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act 171 · contagious orgasm · dessert addicts will return to this · 2cd

tracklist cd1:
new rem, livewire voodoo, in the dim light, point 24 to point 29, peek and poke, unstable parade, industrial swamp, lounge, a drop story, wrapped in the white rose, when the empire which shines sink and dies.

tracklist cd2:
new rem (remix by ultra milkmaids), livewire voodoo (remix by daniel menche), in the dim light (remix by telepherique), point 24 to point 29 (remix by xabec), peek and poke (remix by p.a.l), unstable parade (remix by roger rotor), industrial swamp (remix by the [law-rah] collective), lounge (remix by donna summer), a drop story (remix by imminent), wrapped in the white rose (remix by orphx), when the empire which shines sink and dies (remix by ontayso).

contagious orgasm's new work, two years after 'the cause of the flow', is presented on ant-zen as a 2-cd set, consisting of 'dessert addicts...' on cd 1 and all of the album tracks remixed by 11 different artists on cd 2.

the variety of sounds and musical styles on this album is remarkable. a few examples: dub-like beats ('livewire voodoo'), a nearly neo-classical tune with bowed and pizzicato strings ('in the dim light'), a surreal piece reminding one of a soundtrack to a picture by rené magritte ('unstable parade'), a possible reference to barry adamson - that is, 60's movie phrases and jazz trumpet ('lounge') - and of course the atmospheric ambient soundscapes c.o. is known for. top all of that off with the rhythmic and abstract usage of various percussion instruments. also, c.o. has employed found sounds: sounds taken during the project's trip to europe in 2001, "peek and poke" (microcomputer's basic command for 'read and write') includes voices and sounds from a german tv documentary - these voice samples have only been used for the sound itself because c.o. mastermind hiroshi hashimoto doesn't speak german. japanese references can be found on the calm, chilling final track of the cd - with this track c.o. masterfully works with beautiful female vocals.

cd2 is a reconstruction of the tracks from the album - done by artists from all over the world. ultra milkmaids turn c.o.'s work into a sonic-youth-like acoustic guitar & electric bass tune. daniel menche adds an intense bass, irritating voice samples and lots of noise. telepherique embeds the strings on 'in the dim light' into meditative bass pulses that are followed by shuffling beat sequences. xabec presents an ambient soundscape with clicks and drones. p.a.l's track is a little radio play based on the german sample "als ich in die wohnung kam..." - the story of a worker ant who arrives at home to find it conquered by various uninvited guests. roger rotor's unstable parade is a stable, fast tek-track, followed by the dark ambient drones and slight beats done by the (law-rah) collective. donna summer says: "who is barry adamson - disco will never die!", and after dancing, it's time to listen to imminent's strange rhythmic piece. the last two tracks are ambient soundscapes done by orphx and ontayso.

packaging: special transparent paper booklet + 2cd-jewelcase

discography 10.2004:
dessert addicts will return to this. 2cd. ant-zen act171. 2004
daft jarring effects. lp. multi national disaster records. 2004
flows out. cd. waystyx. 2003
the cause of the flow. cd. ant-zen act131. 2002
the flow of sound without parameter. cd. ground fault recordings. 2001
illegal occupation of ears. cd. old europa cafe. 2000
when thin skin splits. cd-r. sssm-027. 2000
the music which draws something. cd. sssm-025. 2000
auto se-id 00. cd-r. blade records. 1999
loop floor. 7". speeding across my hemisphere v,s,007. 1999
live at chelsea wien 30.11.1997. 7". syntactic dapp51. 1999
in my heart. 10". ant-zen act80. 1998
impregnate mannequin. lp. harbinger 005. 1997
subconsciously scrutinize sampling music. 10". dreizehn 1307. 1997
the examination of auditory sense. cd. ant-zen act41. 1996
defective merchandise. tape. slaughter productions spt90. 1996
seeking sensation scale music. lp. praxis dr. baermann th-16. 1996
a crown ornament for the wise. tape. less than zero ltz 005. 1995
hydrophobia. 7". ant-zen jed03. 1994
voltage controlled filter. cd. tesco 013. 1993
thin skinned. tape. sssm-003. 1989
confession of mannequin. tape. sssm-002. 1988
impregnate. tape. sssm-001. 1987

contagious orgasm website:

remixers' websites:
ultra milkmaids
daniel menche
roger rotor
the [law-rah] collective
donna summer


a review in russian language by valentin laboda:

vital weekly. number 446. week 44
his contribution to the "japanese/american noise treaty"-compilation (relapse/release records, 1995) was extreme. as a novice listener of contagious orgasm, i have always connected the japanese composer with the harsh noise scene of japan. "dessert addicts will return to this", being my first full-length introduction to contagious orgasm, definitely reveals that hiroshi hashimoto (a.k.a. contagious orgasm) has a much wider musical approach as a composer, not focusing on one expressional direction. in fact, "harsh" wouldn't be a useful term to describe this latest album of him. more likely it sounds like the chill-out soundtrack of the surrealists. the compositions on the album have an almost visual expression, making it sound like a perfect soundtrack for the unmade movie. the variety of styles is quite remarkable. dealing with everything from collaged noise, across clicks'n'cuts to almost danceable electro-inspired techno and eerie soundscapes of beautiful ambient, it is an impossible task to finish this album only within a few listens. it is a complex musical voyage, that towards the end slowly turns into dreamy ambient of the more experimental kind. worth mentioning is the hauntingly beautiful track "when the empire which shrines sink and dies", built on a processed female voice mixed up with repetitive sound layers of piano and guitar strums. as a top on the icing, the package includes a bonus cd-tribute with some quite interesting interpretations of each work on the album. if the term "harsh" was unsuitable for the original work, it definitely suits well to the tribute-cd. among the best contributions we have american concrete noise-specialist daniel menche with his creepy subtle version of "livewire voodoo". also worth mentioning is imminent's bizarre rhythmic version of "a drop story" as well as the sonic youth-alike version of "new rem" created by ultra milkmaids. and the final atmospheric dark ambient tracks of orphx and ontayso seem like the perfect way to finish this very interesting homage to contagious orgasm. for any musical adventurer, the "dessert addicts will return to this"-package is highly recommended! (nmp)

contagious orgasm's work has always been a wild mélange of styles, recordings that are summary examinations of a thousand different styles all wound through a single pair of speakers. ambience flows into beats flows into field recordings and lost voices. experimental electronics snap and bubble beneath radio signals and overheard conversations. contagious orgasm wants to sever the connections to your terribly staid traditional expectations and let you lose in a wild world of cross-pollinated sounds. with their latest release, desert addicts will return to this, label ant-zen has taken the excess one step further by offering a companion disc with the same track listing but each song is heavily remixed. on the first disc, contagious orgasm plays a hurdy-gurgy organ grinder against whizzing electronic squeaks and squawks in a surreal tug-of-war beneath the pier where the incoming tide lashes waves against the barnacle covered pier stanchions ("unstable parade"). "in the dim light" employs bells and violins in eerie loops that speak of air raids and midnight curfews in cities where the drift of noise and static implies creatures with thousands of teeth. "industrial swamp" shrieks with the hollywood-style sound effect chime of a slasher film knife, clatters with the industrial terror of co-eds trapped in the basement boiler room of an abandoned school building and pings with the repetitive sound of neglected hospital equipment that monitors the spectral vital signs of long dead patients. "lounge" is a barry adamson-esque nod to 1960's spy movie soundtracks with a hint of squelchy guitar and out-of-control jukeboxes in the next room. foreign voices (contagious orgasm's mastermind hiroshi hashimoto doesn't speak many of the languages you hear on this record) are used solely as instruments -- cadence and timbre are more important than the words being spoken in "point 24 to point 29" and "peek and poke." "when the empire which shines sink and dies" uses guitar (both an untamed endless thrum off the strings and a delicately picked melody) and the female voice to craft a lengthy exposition into the demise of the last empire. the woman's voices is fraught with decay, static eating into her gliding voice, and the tape loop of the guitar is troubled by glitches and hiccups. the end comes to everything eventually and it all breaks down into disconnected bits of sound. all sound is music and contagious orgasm seeks to unhinge reality into an alternate universe where music supersedes the need for any language. on the companion disc, ultra milkmaids turn "new rem" into an acoustic piece for guitar and static-box while daniel menche extends the dub echo of "livewire voodoo" past its elastic limit and, as it fragments, he transforms the pieces into a multitude of cacophonous voices and bursts of hot noise. telepherique layers even more menace on the terrified string quartet that loops through "in the dim light" with a lumbering bass line and a haunted house piano and, in an extended outro, let loose the drums for a lengthy march of piston-driven machines. xabec transforms "point 24 to point 29" into a wash of ambient noise, damaged by stabs of heavy feedback and a scattering of microtonal clicks. the hurdy-gurdy organ of "unstable parade" is stapled to a techno beat as roger rotor turns the surreal soundtrack into a swift march around the village square. donna summer takes the spy soundtrack of "lounge" and turns it inside out to reveal its inherent disco underpinning, and the [law-rah] collective subsume the metallic menace of "industrial swamp" beneath a long drone. imminent delivers a rhythmic remix of "a drop story" that never ventures anywhere near his traditionally rhythmic noise territory while orphx and ontayso offer two ambient tracks that veer through dark fields of sizzling cables and grumbling machinery in the bowels of the earth (orphx's version of "wrapped in the white rose") to ontayso's distillation of "when the empire which shines sink and dies" to a subterranean rumble of slow magma and compressed steam. desert addicts will return to this doesn't have the same seamless flow of earlier works (the effortless movement of style and place in 2001's the flow of sound without parameter and 2002's the cause of the flow) as the tracks are shorter expositions and have distinct (and often abrupt) separation between each other. while contagious orgasm's deft compression and cross-pollination of wildly diverse sounds is marvelous, the aural submersion of previous records isn't there on desert addicts will return to this due to the distinct delineation of between tracks and ideas. the artwork for the this record (always impressive "artwar" from ant-zen label head, stefan alt) is nine perfectly arranged pieces of candy, a mouth-watering array of nuts and pastels and swirls of chocolate. on the back, the candies have been devoured and all that is left is chocolate scraps. yes, this isn't one slab of divinely swirled chocolate, it's a series of finely crafted bon-bons that vary wildly in flavor. (mark teppo)

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