act 184 black lung karmageddon 12"

karmageddon, the great automobile hunt, toward the petro-apocalypse.

"in a few years, the global production of conventional oil will fall, while the global demand continues to rise. the resulting shock of this structural oil famine is inevitable, so great are the dependency of our economies on cheap oil and, related to the first, our inability to wean ourselves from this dependency in a short period of time."

"this unavoidable prophecy is being universally ignored, denied, or underestimated. rare are those who realize exactly how close and how great is its advent. michael meacher, formerly uk minister of the environment (1997-2003), wrote recently in the financial times that unless there is a general awakening and decisions at the planetary scale to bring radical change in the domain of energy, "civilization will confront the most acute and no doubt most violent upheaval in recent history."

" government of the united states has ever accepted questioning the american way of life. since the first oil shock of 1973-1974, every american military intervention can be analyzed in the light of the fear of running short of cheap oil. it was, moreover, the american production peak in 1970 that enabled opec to seize the occasion and cause the first shock, which coincided with the yom kippur war. countries in the west then attempted to regain control and conjure away the specter of shortage, less through energy sobriety than by means of opening oilfields in alaska and the north sea. in 1979, the iranian revolution and the second oil shock once again allowed opec to regain preeminence, as western economies paid dearly for their thirst for oil through the recession of subsequent years."

"today, it is the wells themselves that are declining. even if the united states succeeded in imposing its hegemony on all the oilfields in the world (outside of russia), their army and their technology will not be able to prevail against the coming depletion of conventional oil. in any case, there is not enough time to replace a fluid so cheap to produce, so rich in energy, so easy to use, store, and transport, with so many uses (domestic, industrial, fuel, raw material...), in order to reinvest $100 billion in another source of abundance that doesn't exist."

"...our new regional elected officials and our soon-to-be-elected european representatives should set for themselves as a top priority the local realization of these objectives by organizing, on their own territory, an oil shrinkage. otherwise, rationing will come from the market through the coming rise in oil prices, and then be propagated by inflation, with the shock reaching every sector. since the price will soon reach $100 a barrel, this will no longer be a simple oil shock - it will be the end of the world as we know it."

all quotations taken from 'toward the petro-apocalypse' by yves cochet (le monde-paris, march 31, 2004)
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following 'the grand chessboard' is david thrussell's next strike. it seems pretty logical that a release dealing with the upcoming lack of oil ressources is pressed onto vinyl - you know what vinyl is made of, - don't you?
"the end of the world as we know it" as it is quoted in the liner notes, seems to be a dance centered around a volcano and the accent is on "dance". three rhythm-oriented tunes will immediately overtake the listener's ears and feet - another well-known thrussell tactic: give them a beat, add a melody line, refine the tracks with sometimes pretty, sometimes threatening synthscapes - and invade their brains with the message (the entire text by yves cochet can be found on the cover) - another masterpiece from the black lung mastermind.
so it seems that within ten years there will be a lack of vinyl ressources - catch this one before it's too late!

black lung discography on ant-zen 02.2005:
2005. 12 inch. karmageddon. ant-zen act184
2004. cd / 12 inch. the grand chessboard. ant-zen act164 / act164.4
2004. cd-ep. the sound of meat. ant-zen act164.1
2003. 10 inch. the sound of meat. ant-zen act147
2002. cd. the andronechron incident (w/ xingu hill). ant-zen act132
2001. cd-ep / 12 inch. profound and sentimental journey. ant-zen act119 / act119.1
2000. 12 inch. rhic-edom. ant-zen act97
1999. 10 inch. the andronechron incident (w/ xingu hill). ant-zen act92
1998. 12 inch. silent weapons for quiet wars. ant-zen act84

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