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act 127 á rob(u)rang & friends á cd ep

al(a)silly dance (rob(u)nent*). tr(i)hhem robofull (imminent rmx). last rob(u)stomp (**). rerob(u) square dance (rob(u)nent*). rollb(u)rang (m. medea rmx). rob(u)people new stomp (**). (u)banks (**)

* a collaboration between rob(u)rang & imminent
** with a little help from hashhash little robot

additional info:
following his first album on noise museum and some collaborations, uncle rob(u)rang is yet again redefining the pumped stomp of nature with a bunch of old-fashioned rhythm-boxes and faulty synths. he is helped by some of his good friends: m. medea (silk saw), imminent, dr. john (for the metarc engineering) and the hash hash little robot.

experienced nursery rhymes for an ethnic group to come.

discography 04.2k2:
rob(u)rang & friends. cd. ant-zen. 2002
rang 1. cd. noise museum. 2000

rob(u)rang official website:


whoa. i have to admit i've been extremely disappointed with ant-zen as of late, considering they've pretty much become a label completely different from the one that released the first 75 or so releases. some certain recent successes have led me to simply drop my notion of the ant-zen that was and accept the ant-zen that is. rob(u)rang's debut ep helps me do this easily. my first impressions of this disc were a bunch of retarded and/or broken robots covering muslimgauze - and no, that's not an insult - at all! since rob(u)rang comes from the collective known as silk saw (at least i think he does - maybe i'm wrong, but i'll make that assumption anyway) this disc is imbued with a certain playfulness throughout, never taking itself too seriously and having fun in the process. it's also the first recorded material that olivier moreau (imminent [starvation]) has participated on since his collaboration with synapscape - and that's a plus if you ask me. the first track, 'silly dance,' sets the stage for what's to come: weird, poly-/arhythmic spurts of beats and melody that have an almost tribal feel to them. more retarded-robot action follows and culminates in the longest and noisiest track 'banks.' a definite pleasant surprise for me and one that has more or less redeemed my faith in stefan alt and gang. where's the new imminent album, mr. moreau!? (chris zaldua)

Vital Weekly 326, co. Staalplaat
Belgian composer Rob(u)rang had his first album released in the year 2000 on French label Noise Museum. Specialising in pumping rhythms created on old-fashioned rhythm-boxes and synths, Rob(u)rang has now released his second album, this time on German label Ant-Zen Recordings. The album title “Rob(u)rang & friends” refers to the fact that legends of Ant-Zen Recordings, Imminent and Silk Saw, has contributed to fulfill this rather bizarre musical experience. With quite a few tracks characterized by oblique rhythmic patterns, often assisted by old-school robot voices and distorted melodies, the atmosphere on the album is first of all humourous. The Imminent-remixed track titled 'Tr(i)hhem robofull', does separate though, in its aggressive approach first of all built upon harsh upbeat rhythms not too far away from earlier Imminent (Starvation)-works such as 'Hillstone' and 'Lost Highway 45' from the Human Dislocation-album. Not being harsh, all seven tracks are still driven explosive rhythms and masses of distorted energy. But despite the usual over-the-top energetic approach, Rob(u)rang & Friends is definitely a very unusual shot from the Ant-Zen camp. (NMP)

sonic seducer
vorneweg - ep hei§t hier immerhin noch 33 minuten spieldauer bei sieben tracks und diese haben es durchaus in sich. rob(u)rangs debŸt erschien seinerzeit auf noise museum und damit dŸrfte klar sein, wohin die reise geht: intelligenter, aufs wesentliche reduzierter sound, der sich um schubladen wie techno, idm oder rhythm noise wenig kŸmmert. wo bei vielen acts dŸmmliches hŠrteposing und musikalische schlichtheit schon mal schnell den spa§ verderben, dominieren hier groove, der spa§ am gerŠusch und witzige melodien. mitschuld daran tragen rob(u)rangs friends, die auf die namen hashhash little robot und imminent hšren. noch fragen? (sascha bertoncin)

this is old-school and modern at the same time. rob(u)rang, one half of the belgian duo silk saw, creates some fine stompy tracks with lots of weird sounds going on in the background. after an album on the now defunct noise museum label he now enlisted his friends imminent, m.medea (silk saw), hashhash little robot and john sellekaers (xingu hill) and makes crunchy, organic pieces he calls "experienced nursery rhymes for an ethnic group to come." there is lots of scratchy, bleepy stuff going on, cheap synth lines formulate na•ve melodies, dark sound washes rumble ominously while the rhythm boxes churn out heavy and tribal sounding beats as well as minimal alva noto'isms. as one could expect from a silk saw member, experimentation is encouraged and electro-acoustics are abundantly used. this is damn catchy and groovy, but also brain-stimulating. subsurface electronics for dreamy-eyed post-consumers. (till)

black #28
das ist gleichzeitig old school wie modern. rob(u)rang, eine hŠlfte des belgischen duos silk saw, schafft hier einige schšne, stampfige tracks mit viel verqueren sounds im hintergrund. nach einem album auf dem nicht mehr existenten noise museum label rekrutierte er jetzt freunde wie imminent, m.medea (silk saw), hashhash little robot und john sellekaers (xingu hill) und baut weiter knallige, organische stŸcke die er als "erfahrene abzŠhlreime fŸr eine zukŸnftige ethnie" bezeichnet. da passiert viel kratziges und piependes, billige synthies formen na•ve melodien, dunkle klangverwaschungen rumpeln ominšs, wŠhrend die rhythmboxen schwere und tribalistische beats wie auch minimale alva noto'ismen au§pucken. wie von einem silk saw mitglied nicht anders zu erwarten, wird das experiment gro§ geschrieben und elektro-akustik in gro§em stil eingesetzt. verdammt ohrwurmig und groovend, aber auch die synapsen stimulierend. subsurface electronics for dreamy-eyed post-consumers. (till)

brachialzyklische klangkreationen binden sich, lassen martialische schreie aus reiner illusion entstehen und brechen bei zeiten zu einer fast an normalitŠt grenzende ruhe zusammen. rob(u)rang beweist mit der ep "rob(u)rang & friends", zu denen m.medea von silk saw zŠhlt, dass sich unertrŠglichkeit in einem ma§e bezŠhmen lŠsst, dass auch so mancher, dem bisher die angst nur im nacken sa§, mit weit aufgerissenen augen dem biest entgegentreten kann. die sieben tracks , die entweder kollaborationen mit imminent oder hashhash little robot oder remixe von m.medea oder imminent sind, bilden dabei ein spektrum, das sich von nervtštender synthetic bis hin zu rein assoziierter ethnik erstreckt. (carsten bŠumer)

re:mote induction
rob(u)rang & friends is the second release by mr (u)rang of silk saw infamy. following up the previous release on noise museum, this ant-zen ep is considerably different and also sees the contribution of some of rob(u)rang's friends (hence the cunning title...). with al(a) silly dance we have the first collaboration with imminent as rob(u)nent. snares back track in marching steps, wire reverb tracking along the edges, switching into a more sluggish trip-repeat cycle. something of a rhythmic vibe being set up by this sequence, aided by the abrupt bass brushes which ease themselves into the flow of rattled tones. higher, smoother trails lay lines through the mix, bass gathering behind that in a thickened manner. buzzing bass melody plays robust notes, hints of eastern charm reverbed in a playful manner, the beats forming an equally more exotic pacing to compliment these impressions. burbling notes play repeatedly with the imminent remix of tr(i)hhem robofull, tipped by odd crackles and stripped clicks, through this sighed strokes can be heard. periodic pulses are smoothed into note strokes while crackling static bursts are also added. the pulses level off in the melodic aspect, while the static bursts allow for a dense upbeat rhythm impression to go to work. grinding electronics suggest a certain agitation while the bass continues to tumble and bobble easily. fat chugging beats mix with a slugging trudge in last rob(u) stomp (with a little help from hashhash little robot), mixing with effected vocals and repeated spring tapping. bass plays plunging waves and we have a slow mo, stripped agro rhythm vibe in effect. as with the other pieces this is layered to dense result, details happening on several levels, the rapid chirp of repeated beats, the laid back vocal element and the repeated bass dips. another rob(u)nent piece is next, with rerob(u)square dance, featuring squelching beats, which play with a tautly sprung tension, quirky results layering in rolling manner. a fat bass line plays into the squelching gambit, buzz edged with its hum form, babbling at points as it goes along, like some fleeting dialogue. the percussion bobbing in a gated manner as the track reaches a certain point of crescendo. rollb(u)rang by rob(u)'s old mucka and partner in crime from silk saw monsieur medea. starting with plucked bass guitar twangs in a rich bass line - vibrant as it is joined by a simple percussive loop, chunk-chunk. stripped by comparison to the previous tracks, going for more of that silk saw/ultraphonist vibe than the imminent impressions. mild hi hat comes in a brushing manner, particulate in strokes against the expanding bass line, low bass sweeps creeping in from the deeps of this concept. flat repeated beats thump in a manner that would compliment rollb(u)rang well, bare as they start up rob(u)people new stomp, another hashash little robot contribution. a more rapid tumble plays in the background as the layers take on a more spatial effect, spreading out as other percussive elements are added to the mix. with the sound of someone saying "ch-ch-ch" which leads to a deep voice saying something in passing. beats play a bobbling manner against the clap effect, which has developed from the earlier hi hat impression and the ongoing "ch-ch". abstract tribal with that definite belgian vibe working through. bass bobs repeat in an almost melodic impression, while the beats work in a more agitated micro level. with the last track, (u)banks we have clanking metallic beats and a moment of voice that links back to rob(u)people new stomp. with the voice less effected the second time it appears here we have an expansion of the beats, layering in new beat elements with each "bang one". cymbal brushes in a backward mask, bobbling strikes in pseudo tribal fashion, then distortion switched on to give a flat dispersed collision. computer effected voice squalls and triggers an acceleration as a result, increasingly manic as the piece gets faster and jittery as a result. again the pace picks up and the beats play a racket, clatter and infectious detail. stripping down past 7 minutes to wallow in bass fluctuations and spaced waves, building into a noise form from there - discontented waves with a sense of distortion. playing out from there with echoes and voices. (ptr)

warum sich immer auf das neueste equipment stŸrzen, wenn es ein altes auch tut? gabriel sŽverin aka rob(u)rang, seines zeichens part des duos silk saw, hat auf seinem neuesten output mal komplett auf ausgefeilte technik verzichtet und sich stattdessen alten rhythmus-boxen und synthies zugewandt. der belgier hat mit hilfe von imminent, hashhash little robot und m. medea, der zweiten hŠlfte von silk saw, ein album vorgelegt, dass zwischen arcade- und 80-jahre-sound hin und her pendelt, reduziert auf fesselnde rhythmuslinien und basslŠufe. die songs sind teilweise sehr experimentell ausgelegt und klingen gelegentlich recht spa§ig. "tr(i)hhem robofull" erinnert z.b. an eine dampflok oder "last rob(u)stomp" an ein altes computerspiel. ob hinter dem ganzen ein bestimmter sinn steckt, lŠsst sich bestenfalls nur erahnen. fakt ist, dass rob(u)rang sich auf seiner spielwiese austobt, ohne ausufernde arrangements zu bemŸhen. rhythmusfetischisten und puristen werden auf jeden fall auf ihre kosten kommen. dieses 35-minŸtige werk verspricht kurzweil (und das nicht aufgrund seiner lŠnge). was beim ersten hšren stellenweise noch etwas konfus klingt, wird dann schnell zu einer achterbahnfahrt. viel spa§ bei diesem trip. (veit)

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