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act 132 · black lung and xingu hill · the andronechron incident · cd

the mysteries of the worm. crimson skies and vapour trails. breakfast in malnéant. the people of the monolith. the zone of the thirteen. the garbled weaver. with a tongue of madness. argument with a time eater. spiders web (end theme)

additional info:
original motion picture soundtrack performed by black lung and xingu hill.
original soundtrack selections from the l'ultimo pictures international motion picture.
executive producer: ornella gastoni.
recorded and mixed at forum studios roma.
all titles composed by david thrussell and john n. sellekaers(festival music/control) except 1, composed by thrussell/sellekaers/moreau/c-drik(festival music/control).
ristampa selezionata e prodotto da i.m.c.c quality products/ant-zen.
concetto e grafica di copertina da salt.
masterizzato ed editato alla metarc.

un film prodotto l'ultimo pictures international. il andronechron incidente. con massimo randone turi colizzi. e con theodore martin petra cavani nino pinelli. distribuito da tca. tratto dal libro inchiesta di franco scotti. montaggi di giulio baragli. direttore della fotografia claudio scattini. narrazione di enrico marcuzzo. sceneggiatura di alfio moscati. musica di black lung e xingu hill. regia di giovanni guardi.

never screened outside of italy, the andronechron incident, is an oddity even in the singularly odd genre (experimental european science-fiction) to which it clearly belongs. more arthouse, perhaps even surrealist cinema than spaceflight saga it juxtaposes minimal dialogue against startling visuals and an, at times, jarring soundtrack. one apparently normal morning the world awakens to the sight of large egg-like structures randomly appearing across our oceans. various news items report the global reaction and inform us shortly of further unusual events. hours after the first sightings a multitude of organic and non-organic objects sprout mechanical attachments and appear to grow in cyborg-like fashion. in one of the truly great moments of science-fiction cinema the camera circles above a provincial family as they attempt at first to eat, and then at least to subdue their breakfast, while it somewhat unnervingly sprouts mechanized legs, arms and other limbs. our heroes of the piece, a group of dishevelled latino and germanic scientists, enter the fray with darkly comic and largely irrelevant results. the mysterious "infection" travels unimpeded to its bizarre and notably unpredictable conclusion. like its predecessors alphaville and 12 monkeys, the andronechron incident is stripped back, satirical and uneasy science-fiction storytelling at it's best. and like many of its illustrious predecessors it had a troubled birth. coming at a time when it's major financier faced severe cash-flow difficulties (and eventual bankruptcy) the film received marginal promotion upon its release and never secured the international distribution it's evident quality so clearly deserved. glowing reviews only forestalled the inevitable, after a few months the film's theatrical run came to an end and it soon vanished to the contractual limbo reserved for productions (like orson welles' "sealocked") whose owners are hopelessly insolvent. today the only evidence we have is the soundtrack album you hold. a towering composition in acoustic and electronic tones that thankfully has been rescued from the vault. tim j. lukas (the independent cinema review)

black lung & xingu hill discography 04.2k2:
2002. cd. the andronechron incident. ant-zen act132
1999. 10 inch. the andronechron incident. ant-zen act92

david thrussell
xingu hill


toronto industrial kollektive
while slipping the semi-familiar looking the andronechron incident into my cd player, i have a startling flashback. it was about two years ago, i was over at a friend's house just hanging around and doing a bunch of mushrooms, when his girlfriend comes home from picking up her father at the airport. the two of us had totally forgotten that today was that day, and were now startled by the realization that we were about to meet him in an all too obvious fucked up state. "good," said the father in his heavily italian accented english, "you're already high. then we can begin." (these are the only words of english he spoke the whole time. the rest of the time, i had to depend on my friends for translation) apparently this fatherly figure was different from what i was used to growing up. not only was our drug use of no concern to him, he himself had smuggled a tiny ball of hashish in his mouth through airport security. he now was breaking it up and preparing to smoke it. "mo' soccia, mo mi faccio una bella fumata con del gusto!" he said, which apparently translates to, "now i'll smoke this with a lot of pleasure!" he had something he wanted us to watch, a movie, but one that was, in his opinion, more fact than fiction. it was an underground italian avant-garde sci-fi movie called the andronechron incident, that had been bootlegged. it may, he claimed, be the only copy of the movie left in the world. it had been made by smuggling a video camera into a small italian theatre, and so was of extremely poor quality and affected by comments made by the other patrons in the theatre (for example, one critical moment was entirely ruined by some old crusty italian repeating "se non ci sono i laser, non puo' essere fantascienza!" which translates to, "if it doesn't have lasers, it can't be science fiction!" for about two minutes until he was finally silenced by the "shhh"s of the rest of the audience.) the hashish just accentuated the mushrooms and the subsequent viewing of the movie was one of an intensity that i have never been able to match. at the time i didn't even know that black lung and xingu hill were the artists behind the soundtrack, but i do remember being completely enthralled with the way the visuals (to be sure, more than normal) were intertwining with the musical score. the movie itself remains to me now somewhat of a blur, especially since a great deal of the italian dialogue (it switched back and forth between that and english) had to be translated for me as i watched. we spent the rest of the night discussing it, with my friend's father often going into long, quickly spoken rants that my friend refused to translate because, in her opinion, "he was just talking crazy" or "he's really high right now." they would then speak in italian to each other for a couple of minutes. i had meant to watch the movie again, when i was in a more sober state, but the opportunity never arose. within a week, the father returned to italy, where he became reclusive, cutting off his phone and speaking to no one. a trip to visit him last summer by my friends proved to be one huge waste of time. he only met them once and for a short period of time. whether or not it was the movie, the andronechron incident, that so affected him, is to be questioned. true, the man had been quite eccentric for years (perhaps forever), but his focus on this strange italian cinematic production is very intense. i'm still amazed that black lung and xingu hill were behind the musical score, which is a brilliant and twisted blend of these two artists sounds. how they got involved in it, i have no idea. the movie is a complete mystery, more so since incidents have caused it to literally disappear (financial difficulties that led to bankruptcy on the part of the producers), with only the soundtrack remaining as proof of its existence. without a doubt, if you ever get a chance to see the andronechron incident, then you must do so! experiencing it through the soundtrack, however, may be your only option. (squid)

ein eiförmiges objekt schwimmt auf dem offenen ozean rum. grade eben wachsen deinem frühstück mechanische arme, beine und weitere extremitäten. diese absurde, in dunkelroter färbung abgefilmte szenerie entstammt dem surrealen sci-fi-thriller "the andronechron incident", einer produktion, die es allerdings nie über die grenzen ihrer italienischen heimat hinaus geschafft hat. nun liegt auf dem deutschen label für ausgewählte elektronische klangforschung, ant-zen, der vom australischen industrial-veteranen black lung (david thrussell) und vom hyperproduktiven belgischen experimental-elektroniker xingu hill (john sellekaers) in kooperation ausgetüftelte soundtrack dazu in albumform vor (nach einer 10", die bereits vor zwei jahren erschienen ist). und obwohl er den film noch nie gesehen hat, kann sich ihr verehrter rezensent anhand der hier aufgebauten klanglandschaften schon ein bild machen und ja: ich habe angst. das kolportierte stimmungsbild ist dunkelblau bis tiefschwarz, die beiden soundbastler deklinieren sich querbeet durch die versatzstücke der elektronischen musikgeschichte, stellen dabei komplexe breakbeats, finistre soundarchitekturen, meditative pianominiaturen und technoide bleeps n' blongs auf verstörende weise neben- und übereinander. und dann taucht bei "with a tongue of madness" auch noch diese manische stimme auf und erzählt, richtig, mit der zunge des wahnsinns vom verbrechen der modernen medizin. sehr strange, sehr betörend und vor allem sehr beunruhigend ist das unter allen umständen. (christoph prenner)

sonic seducer
"the andronechron incident" ist ein sf-film, der hierzulande wohl bestenfalls auf kleineren festivals laufen dürfte, was um so bedauerlicher ist, wenn der film hält, was der soundtrack verspricht. black lung und xingu hill sind beileibe keine unbeschriebenen blätter, was das erschaffen von soundtracks und soundtrackartiger musik betrifft. die vorliegenden neun titel stellen jedoch für mich ihr bisheriges meisterstück da, an welches aus ihrem eigenen umfeld wohl nur noch somas "the inner cinema" heranzureichen vermag. und ähnlich wie auf erwähnten kopfkino-klassikern führen die beiden projekte auch hier elemente zusammen, die eigentlich nicht alle zusammengehören: zentnerschwere downbeats, flummigleich durch den raum springende sounds, ambiente flächen, breakbeats, lärm, dub in millisekundendosis, straighte electrobeats, easy listening einwürfe - viel zu selten rockt angewandter eklektizismus so wie hier und der doch recht enttäuschende black lung auftritt vom letzten maschinenfest dürfte damit endgültig entschuldigt sein. (sascha bertoncin)

you know that old cliché of ambient music reviews, that "this is like the soundtrack for a movie yet to be made"? well, this is actually *the soundtrack for a movie yet to be made*! allegedly, this music was made for an italian sci-fi movie of the same name, but after rigorous internet searches, i have come to the conclusion that you'd have more luck finding the yeti and osama bin laden in the city of atlantis, than a copy of this movie. the joke, it would seem, is on us. from the italian liner notes, to the review from "the independent cinema review" (again, a google search draws a blank) and even a reported viewing of the film on the ant-zen mailing list, the whole release is geared towards convincing us that "the andronechron incident" is a genuine entity. however, despite messrs thrussell and sellekaers' best attempts at deception, from the first listen to this album, it is evident that no-one with an ounce of sanity would have this as the soundtrack to their movie. jarring, offbeat rhythms collide with a milieu of processed analogue gurgles and a wide array of esoteric samples (from jazzy piano lines to oompa-loompas) for which the artists are well renowned. on this note, it is hard to tell which moments belong to black lung and which to xingu hill, as the two artists' styles have combined remarkably well: one never overpowering the other; possibly the most effective collaboration to have come from the ant-zen stable in some time. treading a hazy line between electronica and techno, the "soundtrack" is like a bad trip through the inner workings of some nasa equipment. high frequency twitters evoke rows of bespectacled bureaucrats intently gazing at green-illuminated screens as the threat of a martian invasion hangs over earth. low, droning basses mimic the malevolent drone of tin-foil spacecraft as they descend over a barren desert territory, yet never do these sounds appear in a soundtrack framework, they are always incorporated into more complex structures that both evoke the crude sound effects of early sci-fi and testify to the artists influences from the early fathers of electronic music. it is this love of kitsch that lends this album its true power. embracing all aspects of 50s sci-fi movies, the album acts as a gleeful reminiscence of childhood sunday afternoons gazing in wonder at shaky cardboard sets, badly animated monsters; the post-war paranoia and race for technology rendered in glorious technicolor¬. in actuality, it doesn't matter if "the andronechron incident" was never made; it already exists in the fragments of retro-futurism buzzing around our minds that this album nostalgically recalls. it couldn't have come at a more appropriate time in history either; at the start of this new millennium when our future-gazing desire for technology has left the world feeling smaller and more claustrophobic than ever, and fears of terrorism and "big brother" surveillance pervade the modern subconscious. perhaps we look at the 50s as a golden era of mankind, just as we see out modern society as the "best of all possible worlds" (the closing sample recalling the foolish optimism of voltaire's dr. pangloss). "the andronechron incident" is here to remind us of what we chose to forget about our golden era, a freudian "return of the repressed" that draws many frightening parallels to our modern lives. this new cd release is an expanded, updated and repackaged version of the 10-inch released in 1999 - you've never had it so good. (gavin lees)

ah! oh! yessss! it was high time that the brilliant 10" had been expanded into a full album. whatever black lung or xingu hill touch turns instantly into gold, or in their case a full-out audio feast. their highly elaborate soundtrack for a mysterious film project displays an abundance of originality, wit and illusive imagination. sounds, rhythms, harmonies, atmospheres from god knows where. the word alien is not encompassing enough. complex and free-flowing at the same time. i don't know what i like more - the eclecticism of the sounds or the complexities of their reworking. it just exhilarates me listening to it. cinematic experimentalism and broken beat ambience for the specialist and novice alike. downbeats and dub mix with space sounds and subterranean, archaic rumblings of mind-boggling quality, ranging from soothing to aggressive. free form mancini meets autechre on james last. to quote the ever so eloquent bloodhound gang - yummy down on this! (till)

black #28
ah! oh! jaaaa! es wurde ja auch höchste zeit, dass die brillante 10" zu einem vollem album erweitert wurde. was auch immer black lung oder xingu hill anfassen, wird sofort zu gold, oder in ihrem falle zu einer audioschlemmerei. ihr hochkomplexer soundtrack für ein mysteriöses filmprojekt bietet ein füllhorn an originalität, esprit und kaum greifbarer imagination. sounds, rhythmen, harmonien, atmosphären von werweisswo her. das wort "alien" wird dem phänomen nicht wirklich gerecht. zugleich komplex und frei fliessend. ich weiss wirklich nicht, was mir mehr gefällt - der ekklektizismus der klänge oder die komplexität der verarbeitung. nur das zuhören versetzt mich schon in einen rauschzustand. filmischer experimentalismus und broken beat ambience für die spezialisten wie novizen. downbeats und dub mischen sich mit spacesounds und unterirdischem, archaischem rumoren von verwirrender qualität, dabei von beruhigend bis aggressiv rangierend. free form mancini trifft autechre auf james last. um mal die fuer ihre eloquenz bekannte bloodhound gang zu zitieren - yummy down on this! (till)
alla base di quest'album c'è un esperimento europeo di fantascienza cinematografica che ha ricevuto una promozione marginale e di cui oggi non rimane che la colonna sonora curata da john n. sellekaers e david thrussel. quest'ultimo, ironico sperimentatore elettronico dalle produzioni fantasiose, è il personaggio di cui maggiormente si avverte il tocco in un cd che soffre molto della mancata relazione fra immagine e musica. ben pochi, infatti, hanno avuto la fortuna di visionare il film ed appare dunque possibile che le nove tracce qui presentate riescano ad avere ben altra portata se affiancate alla pellicola. eppure la convenzionalità della musica appare disarmante; sebbene non si allontani dai canoni ant-zen ed in casi isolati riesca anche ad unire le piŁ svariate influenze musicali (ad esempio in 'the people of the monolith'), tracce come 'breakfast in malnéant' e 'spiders web' puntano quasi esclusivamente sul tentativo di donare ritmo alla composizione attraverso beat e disparati effetti sonori digitali. per nulla intenso dal punto di vista emozionale, il disco scivola via senza lasciar traccia di sé, non riuscendo quasi mai a spingersi oltre il limite di mero commento sonoro alla narrazione. talvolta ammiccando ai canoni fantascientifici del passato, potrebbe piacere agli affezionati di fantascienza anni '50 che nutrano una passione per l'elettronica moderna, ma ci sono poche speranze che il disco lasci un segno sul suo percorso. (michele casella)

da trafen sich einst ein belgier und ein australier in den forum studios in rom und diese beiden formten einen soundtrack zu einem surrealen, experimentellen science-fiction-film. dieser streifen wurde bis jetzt nur in italien gezeigt und heisst "the andronechron incident". eiförmige objekte bevölkern den ocean und eine familie kämpft mit ihrem frühstück, als dieses plötzlich mechanische arme und beine bekommt. anhand dieser szenen ist es kein wunder, dass man gerade besagten belgier und australier für die komposition des soundtracks auswählte, handelt es sich bei den beiden doch um john n. sellekaers alias xingu hill und david thrussell alias black lung. diese beiden industrial- und ambient-künstler der extra klasse formten ein beklemmendes klangbild, das auch als neuzeitliche version des blade-runner-soundtracks interpretiert werden könnte. die verstörende wirkung von "the andronechron incident" kommt vor allem durch die mixtur mechanisch klingender beeps und beats gepaart mit melodischen soundfragmenten zustande. da taucht auf einmal ein orchestersample zwischen breakbeats auf oder ein streicherpart wächst sich zu brachialem noise aus, der kurz darauf wieder durch swingartige klavierklänge unterbrochen wird. das nonplusultra ist jedoch der monolog in "with a tongue of madness", der in leichtem italienischem akzent versucht, den hörer zu hypnotisieren und ihm die wahrheit über die medizinische wissenschaft als organisiertes verbrechen zu erzählen. absolut bestürzend und faszinierend zugleich, wandelt "the andronechron incident" auf pfaden zwischen wahnsinn und verlockung. einer der wohl ungewöhnlichsten soundtracks der letzten jahre und auch einer der besten. (veit)

version longue et cd cette fois, de la b.o du film de s.f du même nom, "the andronechron incident" est le fruit de la collaboration entre david thrussell et john n. sellekaers (xingu hill, urawa, moonsanto, ammo etc ..). on y retrouve les deux titres du lp édité en 99, chez ant-zen également, plus tous les autres, restés jusqu'alors inédits. le son est toujours aussi bon, et les 9 compos se suivent, toutes dans la même ambiance, sans pour autant se ressembler et ennuyer. la signature des deux musiciens est dailleurs vraiment flagrante. "the mysteries of the worm" ouvre le bal, dans un style très xingu hill. gros rythme pesant et montée graduelle de la pression, avec accumulation de bruits et sons indus, sur fond d'une mélodie à deux notes hypnotique. "crimson skies and vapour trails" est sans doute un des meilleur passage de l'album. plus rapide, toujours le même type de composition au niveau ds sons, mais une mélodie sombre et mystérieuse apparait sporadiquement, donnant une semblant de refrain, qui densifit l'ensemble et varie les émotions. "breakfast in malnéant", "the people of the monolith", "the zone of the thirteen" et "the garbeld weaver" donnent dans le très gros son. véritable corps de "the andronechron incident", downtempo et noisy, ou speed et carrement rugueux, ils rivalisent de puissance et d'originalité electro. "with a tongue of madness" change totalement de style. un homme, visiblement engagé dans ses propos, dénonce la science et la médecine, qu'il pense être à la base d'une conspiration mondiale responsable de nombreux maux sur le restant de l'humanité. le tout sur un fond dark-ambient et alarmiste. "spiders web (end theme)" refèrme la page de l' "incident", en redonnant un dernier coup de fouet electro/jungle, qui donne parfois l'impression d'un autechre, mais en un peu plus taré. pour ceux qui avait raté le lp de 99, "the andronechron incident" cd, fera d'une pierre deux coups. toujours chez ant-zen.

chain d.l.k.
being released in 1999 as a limited edition 10" the andronechron incident is a soundtrack of the same l'ultimo pictures international's motion picture. performed by david thrussell (black lung) and john n. sellekaers (xingu hill) the cd is a revised edition containing the full nine tracks soundtrack. the music is a mixture of progressive groovy ambient tunes mixed up with catchy and dreamy soundscapes which suddenly stop and give some space to jazzy inserts raped by hisses and various noises. listening to this soundtrack it gives me the idea that the movie should be surrealist, obsessive and experimental. since i haven't seen it, let's see what the liner notes tell about it: "never screened outside of italy, the andronechron incident, is an oddity even in the singularly odd genre (experimental european science-fiction) to which it clearly belongs. more arthouse, perhaps even surrealist cinema than spaceflight saga it juxtaposes minimal dialogue against startling visuals and an, at times, jarring soundtrack. one apparently normal morning the world awakens to the sight of large egg-like structures randomly appearing across our oceans. various news items report the global reaction and inform us shortly of further unusual events. hours after the first sightings a multitude of organic and non-organic objects sprout mechanical attachments and appear to grow in cyborg-like fashion". this movie should be like a nightmare and it's a shame we've got only the opportunity of listening to its soundtrack, but meanwhile...

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