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act 121 · vromb · le tourne-disque · 10" vinyl / 3"cd

le jouet électrique, audio-téléphonisme, episoscopie (histoire de camion).

musique: hugo girard. graphisme: bio-z
avec les voix de frédérique et philippe girard
radiodrome mai 2002

after the pulsating soundscapes of the concept album 'episodes' and the electro-acoustic 'first chapter in an electronic opera for ultratonical machines' named 'mémoires paramoléculaire'; between hugo girard's legendary live appearance at the 'mutek' festival in montreal/canada and the maschinenfest 02' in aachen/germany, ant-zen presents this nicely designed tourne-disque in two different formats.

'le tourne-disque' is more beat oriented which fits perfectly to vromb's live sets, but it will come as no surprise to those who own vromb's earlier works. girard's music contains minimal electro rhythmic explorations beyond cold atmospheric soundscapes. there are also manipulated voices on this record - hugo girard implements the spoken words of his infant relatives frédérique and philippe.

an excellent addition to the previous vromb releases and it is limited - so don't miss it...!

additional info:

vromb discography. 10.2k2:
jeux de terre. cd. tesco. 1993
transmodulation a.m.p. 7". ant-zen. 1995
le facteur humain. cd. ant-zen. 1996
perimetre 3+10. 10" vinyl+3" cd. ant-zen. 1999
emission pilote. cd. ant-zen. 2000
emission pilote. lp. hymen. 2000
rotation. 7". klanggalerie. 2000
interlüder. cd-ep. pflichtkauf. 2001
episodes. cd. ant-zen. 2001
episodes. cd+5" vinyl. ant-zen. 2001
episodes. 2x12"+1x7" vinyl. ant-zen. 2001
mémoires paramoléculaires. cd. hushush. 2002
le tourne-disque. 3"cd. ant-zen. 2002
le tourne-disque. 10" vinyl. ant-zen. 2002


vromb's previous release on ant-zen, "episodes", completed his six-year "experience auratrive" project, which centred around the pioneering work of prof. hurel gaudot; incorporating samples of his lectures into the increasingly experimental, pulsating soundscapes, which came to define the vromb sound. on this new release, we find hugo girard taking his music in a slightly new direction. the ambient palpitations are now underscored with thick bass lines and surging, sub-frequency beats reminiscent of his non-conceptual works [such as the "interluder" ep] and his powerful live performances. gone now are the intellectual scientific references and in their place lies samples of girard's child relatives, frédérique and philippe girard, making this a wholly more personal release than any of his previous outings. "le tourne-disque" comes beautifully presented in either a 10" vinyl or 3" cd package, with the trademark kitsch, retro imagery that bio-z have brought to several of his previous releases, amusingly rendering the ant-zen logo as a childlike scribble to great effect. as for the music, from the opening static drones of "le jouet électrique", it is immediately obvious that we are in vromb territory with the recognisable arpeggiated patterns of precision synthesis and technoid rhythms. indeed, it is these rhythms that are brought to the forefront on this release, with girard noticeably eschewing his squealing digital melodies in favour of a more bass-heavy, club-orientated approach. still, though, the sound and development of the track is very much vromb, with girard constantly shifting and tweaking the sounds, making for a more involved listen than the regular club fare. "audio-téléphonisme" segues faultlessly from the first track and continues in a similar vein, only with more layers of sound creeping into the mix, but somehow i think it feels empty without any melody. it feels as if the track is building towards something, yet never fulfils that promise and, as a result, is both the strongest track [in terms of the power of its beats] and also the weakest track of the record. the final track, "episoscopie", however, is a 10-minute epic of solid beats and hallucinogenic ambient pulses, ever evolving and morphing through different moods and atmospheres. it is the perfect blend of vromb's previous work and the beat focused material of the other tracks on this ep. hopefully this is a hint at what is to come on girard's next full length release, as it is this side to vromb that i find myself enjoying most, as opposed to the more spacey material, a la "le facteur humain". i can't help but feel that "le tourne-disque" is too much, too soon after the "episodes" box set and "mémoires paramoléculaires", especially when one of the three tracks is not entirely up to scratch. i would have preferred to wait for a full-length release, but as it stands it is a nice, if somewhat short, release that showcases a more immediate and direct side to vromb. (gavin lees)

vital weekly
hugo girard is an electronic enfant terrible, but may never be a household word. i kinda like it that way - almost like "our little secret". there is a waltzing, mystery to all of his work. on le tourne-disque girard uses the language of pitter patter beat, with almost pop syncopation. this makes me move. these three tracks almost represent remixes on a theme. layering percussion atop itself there are moments of uneasy silence and dramatic pause. a french girl speaks, maybe the girl appearing on the cover? vromb takes steps to alter the staid beat-for-beat sake syndrome by putting the listener in an aural lockdown, building and teasing in its valleys. this is girard at his most playful. le tourne-disque is a limited edition 3" collectable, clocking in at about 20 minutes, is certainly not your average cd single! (tjn)

sonic seducer
die kleine vromb für den hunger zwischendurch: auf den drei tracks mit einer spielzeit von 20 minuten finden sich neben all den elementen, für die man huo girad wahlweise liebt oder an denen man sich vielleicht auch schon etwas statt gehört hat, die eine oder andere mikroskopische veränderung/ erweiterung im sound: "le jouet électrique" und vor allem "episoscopie" fahren für vromb-verhältnisse ordentliche groove-geschütze auf - um darüber hinwegtäuschen, daž eine stärkere entwicklung des präsentierten stils nicht die schlechteste aller ideen wäre, reicht dies jedoch nicht. aber wer vromb kennt und schätzt, dürfte um dieses problem wissen. (sascha bertoncin)

come to think of it, it has been almost 10 years since jeux de terre came out on tesco in 1993. it was my first vromb album, but i was hooked only after i heard perimetre. it is interesting to notice how in past three years vromb's ideology got fully developed, becoming an integral part of the music. this complex and incredibly appealing conceptualism rises to the level where it becomes a part of an overall aesthetics, continuously developed by hugo himself and bio-z, responsible for the graphic representation. recent live appearances of vromb at maschinenfest02 as well as mutek festivals prove the universal quality of its music - dark and meditative, slowly building intensity, a combination of abrasiveness and purity, contrast of analog and electronic elements, constant presence of vibrating, tense atmosphere that finds its only release in the form of minimal streamlined percussion, augmented with oscillating frequencies. vromb combines refined aesthetics of minimalism with very visceral drive of its rhythms. this dichotomy creates the depth that works immediately on almost subconscious level. as you keep listening, the atmosphere slowly unfolds, enveloping you, emerging out of incessantly repetitive drones and pulses that slowly morph and change throughout the track. le tourne-disque appeared in both 3" cd and 10" vinyl format (obviously, i would recommend getting the vinyl, just for the cover art). three tracks presented are geared more towards live performances and would appeal to those that enjoyed interluder and episodes more than his acoustic memoires paramoleculaires. if you have been a vromb fan for a while, you won't find anything new on this record, but, as usual with his material, i would be the first in line to get the latest work. (anton)

to this day hugo's material still never ceases to amaze me. with this latest release both available in 10" vinyl and in 3" mini cd format, vromb presents yet another direction to his very unique diagram of diversity. leaning more towards rhythms in between périmètre and interlüder, vromb gives the listener three very alluring tracks to immerse the brain. hugo is working with hypnotic rotating frequencies that oscillate within vast complexities of punchy counter-rhythmics and bioluminescent phases; little children's voices accent introductions and apparition-like states within each track as they merge into each other making this release all the more concise and complete. intelligent and extremely dynamic programming makes this one of my favorites next to the interlüder and périmètre material. i was fortunate enough to witness this brilliant musical technician at work with a triple encore at this year's maschinenfest. le tourney-disque is an excellent example of what vromb can pull off just within twenty minutes and seven seconds. as usual, the release is accompanied by beautiful graphics by his wife, bio-z. (alan)

black #30
und wieder wirft uns vromb einen rhythmischen happen für den kleinen hunger zwischendurch zu. drei tracks, die mal wieder hypnotischer nicht sein könnten. pulsierende analogwürmer, die sich ihren weg blitzschnell durch alle organischen barrieren direkt in dein gehirn bahnen. seinen livesets entsprechend mit viel mehr beats und sich schneller aufbauenden dynamiken, damit sich das fužvolk ordentlich schütteln kann. diesmal hat der legendäre hugo girard auch seine beiden nichten und neffen zu wort kommen lassen, und so hat man retro-sci-fi trance mit kinderstimmen. wem die "interlüder" gefallen hat, wird die "le tourne-disque" vergöttern. (till)

once again vromb is throwing a rhythmic chunk at our feet to satisfy our ever so nagging hunger for more. three tracks, that couldn't be any less hypnotic. pulsating analog worms, instantly tunneling their way through all organic barriers at the speed of light straight into your neurons. in keeping with the structure of his live sets, more beats and much faster developing dynamics characterize the tracks to boost the "bugging out" factor of the audience. the legendary hugo girard has even brought his nephew and niece along to spread the gospel of analog electronics. retro sci-fi trance with children's voices. can it get any weirder than this? if you liked "interlüder", you will love "le tourne-disque." (till)

wer vromb's letzte alben ("épisodes" und "mémoires paramoléculaires") kennt weiž, dass hugo girard atmosphärische aber minimalistische soundlandschaften entstehen lässt, die mitunter eine beklemmende wirkung verursachen können. die limitierte 3"-cd "le tourne-disque", die auch als 10"-vinyl erhältlich ist, bestätigt diesen eindruck. mit ein wenig mehr beats beendet vromb das jahr 2002, als ob das die neue richtung für das kommende jahr aufzeigen soll. doch girard erfindet das rad nicht neu und so sind die songs trotz des betonteren rhythmus eindeutig als vromb-output zu erkennen. neu ist jedoch die einbindung von sprachsamples in die songs. diese stammen von girards kindern frédérique und philippe girard, die vermutlich auch die kinder sind, die auf dem cover gezeigt werden. doch vromb-typisch ufert dieses experiment nicht zu neuen songstrukturen aus, sondern bleibt eine kleine besonderheit. es bleibt also abzuwarten, was vromb im nächsten jahr auf die beine stellen wird. die gesangslose mischung aus industrial und ambient wird aber wohl weiterhin das markenzeichen von hugo girard bleiben... und das ist auch gut so. (veit)

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