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act 134 á hypnoskull á operation tough guy! á cd

and here i stay. operation tough guy (reprise). technothrill. d.e.a.d. track 2002. on & on!. biotech brainkillers (deconstructed). operation tough guy. stainless steel stereo equipped animals. ready to scream, ready to die!. schaltlabor zentral. no man, you're not right man. we know it all - we know all. rock & roll into your electronic. the deleted scans of hidden territories. what we are what we do. dirtfunk slam. everything is operationable. prophecies of the hidden agenda. one thousand 979 tales of the dark city. operation tough guy, but we'll be back

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recorded in february 2002 at new ground mezzanine studio, temse, belgium.
all tracks by patrick stevens aka hypnoskull © 2002

miss mieke m. for active support and vocal contributions on this record, you're the one !, sub:urb for support and help, stefan alt at ant-zen, herman klapholz at illecktric tools, jan h8red for endless patience and understanding and support. thanks and hello to the belgian scene, all organisers, promoters, creative heads and open-minded programmers, you know who you are !

hypnoskull emerged as a project of patrick stevens (¡1973) in 1992 and signed to ant-zen audio & visual arts in 1998. after years of underground activism in the worldwide electronic underground network of industrial music, hypnoskull reached a larger audience by putting out the album 'rhythmusmaschine 1-2' (1998), followed by 'ffwd>burnout!'(1999) and 'electronic music means war to us' (2001). before that, stevens also made a name as one half of the duo sonar, a hardcore belgian rhythmical industrial project. patrick stevens also works with miss mieke m. under the name 'tunnel' and with raoul roucka (noisex) under the name '<cybernetic:fuckheadz>'. his solo projects like sona eact(r), reset, sliding elements, trivial gender, ultra s t a t a l s ! and 33mhz are released under various labels all around the globe.

this fourth album in a row on ant-zen, 'operation tough guy [ready to scream, ready to die!]' is again a hard clash between new influences of several contemporary dance styles and the hard side of underground industrial electronics. the project continues with the aim to create a new form of dance music without a compromise, controversial as hell and to-the-point. hypnoskull tracks are like dark, scary movies full of urban tragedy and fast beats; they represent a life on the fast track. that is probably why urban scenes all over the world incorporate this unique sound in their daily sceneries. live sets are remarkable: unstoppable rhythm-machines like bulldozers over your head. virtual fights and continuously repeating samples and loops create a scary, wild atmosphere. the atmosphere nobody wants to feel in reality - but what is reality anyway? a vicious game of putting things in a row, in a scene. confront yourself with the harsh reality of everyday life and get the perfect soundtrack to it.

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a hard clash between contemporary dance styles and industrial electronics, hypnoskull's fourth album in a row on ant-zen, after the albums 'rhythmusmaschine 1-2' (1998), followed by 'ffwd>burnout!'(1999) and 'electronic music means war to us' (2001) 'operation tough guy [ready to scream, ready to die!]' is again a extreme mixture of the harsher side of nethe latest dance styles and the rough energy and brutality of rhythmic industrial electronics. this project of patrick stevens, known from sonar (with dirk ivens), tunnel (with miss mieke m) , \ (with noisex mastermind member raoul roucka) and several solo projects such as like sona eact(r), reset, sliding elements, trivial gender, ultra s t a t a l s ! and 33mhz, continues with the aim to create a new form of dance music without a compromise, controversial as hell and right to-the-point. hypnoskull tracks are like dark, scary movies full of urban tragedy and fast beats; they represent a life on the fast track. another wild, dark scaring collection of unstoppable rhythm-machines and continuously repeating samples and. confront yourself with the harsh reality of everyday life and get the perfect soundtrack to it.. the double 12" contains excerpts from the cd and songs from previous hypnoskull releases. the boxset includes the "operation tough guy" cd, "the operation mean machine" cd (exclusive material + 3 remixes by converter), a rubber-badge and several stickers. limited edition of 938 copies...

black #29
die belgischen hypnoskull scheinen ja an hand des produkaussto§es zum aktuellen vierten album superstars auf ant zen zu sein, denn neben der normalen cd gibt es eine dolp, eine box und ein t-hemd zu erwerben und das alles in zeiten des eher mageren absatzes auf dem tontrŠgermarkt! mir persšnlich war der rhythmische industrial-tekkno-sound von patrick stevens immer zu einfach, minimal bzw. monoton und erinnerte mich oft unangenehm an manche noisex-langweiler, doch das neue album hat mich dann mit seiner kontrollierten aggressivitŠt doch gepackt. auf das nštigste reduziert, aber in glasklarer studioqualitŠt hŠmmern auf der regulŠren version ganze 20 tracks in mein hirn, fetzten messerscharfe samples an meinem ohr vorbei und fahren hyperschnelle beats in meine beine. besonders der titeltrack mit den prŠgnanten shouts von miss mieke m. (tunnel) wŠre neben den anderen vokal orientierten tracks hervorzuheben und so einiges erinnert dabei nicht von ungefŠhr an atari teenage riot. neben einem gummi-pin und einer menge greller sticker enthŠlt die auf immerhin 938 stŸck limitierte box noch eine bonus-cd namens "operation mean machine" mit weiteren 11 killer-terror-tracks, wobei vor allem die drei converter remixe einen kaufanreiz darstellen sollten. (m.f.)

the time of screaming hardcore techno is over. even if hypnoskull screams louder and faster than before, it simply doesn't get better and seems to be for his hardcore fans only. i am really disappointed with this album. it offers nothing new, sounds outdated and goes on in the same pattern over and over again. it is amazing and impressive how much output he generates as the bonus disc of the box set is another album's worth of material. still, crunch-boom-scream doesn't do a thing for me anymore. especially if it's just gabba and hardcore techno without any other discernible styles possibly leaving a mark on the monolithic approach he takes. the low-tech production has lost its charm as well and so i ask myself why this unoriginal album was released and not refused by ant-zen. not even the converter remixes on the bonus disc can help to heave the album above the average mark. sorry, i used to like his music a lot, but regurgitated old formulas are not the key to cutting edge music. (till)
la label tedesca ant-zen  diventata in questi ultimi anni una vera e propria piattaforma musicale, un concreto riferimento per tutte le produzioni elettroniche pi oscure e sperimentali realizzate in tutto il mondo. la combinazione fra musica industrial e nuove forme di elettronica urbana come il brakbeats, il drum and bass ed ibride forme technoidi, sono l'essenza sonora di questo nuovo lavoro registrato e prodotto dall' ant-zen. quarto album realizzato da patrick stevens aka hypnoskull progetto solista hardcore-electronic, influenzato sin dagli esordi dal noise-punk e suoni digitali. un nuovo assalto digitale frutto di una manipolazione velenosa e aggressiva e un violento scontro digitale che, vede coinvolte spinte parti ritmche e alterate sezioni sintetiche di basso oltre alle personali infiltrazioni vocali in stile punk-hardcore riprodotte da hypnoskull. ogni tipo di influenza sonora stimolata da un synth o da un campione provoca un sound spasmodico, controverso ma privo di alcun compromesso. un flusso continuo di basse frequenze e ritmiche quadrate che si spostano alla velocitˆ di 160 battute per minuto all'interno delle venti tracce brevi. la colonna sonora di un irrefrenabile corsa nella quotidiana giungla urbana di patrick stevens. (miky ry)

this ain't no disco. this ain't no rich white kids with turntables, throwing out terms they read in a magazine somewhere, and calling themselves names that boil down to the equivalent of dj hardcore trevor or dj molokai dakota love. those people annoy the waste product out of me; hypnoskull is not those people. those of you who already know about this sort of thing will yawn at this part of the review, but for those of you who don't know, northern europe has a long tradition of very aggressive, very mind-blowing electronic music. the beats per minute on some of it is really enough to make your ears bleed and your brain explode. it's unbelievable. hypnoskull comes from this tradition. if you think you're gonna throw this on and drop some acid and dance around happily, well, see you in hell. there is nothing quite so satisfying to me as to hear all the pretention that has taken over jungle, break beats, industrial, and techno, be blown all to gore with deconstruction, reconstruction and irreverence. if i had to encapsulate it for you, i'd say it's like skinny puppy, infused with bits of all of the above and gabbercore, and then exploded with plastique, all over some abandoned k-mart parking lot. there's also an insectual quality to this music that is delightfully disturbing. i've a friend who once had a cockroach crawl into his ear as he slept. he awoke feeling half mad, as he could feel the legs struggling furiously; and all the clicking and hissing took over his brain until he got the cursed thing out of his head. this is an apt and affectionate allegorical description of listening to hypnoskull's "operation tough guy!" not to be missed. (saint petrol)

hypnoskull is het over the top hardcore industrialproject van patrick stevens. hij was een van de oprichters van sonar, het minimal industrial/noiseproject waar de in het genre legendarische dirk ivens nog steeds deel van uitmaakt. in de loop van de tijd heeft hypnoskull een goede naam opgebouwd, vooral in de industrial hardcore- en power electronics-scenes. operation tough guy! is zijn vierde album en staat weer vol met typische grotestadsmuziek die aansluit bij het hectische alledaagse leven. deze cd is een bombardement van stampende en dreunende beats in de stijlen electro, jungle, breakbeats, industrial en techno. daarnaast is operation tough guy! voornamelijk snel en hard, soms tot op het neurotische af. door het spelen met diverse ritmes en stijlelementen is de cd wel afwisselend genoeg om interessant te blijven. daarbij komt dat veel tracks kort zijn, sommige zijn zelfs meer geluidsschetsen dan echte nummers. dit is goed voor diversiteit van de cd. ondanks dat is operation tough guy! zwaar om ineens te beluisteren. het beste is om per luisterbeurt een selectie van een aantal nummers te maken, zodat de herrie gedoseerd geconsumeerd kan worden. een goede selectie is bijvoorbeeld: 'on & on!', 'technothrill', 'schaltlabor zentral', 'rock & roll into your electronic', 'everything is operational', 'prophecies of the hidden agenda' en 'one thousand 978 tales of the dark city'. alle twintig nummers achter elkaar zou echt een overdosis zijn. (martijn van gessel)

ein-mann-projekte sind im industrial-/noise-bereich keine seltenheit. die reduzierung der instrumente auf elektronisches equipment wirkt sich auch auf die personelle besetzung einer band aus. so auch bei patrick stevens alias hypnoskull, der mit "operation tough guy!" sein viertes album beim regensburger label ant-zen veršffentlicht. stevens musikalische laufbahn reicht zehn jahre zurŸck und beinhaltet zusammenarbeiten mit dirk ivens, miss mieke m. und raoul roucka von noisex (sonar, tunnel, ). aber auch die liste seiner soloprojekte ist betrŠchtlich. sona eact(r) und trivial gender seien hier nur beispielhaft genannt. "operation tough guy!" ist, wie es der titel schon verspricht, nichts fŸr weicheier. stevens geht auf dem neuling richtig zur sache. harte beats vermischen sich mit noisartigen soundcollagen, gŠngigem industrialsound und technoelementen zu einer geballten dynamik, die sowohl fŸr begeisterung als auch verwirrung auf heimischen dancefloors fŸhren wird. das anderthalb-minŸtige intro lŠsst zwar noch etwas anderes vermuten, aber danach fliegen einem schon bei "operation tough guy (reprise)" die boxen um die ohren. das hier eingeschlagene tempo muss man bis zum ende der cd durchhalten, was zu einer wahren tour de force im positiven sinne ausartet. bei kopfschmerzen sollte man allerdings die finger davon lassen :-) eines der besonderen glanzlichter auf "operation tough guy!" ist "ready to scream, ready to die!", das mit einschlŠgigem rhythmus direkten einfluss auf vegetatives und somatischea nervensystem ausŸbt. der blutdruck steigt und man kann seinen bewegungsdrang kaum noch beherrschen. sicherlich ist nicht jeder track des albums so ansprechend, der adrenalinpegel steigt jedoch erheblich. steigern lŠsst sich das ganze nur noch mit der volldršhnung, will hei§en, man liefert sich auch noch der bonus-cd "operation mean machine" aus, die dem boxset beiliegt. bei den letzten drei stŸcken hat niemand geringeres hand angelegt als scott sturgis (converter), dessen markenzeichen auch nicht gerade kuschelrock ist. wer also mal seine aggressionen loswerden oder so richtig abzappeln will, fŸr den dŸrfte "operation tough guy!" genau das richtige sein. (veit)

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