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act 165 · genetic selection · orbital ground attack · cd

ruined cities, raid, the day after, freedom requires sacrifice, revenge, last hope of mankind, prepare for contact, nemesis, defeat, return to earth.

"robert a. heinlein's taboo-busting activities as a writer focused on a variety of areas. many fans and critics have focused on his 'crowding (or more than crowding) the taboos' in the area of sex - recent real-world developments in biological science and engineering may draw our attention to the ways he pushed the conceptual envelope in another and allied area: that of genetics (specifically - his portrayals of gene-selection, of one kind or another, as not only possible and routine but desirable under a wide range of circumstances: and not only - not even mostly - in the totalitarian type of society with which we generally associate such notions as 'eugenics.')..."
(kate gladstone @ robert a. heinlein reader's discussion group, 'genetic selection in heinlein')

"roy neary sets out to investigate a power outage when his truck stalls and he is bathed in light from above. after this, strange visions and five musical notes keep running through his mind. will he find the meaning of the visions, and who - or what - placed them in his mind ?"
(colin tinto: plot summary for 'close encounters of the third kind')

the one man project, genetic selection, was founded in 2002 and in 2004 he will unleash the 'orbital ground attack' cd. it is the follow up to a self-released demo cd-r that was released in 2003. this young artist has only appeared live once and that performance caused enthusiastic reactions from the audience and several label owners. we're proud to present this debut full length cd on ant-zen - and genetic selection will perform at the maschinenfest 04 in krefeld / germany.

'orbital ground attack' is the proof that it isn't always necessary to re-invent the wheel. the album's experience is made up of 10 merciless, powerful four-to-the-floor tracks with dominating rhythms, melodic synth layers and economically placed samples - nothing more, nothing less. if you're looking for references: tracks like 'sacrifice' and 'nemesis' seem to hint that g.s. admires a distorted dj's recent work; on 'the day after' and 'prepare for contact' there are slight similarities to ... so what ? the difference between g.s.'s music and these (possible) reference points is the harshness of the rhythm itself (without the over usage of distortion). another g.s. trademark is the mounting tension within a track - all done by utilizing rhythmical variations. 'orbital ground attack' can be described as 'contemporary rhythmic industrial'. in addition, this young artist isn't afraid of contemplating and processing the influences of other musical genres.

so prepare for battle, and don't forget: the only good bug is a dead bug ! would you like to know more? &

discography 10.2004
orbital ground attack. cd. ant-zen act165. 2004
first contact ep. cd-r. genetic selection. 2003


l'ant-zen torna sulle sue sonorità piť classiche e storiche attraverso l'esordiente progetto di robert a. heinlein aka genetic selection. "orbital ground attack" si mostra marciante e reattivo dalla prima alla decima traccia, spianando ogni ostacolo auditivo con potenti ritmiche distorte, adattabili ad ogni dance-floor ospitante frequenze industrial, ed investendo i 48 minuti d'ascolto di raffiche melodiche dalla solida struttura technoid-noise. saturazioni cinetiche costituite da spessi ed intricati livelli ultrasonici, sovraccarichi digitali strutturali che pur non offrendo un'assoluta innovazione, dimostrano che l'autore conosce bene i suoi mezzi e li sa anche usare bene, allinenando impeccabili orbite roventi e penetranti, imprimendo ad ogni sua creatura una micidiale forza propulsiva. impulsi e folgorazioni che si avvicendano freneticamente all'interno di dimensioni spietatamente futuriste, una cruda vertigine perenne colorata da una neurotica meiosi tecnologica. una trance a tratti asfissiante ed ipnotica ma che con estrema facilità riesce ad influenzare e coinvolgere il nostro assetato apparato motorio. estrema lucidità - efferata realtà. (francesco gentile)

ant-zen often treats the listener with new and daring industrial music. but, genetic selection is nothing new, you have heard it all before. the music on orbital ground attack is (simply) harsh, four to the floor industrial techno. there are some hints to asche ('freedom requiers sacrifice') and this morn' omina ('prepare for contact') and to some other acts on the label. thus, if you like the harsher, more dancefloor orientated releases on ant-zen you will love this record. even if genetic selection doesn't really sounds innovating the tracks on this album are really good. the music is loud, pounding and dark. dominating are the thythms that are loud but not too distorted. every contemporary industrial and tekno dj will find a few tracks he/she can use in a set. orbital ground attack is for the people who prefer the dancefloor attitude of industrial music above the more experimental music that results in interesting listening experiences. if you are one them this is the record for you at this moment. (mvg)

club metropolis
the record label ant zen has through the past decade been famous for all their remarkable releases, and the record label has always done a good job finding new talented bands/projects in the idm, experimental, power noise scene. the german project genetic selection is one of them. genetic selection was founded in 2002 and consist of boris kasper who released his first demo cd in 2003, and afterwards he got signed to ant zen where the debut "orbital ground attack" is released on. the album "orbital ground attack" is one of the most club friendly albums i have heard from ant zen in long time, except for the this morn omina releases. the album offers us 10 tracks, all of which are very danceable, it sounds like a mixture of power noise, ebm and some kind of trance techno. genetic selection has a sound that could easily fit in various clubs in the subculture, not only in the industrial/ebm clubs, but also at techno events, if the music isn't to hard for that kind of audience, he, he. genetic selection has made a good album where all the songs could become floor fillers, the music is harsh, danceable, instrumental and every track is around 140 bpm. "orbital ground attack" has a lot of good songs like "raid", "freedom requires sacrifice", "last hope of mankind", and "prepare for contact" which is one of the slower tracks on the album, but it's very cool composed with a lot different sounds. i think "orbital ground attack" is a good debut album with a superb mastering & production as we are used to hear from the ant zen label, so if you're into a music genre where power noise meets techno with some ebm influences, then genetic selection is without a doubt a brilliant choice. (brain)

this is a very rhythmic industrial dancey cd and i personally love it to pieces! it all starts off with the cd cover: i had never heard of genetic selection before, but cor blimey, this is one kick-arse very cool cd cover! no, i am not prejudiced, some album covers are cool and the music is not, and vice versa. however, while i listened to the first track for the first time i knew i was already hooked. genetic selection presents to you a full cd with 10 dancefloor fillers. this cd is absolutely packed with energy, and i really mean packed! great, love it, cannot wait till the next cd! (ms. poly-ester)
sequenze meccaniche, scansioni pulsanti che riportano alle piť tipiche sonorità delle 'formichine zen' agite senza esitazione alcuna da boris kasper, in arte genetic selection. ritmi intensi e bpm che corrono, diretti ad un pubblico certo non convenzionale, sollecitando atmosfere incalzanti e cupe con inserimenti melodici estremamente sporadici ma ben curati. dieci le tracce, un assalto sonico che sovraccarica le sinapsi facendo bella mostra di sperimentalismo techno-industriale, mantenendo alta la tensione tuttavia senza eccedere in dissonanze noise. difficile immaginare nel contesto italiano platee in sintonia con queste frequenze al di fuori dei circuiti alternativi vicini alle scene rave. (aurelio cianciotta)

vital weekly
debut album from genetic selection finds german label ant zen recordings back in the great tradition of harsh rhythmic powernoise. with a mixture of full-throttle distorted beats and dark atmospheric soundscapes boris kasper aka genetic selection have created ten floor-filling no-holds-barred club tracks. stylistically genetic selection works in the borderland between the ebm-oriented side of converter and the synth-layered dark atmospheres of somatic responses. not overwhelmingly original the trademark of genetic selection is more likely found in the ability of keeping the high tension of explosive energy throughout the 40+ minutes playing time. despite the album's screaming for some physical performance of the consumer, "orbital ground attack" also works well in the state of more passive listening. a promising debut indeed! (nmp)

genetic selection is a one man project created by boris kasper in 2002. following his self-released "first contact" demo cdep in 2003 kasper releases first full-length album, "orbital ground attack", for ant-zen. whilst not trying to break any boundaries or introduce any particularly new sound or innovation to the genre with this release kasper's sound is densely rhythmic and aggressive but not harsh. "orbital ground attack" is quite aptly named too as each track is a relentless and powerful noise attack which would undoubtedly make for an intense and adrenaline fuelled live experience. having only performed once kasper will make another live appearance at this year's maschinenfest in krefeld. an ideal live act alongside the likes of needle sharing and synapscape, similarities between their styles are evident. presenting a merciless onslaught of pulsating beats and layered rhythms, kasper portrays a sinister air of foreboding evident in tracks such as "raid" and "nemesis". more industrial qualities are introduced on "freedom requires sacrifice" and well chosen samples are also utilized on several tracks. overall, maybe a bit too heavy and relentless for home listening but live kasper's music should be quite an experience. (pl)
will humanity one day be held accountable for its own technological demise? The end of the world could be at the hands of our own creation - the determinacy of the machine. For Boris Kasper and his project, Genetic Selection, one-man and machine take on the vulnerability of sound right down to the final note. Ant-Zen known for releasing dynamic and harsh electronic projects, with Orbital Ground Attack, the relationship dives even further into the "tek" forum adding another layer of credibility to the already established noize assembly. Thematically, Orbital Ground Attack could be construed as a science-fiction storyboard or perhaps a prophetic sampling of the technological finale for humanity. Easily the school of thought could place this album into reverb 1990s souped-up techno without having the knowledge of the evolution of experimental noize. There's a darker element at work, than just club night appetizers. "Freedom Requires Sacrifice" and "Prepare for Contact" are examples of the twisted hybrids of techno to the dark side, combining empty soundscapes with grilling beats. It's as if the space environment is being brought to Earth translated through the medium of the machine. However cloned the bpms may be to every song, repetition doesn't drive home tediousness. While the overall sensation of Orbital Ground Attack isn't beyond revolutionary conception, Boris Kasper's invention isn't too easily replicated. Be sure to listen carefully, though, the war of the worlds might be looming in the vitality of the beat.

genetic selection is a one man project which originated in 2002 and that has now released it's debut cd through the well known ant-zen label. the artist has performed once and this caused enthousiastic reactions. this isn't that strange since the music on this cd is dark, explosive and extremely dancable. comparisons could be made with the music on asche's latest releases or the music of this morn' omina. it has the 'funk' asche incorporated into his music too. so, this means distorted disco time. the cd counts 10 merciless dancefloorfillers with 4-to-the-floor beats, in which a exciting rhythmical build up ensures a climax in every track. heavy stuff! (teknoir)

there's not much to say about "orbital ground attack" . it's a record that' s filled with rhythmic soundscapes that will take you directly to the dance floor. with a racing heartbeat you will only take a few minutes dancing, because gentetic selection keeps on going strong without losing their rhythm. maybe that explains the name of the band, because there will follow a natural selection when your dance genetics isn't strong enough. although the music sounds great with nicely thought of loops and layered music this record has one big disadvantage; when you listen to this record without really absorbing it (dancing) then it becomes one monotonous ride. so there 's only one conclusion left. take of those high heel shoes and put on your best dancing shoes, because with this electronic eruption there's only one way to survive: dancing! (beautevil)

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