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act 178 · iszoloscope · les gorges des limbes · cd

les manuscrits de l'invisible [chapitre un], your dark and ghostly guidance, les manuscrits de l'invisible [chapitre deux], reaching out from his watery grave, les manuscrits de l'invisible [chapitre trois].

'i present you, on the 5th anniversary of iszoloscope, a collection of selected ambient works that were produced as a side project between may 1999 and december 2000. this is the first time that they have been published. in loving memory, i am pleased to introduce you to "les gorges des limbes" '. (yann faussurier)

iszoloscope has already demonstrated his skills in dark, ambient soundscapes on earlier releases (such as his last release on ant-zen) and via his live appearances.

this music is the perfect soundtrack for console games like 'silent hill' or 'project eden'. faussurier's addiction to video games seems to be the impetus for creating these moods.

during this 60 minute album you can dive into gloomy, soundtrackish spheres and sink deeper into swelling synth layers. all the while terrifying voice samples and bass erruptions fade in and out - no beat will catch your fall.

a highly recommended release, showing another part of this great artist's variety.

iszoloscope discography. 05.2k4:
coagulating wreckage. cd/cd+7". spectre r06/r06.1. 2001
aquifère. cd. spectre/nautilus na05. 2002
the blood dimmed tide (w/ antigen shift). 3"cd. spectre s10. 2002
do america (w/ tarmvred). cd-ep. ad noiseam adn25. 2003
au seuil du néant / le dénominateur commun. 2cd. ant-zen act138. 2003
this monstrosity is part of my fibric. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act138.3. 2003
echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s14. 2003
les gorges des limbes. cd. ant-zen act178. 2004

iszoloscope official website:


vital weekly
in the first place canadian project iszoloscope came out as the collaboration between the two canadian sound artists françois bénard & yann faussurier back in 1999. originally the project was focused on a pure ambient-like expression. but with the farewell to francois bénard as an iszoloscope member, yann faussurier made a turn towards the power noise-scene around german label ant zen recordings. one year ago iszoloscope had its first release on ant-zen recordings. the album that was titled "au seuil du néant" greatly balanced on the edge between dark ambient and industrial-based power noise. as a 5th anniversary celebration of iszoloscope yann faussurier has now released the album "les gorges des limbes" which is a collection of the earliest ambient works of iszoloscope back in the period around 1999/2000. compared to "au seuil du néant ", the album musically is a radical movement into the deepest ocean of ambient sounds. the one hour long journey brings us into the deepest and darkest territories of ambient, territories that first of all have been successfully explored by artists such as inade, lustmord and yen pox. the atmosphere is dark and threatening with only a very few signs of rhythm texture. and the few rhythmic movements that appear are only discreet loops created on clicking micro sounds. the sounds are echo-ish and first of all built around low speed drones of claustrophobic isolationism. after the rhythm based "au seuil du néant"-album it is a remarkable experience, diving into the deepest areas of iszoloscope where there isn't any rhythm texture to avoid you from sinking deeper and deeper into the black soundspace. listeners of dark ambient should take notice here! (nmp)

canadian iszoloscope surprised many fans of rhythmic noise pleasantly last year with au seil du néant, a harsh and fresh-sounding disc, which among the beat-driven dancefloor gems contained also a number of well crafted ambient tracks. les gorges des limbes is an extension of this more subdued and solemn side of the band. the album contains five very similar cold dark ambient pieces, which are mostly built from resonating high sounds and very low hums. almost everything is reverbed which makes the disc sound dreamlike. despite their spaciousness and depth sound minimalistic, because the soundscapes are quite static and unchanging. their dreamlike quality makes it hard to keep one's attention on the album while listening. the press release mentions the silent hill series of games as one among the many sources of the artist's inspiration, and these haunting tracks are undeniably remniscent of akira yamaoka's compositions for that particualr series. the disc's mood is indeed not unlike walking in a dense fog, not knowing what will wade out of it next. even though the sound and production are both very competent work, the album itself is sadly nothing more than standard dark ambient. unfortunately the songs do not contain the same level of variety and emotion as the brilliant end track of au seuil du néant - the powerful iszoloscope tomes deux. it has to be noted though, that the pieces on this album are from 1999-2000, and i think iszoloscope's sound has evolved a lot since then. the dark ambient front rarely comes up with exceptional and innovative records, and les gorges des limbes is (pardon me for the choice of words) no exception. one must still keep in mind that this isn't the fault of this record that a fish called lustmord also swims in the same waters, and that the latter's zoetrope practically rendered 90% of other dark ambient obsolete. les gorges des limbes works best as a background soundtrack to a lonely night, but doesn't really work in active listening.

60 minutes of droning dark ambient. iszoloscope has always had a knack for great atmosphere in his power noise tracks, but who would have thought that he keeps on churning out purely crawling textures without beat. after the liquid aquifère and the cthulhuian echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth with ah cama-sotz, the canadian released a six-tracker of epic proportion full of background rumblings inspired by his addiction to video games. it's a collection of pieces he composed as a side-project five years ago. the drones are creepy, the bass rolls in spookily and the samples are haunting, but do i need one full hour of this, especially if the basic recipe is only altered minimally during the length of the album? i think not. a 3" cd of 25 minutes at the most would have suited the purpose much better. iszoloscope simply cannot sustain the dangerously clichéd formula over such an extended period of time. lustmord, legion or bad sector can. he should have slipped in a few beats, and this would have been much more rewarding. it's a "nice" record, but no more. (till)

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