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act 181 · geneviéve pasquier · soap bubble factory · cd

elements, remember, mind-whore, catwalk, existance, i am not yours, tu es le star, soap bubble factory, lyrics, disappointed expectations, l'apparence c'est tout, conversation

being a member of the legendary, now defunct german industrial project thorofon, geneviéve pasquier released her first work as a solo artist in 2003. her first record, 'virgin thoughts' caused enthusiastic reactions by both listeners and reviewers. the result was mix of electronic/post-industrial music and 80s-minimal-electro with a frigid but soulful voice. these even tempered tracks attracted a german and international fan base. 'soap bubble factory' is geneviéve's first album on cd - her previous efforts were vinyl only.

all 12 cd tracks have never been released and they explore dark, electronic soundscapes ('elements', 'mind-whore'), sensuous industrial tunes ('remember', 'tu es le star') and driving retro-electro-songs ('existance', soap bubble factory'). the vocals are perfectly balanced between being sung and spoken (in english and french) - and there's even enough space left for a little poem!

'soap bubble factory' is a perfect example of an artist converting their roots into something new. if references are requested then there are certain similarities to cosey fanni tutti, caroline k or mrs. arafna / november növelet. geneviéve pasquier is now a name that should be mentioned along with these musicians.

packaging: jewelcase edition w/ special paper booklet.

geneviéve pasquier discography 04.2k6:
soap bubble factory. cd. ant-zen act181. 2006
lines. 7". steinklang records sk7-18. 2005
split (w/ bastards of love). 10". petting zoo 001. 2005
pulse. 7". disorder records 03. 2004
virgin thoughts. lp. ritalin aktif / umb 002. 2003

geneviéve pasquier website:


mit etwas spannung hat man diese cd ja doch erwartet. und die zeit mit dem sichten der ankündigungen in der untergrund-webpresse totgeschlagen: das erste lebenszeichen nach dem monumentalen "new heroes", nach auflösung der in insiderkreisen legendären hauptband, das gerede um die brachiale queen "in pink", die "sexy" seite des industrial, bla bla, etc. dabei ist "soap bubble factory" ein fast schon herrlich konservatives album geworden. soll heißen: weder die musikalische rundumerneuerung, noch die umorientierung richtung pop und lieblichkeit, beides ja durchaus beliebte sujets zu anfang einer solokarriere. vor allem letzteres schien sich ja angesichts des im vorfeld bekannt gegebenen plattentitels geradezu anzukündigen, erweist sich bei konkreter betrachtung aber als bloße koketterie (bzw. eben als etwas komplett anderes) - thorofon waren nun mal nicht atari teenage riot und geneviève ist nicht hanin elias. blubbern tut es zwar sehr wohl und durchaus nicht zu wenig, doch sind es keine kleinen seifenbläschen, sondern vielmehr garstige acidlines, die sich ihren weg durch das rosafarbene säurebad bahnen - man könnte fast meinen, pasquier habe sich in den letzten monaten an die küste indiens begeben, um in den chill out areas angesagter strandparties inspiration zu sammeln. was auch den technoiden minimalismus im sinne von trance und goa erklären würde, der sich als stilmittel durch die gesamte platte zieht - eine dumpf pochende bassdrum, ein bedrohlich pluckernder sequencer, zwitschernde und stöhnende effekte und diese stimme, die selbst einen satz wie "i am not yours" zu einem erotischen versprechen macht, mehr braucht es gar nicht, um eine atmosphäre der versuchung und verführung inmitten unwirklicher organik zu schaffen. die kleinen hits wie bei thorofon gibt es dabei durchaus, nur verstecken sie sich ein wenig subtiler hinter hypnotisch wiederholten worten und mikroskopisch kleinen melodien. es braucht schon seine zeit, ehe sich "soap bubble factory" völlig erschließt. dann aber läst einen diese platte voller kleiner perlen und widerhaken nicht mehr los. hat sich doch gelohnt, das warten. (tocafi)

first of all i would like to say "thank you ant-zen" for releasing such great music. ant-zen surprises me with every release again, not classifiable, with the right instinct and an enormous good taste. geneviéve pasquier's soap bubble factory you receive twelve songs from an outstanding artist, she combines a beautiful voice with dark electronic sounds and you never have the feeling that these opposed worlds doesn't match. sung and spoken in english and french this album airs a aura which is lost for a long time. in the 80's when new wave came up you had this special aura and feeling with a lot of releases because creativity was transborder. soap bubble factory follows the spirit of the eighties, which doesn't mean that it sounds like a eighties record, it means that this record is creative, beautiful and unique. the sound could be described as dark futuristic electronic industrial, which means.. not classifiable again, an album and an artist you should pay attention. beauty (which means geneviéve pasquier wonderful voice) and the beast (the dark electronic industrial sound) in perfect harmony. ..and this is the first time to get geneviéve pasquier songs on cd!

a review in russian language can be found at machinist's website:

vital weekly #530
unquestionably the main part of albums from the harsher territories of sonic expression are created by male composers. quite often the albums composed by female composers divide from the male composed albums with their very own charm. third album from french female composer geneviève pasquier titled "soap bubble factory" is no exception! geneviève pasquier who might also be known as part of the industrial project thorofon. stylistically i find geneviève pasquier close to artists like cosey fanni tutti (ex-throbbing gristle) and sina hübner (a.k.a. s.i.n.a.). the beautiful voice of geneviève pasquier, sometimes being sung other times spoken in english as well as french, adds a great charm to the musical part. and concerning the musical side of the album there is a great crossover of various genres always working excellent with the frigid but soulful vocals. opening with the trippy trance-like instrumental track "elements", the ground has been laid for an hour of atmospheric meanwhile both aggressive and emotional expressions from geneviève pasquier. from second track forward the listener are confronted with soundscapes of darkness in one moment, power noise and harsh industrial in the next, and electro-oriented futurepop in another. despite the great span of various style expressions the album beautifully works as a whole thanks to the vocals of genieve. highly recommended! (nmp)

with her previous releases geneviéve pasquier has raised some expectations. especially the 7" on disorder and the split 10" (with bastards of love) on petting zoo were good pieces of old school minimal industrial music. now thorofon is no more, it seems her solo project is her main focus. but her first "big" release is somewhat easy and accessible in comparison with her earlier work. most tracks on soap bubble factory are a sort of soundscapes in which the industrial music elements are pushed into the back ('remember' and 'mind-whore'). some other tracks are a bit boring as not really much is happening ('catwalk' and 'i am not yours'). also the dance tunes are not what you might expect from this ex-thorofon member. 'existance' is nothing more then a slick contemporary cyber gothic track and 'soap bubble factory' is a sort of bubblegum dance / pop track. the track 'disappointed expectations' summarizes this album quite well. with a name and status like geneviéve pasquier you should come up with something better. (mvg)

terrorizer #146
from haunting spoken and softly sung vocals and lullaby sounds to harsh electro industrial beats and angry sneers this one woman show collects are varied and interesting assortment of songs for 'soap bubble factory'. there are definite '80s influences at work here too. think soft cell, tik & tok, gary numan and your on the right wave length. and even though the retro element is there it still all sounds very now. (alex boniwell)

genevieve pasquier started her career in music in the recently deleted german power-electronics formation thorofon. now i wouldn't pay genevieve pasquier much respect with saying thorofon was the only thing occupying her mind. her first solo-album "virgin thoughts" saw the day of light back in 2003, released as a vinyl only. after this album she set her mind on releasing a single a year, in which "lines" is the last one in the line. i've got acquainted with the music of genevieve pasquier through the split- 10" with the bastards of love, released last year and pushed in my hands not long after that. the bastards of love where on this little piece of vinyl superior in everyway, but still i was impressed with the qualitiy her music possessed. it was a combination of eighties minimal electro, experimental and a pop-like voice. it was without saying refreshing to hear, something new under the musical sky. "lines" dates from the same year, again vinyl only and contains like the single released in 2004 three tracks. when i received the single i was under the impression it would be similar to the tracks on the bastards of love-split, but to my surprise lines carries a much greater experimental sound. the title track breathes the minimal atmosphere which fits the voice and thoughts of pasquier perfectly. it's got a dance-able feel to it as the surroundings are filled with mild industrial noises. the other side contains two tracks which lean towards the side of power-electronics. harsh experiments that support the voice of pasquier as it floats over them. both these tracks stay on the minimal side, but herein lays the power of genevieve pasquier. i dare everyone to disagree with me when i say she is truly one of the great between the german minimalists. (godpipo)

bad alchemy #51
pasquier, die sich über gut 10 jahre hin mit thorofon einen namen gemacht hat und nach der auflösung dieses duos 2005 nun als the musick wreckers operiert, debutierte solo mit der 12" virgin thoughts (united manipulation broadcasting), gefolgt von den 7"s pulse (discorder), vs. bastards of love (petting zoo) & lines (steinklang). als wave-chanteuse und knöpfchendreherin, in deren songs nur ganz ferne echos von postindustrialen noises & beats nachhallen, mimt sie in einem lied noch die melancholische bonjour-tristesse-existentialistin und spielt im nächsten schon mit herausfordernd erotischem unterton die viel versprechende domina. sie suggeriert eine felin catwalkende pantherin, die mit rauem sprechgesang auf die facts of life verweist (‚existance'), eine männerphantasie (‚mind-whore'), die aber auf ihre nichtverfügbarkeit pocht (‚i am not yours') und falsche erwartungen düpiert (‚disappointed expectations'). anders als die auch optisch explizite sinnlichkeit und hard-boiled-attitüde von etwa master/slave relationship setzt sie auf cooles wave-styling, vexiert zwischen latex und kessem amelie-augenaufschlag und spielt als rotschopfiger tomcat oder als mademoiselle in pink den farbtupfer in einer überwiegend schwarzen szene. der feuchte traum zu finster gerührtem landsknechttrommelschlag. der standort weiden und die meist englischen lyrics passen zwar nicht so ganz zum französischen flair ihres namens, aber was macht das schon. wenn pasquier dann tatsächlich auf französisch ‚l'apparence c'est tout' haucht und ihre elektronischen beats pochen und zucken lässt oder wenn sie mit seifenblasen jong-liert wie beim flirtenden ‚conversation', kann ich die seufzer ihrer verehrer bis hierher hören. (rigobert dittmann)

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