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act 182 · monokrom · tales of rabbits and hares · cd

the carrots sweep, the bunny's leap, rabbit on a meadow, hare in a pit, life in a hole + a bunny's life [video]

video by asche, basics by the (law-rah) collective, p·a·l & salt

'people are often shocked the first time they see a rabbit display anger. bunnies, after all, are supposed to be timid and sweet, not outspoken and nasty, and the sudden appearance of sharp teeth and raking claws can be disarming. but whether your rabbit is nipping the hand that feeds him, chasing you across the room, or latching his teeth, pitbull-style, into your calf, it's not unusual and it's not hopeless. in fact, working with an aggressive rabbit can be extremely rewarding. many house rabbit society members have found that aggressive rabbits are often very intelligent animals who are just trying to express themselves. once they're given some respect and some ground rules, that expression can turn to boundless energy, enthusiasm, and affection.'

rabbits ...

in december 2003, berlin was invaded by a bunch of rabbits, attacking the audience of a three day festival with a furious noise inferno. nobody knew where they came from - we guess it was from a place that doen't even exist. in october 2004, the same rabbits came to krefeld and unleashed their fury on the maschinenfest audience. the enthusiastic addicts and shocked carrotheads tried to escape from the venue. after their performance they disappeared as fast as they showed up - but photos have been made as a proof that they were indeed rabbits!

'rabbits think in patterns; your job is to change the pattern, so he realizes that his approach provokes affection from you, not harm. eventually he'll associate you with kind words, nice pats, and enthusiasm for his particular personality.'

through mysterious channels, ant-zen received a phonographic recording and a video clip and decided to release it publicly as a document of the aural and visual manifestation of an unknown sort of rabbits - a powerful merciless crescendo of distorted rhythms, noisy loops and unleashed fury. on the video, pictures taken at the above mentioned events have been turned into a stroboscopic montage by one of the rabbits itself. right, inside of a man is a wolf, but after experiencing this release the question becomes, what danger might be hidden inside the rabbit?

and hares

'your bunny probably won't change overnight. it can take weeks for a rabbit to learn to trust. but that's what's so rewarding, and so moving, about helping aggressive rabbits. your not just changing his behavior; your changing his perception of the world. as you do so, you'll alleviate a lot of his suffering.'

citation: susan davis: aggressive rabbits

monokrom discography 05.2k5:
tales of rabbits and hares. cd. ant-zen act182. 2005
live at iwtbf (split w/ morgenstern). cd-r. fich-art fich53. 2003
monokrom. cd-r. fich-art fich52. 2003
monokrom. 12" lp. ant-zen act122. 2001
monokrom. cd. ant-zen act102. 2000
hexass/first session (split w/ ars moriendi). tape. fich-art fich012. 1991
der stählerne traum. tape. fich-art fich009. 1991

monokrom website:


vital weekly 478
If you think that Frank, the giant rabbit in Richard Kelly's excellent fantasy movie "Donnie Darko" was terrifying, you wouldn't want to meet the bizarre bunch of rabbits in German project Monokrom. These rabbits from hell invaded Berlin in 2003 during a three day Noise Festival, only to continue their insane performances on the 2004-edition of power Noise-festival Mascinenfest. Even though German label "Ant Zen Recordings" deals with brutal expressions from a number of Power Noise-projects, it is not very often that you are thrashed by Power Electronics of such a furious level, from the label. Present album by Monokrom titled "Tales of rabbits and hares" goes all the way, and gives us 46 minutes of sonic hell. Apocalyptic human voices of German seem like the only sign of organism in this otherwise merciless crescendo of aggressive Machinery and furious loop-distortion. An extraordinary harsh piece of work that explodes in cathartic aggressions brought on by suppressed demons and hellish sounds. As a document of the aural and visual manifestation, the album includes a video-clip from the live shows. Excellent album! (NMP)

een van de verrassingen op maschinenfest afgelopen oktober 2004 schijnt monokrom te zijn geweest. monokrom is een project waarbij onder andere andi schramm van ars moriendi, asche en morgenstern betrokken is. als je de muziek op deze cd hoort, zal dat je vast niet verbazen. dit is snoeiharde, sterk vervormde industriële noise. deze cd heeft een ongelooflijke brute kracht. vergelijkbaar wellicht met de muziek van de cd elektroiz van greyhound, alleen dan ontoegankelijker. heftige metalen schurende geluiden botsen op zwaar bewerkte ritmes en beats. noisy loops gaan samen met gitzwart geschreeuw dat als zang konijnen creëren een nieuwe vorm van chaos op dit album van monokrom. dit is radicale geluiden van machines vervagen tot een brei van noise van waaruit vervolgens toch weer structuur opduikt. dit album telt 6 lange stukken noise, waarvan de derde track 'rabbit on a meadow' en de vierde track 'hare in a pit' de meest dansbare gedeeltes laat horen. dit is extreem harde noise muziek met een sferisch karakter, ook al bestaat dat aspect ook uit noise. de cd bevat een video gemaakt door asche, pal, salt en the [law-rah] collective. alleen bestemd voor echte elektronische terroristen. (teknoir)

one of the surprises on maschinenfest last october 2004 appeared to have been monokrom. monkrom is a project in which andi schramm of ars moriendi, asche and morgenstern is involved. when you listen to the music on this disc that will probably not surprise you. this is harsh, highly distorted industrial noise. this cd has an enormous brutal power. comparable perhaps with the music on the elektroiz cd by greyhound, but less accessible. heavy metal sratching sounds clash with heavily distorted rhythms and beats. noisy loops go together with pitch black screams that function as vocals. the rabbits create a new form of chaos on this album of monokrom. this is radical music. the sounds of machines start to diffuse to a mess of noise out of which structures appear to the surface after some time. this album counts 6 long pieces of noise, of which the third track 'rabbit on a meadow' and the fourth track 'hare in a pit' let us hear the most dancable parts. this is extremely hard noise music with a spherical charcter, although this exists solely of noise as well. the cd contains a video made by asche, pal, salt and the [law-rah] collective. only suitable for real electronic terrorists. (teknoir)

a review in russian language can be found on the website:

chain d.l.k.
relentless... grinding... seizure inducing walls of noise guaranteed to clear those clogged arteries and to blow out any and all pending brain hemorrhages. monokrom's release "tales of rabbits and hares" is far from the pleasant sounds you'd expect from the bunny-laden cover art. in fact, it's quite the opposite. while in the midst of the noise/rhythms there are quieter moments, this is all relative. even the quiet moments are more grinding than most other releases. the cd contains 5 rather lengthy tracks and an additional video. now this is what sets monokrom apart from a lot of other noise acts out there: identity. the packaging for "tales of rabbits and hares" is nothing short of fantastic. it's a great looking (monochrome) cardboard booklet with images of rabbits hopping all about wrapped in a silver band... not overly complicated i know, but it's minimalist presentation fits extremely well with the music. their identity is brought out even more though, when the video is watched. the video presents the act wearing donnie darko-esque rabbit suits throughout what i assume to be a live performance. saturated in video projections and dynamic lighting schemes, the video portion of the disc is totally engaging. with the exception of the video, i can only recommend this release to noise fans because there just isn't much breaching past that particular niche genre. the video is a fun watch but still might not be enough to win over the casual listener/viewer who isn't specifically interested in pounding walls of noise. recommended tracks: "a bunny's life" (video). (tongue muzzle)

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