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act 180 · moctan · suspect · cd

just a trip, good fellas, varta, for what, men at work, duracell, bullet, ill, fisting, glorious day, watch out, hightech, no use

andreas glockner aka moctan (synthesizer, sampling and programming) has been perfoming since 1994 in different guises and has supported various industrial projects from the bielefeld area. projects such as ars moriendi, asche, morgenstern and monokrom. between 1997 and 1999, andreas also worked with his brother markus in the group 'alien meets whale', - offering an ambient direction. in 2000, andreas brinkert and moctan started punch inc. - a well-known rhythm-industrial project that has released several cd-rs and 2 full length albums on hands productions.

since 1998 he has been experimenting with electronic dance music or to put it another way, he has been perfecting his personal take on intense and explosive club-music - all under the moctan moniker. the results were two self-released full length albums on cd-r in 2002 and 2004.

"moctan is my solo-project in which i can realize my personal definition of hard technoid dance music; 'moctan' is my way to satisfy my love for four-to-the-floor music. the intention was always to create a mixture of peaktime techno combined with dark electronic sounds and a touch of noise which makes your body move." (a.glockner)

'suspect' is indeed what moctan intended - strong technoid rhythmic industrial with carefully placed samples, mildly distorted beats and sick synth lines - which force the listener to groove. don't be irritated by the loopish 'just a trip' - the rhythmic outbursts start with 'good fellas'. except for the 3/4 metres of 'ill' this cd is a merciless four on the floor beat attack. the last beast 'no use' slows it down a bit; so that means you should start it over again!

once more this album proves that bielefeld is a creative centre of contemporary industrial sound. projects like asche set the pace, and if you like the 'distorted dj' andreas schramm then you will just love andreas glockner.

moctan discography 06.2k6:
suspect. cd. ant-zen act180. 2006
musick. cd-r. 2004
tecmusic. cd-r. 2004

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

moctan is a new industrial dance project with a debut cd released via ant-zen. moctan is the sideproject of punch inc member andreas glöckner and has released two cd-r's before this release and has made a remix of an asche track on the split cd with synapscape, scenes from a galton's walk. glöckner is furthermore known from projects such as ars moriendi, morgenstern, templegarden's and monokrom. on suspect you will find energetic crystal clear techno with industrial feel. heavy, clear and cold. synthsequences and beats, which are slightly distorted so they produce a nice gritty noize sound together with these 4/4 beats. my favorite tracks are 'duracell' and 'fisting'. this is recommended to fans of punch inc., asche, this morn omina or urceus exit. (teknoir)

andreas glöckner has been busy since 1994 under different guises such as templegarden, punch inc. he was also involved with projects the likes of ars moriendi and asche, to name a few . so he could definitely be called a veteran who has contributed (and still does) a lot to the industrial scene. with moctan, andreas started a new solo project to portray his personal take on hard technoid dance music. this resulted in two self released cd-r's in respectively 2002 and 2004. it was not about to end there and so 2006 saw moctan's very first "real" release on the infamous ant-zen label. an album filled with thirteen songs full of dark electronic sounds, catchy rhythms and hard hitting beats all aimed at making you move. the album starts of with a subtle but noisy industrial soundscape setting the right mood for the second song to kick in. the first few sounds immediately remind me of this morn omina. fortunately it sticks to that and moctan shows us he has his own style and takes the song into another direction. slamming drums and very catchy techno rhythm are the main ingredients of this track which rolls by very swiftly. the only real thing i disliked is the use of that by now slightly irritating pulp fiction sample of samuel l jackson. which by know, must be used about thirteen million times. please let some government agency stand up and prohibit the use and abuse of that sample, please!!! but other than that it's a very nice track. the third tracks offers us basically the same only this time it's a lot rougher. again the hypnotizing techno rhythm is the main course this time served with side dish of distortion and noize. a tasty meal this is. the fourth track than takes a step back from the techno beats and brings in more of a breakbeat pattern. although it's certainly not a bad track it really lacks the drive and feel of the techno orientated songs and therefore shows it's repetitiveness, become slightly boring after a few minutes. back to the "four to the floor" beats we go. the technoid rhythms are released again and within in seconds you'll find yourself not being able to resist moving. the album continues in the same manner with some tracks less straight forward than others. reaching its top with "hightech" a prefect example of the now so popular "hard techno" sound. this being an ant-zen release, you would expect anything but the "ordinary". the weird thing is that with this album, in my opinion, it is those "ordinary" songs that shine the most. the more experimental and difficult tracks just seemed to be blown away by the straight forward stomping beats and raging techno rhythms. maybe it's because of these few sidesteps away from these explosive tunes that they come out more intense. in that way the tracks of the album complete each other to form a strong front, making for a nice album indeed. moctan and with him ant-zen's take on hardtechno shows us that not everything has to be experimental or renewed. it's nothing you haven't heard before but it is certainly not something you wouldn't like to hear again. perfect music for setting the mood in the car when driving to a party. once at the party it will definitely make the dancefloor go nuts. (niels)

vital weekly
say "minimal techno" and most of us will memorize the glory days of the early 90's detroit scene. thanks to a project like moctan the days still exist where the essence of expression is "repetition". take some militant ebm expressions of nitzer ebb and blend it with a few doses of ultra-minimalist plastikman combined with the funkiness of model 500 (aka juan atkins). combine this mixture with the power noise-spheres that separates ant-zen recordings from other labels, and you have it! andreas glockner (the man behind moctan) isn't a new face in the ant-zen camp. having been active since 1994, he has been part of projects like ars moriendi, morgenstern and monokrom. even though moctan doesn't belong to the harshest spectre of the power noise-scene, there is still plenty of rumbling noises drifting in the sub-levels to keep listeners of extreme electronics well-entertained. and in a few tracks like "duracell" and "hightech" the rough expression hits the surface resulting in a very intense mixture of power noise and loop-based minimal techno similar to label-mate asche (a.k.a. andreas schramm). in fact there is a lot of similarity between these two projects, though moctan is more focused on repetitive expressions that results in an excellent trippy style making it very suitable for experimental club-scenes. a very pleasant thing about this project is the way that sounds of aggression floats in funky sound spheres. minimal techno meets power noise in a quite humorous way. highly recommended, especially for some freaky physical performance! (nmp)

la defuncion
moctan es el proyecto paralelo de andreas glöckner (integrante de punch inc, además de colaborador en otros proyectos como synascape o asche). con "suspect", andreas nos trae un proyecto personal, en el cual según cuenta, es su propia definición de lo que seria el rythm 'n' noise, y la verdad que lo ha plasmado a la perfección. en "suspect" te encontraras un disco repleto de sonidos muy rítmicos como en el tema "good fellas", o donde juega con el ruido y se convierte en algo mucho más industrial como sería en el tercer tema "varta" o "duracell" (poca imaginación para los nombres eh). son trece temas, unos más noise otros más rítmicos y llenapistas, y alguno que otro más techno de discoteca como "watch out" por ejemplo. en "suspect" se nota demasiado la experiencia como dj de andreas, ya que la mayoría de los temas vienen muy bien para una buena sesión de electro o industrial en cualquier club hasta reventar la pista. en fin que es un buen disco, muy útil para dj's industriales, y también recomendado para fans de punch inc, asche o this morn omina. (sara)

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