act 18 msbr/salt 7"ep


icon, virus, storm

recorded in 1995, pressed in 1996, this mail-art collaboration between ant-zen's spiritus rector s.alt and japanese noise legend koji tano finally sees the light of day.

100 copies have been pressed, 50 copies were lost due to koji's sudden death, 4 copies are damaged. so this is a very limited edition of 46 copies.

the noisedrones on this 7" were recorded without any usage of computers. this item represents the pure analogue spirit of 90s' industrial.

like an artificial in an organic body, the pink vinyl is sealed in real leaves and varnish. each item is a unique piece of art. any person getting in contact with this items shall be warned: do not try to unseal this virus!


this release is dedicated to koji tano (1961-2005).

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