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act 122 · monokrom · 12" vinyl

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dark atmospheres aggravate to cold, sheer fear; the ultimate threat. massive beats, torn to shreds by metal splinters, sub frequent sequences, metallic echoing, herald the advance of an inorganic intelligence without haste, though victory is near. the sound of machines flows into noise. distorted beats are hailing down like a storm. mercilessly tormenting and maltreating. the embodiment of numb.

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side-line no.36 july-august-september 2001
the second release by this rather enigmatic ehtity follows in the steps of the grating, rumbling rhythm noise they previously professed on their first release. their particular brand of sound mayhem is simple, yet effective. distortion, beats, feedback, noise loops, voice samples and radio broadcasts at high volume. even through they are not very original (who truly is or can be amongst the flood of noise makers nowadays anyway) they manage to penetrate ones skin. occupying every pore with their noise patina, half of the tracks succeed in stimulating interest, either with tribal rhythms or some powerful noise. i do enjoy it, but after the record is over nothing really stuck with me. i'm sure it's fun in a live context, but it does not make good home listening. none of the tracks are memorable and as a whole the album gets tiresome very quickly. naming their tracks in a revolving combination of 3 letters does not help matters any. but a catchy song title does not make a catchy song yet either, so i won't hold it against them, plus it seems that non-information is part of their philosophy. if someone still wants more, somewhere on the release a code is hidden which allows access to yet another track in mp3 format on their website. maybe this is the catchy one i was hoping for. (ttm:4) (ttm)

black #24
ebenso wie die geheimnisvolle cd vor einiger zeit auf gleichem label ist diese lp von monokrom völlig ohne informationen ausgestattet und komplett in schwarz gehalten. damals rückte ich das projekt in die nähe des ex-ars moriendi-clans ,fand' bis heute aber weder eine bestätigung bzw. dementierung dafür. der sound ist auf jeden fall gleich geblieben: ein pechschwarzer death distortion industrial-alptraum aus dem maschinenraum der hölle! ebenfalls wie damals auf der cd findet man auf der einlaufrille des vinyl einen code, mit welchem man auf einen exklusivtrack findet und den man als mp3 herunterladen kann! ps: die plattenhülle riecht übrigens nach neuen schuhen... (m.f.)

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