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act 183.3 · imminent / synapscape · the return of the incredible three · 7" vinyl

buffalo stampede, one last ride.

hunching his shoulders against the cold, pelting rain, phil slipped a hand under his caped coat to assure himself that his spare pistol remained in position. a sudden gust of wind rattled rain upon his campaign hat and spattered his face and hands. desperately tired and carrying the gnawing hunger from three missed meals, he glanced back along the road at the scattered friends. they were an army no longer; like himself they were just tired men returning to homes left long ago. once they had marched with the proud steps of men with a mission to be accomplished; now they plodded wearily, heads down against the rain, thinking only of home. during one year of almost continual warfare with comanches, kiowas, and border bandits. their fighting skills' advancement was rapid, but now it was time to finish.

the final part of the mission showed once again what the incredible three stand for: a fast, heavily distorted bassy beat track with tim on vocals and a slower (but still harsh) piece with noisy synth and a fine melody - a glorious last ride.

the mission was accomplished. phil rode his horse outside and helped tim into the saddle. olivier walked over and held up a sack and a coffee-pot tied to it. "there is grub and coffee. you ride now." "olivier, there has to be a special place in valhalla for men like you." he gripped the belgian's hand. "if you come to fort banningfield there's always a place at the table for you." "bon, bye for now, see you 'round" ...

-the end-

imminent / synapscape discography:
remix item. 10". ant-zen act78. 1998
screenwalking. cd-ep. ant-zen act103, 2000
screenwalking. 12" lp, hymen records ¥023, 2000
the incredible three. 7", ant-zen act183.1, 2004
the revenge of the incredible three. 7". ant-zen act183.2. 2005
the return of the incredible three. 7". ant-zen act183.3. 2005

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synapscape website:


oliver moreau's project imminent starvation transformed into just imminent during 2000. since then he has released one album - sleepwalking - and this series of 7" singles under his new moniker, all collaborations with synapscape. synapscape - tim kneip and philipp münch - are more consistent, but not prolific, with their output, their last album act! being released in 2005 on ant-zen. both are respected rhythmic noise artists from the ant-zen roster, moreau falling more on the calmer atmospheric textural side of things and kniep and münch the aggressive no compromise side. revenge of the incredible three is the second 7" single in a series of three; the first being the incredible three and the last being the return of the incredible three. the fittingly titled "the arm of vengeance", whilst maintaining the wild west theme opens with radar zaps and an ominous approaching rumble. before long, barrages of conflicting distorted beats are battling to be heard over obscured and unintelligible vocals courtesy of synapscape. "the arm of vengeance" is the sort of track you might expect from two of ant-zen's most respected artists; noisy, manic beats and distortion. a meeting of minds resulting in dark, powerful structured chaos. "ambush at gun creek" is an interesting prospect and at least partially unexpected. a hybrid of plodding distorted mechanical beats and electric guitar twangs. as you might expect from the theme running throughout this trilogy, the guitar has a distinct western tinge but the track is not devoid of the classic noise imprint both bands are known for. (paul lloyd)

der medienkonverter
ok, sie haben sich zeit gelassen. doch rückblickend muss man sagen, dass dieses eine jahr doch recht schnell vorüber ging, denn nachdem man nun den dritten und letzten teil der "the incredible three"-trilogie in den händen hält, fragt man sich, wo die ganze zeit geblieben ist. aber es ist ja auch kein wunder, wenn die zeit dermaßen rast, bei so kurzweiliger mucke wie der von olivier moreau (imminent), tim kniep und philipp münch (synapscape). die drei haben zu einem letzten streich ausgeholt, der die beiden vorgänger würdig abschließt. "buffalo stampede" hört sich genau nach dem an, was der titel verspricht. bassig-blecherne beats, noisiges rauschen und tim knieps mal wieder fast bis zur unkenntlichkeit verzerrte stimme. der song geht runter wie stacheldraht. fast konträr dazu der letzte song der incredible three, sozusagen der abgesang. ungewohnt melodisch, mit einem genüsslichen pfeifen und beschaulichem tempo, aber trotzdem dem noise frönend, ist "one last ride" sicherlich der ruhigste aller tracks. hoffentlich schließen sich die drei bald wieder zusammen, um eine neue idee aus dem boden zu stampfen. solange stampft der hörer gedanklich durch den wilden westen, fährt mit dem planwagen durch die prärie und füttert sein grammophon mit den drei platten der cowboys.

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