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act 152 · this morn' omina · le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge · 2cd

epoch, suneater, (the) ninth key, taliesin, the immutable sphere, toltec, son of fire, uraeus, aquarius, pisces, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, ophiuchus, sagittarius, capricorn, video: shiftwind [live].

also see: act 152.3 · this morn' omina · nagash · 3"cd

after the re-release of '7 years of famine' ant-zen presents the first part of this morn' omina's 'nyan' trilogy.

the concept of 'nyan I' in mika's own words:

le serpent blanc and le serpent rouge are the antithesis of one another - as simple as the serpent's split tongue or left and right, positive and negative, good and evil - whereas the former delves deeper into the cause and effect of saccidic movement, the latter is of an introspective nature.

le serpent rouge is the musical impression of a french poem / riddle concerning itself with a strange zodiac. a zodiac where the ophiochus (the serpent) has an intricate yet previously unexplained role. this 13-legged system has been subject to numerous attempted explanations, all of which have failed. we provide no explanation or any attempt towards one - but offer an impression of how the text revealed itself to us - sometimes at length, sometimes mere flashes of the imagination...sometimes focusing on the physical animal the text refers too, sometimes deviating from any tangible relation, as real truth will only reside within that 'early in the morning dream wake state' of the person beholding the zodiac.

le serpent blanc describes the rising of the uraeus. unrelenting and agressive in some moments - equally deceiving, seducing and gentle in others.

a new epoch has begun and all are welcome to join the journey - the old and the new travellers, and especially the ones that participated in this release.

this is ritual musik - this is nyan I

so - what can the listener expect?

'le serpent blanc' concentrates t.m.o.'s combination of hard techno, 4-to-the-floor rhythms, tribal percussion and breaks overwhelmed by voice samples. this music is powerful and aggressive, but not as nihilistic as many industrial soundwars. if you can't dance to it, you must be at least deaf, maybe blind, or at least a one-eyed man... and if you like it ... let's say a bit shorter, check out the [ccf]-versions on 'nagash'; a concentrate of the concentrate which makes you move on - and on - and on...

....until you reached a point where more 'relaxation' is needed - time to change to 'le serpent rouge'. this cd focusses the ritual-influenced side of mika's musical personality. this music is more quiet than 'le serpent blanc' but never calm or soft - open up your mind and let it flow... and then finally take a few minutes at your pc (or mac) and enjoy the brilliantly done live video of 'shiftwind' - and be sure that this trilogy will be continued!

discography 06.2k3
le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge. 2cd. ant-zen act152. 2003
nagash. 3"cd. ant-zen act152.3. 2003
7 years of famine. cd. ant-zen act142. 2003
the future has taken root in the present. cd. tantric harmonies. 2002
cyclops. 7". nocturnus/spectre noc6. 2002
7 years of famine. cd. live bait recordings. 2002
taiu. cd. horus cyclic daemon. 2001
em sauf haa-heru. cd. horus cyclic daemon. 2000
nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet. cd. old europa cafe. 1998
terra tremuit... solem undaeque ...(et quievit) + decline and fall of empires. double tape. 1997
the future has taken root in the present (it is done. it has begun.). tape. 1996

official this morn' omina website:


this morn' omina have a tough job facing them: how to top the impressive nocturnal ritual record of 7 years of famine. i've been resistant to listening to their new two-cd record, le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge, for two reasons: (1) i'm not entirely sure such an improvement is possible; and (2), i'm not sure my desire for tmo to knock my socks off again won't get in the way of appreciating this record for being different. because it is. i can tell you that right now. no track on le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge stomps with the same matrix-style rave-up fervor that so filled "one-eyed man" from 7 years of famine. which is probably okay; you only really need one track like that in your life. more sinuous and more sensual than their previous record, le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge is the beginning of a new trilogy for this morn' omina. "this is ritual musick, this is nyan i" is the description i am handed along with this record and, as i pass along this information to you, you should treat it as a pass key to the environment into which this morn' omina transports you. the four-on-the-floor tracks of le serpent blanc -- "epoch," "suneater," "(the) ninth key," "the immutable sphere" and "uraeus" -- aren't as world-beat techno as juno reactor's work, but they do have that same flair for border-breaking goa trance that ben watkins does. "epoch," after a brief intro of tiny cymbals and atmospherics breaks into the beats and takes off on its snake-rousing journey. "suneater" shuttles back and forth between a single line of spoken dialogue and a wordless male chorus for a minute or two -- giving you a chance to catch your breath -- before inducing a kundalini serpent awakening. "taliesin" is a insidious dance, the serpent wriggling up through the vertebrae of your spine. "return to the end and the beginning," a female voice whispers, revealing the ouroborian nature of the ritual. you dance to lose yourself; you dance to resurrect yourself. (and i love the imbedded joke of "tail sin" in the name of the track.) the ritual of le serpent blanc is euphoric, an orgiastic dance ritual which extends into infinity. in contrast, le serpent rouge is a mental journey, an ambient and internalized excursion into ritual headspace. mika, this morn' omina's chief conspirator, explains the contrast: "le serpent blanc and le serpent rouge are the antithesis of one another -- as simple as the serpent's split tongue or left and right, positive and negative, good and evil -- whereas the former delves deeper into the cause and effect of saccadic movement, the latter is of an introspective nature." le serpent rouge concerns itself with the movement of the serpent through a strange french zodiac riddle poem. mika makes no attempt to explain the mystery -- in fact, he claims to have no solution to the puzzle -- but rather presents the 13 tracks of le serpent rouge as an impression of the text. each track on this second disc is named after one of the zodiac markers with the extra track being named for the serpent -- "ophiochus." the tracks are shorter -- they range from just over a minute to five or so -- and are fraught with atmosphere. "taurus" is a subterranean rumble as backdrop to the movement of several initiates with rain sticks and percussion who keep tempo for the high priestess invocation as delivered by poly esther. the 100 seconds of "virgo" is spent spiraling up a waterspout, turning and turning in an upward flowing rush of sound. ms. poly esther whispers over a tiny plucked melody and an equally thin wisp of synthesized sound for the 68 seconds of "libra." "sagittarius" grooves like the movement of the desert air just as the sun colors the sand and sky with new light. the percussion instrumentation of "ophiochus" sounds like snakes, and the regular rhythm of the guitar chords makes me think of the parallel tracks in the sand left by sidewinders. wave patterns. it's all about the repetition of cycles. i've lost my preconceptions somewhere along the way -- they've either been shaken free during the serpentine ritual musick of the white serpent side or been absorbed back into my body during the introspective navel-gazing of the white serpent riddle. either way, i'm under this morn' omina's spell. le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge seduces with its insistent serpentine way. whether you lean towards the light or the dark -- whether you prefer the physical or the spiritual in your music -- you will find a rich narcotic dose in this morn' omina. highly recommended. (mark teppo)

het afgelopen jaar is het hard gegaan met this morn' omina. deze belgische ritual-techno/tribal-trance act had al meerdere cd's uitgebracht toen vorig jaar de plaat 7 years of famine uitkwam. de clubhit 'one eyed man' heeft zeker bijgedragen aan de bekendheid van de groep, maar het huidige succes is vooral te danken aan de kwaliteit van die plaat als geheel. het gerenommeerde industrial/technoïde label ant-zen bracht dit jaar dat album opnieuw uit, zodat de cd voor iedereen verkrijgbaar werd (in eerste instantie was er een gelimiteerde oplage). ook de nieuwe dubbel cd le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge is op dit label verschenen. het eerste dat opvalt aan de nieuwe cd (cd 1) is dat er deze keer niet één maar minstens drie potentiële clubhits opstaan. op de vorige cd waren er meerdere dansbare nummers, maar de opbouw was te lang en onduidelijk voor de dansvloer. de nieuwe tracks 'epoch', '(the) ninth key' en 'the immutable sphere' hebben een betere (lees: dansvloervriendelijkere) opbouw en een duidelijke break (voor de dj's). naast deze nummers is het merendeel van cd 1 dansbaar en in de harde ritual-techno stijl die this morn' omina duidelijk onderscheidt van andere techno acts. de harde beats en de tribal percussie en geluiden werken trance-opwekkend, als een soort sjamanen-techno. de tweede cd van le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge is een rustige, meer ambient-georiënteerde plaat. de tribal ritmes zijn nog steeds aanwezig, maar de stampende beats zijn weggelaten. het zou echter te makkelijk zijn om cd 1 als "de dansplaat" af te doen en cd2 als "de luisterplaat". de eerste cd is ook als luisterplaat heel erg goed, er gebeurt veel in de nummers en de mysterieuze sfeer die de dansbare nummers oproepen is fantastisch. maar ook op cd 2 staan hele goede ritmische nummers, zoals 'aries' en 'sagittarius', die best dansbaar zijn. bij de limited edition zit ook nog een 3"-cd met daarop edits van de drie potentiële clubhits, voor de luie dj of een kwartiertje flink beuken thuis. daarnaast staat er nog het ritmische 'obeah' op, een nog niet eerder verschenen nummer van this morn' omina samen met het eigen side-project empusae. le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge is simpelweg een geweldige cd geworden. de combinatie van harde dansmuziek en etnische elementen is goed uitgewerkt en werkt opzwepend. this morn' omina is erin geslaagd om haar elektronische muziek heel aards en natuurlijk te laten klinken. kortom, ga dit beluisteren. dit is een van dé platen van 2003. (martijn van gessel)
après la ré-édition plus que judicieuse de 7 years of famine, voici la suite très attendue de la discographie désormais ant-zenienne de this morn' omina avec le premier double disque de la nouvelle trilogie "nyan". cette fois-ci l'attention de this morn' omina se fixe sur le serpent, sa portée symbolique et son implication mythologique, à travers une traversée musicale serpentant entre une toujours -si ce n'est plus- excellente electro tribale aux limites de l'indus, et une trance rythmique de plus en plus affirmée. le tout se divisant en deux entités distinctes, "le serpent blanc" et "le serpent rouge", à la fois antinomiques et interdépendants, comme toutes les dichotomies fondatrices des mythologies, bien et mal, douleur et plaisir, vie et mort. on retrouve bien sr sur le serpent blanc les percussions rituelles habituelles du groupe ("epoch"), ainsi que les samples de chant mystiques qui couvrent l'album d'une atmosphère indéniablement hypnotique ("suneater", évoquant de ses trames fascinantes et répétitives les gestes qui s'emballent d'une danse rituelle), ou les sonorités de cérémonie ésotériques ("taliesin"). mais loin de s'avérer linéaire et conformément au concept de la nouvelle trilogie, les sonorités reptiliennes n'arrivent que rarement de face et serpentent lentement, attaquant par des chemins tortueux l'auditeur ("uraeus" et sa superbe montée en puissance).
this morn' omina donne encore plus de place au travail d'ambiance et de trance atmosphérique, presque méditative, en laissant glisser le serpent encore plus progressivement et sournoisement sur le second disque, "le serpent rouge", dont chaque titre porte le nom d'une des constellations de l'écliptique, même celle toujours oubliée du serpentaire, "ophiucus" -tout un symbole.
devant une pareil réussite, un disque aussi fort, complet et matrisé, une seule conclusion s'impose : entrez dans la trance ! (célia schneebeli)

rocksound uk
latest album from the prolific folk-technoist mika godderis arrives in two complimentary parts. 'le serpent blanc', the longer of the two discs is very in much the same territory this morn omina staked out previously in last years club hit 'one eyed man', all intense tribal rhythms and techno beats. its companion, 'le serpent rouge', however, is a collage of both haunting and dulcet ambient hues, and although listed second in the running order, it is the cd best approached first. here this morn omina's ambience intertwined with ethnic chant tells stories of forgotten cities long overtaken by jungle, recalling ancient ziggurats and cyclopean arches giving entrance to lost underworlds. and 'le serpent blanc' is their return from the mystical outlands, armed with the magick of the ancients and flying through the worlds of the shaman. threaded on a high density techno pulse, it journeys a landscape of esoteric form and illusion, where this morn omina becomes both guide and fellow traveller. folk music has always had an ecstatic element. here, weaving electronics with traditionalism, mika godderis undertakes a new ritual of summoning which is both mysterious and wild. (alex whitehead)

tmo aka mika goedrijk is already back with a new album. after the success of the "hegira"-trilogy and especially the "taiu"-album, the previous long player entitled "7 years of famine" only increase the recognition and popularity of this belgian project. in the meantime tmo also released a 7" on spectre and the soundtrack like album "the future has taken root in the present". to complete the list, m. goedrijk also released the debut album of his side-project nebula-h! this guy isn't only a work addict, but a f.. genius! the move on ant-zen can be seen as recognition of his talent and after the re-release of "7 years of famine" comes this double cd! this marks the debut of a new trilogy entitled the "nyan". "le serpent blanc/le serpent rouge" are like the antithesis of one another. it's about the split tongue of the serpent or left and right, positive and negative, good and evil! musically speaking "le serpent blanc" goes on with the trance electro-industrial-tribal style that has been worked out on "taiu" and "7 years of famine". the evolution in sound and style isn't that important in comparison with the past, but we can for sure perceive an even stronger electronic content. tmo doesn't hesitate to enlarge its horizon and experience with pure techno elements. the industrial side becomes less present, but the dark mood remains a familiar item! tmo has been always a genius in the search of samplings, but it never reached the content of this new album. there's a constant mix of spoken words and documentary extracts resulting in esoteric and tribal impressions! the songs have been once again slowly built up, starting with long intros to finally emerge in pure trance structures. the power of the production is once again terrific and even reminds to the cold and sterile production of lassigue bendthaus! among the tracks of this 1st album, you'll be flabbergasted by "epoch", "suneater", "toltec" and the impressive "the immutable sphere". this last cut contains an irresistible tribal sampling while the rhythmic will lead you into an extra galactic universe! tmo already excels in the elaboration of his structures and the merging of styles and influences! "le serpent rouge" is much more conceptual and definitely more into minimalism and industrialism! this is the musical impression of a french poem / riddle concerning itself with a strange zodiac (which explains the titles of the songs). it's a zodiac where the serpent has an intricate and previously unexplained role! the songs have been mixed one in the other, creating the feeling to discover a very diversified long piece of music! the style is different, definitely more minimal and featuring some cold female spoken words and screams! i personally enjoy "aries", "libra" and "sagittarius". last, but not least we also get a live version of the "shiftwind" song. and this is not the end because we also get a bonus 3" cd containing 4 more songs. this is another interesting concept... which sounds a bit more conceived for the commercial purpose as the best songs of "le serpent blanc" have been delivered in reduced time-versions! the long intros have been erased and so you get the feeling to directly enter on the dancefloor! the "epoch" and "the immutable sphere" songs remain potential floorkillers! oh yes beloved dj's of the universe... it's time to enlarge your horizon and left your 'cyclops-vision' behind... realizing that tmo has much more to offer than the now legendary "one eyed man"-monster hit!

officially starting their new contract with ant-zen in style, this morn' omina kick start their latest trilogy of releases, nyan, with "le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge", a trilogy which, judging by this first instalment, we can expect to be of tolkien-like proportions. "le serpent..." is a mammoth double-disc album, with an accompanying 3" that contains shorter, focussed versions of the album's highlights, plus one bonus track: a trilogy in itself! invoking tolkien is perhaps a good idea when considering the oeuvre of this belgian act as they are heavily steeped in mythology, encompassing belief systems from the far-east, egypt, greece and ancient rome, all of which have a place that most insidious of creatures: the serpent, whose bi-polar nature, characterised in its forked tongue, is explored on each of these discs. starting with "le serpent blanc", this sees us in vary familiar territory for this morn' omina, hearkening heavily to their previous album, "seven years of famine" with its ethno-goa beats and rhythms as the act invokes the spirit of desert terrain, humid rain forests and other empty lands where the snake upholds a position of awe and dread. this is achieved by a less overtly-techno sound on this album; utilising manipulated samples, real ethnic percussion and voices to spin sumptuous textures of sound to which synthesizers and drum machines play only a secondary role. still, though, it is undeniably danceable and upbeat, giving us yet another take on the recent trend for textures and beats. however, i can't help but feel that it is just "seven years of famine" take ii, using the same structures and tricks as before to produce something that, while it is certainly sonically richer, fails to offer us anything particularly new or exciting from the act. moving to "le serpent rouge", though, we find ourselves in a very different state-of-play. on this disc, the thumping bass drums and acidic synth lines have been removed to offer us a totally ambient and introspective experience. based around the concept of an occult zodiac where the serpent plays an unidentified, yet central role, "le serpent rouge" takes us through the various phases of the earth's orbit, exploring the psychical states associated with each. to me, this is what this morn' omina are really about: taking the listener to inexplicable and unexplainable dimensions of thought and perception through the subtle use of sound; something they do particularly well on this disc. the various stages of the zodiac they present are radically different, from the expansive, celestial ambience of aquarius through the nightmarish tribalism of aries to the monolithic futurism of the mysterious ophiuchus; each has its own distinct atmosphere, giving the disc stunning diversity, especially when compared to its one-dimensional predecessor. the final third of this package is the "nagash" disc, featuring three tracks from "le serpent blanc" which have been distilled down to their base components to make them more dj-friendly, but again they still do not offer us anything new. except, that is, for obeah a previously unreleased collaboration between this morn' omina and empusae that gives us weird, almost glitchy take on the act's classic sound, mixing strange buzzes and clicks with the ethnic sounds, a direction that i would quite like to see the band pursue. as an introduction to this morn' omina, "le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge" contains everything there is to know about this act: their mesmeric rhythm-based material and their gorgeous ambient pieces, the latter being their undoubted strongpoint. existing fans of the act may find the first disc a little repetitive, but will find the band redeem themselves on the second - a true masterpiece of ethereal ambience. (gavin lees)

es ist noch gar nicht lange her, da (wieder-)veröffentlichte ant-zen den ersten teil der nyan-trilogie von this morn' omina namens "7 years of famine". nun, kurze zeit später, steht schon die zweite veröffentlichung aus dieser reihe ins haus. die doppel-cd "nyan i" oder "le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge" steht ganz im zeichen der schlange und enthält auf den beiden scheiben zwei vollkommen unterschiedliche musikalische interpretationen. meines erachtens ein entweder sehr gewagtes projekt oder ein meisterwerk, denn während die erste cd "le serpent blanc" vollkommen entfesselt zwischen techno, elektro und ein wenig industrial hin- und her oszilliert, besticht "le serpent rouge" durch gedämpfte, rituelle und sehr mystische parts. this morn' omina selbst beschreiben die beiden cd's als auf die jeweils andere cd bezogene antithesen. ob daraus auch eine synthese entsteht, liegt ganz am geschmack des hörers. this morn' omina hatten auf dem diesjährigen wgt schon die möglichkeit "le serpent blanc" der öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren. trotz nachmittäglichem auftritt und hohen temperaturen haben this morn' omina das publikum im werk 2 entfesseln können. von den live-qualitäten der band kann man sich übrigens auf dem auf der zweiten cd enthaltenen video ("shiftwind") überzeugen. this morn' ominas mischung aus techno und rituell-düsteren elementen ist absolut suchterzeugend. wie neuzeitliche schamanen beschwören sie damit unsichtbare dämonen. die struktur der einzelnen songs ist dabei so geschickt arrangiert, dass die ursprüngliche abgrenzung zwischen elektronischen parts, aufwühlenden tribal-percussions und eingesetzten sprachsamples verschwimmt und fast surreal wirkende kompositionen entstehen. wenn es ihnen dann noch, wie in diesem fall, gelingt, diese songs so zu transportieren, dass man fast in einen rausch verfällt und völlig darin versinkt und sie gleichzeitig das potential besitzen, jede tanzfläche zu füllen, kann man nur den hut ziehen. um wieder auf die bereits erwähnte schlange zurückzukommen, sei an dieser stelle this morn' omina zitiert: "le serpent blanc beschreibt das erheben der uraeus (griechisch: kobra, anm. d. verf.), in manchen momenten unerbittlich und aggressiv, in anderen trügerisch, verführerisch und zahm." "le serpent rouge" geht einen ganz anderen weg: als musikalische vision eines aus 13 kapiteln bestehenden französischen gedichtes bzw. rätsels mit gleichem titel. folglich tragen alle 13 tracks auch die titel der einzelnen kapitel dieses buches. this morn' omina haben ihre eigenen eindrücke dieses immer noch ungelösten rätsels in dieser zweiten cd verarbeitet. das mysterium des zugrunde liegenden textes ist deutlich aus der musik herauszuhören. mit deutlich weniger auf beats und stellenweise komplettem verzicht darauf, unterschwelligen sprachsamples und dem deutlichen fokus auf beinahe zeremoniell wirkenden percussions gräbt sich "le serpent rouge" tief ins unterbewusstsein. ein sehr markanter gegensatz zu "le serpent blanc", aber nicht minder bemerkenswert. wer sich die limitierte special-edition der doppel-cd sichert, erhält neben einem aufkleber die 3"-cd "nagash". auf ihr sind gekürzte aber dafür wesentlich kraftvollere versionen einiger songs von "le serpent blanc" zu finden. hierbei handelt es sich, wie this morn' omina im übrigen betonen, nicht um remixes. es ist schon sehr beeindruckend, was this morn' omina mit "le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge" abgeliefert haben. der nächste teil der nyan-trilogie wird es schwer haben, das noch zu toppen. (veit)

this morn' omina's le serpent blanc, le serpent rouge is a double cd release as long, perhaps as the title implies. an awesome release from this multi-faceted band, they combine trance, ethnic tribal music, with a touch of dark soundscapes and industrial overtones. the first disc, le serpent blanc comprises 8 tracks that focus on a more simplistic techno/trance/tribal dance theme, that, though good, sort of have a habit of blending in my mind. this however works well in making them equally appropriate for the dance floor and for relaxing to. it changes feeling with the volume you play it at. with their previous album "7 years of famine", this morn' omina has begun to create a following for themselves (the album originally appeared on live bait recordings, selling out, and then being re-released on ant-zen)(though they have a few other releases as well, this was the album that introduced a lot of people, including myself, to their sound). this new album, with its cross over appeal (appealing to a broad range of electronic music fans, as well as expanding out past that), ant-zen distribution, and vague similarity to juno reactor, is sure to do nothing but increase that. the second cd delves into an amazing dark techno ambient sound and is where this album really shines, and separates this morn' omina from the pack of techno/trance bands. while remaining true to their techno style, these beautifully dark pieces conjure a more soundtrack feel. each of the 13 tracks is named after a sign of the zodiac, and for those who have any special interest in that, may find some deeper meaning there. with their tribal sounds, and dark mystic connotations, le serpent rouge is an intense piece, well worth many hours of audio study. (squid)

this morn' omina (tmo) is back after the stunning 7 year famine album. if you liked 7 year famine, then you will love this album just as much, if not more! it's an electronic journey that you need to play from the beginning to end. on the first disc (le serpent blanc), the album continues with a more refined sound from the previous album. there is a mixture of hard techno, tribal, experimental, and noise. sound samples are used throughout this disc in good places and go very well with the music. the second disc (le serpent rouge) has a softer ambient sound to it. however, there are a few random vocal samples in there as well. thus, it's not so ambient that it puts you to sleep. the last track has a bonus track for the video shiftwind. it's an amazing track too!! it's a pretty good video but the resolution is not enough to maximize it on your monitor with reasonable picture quality. nonetheless, it's great to see artists include videos on their album. it makes it much a more enjoyable experience. on the bonus disc (nagash), it takes some of the songs from the actual disc and cuts them down to just the high-energy parts. you see, a standard tmo song has a slow building up process then explodes into a high energetic frenzy. thus, this cd kills the build up in the songs. thus making the songs on this disc perfect for people who are impatient, suffer from a.d.d., or djs who want to play tmo in a club but don't want to play a 15 min. track! just in case you haven't picked up on this: i love this album.... no complaints whatsoever!!! i highly recommend this album to anyone who likes tribal-experimental-electronic music. (electrosynthesis)

the sound and rhythm of trance is something i really don't like, i find the beats too repetitive and uninteresting and the genre overall simplistic, however this morn omina makes me think in another realm altogether. here trance beats are used to full potential and the sound is extremely engaging and interesting, while also pursuing an experimental noisier edge. a two cd release that may actually be worth it. the first disc is techno oriented with beats flowing in and out, while using an almost juno reactor tribelism to engage the listener and get the booty moving and the soul flowing. the first track builds momentum with a long slow ambient tribal build up, which just when it has reached a point where change becomes necessary a trance beat explodes and knocks the entire project up a notch in intensity, while continuing the tribal ambient sounds, and then adding snake like vocals slithering in the background. and this pretty much continues throughout the first disc. although far be it for me to suggest in a redundant way, rather the groove continues, but the songs themselves are distinct. nice techno with a melancholy feel, some truly great trance elements to this, nice danceable beats, and interesting sounds all with an edge of tribalism, the snake is coming to eat civilization and we must accept the current return to savagery (through neo-colonization, but that's another rant). the second disc has a more oppressive ambient feel, named after the signs of the zodiac, i suppose a tribute to astrology, all the while making me question their signs to see if there tracks are somehow better than the others. hmmm? the sound utilizes deep bassy sounds and chaotic-evil vocals to create a rather frightening atmosphere. yes, frightening very few albums are sonically scary but this is; with a generalized oppressive feel rounding out the air of disruption. mild beats intersperse and generate a holistic sense of gloom like being stalked as prey. perhaps this refers back to the snake metaphor a giant cobra after your children: the snake marches through the music, first seducing the listener with tribal dance, and then mesmerizing the prey with slowed fear, slowly moving in for the kill. (vigzig)

guts of darkness
après la trilogie 'hegira', basée sur la saga 'hyperion' du romancier dan simmons, le belge de this morn' omina nous offre sa dernière livraison en démarrant une nouvelle trilogie intitulée cette fois 'nyan'. 'le serpent blanc,...' en est donc le premier chapitre, et quelle entrée en matière ! adepte d'une musique electro et ethnique (beaucoup de percussions, de samples orientaux et africains) couplée à une atmosphère ambient et proche de la trance chamanique, tmo confirme les qualités de son matre-d'oeuvre que l'on avait pu remarquer au travers des excellents 'taiu' ou encore '7 years of famine' pour ne citer qu'eux. entre les longues plages d'intro, pure ambient évolutive aux nappes épaisses, et les éruptions de percussions et de rythmiques electro-techno ('epoch', 'uraeus', 'the immutable sphere'), difficile de résister à cet appel du corps et de l'âme qui nous éloigne de ce monde vain et matériel. ca c'est pour le premier cd ; 'le serpent rouge', jumeau ambivalent du 'serpent blanc' donc, calme le jeu pour parcourir les douze signes astrologiques auxquels vient s'ajouter le symbole du serpent ('ophiuchus') : ambiances élémentaires pour totémisation et rites de contrées lointaines. de l'excellent travail pour cet artiste qui partage avec son compatriote d'ah cama-sotz le sens du rythme qui tue et des ambiances d'un autre monde. (marco)

vital weekly
Shortly after the re-release of debut album "7 years of famine", Belgium artist calling himself This Morn Omina is now ready with the first chapter of a new trilogy called Nyan. This first part consists of the double-cd "Le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge" plus this present 3"cd titled "Nagash". Compared to the "7 years of famine"-album, "Nagash" is less harsh and more tribal trance-like. Opening with some tabla drumming the album quickly bursts into high energetic tribal techno with lots of ethnic influence. What otherwise characterizes the style of This Morn Omina is the fusion of many electronic styles where the most obvious slipping to the tongue is industrial techno and club oriented psy trance. No doubt, This Morn Omina is the perfect sound engine for some physical activity during summer. (NMP)

cold room
pour mon premier contact avec this morn'omina, j'ai eu une grosse surprise: je m'attendais à un album d'indus, et me voici transporté quelques années en arrière, avec un superbe album de trance tribale, qui a su retirer le meilleur de la trance du milieu des 90's, remise au got du jour avec brio, reliftée, modernisée. toutefois, ceci n'est qu'un aspect de l'opus de this morn'omina, composé de deux disques complémentaires, présentés sous un superbe artwork. comme je disais, le premier disque, "le serpent blanc", attaque très fort, sur des rythmes trance et tribaux très dansants, très énergétiques: une atmosphère positive et mystique très agréable imprègne ce disque. difficile de ne pas bouger la tête et taper du pied, et c'est avec grand plaisir que j'ai redécouvert ces boucles psychédéliques caractéristiques réinterprétées, remises au got du jour à travers les 8 morceaux. le second disque, "le serpent rouge", propose un zodiaque musical au travers de treize compositions assez courtes, dans les quelles le coté mystique est encore renforcé par des ambiances beaucoup plus posées, introspectives, délaissant les voies de la trance pour se tourner vers des structures ambiantes ou electronica, plus sombres que les thèmes du serpent blanc, mais toujours ritualistes. le tout n'est pas sans m'évoquer certains albums de future sound of london (ce qui est à priori plutôt une bonne référence). bref, un excellent album, rafraichissant à écouter, qui augure de bons moments futurs, puisque c'est le premier d'une trilogie. et en guise de bonus, vous pourrez toujours découvrir la facette plus industrielle de this morn'omina sur la vidéo d'un titre live figurant sur le second cd.

never have bought such a complete set with music. two full length cd's that form together "le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge" and next to this the cds "nagash". next to all this contains "le serpent rouge" also a live video of 'shiftwind' and you can speak of an evening filling program. this morn' omina left a great impression during their show on the wave gotik treffen and to be honest this cd doest the same "le serpent blanc" colours the term tribal industrial. worked up rhythms with drums and electronics and different voice/ samples that shape the songs. the result is so dynamic that every dance act should shame them. it's striking that every song knows to impress for several minutes, a lot of the songs clock around seven or eight minutes. every time when you think that the band ends a song they come back even stronger. listen to the first two songs, 'epoch' and 'suneater' (and don't we hear ms. poly esther on this song?) and you know what's meant (don't forget to listen 'the immutable sphere' as well). but there's more. the slowly tension built up during '(the) ninth key' seem to be the first indication of other times of the quieter second cd "le serpent rouge" (listen also to 'taliesin'). their last record "7 years of famine" had their ups and downs, but this album keeps your head in the right direction. especially the dragging (with heavy beat) song 'toltec' is a perfect transition and that's not only because ms poly esther is singing on this song like most of the songs on "le serpent rouge". "le serpent rouge" has as theme the zodiac, but there's only one thing wrong. the album contains 13 songs (find the one that doesn't fit). this cd is more ambient and at ease than "le serpent blanc". ms poly esther has proven with hybryds that her voice fits nicely with this kind of music and this time she proves it again. sometimes sultry, beseeching, almost whispering to further with a floating voice that enchants you even further. the voice of delphine dhaenens has the same qualities. the use of drums gives the cd an own authentic sound. the music sounds pretty dark and sometimes even remember of the obscure sounds of the sui generis umbra. this trip into the underworld of this morn' omina is, like their heavier eruptions, very impressive. "nagash" brings you the following songs more compact: 'epoch', '(the) ninth key' and 'the immutable sphere'. possibly with one thing in mind: people can't impossible dance for ten minutes on such heavy tribal eruptions of 8 minutes. the fourth song 'obeah' (= the evil eye)' is originally recorded for a magazine, but was never released. with the help of empusae the result is as oppressing as all the songs before. this morn' omina has become a constant factor and knows, without any problem, to entertain you for more than two hours of music. there are not many bands that can say the same. (beautevil)

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