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act 133 · p·a·l · retro · cd

intro+terrible hangdown (instrumental version), i set my dog on fire, anthropophobia, all systems collapsed (original version), discipline, intercourse, t.a.e., erosion v1.1, gelöbnis - terrorfakt remix, whomp that sucker, screech, wretched, wall of lashes, sacred women.

"it is time to get back to the basics... "

ten years ago, p.a.l's first few releases appeared on ant-zen. back in those days, the number of copies were quite limited. the 'plugged/live' cassette, the 'consent' 7" and many of the following tapes, vinyls and cds became rare and sought after items. now, p.a.l has opened his archives and is presenting a collection of rare tracks which have not been available for years. the rare tracks are additionally complimented by unreleased versions of various p.a.l. tracks, including one never-before released version and a remix of his' best-known track 'gelöbnis'.

"c'mon boys - just one more time!"

most of these tracks were created from 1993-1997 and during this time p.a.l's visions of rhythmic noise-industrial and dark, ritualistic soundscapes found an enthusiastic audience (something which is still true today). a good example of the 'heavier' side of p.a.l can be found at the beginning of this disc: the instrumental (basic) version of 'terrible hangdown' - which was performed at the very first p.a.l concert in october of 1993. "in these days there were lots of things that had to get out of my head - as hard as possible and as loud as possible" says p.a.l about his first recordings. just compare the first version of 'all systems collapsed', originally released on a cassette compilation, with the more 'cleared' version on 'signum'.

the more quiet (but never calm!) side of p.a.l's earlier work is illustrated in tracks such as the original version of 'anthropophobia' (originally edited on ant-zen's 'zyklus d' vinyl compilation), and the last two 'retro' tracks - the entire 'sacred women' mcd which has been deleted for five years.

as an addendum, you will find a remix ("i wouldn't have done better myself" (p.a.l)) of his well-known 'gelöbnis' and a cover version of throbbing gristle's 'discipline' which was intended to appear on a cassette compilation that was never realized.

take a journey through the past, with sounds that set the pace for the present...

"denn die vergangenheit ist vergangenheit, und nicht vorbei."

discography p·a·l 01.2k4:
retro. cd. ant-zen act133. 2004
live at 2:00 a.m.. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht10. 2002
release. cd. ant-zen act93. 2000
play at 2:00 a.m.. 12" vinyl. megahertz. 1999
m@rmx. 12" vinyl. hymen records y005. 1998
m@rix. cd. ant-zen act63. 1998
after-hour sounds. 12" vinyl. dark vinyl dv-lp 05. 1997
remote. 7" vinyl. hands v009. 1997
reel. cd-ep. ant-zen act55. 1996
signum. cd. ant-zen act33. 1995
sacred women. cd-ep. steinklang sk-06. 1995
initiation. k7. sssm-016. 1995
after-hour sounds. k7. p.a.l. 1994
consent. 7" vinyl. ant-zen act13. 1994
plugged/live. k7. ant-zen act07. 1994
concrete rage. k7. p.a.l. 1993



ms. poly-ester
noise boys and noise girlz, we are going to go back to the basics of industrial p.a.l, and you better buckle up, because this cd is going to take you for a pretty hard and heavy ride through anywhere from your brain to all corners of the dance floor! "terrible hangdown" starts off with a 3-minute intro of hails of 'amen!!' and more gospel-preaches. but enjoy these three minutes - they are the only moments of 'peace' you will have! this is one heck of an energetic piece of rhythmic industrial, i daresay! "i set my dog on fire" is another one of those highly danceable industrial songs, and if you set your dog on fire, i am sure you'd be bouncing all over the place to get your dog back - this song is just as hectic as you would be in this situation! "anthropophobia" starts off with another vocal intro, and then leads you through a more quiet song. even though it may not be as danceable, it sure is a blessing to listen to! "all systems collapsed" - this is most disturbing!!! disturbingly finger-licking good may i add. it starts off with some very retro sounds indeed, very dark and very atmospheric. this is probably one of the sexiest songs i have heard from pal!! "discipline" is the fifth song of this cd, and yes, it is time for the dance floor again if you - like me - like monotonous industrial sounds! yum! simple yet powerful! next on the menu is 5 straight minutes of "intercourse"! gosh, a lot of 'in' and 'out' going on in this song, but darn it sounds good. pal does know how to make industrial music sound sexy, even if he only uses a 2-word lyric! but hey, it is not the size of the lyrics that does it, it is what you do with it, and this is done very well! "t.a.e." gives us yet another interesting vocal intro. however, after otis has 'plugged it in' the song leads you straight back to the dance floor and you wish the song would never end! "erosion v1.1" - oh, this is another one of those groovy-retro-sounding monotonous songs that i love so much! it is in these tracks that you can let your body go on the dance floor to other things than just follow the beat. "gelöbnis - terrorfakt remix" this song is a song everyone knows inside and out, and everyone knows that this song works like a dance floor drug. the remix by terrorfakt is a very surprising one. it is a very strong and danceable remix, letting this song revive yet again in a newer coat. fantastic! "whomp that sucker". yes, go on, whomp him! take your aggression out on the sucker! well, this song sounds just like what the title states. see, whomping does not go in a constant beat, sometimes you need to take a short break to regain energy, and while you are whomping along, all sorts of irritations come about - fantastic title for a fantastic song! "screech" - now, you'd think you'd hear a lot of screeching, but in fact you don't. this is another nice monotonous piece of industrial work! lovely! "wretched" lets you cool off for a jiffy, that's nice, after all that aggression it is great to have a nice smooth chill-out like intermezzo! this next song is a short song starting off with what can only be described as 'whipping' sounds! well, with a title like "wall of lashes" you could not possibly expect anything else! "sacred women" leads you through more than 18 minutes of ... ... ... wow. i cannot describe it as being anything else. in this case wow means beautiful samples, great sounds, (this track is not a dance track, this track you have to listen to loud with your eyes closed preferably lying down somewhere touching nothing), gorgeous atmosphere, simply wow. all in all, superb cd! (ms.poly-ester)

pal needs no introduction. it is one of the best known acts in the field of (rhythmic) industrial / noise music. the tracks on this cd are mostly released on earlier records, but in different versions of are hard to find. retro is thus a document but also a nice record to have for the true fan. it might be clear that there is lots of ant-zen material on this cd, as it is the home of pal. next to that there are tracks that have been released by hands and steinklang on retro. the record opens with the excellent 'terrible hangdown'. the instrumental version that is featured here is a great industrial techno track with a harsh rhythm and lots of noise. a classic track like 'all systems collapsed' (in its original version) is of course present on retro. also the huge clubhit 'gelöbnis' can be found on this compilation in a great remix version. most of the tracks are in the rhythmic industrial vein, where pal is most famous for. at the end of the cd there are a few somewhat more quiet pieces with a melodic touch to them, some tranquil sounds and samples. but most of the time the noise is not far away, only but to the background for a while. this is a good thing because it is in the harsh danceable industrial tracks that pal is at its best. (mvg)

p.a.l, einer der bekanntesten industrial/noise-acts, gewährt uns einen einblick in sein musikalisches schaffen und damit einen überblick über die vergangen 10 jahre. "retro" umfasst vierzehn tracks, von denen die meisten zwischen 1993 und 1998 entstanden und heute nicht mehr auf handelsüblichem wege erhältlich sind. zwei davon wurden bisher sogar noch gar nicht veröffentlicht. dazu zählt auch der terrorfakt remix von "gelöbnis", der das wohl beliebteste p.a.l-stück noch einmal ordentlich aufpoliert und ihm einen moderneren drive verleiht. aber es gibt noch mehr zu entdecken. gleich nach dem intro kann man etwa die instrumentalversion von "terrible hangdown" bewundern, die beim ersten p.a.l-konzert mitgeschnitten wurde. p.a.l war und ist einer der wenigen vertreter der industrial-fraktion, der sehr einfache und klare songstrukturen erschaffen kann, ohne den stücken ihre seele zu rauben. "t.a.e" vom album "m@rix" hört sich an wie ein riesiger, defekter ventilator, dazu noch ein wenig melodie und maschinelles stampfen und schon hat man einen perfekten song. es ist manchmal wirklich erschreckend aber auch faszinierend zugleich, wie simpel songs gestrickt sein können und trotzdem immer noch begeistern. so auch die coverversion von throbbing gristles "discipline". der song besteht eigentlich nur aus peitschen-ähnlichen tönen, die noch dazu fast die ganze zeit im gleichen rhythmus angeschlagen werden. dennoch ein genialer track. in den letzten jahren ging p.a.l zu subtileren und leiseren strukturen über. so kann man bei "sacred women" fast zwanzig minuten lang dem gebet der heiligen frauen lauschen, dass mit allerlei samples und glockenläuten durchsetzt ist. die letzten beiden tracks entstammen im übrigen der "sacred women"-mcd, die es schon seit fünf jahren nicht mehr gibt. alles in allem kann man also sagen, dass "retro" wirklich noch einige leckerbissen bereithält und sowohl für sammler, liebhaber und neulinge das passende bietet.

pal is een van de grootheden op het gebied van (ritmische) industrial/noise. deze cd is een terugblik op een carrière van ruim tien jaar. de nummers op deze cd zijn veelal eerder verschenen, maar in een andere versie of moeilijk te vinden. hierdoor is het niet alleen een document maar ook een leuke toevoeging aan de verzameling van de echte fan. natuurlijk staat er veel ant-zen-materiaal op retro. dit label is de thuishaven van de band en heeft het meeste uitgebracht van pal. daarnaast zijn er nummers opgenomen die afkomstig zijn van hands- en steinklang-releases. met 'terrible hangdown' begint de cd goed met doordenderende ritmes en veel noise. een klassieker als 'all systems collapsed' ontbreekt natuurlijk niet op deze cd. op retro staat dit nummer in de originele versie. ook de grote hit 'gelöbnis' is op de cd te vinden, niet het origineel maar in de vorm van een goede remix. het merendeel van de muziek is machinale, ritmische noise waar pal bekend mee is geworden. aan het eind van de cd staan echter een paar rustigere nummers met mooie ijle melodieën, rustige geluiden en samples. maar meestal is de noise niet ver weg, maar gewoon tijdelijk naar de achtergrond verplaatst. gelukkig maar, want vooral in de harde dansbare industriële nummers blinkt pal uit. (martijn van gessel)

kultura industrialna
p.a.l. nie potrzebuje zadnych introdukcji, wstepów i innych elokwentnych popisów dziennikarskich. po prostu znów mamy na tapecie jeden z najbardziej znanych aktów na polu rytmicznej muzyki industrial/noise. wiekszosc kawalków jakie znajdziecie na tym cd zostala juz wczesniej wydana, jednak znajduja sie tutaj w innych wersjach, które mysle sa ciekawymi unikatami. "retro" mozna traktowac faktycznie jako dokument, ale ja bym optowala za uznaniem tego po prostu jako mile nagranie, które na pewno w swoisty sposób ucieszy uszy fanów p.a.l. (hell-o artur!), a moze to byc na tyle latwe iz wydaniem zajela sie ant-zen. material rozpoczyna sie wspanialym "terrible hangdown". jest to instrumentalny track, w którym zostaly ujete klimaty industrial, oraz techno, a te kompilacje wprowadzony zostal drapiezny, szorstki rytm, czasem zahaczajacy równiez o niekontrolowany noise. nastepny utwór, czyli "all systems collapsed", wyznacza azymut i charakter tego wydawnictwa i jest to typowa, klasyczna kompozycja p.a.l. mamy tutaj równiez klubowy hit, jakim jest "gelobnis" - na tym materiale jest zawarty ciekawy i krecacy remix tego kawalka. wiekszosc utworów jest w nurcie rytminczego industrial - no w koncu wlasnie w tym jest najlepszy i najbardziej znany ów p.a.l. na koniec plyty doswiadczamy kilku wyciszonych momentów, bardziej melodyjnych, takich bliskich, cieplych, majacych w sobie cos transcendentnego (swietne próbki sampli!). jednak przewazajaca czesc materialu to chropowatosc, czasem zagladajaca w noise'owe przestrzenie (ale tez nie na dlugo, zazwyczaj sa to background'owe trzaski, które trwaja przez krótkie chwile). zdecydowanie "retor" to kawalek dobrego tanecznego industrial.

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