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act 130 á telerotor á modern times á cd

karoshi, flie§bandterror, 24/7 gesellschaft, leben im zeitraffer, hypereffizienz (a technologische revolution, b nanosekunden kultur, c ...eben nur das beste...), adhd, verkaufsmaschine, desk rage

is hyper-speed culture making us more impatient?

'modern times', an adaption of the famous movie starring charlie chaplin, continues telepherique's conceptual work - creating music on and about basic topics. 'modern times' is about today's working situations, stress, machines overthrowing men and time.

descartes' dictum, "i think, therefore i am," has been replaced by: "i am connected, therefore i exist."

'modern times' was recorded by direct interaction between telepherique and roger rotor. despite the convenient 'internet collaborations' that are possible they preferred to record the disc 'live'.

a new term: 24/7 - around the clock activity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week - is quickly defining the parameters of the new temporal frontier.

face the music: today's merciless rhythm of work and daily life is audible. factory work and disco enjoyment is melting together. no pause, no silence - just hypnotising four-to-the-floor polyrhythmic heart-beats. if you live a '24/7 life' you will recognize the strictness of these never-ending dance-tracks.

citation: 'log off now' by jeremy rifkin, may 26 2001, the guardian

telepherique discography on ant-zen 06.2002:
2002. cd. telerotor. modern times. ant-zen act130
1998. cd. telepherique. v=s/t. ant-zen act71
1996. cd. telepherique. licht und schatten. ant-zen act51
1996. 7 inch. aube/telepherique. daseinsspanne. ant-zen act43
1994. cassette. telepherique. sound object. ant-zen act04
please take a look on telepherique's official website to get their complete discography.

roger rotor discography 06.2002:
2002. cd. telerotor. modern times. ant-zen act130
2001. cd. mort aux vaches. staalplaat
2000. cd / 2lp. cryptic. noise museum / electric transfusion
1999. cd. moment magnŽtique (w/batchas). old europa cafe / electric transfusion
1999. cd. orion nebula. noise museum
1998. 2cd. substrat 7. electric transfusion
1998. lp. terrain glissant (w/batchas). electric transfusion
1998. 2lp. into the reactor! (w/rotor syndrom). electric transfusion
1997. 7 inch. n-dimensional (w/rotor syndrom). electric transfusion
1997. 7 inch. terminal experience (w/rotor syndrom). electric transfusion
1994. lp. live (w/batchas). ectoplasma/scrotum

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merveilleuse idŽe que ce projet de collaboration entre roger rotor & les gŽants de tŽlŽphŽrique, et il faut dire que l'on est d'emblŽe sŽduit par l'idŽe ainsi que par la pochette de l'album qui donne clairement l'indication concernant les 8 morceaux qu'il renferme. ds le premier titre, Ç karoshi È, le ton est donnŽ, le mŽlange des rythmes techno de rotor sur des sons & samples indus de telephŽrique est explosif, et rappellera certains e.g. ou mme vromb, mais avec quelque chose de plus martial ˆ cause du sample en allemand. c'est ˆ peu prs la mme recette pour le second morceau Ç fliessbandterror È, & il faut dire qu' elle est plut™t efficace. pour le titre suivant, Ç 24/7 gesellschaft È c'est une ambiance plus trance qui domine. suivit du morceau Ç leben im zeittraffer È le plus dark ambiant atmosphŽrique du cd . puis vient le morceau le plus long de l'album puisqu'il fait plus de 18 minutes, et se dŽcompose en sous partie, a, b & c, toutes assez rythmŽes. puis ˆ nouveau un morceau ambiant, Ç adhd È limite expŽrimental. mais le morceau qui fera sžrement parler de lui pour son c™tŽ dancefoor c'est le trs bon Ç verkaufsmashine È. un trs bon album pour tous, fortement conseillŽ. (d.key)

klaus jochim & co (alias telepherique) et roger rotor unissent leur effort sur cet album au titre en forme de lointaine rŽfŽrence ˆ charlie chaplin et, ajouterons-nous, ˆ jacques tatiÉ ils entendent en effet porter un regard critique sur notre civilisation post-industrielle engluŽe dans des automatismes qui tournent ˆ vide. mais ˆ la diffŽrence de kraftwerk encore prisonnier des symboles d'une modernitŽ vieillotte et confinŽe ˆ la dimension europŽenne (le train, l'autorouteÉ), c'est le flux constant et mondial de l'information, l'hyper-temporalitŽ et la dŽmatŽrialisation des rapports sociaux ("je suis connectŽ donc j'existe") que telerotor pointe du bout ses computersÉ en posant comme postulat que le rythme incessant du travail et de la vie sociale est comparable ˆ celui de la musique ŽlectroniqueÉ concrtement cela donne des plans tek-indus parsemŽs de samples teutoniques ("karoshi", "flie§bandterror", le tryptique "hypereffizienz") et autres breakbeats rŽpŽtitifs particulirement stimulants ("verkaufsmachine"). ainsi que des passages dŽconcertants ("leben im zeitraffer", "adhd") ou plus normalisŽs, faciles ("24/7 gesellshaft", "desk rage"). soit un juste milieu entre l'electronic-noise de telepherique et les frasques technotroniques de roger rotor. (ld)

a blend of telepheriqueÕs experimental pulse minimalisms and roger rotorÕs modular beat hypnotism Ð can such a collaboration be bad? no. this grooving monster schlepps and rolls its funky electronic frame across the conceptual terrain this cd explores. questions concerning temporal frontiers and paradigm changes when it comes to the importance of time in an ever accelerating society are being raised. answered by funky beats, flexible and springy electronics, elastic grooves, minimal and hypnotic analog sound textures. charlie chaplinÕs classic "modern times" was the source of inspiration. yet, this is not some academic adaptation. this is disco science, dance floor research, ambient groove, four-to-the-floor analysis, intellectual rhythmics with lots of dance appeal. modern times indeed. (till)

black #28
ein mix aus telepheriques experimentellem pulsminimalismus und roger rotors modularem beatgroove Ð kann so eine zusammenarbeit schlecht sein? nein. dieses hypnotische monster schleppt und rollt seinen funky elektronischen kšrper Ÿber das konzeptionelle terrain dieser cd. fragen werden gestellt Ÿber zeitliche grenzen, paradigmenwechsel und die wichtigkeit der zeit in einer sich immer weiter beschleunigenden gesellschaft. beantwortet wird es mit funky beats, flexibler und federnder elektronik, elastischem groove, minimalen und hypnotischen, analogen soundtexturen. charlie chaplins klassiker "modern times" war die quelle der inspiration. trotzdem ist das keine akademische adaption. das ist discowissenschaft, tanzflŠchenforschung, ambientgrooveexperiment, four-to-the-floor analyse, intellektŸlle rhythmik mit viel dance appeal. moderne zeiten eben. (till) seven
the name roger rotor (one half of this project) is probably known to anyone that kept an eye on european music scene for past few years. initially surfaced under this alias in 1997, he managed to release quite and impressive number of records, including appearances on escaped from room 7, dither's album, and recently released mimetic double cd. the other half of this project is telepherique - the name that almost needs no introduction - for over 10 years they have not only released their own material, but collaborated with the countless artists. this release is a continuation of telepherique's conceptual international mail-art series that originated back in 1989 (i always find particularly intriguing this diy pop art connection, dating back to ray johnson). as the title of the album implies, it is a fast-forwarded realization of the hurried lifestyle of today, re-created in the form of slightly abrasive industrial techno - well-shaped pulsating percussion with the backdrop of subtly oscillating frequencies, voice samples and organic noises. strangely enough, it sounds a bit nostalgic, and almost warm, creating this hypnotizing and yet organic, human feel. perhaps, the best imagery for it would be silent films of the early 20th century, with their new-born romantic fascination with technology. viewed almost a hundred years later, it is both endearing and mesmerizing. it might be a hard album to get into for anyone unfamiliar with both artists, since this work really needs to be perceived in the context of their previous efforts. for me it became an interesting and quite unexpected take on the nature of industrial techno (for the lack of a better word) - this album does possess a very unique atmosphere that might be well worth exploring. (anton)

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