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act 179 · axiome · il pleut des cordes · 12"

zieverdera, bidjak, bèrloke, jweu su l' sâbe, nonante-dix, smoutebol et snottebel.

axiome is olivier moreau and c-drík fermont.
additional production on b1 by john n. sellekaers.
vocals on a1 by tcheleskov ivanovitch.

'the title 'il pleut des cordes' means 'it rains ropes'. it's a french expression which means it rains really hard with big drops. so this title is a kind of follow-up to the previous release 'va-t-il faire beau?' which translates to 'will the weather be nice?" (axiome)

on september 9th 1999 the belgian alien axiome saw the light of day and through the years his parents c-drik fermont and olivier moreau watched it grow and grow - eventually becoming a unique creation far beyond his relatives: imminent, delta files, c-drik or crno klank. axiome delighted at home listeners and live crowds all over the world. after the last vinyl release on ant-zen there were lots of curious requests about a new sign of life - well, here it is!

if you once again expect merciless breakbeat attacks and heavy noise experiments, you're in the right place. yes it indeed rains ropes, starting with a chaotic rhythmic assault and irritating vocal manipulations, followed by a fast straight-forward breakbeat rally combined with symphonic keyboard lines - richard wagner on amphetamines. but you will lose your orientation in the heavy rain when you try to follow the destructed loop variations and changing beat patterns. turn over to side b - hey what do we have here? it's the beach boys - so maybe the rain will stop ? but no - poor brian wilson, drowned in an ocean of rhythmic noise and loops ('and you'll never hear surf music again' - jimi hendrix). the rainfall expands more and more, and it seems you're lost in a thunderstorm of electronic drums. while you desperately try to escape from this hellish flood the rhythm becomes followable but stil contains breaks - and in the end the droning synth promises sunshine - maybe...

discography 04.2005:
il pleut des cordes. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act179. 2005
va-t-il faire beau?. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act139. 2002
ca ne nous rendra pas le congo. cd. ant-zen act116. 2001
rictus. cd. ant-zen act99. 2000

axiome website:


unfortunately this is the first axiome release i've heard, and i feel i missed something really good. this 12" is a bomb, a sick combination of the heaviest beats and haunting atmospheres, enriched by awesome production and mastering. since the very first track "zieverdera" you'll be exposed to an insane hybrid between breakcore and industrial, crushed and mashed up, with crumbled vocals trying to emerge from the wall of noise. the second track "bidjak" is more dancefloor oriented, with ultra fast four-to-the-floor beats that clash against broken breaks, this tune alone is better than many well-known breakcore acts. "berloke" is crazier stuff, off balance rhythms are constantly assaulted by drilling gabber kicks in an endless struggle, and on the other side you'll find a fun beach boys massacre with a little help from xingu hill. another stunning tune is "nonante-dix," a dsp doped aggression of fractured breakbeats --perfect for twisted dj's. the last track is something less violent but not less gloomy, with shrieking glitch and buzzing drones on a slower rhythm. i hope il pleut des cordes won't be underrated nor overlooked, it deserves attention and heavy rotation. (luca maini)

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