i.m.c.c./ i+t=r cross platform media alliance production.
directed by richard grant and david thrussell.

further information:

psycho-acoustic remodelling recording equipment generously provided by "the major".
electromagnetic satellite interference and subliminal broadcast recordings sourced by "commander x". your ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten.
eternal thanks to every living creature that has ever wandered over or burrowed through this fine earth.


david thrussell, auch bekannt als snog und black lung hat mit "the voices of reason" spoken words in zusammenklang mit elektronisch-ambienten klanggebilden gebracht. herausgekommen ist eine in sekunden den hšrer infiltrierendes hšrspiel. eine mischung aus soundscapes und wahrhaftigen, die worte fast erlŠuternden sounds, bildet eine plattform, auf der sich die erzŠhlungen thrussell's Ÿber alltŠgliches ebenso, wie Ÿber reisen in die unendlichkeit des unwirklichen mit einer stimme wie eines der gro§en narratoren der phantastischen literatur ausbreiten. worte werden zu sequenzen, die bilder formen sich nebelhaft bis kristallklar und die geschichten beginnen zu leben und die knochen zu durchdringen - noch ehe man sich ihrer inhaltlichen konsequenzen bewusst geworden ist. die teils gro§artige entwicklung der dramatischen wirkung allein durch die nŸchternheit der stimme und die reduktion der sounds schafft eine atmosphŠre, die edgar allan poe gefallen hŠtte. (carsten bŠumer)

black #25
auch david thrussell von snog kommt nicht zur ruhe und nach der 10" von veruschka und der aktuellen ep von black lung folgt nun ein spoken word-album des australischen kŸnstlers, welches natŸrlich kein reines sprachalbum ist, denn die mit seiner rauh-knarzigen stimme vorgetragenen texte werden atmosphŠrisch mit dem ihm eigenen surreal-strangen sound untermalt. was man inhaltlich von einem bekennenden veganer, nudisten, anti-kapi- und -imperialisten zu erwarten hat, ist ja wohl klar oder?! zudem sind in dem im digipack beiliegenden dicken booklet illustrationen von david thrussell enthalten, welche Šhnlich denen sind, welche schon im erste black lung-album "silent weapons for silent wars" auf machinery zu finden waren. oben drauf gibt es dann noch einen cd-rom-video-clip zu "the plastic wars", welcher bildgewaltig und wiederum typisch das thema umsetzt. ein typisches album also fŸr den typischen snog-fan... wenn s den Ÿberhaupt gibt? rules! (m.f.)
snog torna all'azione e questa volta si mostra in prima persona firmandosi perfino col suo vero nome. quel che ne vien fuori non pu˜ sconvolgere chi conosce il personaggio: un intero disco parlato, arricchito con commento musicale composto dallo stesso thrussell. la parte narrata si divide fra momenti trasognati, viaggi immaginari e paure da ventiduesimo secolo, per la lettura dello stesso artista con voce effettata dal tono sornione. non mancano naturalmente le osservazioni riguardo la politica e la vita sociale, come nello stile snog, ma spesso intervallate da cocktail-music o easy listening; per il resto il tema sonoro non cerca mai d'imporsi, ma prova a suggestionare l'ascoltatore come accade di solito in operazioni assimilabili a questa. il disco contiene anche un bellissimo cortometraggio che documenta con immagini 'the plastic wars part 1', strabiliante storia che accomuna la diffusione della plastica alla crescita del potere matriarcale, diretto da thrussell e richard grant. naturalmente un disco di spoken words non riuscirˆ a catalizzare l'attenzione in un paese non anglofono, ma  consigliabile provare a fare un salto nel fantasioso mondo di questo poliedrico personaggio che tanto ricorda italo calvino e giovanni arpino. (michele casella)

bad alchemy #39
der australier david thrussell, der erstmals um 1991 mit der techno-pop-formation snog in erscheinung trat und zwischenzeitlich sowohl black lung als auch soma noch ins leben rief, sollte doch eigentlich ausgelastet sein und entsprechende mšglichkeiten haben alles zu veršffentlichen. doch halt, spoken word war tatsŠchlich noch nicht dabei. aufgenommen zwischen 1998 und 2001 vertieft er hier die themenkomplexe, die auch bei seinen anderen projekten prŠsent sind Š nur lenkt hier kein locker flockiger groove oder allzu interessante elektrotechnik davon ab. Ÿber einen soundtrack von jazzigen versatzstŸcken mit schrŠgerer elektronik des ātrios infernaleÕ legt er mit sonorer stimme seine texte Ÿber gesellschaft, medien, zivilisation, massenmanipulation und konsumverhalten und stellt dabei selbstverstŠndlichkeiten wir plastik, šl, geld und elektrizitŠt verblŸffend einfach und effektiv in frage. āmoney... perhaps the root of all evil... and certainly a grand delusion... valueless paper and plastic exchanged for real goods and real labour... the survival instinct of almost an entire species misdirected into the pursuit of valueless paperÕ (itÕs a majick, majick world) oder: Ōperhaps dozens of ancient civilizations turned into black gold... think about it next time you fill up on liquid atlanteans... and drive off... in your automobileÕ (oil). alles im stile eines fiktiven amerikanischen hšrfunkkrimis der 60er jahre, wodurch ein satirisch wirkender unterhaltungswert erzielt wird, der sich selbst parodiert. ergŠnzt werden die texte durch illustrationen von thrussell, einem cd rom clip zu Ōthe plastic wars iÕ sowie liebevoll Ÿberdetaillierte linernotes. ein durchaus gelungenes konzeptalbum, mit dem keine neuen weisheiten oder doktrinen verkauft werden, aber vorhandene information effektiv genutzt wird, um zum nachdenken anzuregen Š mit einkalkuliert die fragen āmeint er das jetzt wirklich so?Õ und āstimmt das tatsŠchlich?Õ āwell, plastic ainÕt just plastic... you see, every one of jimmyÕs gladwrapped lunches, and every single greasy credit card left a little trace, packed a tiny surprise... estrogen... the female hormone... not the real thing, but a synthetic so lovingly manufactured that the human body just canÕt tell the difference... just think of it... four or five gererations of constant exposure to the female building block... Ō (the plastic wars pt. 1) (69 n&f)

side-line #38
hmm, did i ever use the word brilliant in connection with david thrussel? me thinks, i might have. a warped mind spawns a warped interpretation of a spoken word album. not so much story telling is his game, more poetic oration on a bed of funky, loungy music and synthetic electronics with ominous drones and crackles, reminding me of the bleakest moments in the score of the original "planet of the apes.? it is not the unabashed and open attack on world capitalism and human greed/indifference as i expected from his other lyrics and liner notes, instead he offers more inciting and enigmatic conspiracy lore and off-beat observations on life in general. the richly illustrated booklet speaks of subliminal messages where the true attack is to be sought. still, i am enamored. richly textured and at times psychedelic music, spine-chilling vocals, intriguing tales about liquid atlanteans powering our cars, plastic turning men into women, the lie of electricity, the curse of benzene, make-up - the catholic church s secret weapon, all this forms one great sound spectacle. quack or visionary, it really does not matter. just listen (or watch the included movie which illustrates one of his "channeled lectures? while the appropriate images dissolve as the raspy voice goes on). you can hardly find a better brain-stimulant. (till)

toronto industrial kollektive
the artwork on this album is phenomenal, as is the story inside about pouring water on thrussel products, in short avoid it. hell i could write fifteen pages on the packaging alone, those aussies are mighty kooky. anyway the actual disc is a collection of thrussel's rants with some rather weird mellow noodeling in the background. the sounds really fit his voice as he tells tales about the decay and idiocy of our society. a quite uplifting picture really. "no great lose"... i think this is my new sentiment on life, it leads to some really great pondering about our lives and why we do what we do. does the world need us and do we in fact matter... but i digress. if you're looking for something light and fluffy avoid this album, if you're looking for something uplifting avoid this album, if you're looking for dance music avoid this album. however if you're looking for something new and exciting, that'll make you think, definitely don't avoid this album. after listening to voices i felt really inspired to drop out of society and begin some sort of mail bombing commune, but perhaps i'll just cry instead. kind of makes you wonder if there is any reason in this little world of ours, probably not. (vizgig)

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