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act 137 á synapscape á raw á cd

disrevieled, sorrow, anti part, my distance, narcotica, 3rd in the orbit, bushhead, so real, cannes, disorder, e.s.p., stop yield, outside, once again you die, peter the repeater, walls and needles.

those who are familiar with ant-zen know that synapscape (aka tim kniep and philipp munch) needs no introduction. their debut was the very first ant-zen cd (released back in 1995) and we are glad that they have stuck by the label. synapscape's unique usage of heavy polyrhythms, ambient soundscapes, slight dub influences, mysterious vocals and astonishing live appearances has made fans all over the world.

'raw' is the fifth full length synapscape release. it contains a variety of works that they did between 1994 and 2001 - most tracks have never been released before. you will agree that it was worth making these tracks available to the public. this cd also contains three long-deleted compilation tracks that up until now could only be heard by a few people. so, 'raw' is the perfect witness that bielefeld exists - check it out!

discography. 10.2k2:
raw. cd. ant-zen act137. 2002
positive pop. cd. ant-zen act117. 2001
positive pop. boxset. ant-zen act117.7. 2001
screenwalking (w/imminent). cd-ep. ant-zen act103. 2000
screenwalking (w/imminent). 12". hymen records y023. 2000
so what. 2cd. ant-zen act87. 1999
remix item (w/imminent starvation). 10". ant-zen act78. 1998
neuklang 8.11.97 (split w/p.a.l). cassette. fich-art fich040. 1998
rage. cd. ant-zen act67. 1997
helix. 7". ant-zen act57. 1996
synapscape. cd. ant-zen act27. 1995

synapscape website:


gothic beauty
if you like noise, then you will really love raw noise power. seriously, this album provides one thing and one thing only. and that one thing is a whole lotta noise. if there were any more noise on this album, it would be a little too noisy in here. now, moving on to the next track in this collection of 16... raw provides a means of escape from the cacophony of the real world and into a torrential blustering expression of noise leaning toward the angry aggressive side of homicidal tendencies. primal muttering rage interspersed with frequency changes along the radio dial joins with syncopated drum beats shattered by experimental noise lunch breaks. contagious tribal, trip-stomp music made for all those folks who work 80 hours a week and just need to unwind. the further we get into this album, the more i realise just how much symmetry is wrapped up inside each and every track. safer than drugs. music for isolated trips of disturbance.

sonic seducer
gro§reinemachen bei synapscape: tim & philipp durchwŸhlen die archive und fertig ist "raw". der titel kšnnte kaum besser sitzen, prŠsentieren sich die beiden hier von ihrer rauheren seite, die manchen, der nur den einen oder anderen eingŠngigeren synapscape track kennt, ziemlich Ÿberraschen dŸrfte.trotzdem zeigen nummern wie "my distance" oder "disorder" sehr anschaulich die entwicklung der beiden in richtung intelligenter rhythm noise, der bei aller brachalitŠt immer noch platz fŸr zwischentšne bereithŠlt. fŸr manch nachgewachsenen akt mag es deshalb bitter klingen Ð aber vieles von dem, was derzeit den markt Ÿberflutet, haben synapscape in der letzten dekade bereits deutlich anspruchsvoller hinbekommen. (sascha bertoncin)

vital weekly
hissing drones opens this over-the-top voyage into the back-catalogue of german harsh-industrialists in synapscape. responsible for the very first release on german label ant-zen recordings, synapscape was one of the true pioneers of the power-noise-sound that first of all characterizes the style of ant zen recordings. when listening to some of the earlier works by synapscape, it soon becomes clear that the sound of old-school industrial shines through the thick walls of noisy electronics. especially when the second track on the album titled "sorrow" (1994) outbursts, associations of whitehouse penetrate, thanks to the rumbling power electronics moving ahead like rhythm-less machines of extreme aggression (not surprising since whitehouse masterwork "erector" released in 1981, has been considered the first power electronics-album ever) while some moments of "raw" deliver subdued noise-drones suppressed by heavily distorted rhythms, other tracks let the drones of noisy power electronics rise from the sub-level into the centre of the listener. looking back to the first seven years of synapscape, "raw" delivers everything that make synapscape sound like they do today: explosive rhythmic textures, industrial soundscapes of beauty and ugliness as well as mysterious and not too friendly vocals. in that sense "raw" is a great synapscape-anthology and with the additional never-released materials, the album should keep us well entertained until next opus from this legendary power-noise act see the daylight. (nmp)

over the past eight years, right at the beginning, when s.alt founded ant-zen records, synapscape has been extremely involved in challenging power electronics, rhythm 'n' noise, and dark ambient scenes both live and in studio. synapscape never takes the standard catchy pathways that so many bands often latch onto for what seems like a lifetime. instead, they pursue experimental electronic forms, always remaining one step ahead. with this release they present 16 previously unreleased tracks (appeared between 1994-2001) that confirm this position (in addition, this release contains three tracks that originally appeared on some very rare compilations). i have been fortunate enough to witness synapscape live twice so far, and i can say that they put on such killer live show that at times make their own releases seem weak. is appears as if with this compilation they might have actually performed some of this rare material live - it is that intense. some strong examples of their diversified nature lie within tracks such as "sorrow", "my distance", "3rd in orbit", "bushhead", "disorder", "once again you die", and "peter the repeater." track 2, "sorrow" traumatizes you with extremely hostile and toxic vocals assaults within a shroud of distant harsh twisted frequencies. "my distance" throws down some very addictive rhythmic structures that pace steadily with kniep's severed vocal pathways. a solid example of their dark surrealistic atmospheres can be found within tracks such as "3rd in orbit." while tracks such as "bushhead" give us a live awakening to a menagerie of entangled industrial, jungle, and tribal beats that diverge along frozen frequencies waves. track ten, "disorder" shows more punchy, dub-like synthetic rhythms that layer at a fast pace while subtle bass pulses and twisted frequencies follow. with "once again you die" militant ebm-esq beat structures march steadily as kniep's vocals charge forward with tremendous force. and somewhat recent (2001) tracks such as "peter the repeater" immerse you into more complex disorganized rhythmics and disturbing vocals interludes that viciously accent this very volatile track. relentless, brute, hazardous, energetic, repulsive, and simply powerful stuff. this is now one of my favorite synapscape releases to date. the versatility of material is the best representation of their directions. if there is one synapscape release i can suggest to you to look into, this would be it. (alan)
tornano su ant-zen tim kniep e philipp mŸnch, ovvero synapscape, che con il loro album di debutto diedero inizio nel 1995 alle uscite di questa interessantissima, non convenzionale label e sono qui raccolti tutti i principali lavori prodotti tra il 1994 ed il 2001, comprese fra registrazioni inedite tre tracce gia uscite in precedenti raccolte. i suoni, nello stile del gruppo, risultano aspri, duri, d'impronta industriale, con molte linee ritmiche sovrapposte, permeati da vocal misteriosi (corrosivi e malsani). non mancano interpretazioni ambientali, passaggi evocativi ed elettronici, con venature fortemente space, '3rd in the orbit', ad esempio, oppure 'e.s.p.', maggiormente calibrato su un registro tutto celebrale. 'peter the repeater' nelle battute insistite, svelte, confina con i territori paralleli della techno obliqua e irriverente mentre 'walls and needles' inclina le attitudini cosmiche su battute piu diritte e con cadenza scandite. un gruppo di culto, che con la pubblicazione di questo materiale meglio delinea le proprie linee d'azione. (aurelio cianciotta)

synapscape opened the vaults to their archive and picked out unreleased and hard to get tracks that span from 1994-2001. one of the mainstays of ant-zen, and along with pal defining the initial sound of ant-zen with their mix of hard, rhythmic electronics and grating ambient soundscapes, synapscape compiled these songs like a chronological album. starting with dark, brooding ambient they go into straight, rhythmic tracks with lots of abrasive, swirling noise and move into more clear electronic tracks with occasional noise bursts, somehow illustrating their musical voyage up to this point. in between they change styles again and put a swirling, almost new agey track like "3rd in the orbit" beside stompy stuff like "narcotica" for example. the stylistic bandwidth of synapscape, owing much to their beginnings as ars moriendi, and manifesting itself in their many sideprojects, displays a wealth of ideas and emotional states. dub meets ritual, industrial meets dancefloor, ambient meets noise, they are all over the place, but somehow you can always spot this seething, unbridled energy underneath it all that comes out as rhythmic pulse. this compilation is mainly meant for the fans, and some of the tracks do show age and an old patina of outdated sound approaches, but it never tried to be more. it's like a look into a workshop with all the debris and leftover materials on the floor, all the burr still on the unfinished products. i guess raw is the word. (till)

tim kniep und philipp mŸnch alias synapscape kann man wahrlich nicht zu den unbedeutenden kŸnstlern der industrial/noise-szene rechnen. sowohl synapscape als auch die verschiedenen projekte (wie z.b. ars moriendi, blendwerk oder templegarden's), an denen sie beteiligt sind, dŸrften vielen bekannt sein. ihr fŸnfter longplayer "raw" enthŠlt verschiedene, meist noch unveršffentlichte songs, die zwischen 1994 und 2001 entstanden sind. darunter sind auch einige sampler-beitrŠge, an die bis jetzt nur schwer heranzukommen war. so zahlreich wie die jahre, Ÿber die die songs geschrieben wurden, so gro§ ist auch ihre vielfalt. mit "disrevieled" und "sorrow" beginnt das album noch eher gedŠmpft und monoton. letzterem hšrt man sein alter (von 1994) an, klingt er doch noch nicht ganz so geballt und kraftvoll, wie das spŠtere material. den direkten vergleich kann man gleich mit dem darauf folgenden und fŸnf jahre jŸngeren "anti part" ziehen. extrem druckvoll und mit metallenen beats geht's hier richtig zur sache. gerade diese unterschiede aus dem musikalischen Ÿberblick Ÿber 7 jahre synapscape machen "raw" so interessant. wie schon die vorgŠngeralben so ist auch "raw" nicht unbedingt etwas fŸr jedermann sondern setzt seine eigenen ma§stŠbe. fŸr die einen wird es nur willenloser krach sein, fŸr andere die offenbarung. wer sich diesem album langsam nŠhern will, sollte mit "3rd in the orbit" beginnen und sich von da an durch die cd hšren. ab diesem track geht es etwas ruhiger zu und der geneigte aber noch unwissende hšrer wird nicht gleich ins kalte wasser gestŸrzt. einziges manko ist der gesang. zwar passt die verzerrte stimme optimal zu den songs, nur mit dem verstehen gibt es so einige probleme. hier muss man schon einige konzentration aufwenden. wer einmal den zugang zu "raw" gefunden hat, wird die vielschichtigkeit der einzelnen songs erkennen und immer wieder neues entdecken. also nichts wie ab in dieses abenteuer surrealistischer, elektronischer klŠnge! (veit)

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