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act 145 · asche · distorted dj · 2x12" vinyl / 2cd

tracklist 2cd:
goldenday (version), dist dj pt 1, dist dj pt 2, dist dj pt 3, dist dj pt 4, dist dj pt 5, dist dj pt 6, finnished (rmx), testshow (rmx by p.a.l), atomic i.c.e. (rmx by ms gentur), peter (rmx by synapscape), kiss the whip (rmx by s.i.n.a.), zapped (rmx by dj peter (slimelight)), mindbomb (rmx by collapse), our love is a beautiful brutal thing (rmx by hinsidan), tv junk (rmx by xingu hill), another kind ov being (rmx by punch inc.), holy ghost enema (rmx by habeeb), your bomb (rmx by institut), overheadlights by converter, atomic i.c.e. (rmx by ah cama-sotz), zapped (rmx by architect).

tracklist 2x12":
dist dj pt 1, dist dj pt 2, dist dj pt 3, goldenday (version), dist dj pt 5, dist dj pt 6, peter (rmx by synapscape), atomic i.c.e. (rmx by ms gentur), zapped (rmx by dj peter (slimelight)), tv junk (rmx by xingu hill), mindbomb (rmx by collapse), zapped (rmx by architect), kiss the whip (rmx by s.i.n.a.).

three years ago, asche added a new musical direction to his work by combining hard distorted rhythms to his dark and ambient dronescapes. the result, 'distorted disco', was (and is) more than accepted by listeners and reviewers alike. beyond his live appearances, asche was constantly working on new material. 'distorted dj' is his new full length album that shows the improvement of asche's musical world. in addition, it is accompanied by a full length album of remixed 'distorted disco' tracks.

the slow and dark 'goldenday (version)' may make you think of a more chilling follow-up to 'distorted disco', but from track 2 on asche shows no mercy with the pumping, hard-driving 'dist dj' versions. you will become a slave to the rhythm and 'finnished' will leave you exhausted - but this is only part one...

on cd 2 you will find different musicians' takes on asche's 'distorted disco' material. from p.a.l's drone version of 'testshow' to the heavy rhythmic distortions of synapscape, from xingu hill's ab-usage of breakbeats and voices to institut's death-industrial treatments...

on the double vinyl, you can find extracts for distorted djs in distorted discos and you can enjoy the vinyl fetish & nice artwork of the 12" format!

if 'distorted disco' gave you 11 whiplashes - then we think you can now stand 22, right?

discography 02.2k3
distorted dj. 2cd / 2x12". ant-zen act145 / act145.4. 2003
distorted disco. cd. ant-zen act105. 2000
recycling art. cd / boxset. nuit et brouillard. 2000
split w/ templegarden's. 10". spectre. 1998
s/t. tape. 1998
split w/ morgenstern, lp, ant-zen act40. 1996
non apocalypse. cd. functional. 1994
non apocalypse. tape. fich art. 1993

asche website:


the career of asche's andreas schramm has certainly been an interesting one: a founding member of the apocalyptic industrial-punk band ars moriendi, he moved on to produce bleak, industrial drone-scapes under the asche moniker, with such influential releases as "non apocalypse" and "recycling art". however, the year 2000 saw him take a side step away from his former style and absorb the techno influence that abounded in other ant-zen artists such as converter and synapscape. the result was his distorted disco album, which was met by this reviewer with some disappointment, never really hitting as hard as his contemporaries with some awkward combinations of beats and atmospherics. however, with this latest release, distorted dj, we find the new style honed to a fine art via some very minimalist composing and some excellent production work. the album begins, though unassumingly with "goldenday (version)", a reprise of his early material with its open, vacant drones, the hum of petrol engines and subtle, tribal rhythms. it slowly builds to an apex of high-pitched noise before we are then launched into the main suite of tracks "dist dj" parts 1 - 6. building up from more oppressive drones, part 1 raises the pulse-rate with tense atmospherics and muted beats before exploding into part 3's all out rhythmic assault of slick 4/4 beats and endlessly looping atmospheric samples that produces a dancefloor hurricane, guaranteed to shake the floor of any club. as the tracks progress, aside from their obvious generic similarity, they are held together by a collection of samples from nick broomfield's fetishes documentary [from which the artwork has also been taken] which add to the tracks' seedy, underground feeling, contextualising them around sadistic or perverted impulses. as an aesthetic device, it works really well, providing some imagery for the home-listener to enrich their experience with. following the "dist dj" tracks, we have one final blast of noise-fuelled beats with "finnished (rmx)" building our adrenaline to such a level that we are left desperate for more, after such a short (45mins) album. thankfully, though, there is more in the form of a second disc of remixes (mainly from the distorted disco album). i'm not usually a fan of remix albums, as they tend to have less of a dynamic or coherence than regular albums and, to be fair, there is a certain amount of repetitiveness in some of these remixes. however, there are some outstanding contributions on offer here, such as pal's opening destruction of "testshow" which reduces the track to series of electric impulses and deep drones. synapscape's wonderfully chaotic remix of "peter, jesus and me", with vocals by tim kniepp make it more like a cover version than a remix, as it has been moulded so perfectly to fit with their sound: all fractured beats and kaoss pad processing. the same also goes for sina's version of "kiss the whip" which has been transformed into their own digital-hardcore sound, with the female vocals completely changing every connotation of the song. other remixes worthy of a mention include xingu hill's baffling 33-on-45 remix of "tv junk"; ah cama-sotz typically dark, brooding and brutal take on "atomic i.c.e." and the welcome return of daniel myer's architect project with its space-age tech-step reworking of "zapped". the rest of the remixes either fall into the category of same-old-same-old, or just downright unlistenable as is the case with the collapse and punch inc. remixes. this is a great set of cds for fans of power noise. it is vast improvement on his last album and complete return to form for asche, who seems at his best when intense and focussed like he is here. the remix cd leaves something to be desired, but the few gems on there make it well worth the purchase and a valuable addition to any dj's collection, whether they be distorted or otherwise. (gavin lees)

wreck this mess
ombre et lumière... nous sommes en présence d'une implacable machinerie dark-ambient / tekno-indus au relief contrasté. décrochages rythmiques ("pt 3") et reprise crescendo ("pt 4") tandis que des cris et/ou des déclamations de textes remplacent avantageusement tout autres vocalises convenues. des drones plombent l'ambiance et empêchent toutes intrusions mélodiques superflues. globalement, pourtant, cet opus est plus posé (on n'ose pas dire plus "calme") que son prédécesseur, distorted disco, qui fait par ailleurs l'objet de remixes signés p.a.l, ms gentur, synapscape, xingu hill, converter, sina, etc. sur le deuxième volet de cette nouvelle production estampillée ant-zen. avis aux amateurs, il en existe aussi une édition vinyl. (ld)

brand new double-cd, containing asche's new album and a second cd of remixed 'distorted disco' tracks. 'goldenday' kicks off proceedings, a gritty slow-building electronic wall of noise, with semi-ambient undertones and dispassionate background vocal samples. very eerie. this can best be compared to download's 'eye's of stanley pain' album, where the listener is taken somewhere unfriendly and disorienting, with a grim and constantly nagging sense of foreboding being constantly pushed and prodded into the listeners face. 'dist dj pt2' however, doesn't just push and prod, rather than chase you round the block. after the patient build-up of 'dist dj pt1', it literally explodes with jackhammer beats and loops. distorted dj then flows through to 'dist dj pt 6', displaying some sado-masochistic traits through the vocal sampling, whilst continuing to deliver chugging beats and hard-driving rhythms, with some inspiring electro-basslines along the way. the remix disc is rather less punishing, but remains experimental within the realms of industrial/noise music. the 71-minute disc delivers 14 asche remixes, from the likes of xingu hill, p.a.l, collapse, converter & synascape... you get the picture. some belting beats are on offer, none more so than sina's remix of 'kiss the whip', whilst dj peter adtobia takes his foot off the peddle to produce a more club-orientated 'zapped' and hinisidan even takes on old-skool electro for his mix of 'our love is a beautiful brutal thing'. one things for sure, there's no messing, and even if your a hardcore follower of uncompromising, pull-no-punches industrial music, this collective is likely to leave you feeling totally drained.

andreas schramm, mitglied der ant-zen-gemeinde und, wie sollte es anders sein, diverser projekte (z.b. ars moriendi und templegarden's), verwöhnt die anhänger der massiven und verzerrten rhythmen mit seinen neuesten soundexperimenten unter dem passenden namen "distorted dj". und als ob das noch nicht genug wäre, gibt es dazu ein weiteres album mit remixen vieler gröžen der industrial/noise/ambient-szene. "distorted dj" fährt also massig auf und was einem aus den boxen entgegen dröhnt, ist mehr als fett. das als cd oder vinyl erhältliche doppelalbum beginnt verhalten mit einer ruhigen mischung aus ambient und industrial. doch spätestens beim dritten track "dist dj pt 2" heižt es anschnallen, denn hier kommt ein oberhammer! wen diese rhythmus-stampf-maschine nicht vom hocker reižt, der dürfte mehr als scheintot sein. danach geht es ohne atempause weiter in einem gewaltmarsch durch das asche-sounduniversum aus beats, noise-loops, sprachsamples und ambientklängen. wer dann ohne herzinfarkt oder kreislaufkollaps bis "finnished (rmx)" überlebt hat, kann sich mit dem remix-album den rest geben. ob wabernde klänge von p.a.l und converter, ms genturs maschineller beat oder ah cama-sotz' hochfrequente noise-rasereien, fast jeder track schlägt durch. es ist eigentlich schon fast eine dreistigkeit, so viel geballtes potential auf zwei alben zu pressen. aus diesem grund ist "distorted dj" seit langem mal wieder eine der veröffentlichungen, der man ruhigen gewissens die volle punktzahl geben kann, auch wenn es mit sicherheit nicht jedermanns musik ist. um asche kommt man nicht herum, wenn man anhänger elektronischer klänge ist und "distorted dj" ist der aussagekräftige beweis, warum das so ist. (veit)

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