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act 187 · hypnoskull · panik mekanik · cd

the self detonation device, the sekret (hardstep remix), it's been 1 year and 22 days (darkstep slowcore lift off), turbodozer (enginez of steel remix), basement alpha mission triggerz, the sekret part 2 (breakcore edit), james B. goldfuck'r (epic drama edit), sick sekretz (darkhop inferno dubplate version), in thee air, kingston hard as steel (very hard ragga edit), the sekret part 3 (two enemy machines hard drum'n bass edit), it's been 1 year and 22 days (all hell is breaking loose), da phantom, dark klub (project hard jungle remix), hypnoskull feat. kenji siratori : mekanodruggembryo (nerve+lobotomy remake), hypnoskull made me hardcore (outtro).

"panik mekanik! it's been 1 year and 22 days. it was a known sekret, only for those who were shit right in the middle of it all. the silence was overwhelming and lay the earth in a somehow strange atmosphere. it sounded like that autumn-walk-in-the-fog. empty. desolate. alienating. nothing 'fun for the masses' or silly televisionshow-spitting-commercials for goods we have for ages or minor updates of them, only done because of hidden-marketing-strategies. evolution and innovation became a mass-marketing tool and is limited to the maximum. no more razorblade-cutting-of-high-polished smiles in faces that passed away before they even died because they obeyed every three-piece-suit-wearing self-declared ceo and crawled on the floor for him. it's been 1 year and 22 days. no more tailor-made workingpieces, recreated, reshaped and moulded for easy-successes, based upon massive copycatbehaviour and aiming for nothing more but consolidation. fame. word. no more that shameless hunting for respect. no more fear for reactions-that-change-like-organisms. generations pass by so fast in time. it's been 1 year and 22 days. undercover, hidden, spreading rumours. reshaping the massive body and shitloads of destroyed pieces of the heritage were puzzled together like a transformer - new style. i have spraypainted my anger to a wall and ten minutes later i tore that same wall down. broke every single brick into 3 pieces and dug a hole in the ground, buried them in concrete. bye bye. it's the foundation for a new construction, and sure as hell we need no architect's help for that. fueled the car, pushed the pedal to the metal and raced away, 6th gear, 190mp/h. balancing on the edge. i did not choose your well designed and balanced scheme, i did not erase the danger - it's my food. i eat it for breakfast 365 days a year. terrabytes of disinformation break any silence you could possibly imagine in your sweetest dreams. make place for the new gatekeepers and watchdogs, if you don't, they will smash you down to the floor and kick you wherever they can. they are the new gladiators of the 21st century. i am part of another generation that believes to be on top of human civilisation. only few people see the joke of this behaviour. the rise and fall of the empire of mass media and its subtle game of manipulation. we all know their victims : information junkies who challenge the human capacity of the brain and mind. balancing on the edge of overcapacity, probably resulting into sheer frustration when they meet their limits. pick & choose. be smart. do not go all the way. (ab)use technology but stay in command. question any rumour, check, double-check. research is the keyword. stay tuned but dare to step out and work it out in a controlled environment. keep in touch with reality, however difficult that is to see it clear. noisebursts of elektrosmog might be changing any view and adapt any situation. be smart. only the smart will survive, not the strong. intellectual mindfuckers sit down in easy chairs, smoking cohiba-cigars, passing bottles of courvoisier, forming closed circles of 'equals', creating their mastermind plans that establish their wealth without thinking about anything else, worse, even ignoring all 'disturbing' facts and elements, so nothing comes inbetween them and their silly plans. the industrial revolution = the media revolution. short term thinking mediocrity of the worst kind. the mass media generation is losing it. the new cathedrals are malls. 24/7. day and night, all year long. the altars only take cash. your cash. we are not escaping from it. not me, not you, not them. we all are like floating on this river, but who know were it will come out? it's been 1 year and 22 days. mind isolation. superfast conclusion. we threw away our past and history. throwaway-culture. fast forwarded consumers of the new era. we did not learn any lessons - memories fade away and become history - something written in books or seen on crappy black/white film. some day we might get the bill for that. some day events will once repeat itself, and all those who died will rotate in their graves, that means, if they were even lucky enough to get one. break down walls, build new ones. jealousy, hate and anger - the 'holy' trinity of the weak and blinded. 'touch me, and that hand will never touch anything again' - mentality. soundtrack. nanoseconds of essential entertainment cutting, reshaping and breaking into pieces. new and old melting together and forming a hybrid. of a hybrid, that was even created out of two other hybrids before. so don't talk bullshit about it being new. it is not. i'm very sorry for that. didn't want to take away your feeling of being hot because of liking (or disliking) it. it's an unmeasurable small part of history. entertainment. anyone is free to give credit to it or not. it is not important. about 3600 secs. of what? right. it's been 1 year and 22 days. bad boys scream on top of it all. their programme is not common. they choose a different one. just like you did. away from it all. eternal outsiders. everything they do, others believe they do better. they are not looking for friends or enemies. the transformation has been completed, recently. we threw away the luggage. we do not need it anymore. every time they speak, shitloads of uncountable f-words come out, and they do not demand they should be bleeped out or reworked in a clean version. rather they expect to be banned from waves that float through the air. they don't need those anyway. the future. the bass. the break. the bpm counters. urban sonik warfare. no casualties - only winners and one giant victory. adrenalin rushes and hypnotism. wassup? do you read me? are you into this? are you following it? do you wanna go? - it's written all over your face." (patrick stevens / hypnoskull 2006)

if hypnoskull's recent work could be defined in a word then 'diversification' would be the word. he has always been an open minded human being and who collaborates with musicians of all genres. patrick stevens has moved far beyond the 'hardcore' corset he is still associated with. stevens' self-concept doesn't care about 'boundaries' of any kind.

'panik mekanik' perfectly displays that there are no reservations whatsoever in p.stevens' work. on this album you will find a large variety of styles, ranging from heavy breakbeats and drum'n'bass to dark hop and even ambient and soundtrackish tunes. but in each and every note you recognize that it's the unmistakable hypnoskull. fast break-attacks like 'the self detonation device' and 'in thee air' - that's patrick as you might know him from his' high-energetic live performances. 'mekanodruggembryo' or 'basement alpha mission triggerz' show the dark, moody hypno-side - and these tracks only show a few facets...

it took a long process of selections, queries and adjustments to finalize 'panik mekanik', but as always the effort was worth it - the end result being a fantastic piece of work. this is undoubtedly the best hypnoskull album so far - now it's your turn to evaluate!

escape 3 organisation, 52, 2070 zwijndrecht, belgium · ·


patrick stevens' musical metamorphosis began with dark skies over planet e., proceeded with g.o.d. and finally has been completed on panik mekanik, described by many (including me) as his best work. the main flavor here is pure breakcore jungle, intricate and harsh, mastered so skillfully that every single drum weighs a ton and still you won't hear a noisy mess of clipping sounds. some typical hypnoskull features are recognizable, like samples of cinematic speeches and especially the use of layers and layers of drums and breaks rattling and shattering at an insane speed. just forget all the ole technoid post-industrial machinery from the past, and enjoy the hyper kinetic drum'n'bass of "turbodozer" and "the sekret (hardstep remix)," before approaching tougher stuff such as "in thee air" and "the sekret (breakcore edit)," it's literally inflammable material, play 'em during a party and you'll set the crowd on fire. my personal choice is "kingston hard as steel (very hard ragga edit)," the title itself is quite self-explanatory, it's like an accelerated six-decks mix of chipmunk ragga, hardcore jungle and breakcore packed in three tiny minutes, breathtaking and mental. i must mention also "dark klub," it's absolutely amazing how blurred shadows of drums in the background can actually convince the listener they're hearing a storming rave tune. in this record you'll also find some downbeat tracks, that hypnoskull himself labels as darkhop, but in the end they work mainly as interludes, because the rest is too much fun, really. it's just criminal that a vinyl version of panik mekanik is not even scheduled (yet), there's enough killer tunes to fill at least a double 12" ready to be rinsed in breakcore nights all over the globe. also remarkable is the cinematic weirdness of "james b. goldfuck'r (epic drama edit)" where patrick stevens screws up the goldfinger's theme, a bit cheesy maybe, but well executed: it would have been interesting if some hollywood producer asked him for a 007 soundtrack instead of moby. now i'm really curious to know what will be the next step in hypnoskull sounds, he's just getting better and better. (luca maini)

der medienkonverter
kein jahr ohne hypnoskull-album. mit unnatürlich konstanter eigenwilligkeit veröffentlich patrick stevens kontinuierlich jedes jahr fast zur selben zeit ein album. sein neuestes werk "panik mekanik" macht da keine ausnahme, ist aber in musikalischer hinsischt eine kleine besonderheit im hypnoskull-kosmos. "panik mekanik" beinhaltet natürlich wieder diese brachialen breakcore-tollheiten, für die hypnoskull bekannt und berüchtigt ist. aber man staunt nicht schlecht, wenn auf einmal samples aus dem song "goldfinger" von john barry auftauchen. klar, dass auch der titel des songs einen seitenhieb richtung james bond austeilt: "james b. goldfuck'r". vom soundtrack geht der nächste sprung hin zu darkhop, wie das gleich darauf folgende "sick sekretz" zeigt. aber es sind auch vor allem songs wie "it's been 1 year and 22 days", die hypnoskull so faszinierend machen. breakbeats nur noch unterfüttert von langsamen hintergrundbasstönen. hip-hop-anleihen ist man von hypnoskull gewöhnt, doch auf die verzichtet er auf "panik mekanik" fast komplett. stattdessen gibt's ragga in high speed ("kingston hard as steel"), dunkle, dröhnende ambient-anleihen ("basement alpha mission triggerz") und sogar ausflüge in die moderne klassik ("da phantom"). patrick stevens findet immer wieder neue stilrichtungen, in denen er sich austoben und die er in seine musik integrieren kann. ein ständiges auf und ab, eine rasante fahrt mit einem formel-1-wagen, die nur von gelegentlichen boxenstops unterbrochen wird, in denen einen die mechaniker auch noch grob behandeln. hypnoskull fährt vollgas und hat das ende seiner reise noch lange nicht erreicht.

a sto giro è grossa. hypnoskull prosegue nel suo distacco dal rhythmic noise industriale e ruvido degli esordi, completando una svolta già accennata in dark skies over planet e. evidentemente si è aggiornato, è andato a qualche edizione del breakcore gives me wood ed infine ha deciso di dedicarsi completamente alla produzione di breakcore jungle. alcune sue caratteristiche rimangono riconoscibili, come l'estensivo uso di campionamenti di colonne sonore e di proclami autoconfezionati, vedi ad esempio "it's been 1 year and 22 days", per poi passare al consueto booklet verboso. si tratta di elementi distintivi che se da un lato creano un filo conduttore col passato, dall'altro non pregiudicano la sostanza sonora di panik mekanik, che è totalmente jungle. l'aspetto interessante è hypnoskull non si limita ad un'operazione nostalgica, ma utilizza ritmiche e loops old skool adattandoli ai suoi canoni compositivi, ovvero velocità spesso smodata, sovrapposizione scomposta di svariate sezioni percussive e un mastering incredibilmente rumoroso, ogni secondo al limite della distorsione per clipping. ad esempio, turbodozer e the sekret (hardstep remix e breakcore edit) viaggiano verso i 200 bpm, vedono la partecipazione sia di samples ragga che di noise duro e sferragliano alacremente con diversi strati ritmici. in parole povere, si sta parlando tonnellate di batterie schiantate una sull'altra, che danno attimi di tregua solo in qualche episodio autodefinito 'dark-hop'. lo sfacelo completo parte verso metà dell'album con in thee air, hardcore jungle accelerata con tanto di amen, tastiere stonate e accenni di ragga, preludio alla esplicativa kingston hard as steel (very hard ragga edit), un pezzo trascinante oltre immaginazione, provare a volume indicibile per credere; infine la menzione è obbligatoria per dark klub, che alterna jungle ubriaca a tempeste di bassi distorti, all'inizio sembra uno scherzo ma al terzo ascolto si coglie la genialità. in tutto il disco figurano giusto un paio di pezzi un po' pretenziosi, la reinterpretazione di goldfinger (james b. goldfuck'r) e mekanodruggembryo, ma sono cose da aspettarsi da hypnoskull. panik mekanik è senza dubbio il suo miglior album, una bella dose di breakcore spesso e accattivante che dovrebbe dare una svegliata anche ad un paio di nomi della scena come l'incompiuto sickboy e al ripetitivo enduser, il cui ultimo, superfluo album è appena uscito. come recita l'esplosiva outro, hypnoskull made me hardcore. (luca)

black issue 45
hypnoskull 2006: der mann lässt nichts anbrennen und bleibt beim rezept. schnell, fetzig, verzerrung und breaks, break, breaks. die rhythmische diversifizierung hat durchaus eingesetzt. das ist längst nicht mehr alles 4-to-the-floor. dennoch geht mir die zur schau gestellte aggressivität und das ständig von jedem und allem auf dieser welt angepisste immer noch auf die eier. dieses i-don't-give-a-fuck-i-am-going-to-do-what-i-like. ja, na und? mir doch egal. dabei ist herr stevens in person der netteste mensch, den man treffen kann. ich brauch dieses spiel nicht. irgendwie bin ich dem entwachsen. er ein wenig auch, wenn man die sogar ab und an eingestreuten ruhigen tracks bedenkt. aber dann ballert es gleich wieder weiter. für sein jahrelanges, stoisches verfolgen der ganz eigenen linie bewundere ich ihn. für die musik nicht mehr so ganz. die ist am break irgendwann selbst hängen geblieben. mit einer ausnahme: so generisch es ist filmmusiken zu samplen und durch den wolf zu drehen, so spitze ist die breakcore-'goldfinger'-james-bond-nummer names 'james b. goldfuck'r (epic drama edit)' geworden. ein kleiner breakcore-quickie für zwischendurch. warum macht er so lustige sachen eigentlich immer nur ein mal alle drei alben? (till)

terrorizer #152
forgoing his usually four/four industrial for the worlds of breakcore, jungle, raggacore and dubstep hypnoskull hits a different step. still utilising his love of industrial noise and vocal samples hyponoskull brings a touch of controlled chaos to his usual brew. frantic and blasting.

alternative #3
an evolution of sorts for hypnoskull. the vocal samples are still in place, the industrial noise is harsh and present but the beats have morphed. not content with just pounding four/four the skull has increased his love with the broken and twisted world of breakcore, jungle and raggacore but with his own unique take, sometimes several different takes on the same song. definitely manic, definitely lunatic and definitley touched in all the right places.

vital weekly 561
take a deep breath before making your way into this latest release from the furious world of hypnoskull. belgian composer patrick stevens introduced hypnoskull back in 1993 and have since then released a number of albums both as hypnoskull on german label ant-zen recordings, and he has been part of other interesting projects from the ant-zen camp such as sonar and cybernetic: fuckheadz. with an infernal blend of breakbeats, hard-hitting industrial and power noise the album with the suitable title "panik mekanik" keeps the pulse of the listener on a dangerously excessive high level. from the horrifying darkstep-track "basement alpha mission triggerz" to the provocative gabba-version of the classic "goldfinger"-theme from the james bond-movie, hypnoskull pulls the listener through a world of truly neck-breaking noise assaults. excellent stuff! (nmp)

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