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act 189 · iszoloscope · the audient void · cd

the audient void, the sum of us all, raudivian device, the path of totallity (part 1), insubstantiality, from hollow, unto deeper calling, heard voices (album version), the path of totallity (part 2)

"it felt like i was pulled through dimensions and worlds unknown, somewhere far beyond names and forms, regressing beyond what i understood to be my absolute point of origin. while floating weightlessly amidst the dark ether, the remaining fragments of my psyche were being humbled by their own insignificance as the vastness of the void started to make me grasp, for the very first time, the true meaning of infinity." (iszoloscope)

yann faussurier's work can be defined as a combination of dark fearful ambient soundscapes and heavy rhythmic beat assaults. some of iszoloscope's releases, f.e. 'aquifere' and 'les gorges des limbes', are located in the 'ambient' sector, while albums like 'coagulating wreckage' and 'au seuil du neant' also target the rhythmic region.

on 'the audient void', yann takes the 'au seuil du neant's concept one step further. there was once a more strict separation of ambient spheres and hard beats but now there are eight tracks which have to be heard as a whole unit. the straight rhythms and mighty pulsing basses are fully embedded inside the soundtrackish tunes and haunting voice samples - sounds emerge, pump, disappear and re-appear - all of which raises the speed from track to track into a raging climax that finally discards.

an ultimate listening experience for industrial enthusiasts - highly recommended.

iszoloscope discography. 09.2k5:
coagulating wreckage. cd/cd+7". spectre r06/r06.1. 2001
aquifère. cd. spectre/nautilus na05. 2002
the blood dimmed tide (w/ antigen shift). 3"cd. spectre s10. 2002
do america (w/ tarmvred). cd-ep. ad noiseam adn25. 2003
au seuil du néant / le dénominateur commun. 2cd. ant-zen act138. 2003
this monstrosity is part of my fibric. 12" vinyl. ant-zen act138.3. 2003
echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s14. 2003
les gorges des limbes. cd. ant-zen act178. 2004

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iszoloscope makes a very good combination of rhythmic industrial and dark ambient soundscapes. the first sounds of 'the audient void' appear to originate from the deepest realms of the inner-earth. it is like any moment you'll be confronting the old ones of lovecraft. then rhythms increase, violins kick in which remind of the infamous shower scene from the psycho movie and it all starts to get in motion. the old ones keep snorring from the deeper shafts beneath this layered music. an audient void it is indeed down there. 'the sum of us all' confronts us with frightening voice samples, heavy basses, pounding beats, constantly changing rhythm patterns and alienating atmopsherical sounds, that all together result in an exciting showcase of sounds, which perfectly fits the dancefloor as well. 'raudivian device' is even more heavy, has a nice rhythm and is in that respect a bit more challenging. 'the path of totality (part one)' starts off with a soundscape like track, that evolves in a harsh drum 'n bass spectacle. there is more drum 'n bass in 'insubstantiability', 'from hollow' and 'unto deeper calling', which is a supercool track for the dancefloor. 'heard voices (album version)' is a rhythmical spectacle through which a beautiful pallet of sounds unfolds itself. as if the void start to communicate in an understandable language. the audient void ends with the long and quiet yet disturbing soundscape of 'the path of totality (part two)'. oh, and there is a funny sample at the end of the album, something with pudding or like that.... (teknoir)

a review in russian language can be found on the website:

der medienkonverter
yann faussurier war bisher eigentlich eher für die leisen töne bekannt. mit veröffentlichungen wie "au seuil du néant" und der ebola-split-ep aus dem letzten jahr bewies er gleichwohl, dass er sich sehr wohl auch in den rhythmischen und industriellen gefilden auskennt. sein neues album "the audient void" demonstriert eindrucksvoll, wie man beide welten vereinen kann. infernalische hintergrundchöre und bretternde beats vereinen auf spannungsreiche art und weise ambient und industrial. die tracks beginnen meist gedämpft und oft auch mit einführenden sprachsamples. so wird das fast zehn minuten lange "the audient void" von dunklen drones, die nahezu wie posaunen klingen, eingeleitet. danach schleicht sich aber so nach und nach ein rhythmus in den song, der von streichern untermalt wird. auch "the sum of us all" lässt sich zeit, bis es mit wummernden bässen aufwartet und fast in technoiden ritual industrial verfällt. der song könnte ein killer in den clubs werden. mit jedem weiteren track fährt man tiefer in den höllenschlund. "raudivian device" wirkt noch kraftstrotzender und rauer, im hintergrund singen aber dämonische sirenenchöre. "the path of totality (part one)" ist ein erster bruch im spannungsbogen. am anfang sehr ruhig und danach in breakbeat-eskapaden ausufernd, wirkt der song etwas fehl am platz. aber das nachfolgende "insubstantiality" schließt wieder an "raudivian device" an, lässt jedoch diesmal den hintergrundchor weg. die tracks steigern sich von "from hollow" zu "unto deeper calling" immer mehr und gewinnen weiter an brachialität. für iszoloscope ein sehr ungewöhnliches konzept. das im gegensatz dazu melodische und gedämpftere "heard voices (album version)" schließt wieder den reigen und leitet über zum abschließenden "the path of totality (part two)", das in gewohnter iszoloscope-manier sehr düster klingt. fast wie heisere schreie oder ein gespenstischer wind klingen die verschiedenen samples. ein für iszoloscope überraschendes aber durch und durch sehr durchschlagendes album. yann faussurier zieht sich neue grenzen und erweitert mal eben den musikalischen wirkungsbereich. mal sehen, wo die reise hin geht... (veit)

like some other industrial acts iszoloscope has two faces: a dark ambient one and a rhythmic industrial one. this new album combines the two sides of the project. the result is mainly long evolving tracks with some dark ambient moods but that are still for a large part rhythmic industrial. also these tracks often go into industrial techno territory. most tracks thus evolve into distorted dance tracks like 'the sum of us all' and 'from hollow'. the hammering rhythms in these tracks remind at times of test dept., like in some older iszoloscope releases. the best tracks are the more true ambient pieces 'the audient void' and ' the path of totality (part 2)' with their almost sjamanistic feeling. but people who are more dancefloor minded will find more tracks to their liking on this disc. (mvg)

iszoloscope has found the perfect equation with his new album "the audient void". earlier work could mostly be divided into either noise or drones. releases such as "aquifére" and "les gorges des limbes" are more located in the ambient sector, while albums like "coagulating wreckage" and "au seuil de nèant" could be put in a more rhythmic region. on this latest release we get to enjoy both extremes and in such a perfect combination, that "the audient void" has become a beautiful and intense album. delightfully dark and oppressing, but with at the same time very challenging beats and breaks. it's also very surprising to hear that often in one and the same track the soundtrack-like moods and the thumping rhythms are both present. yann faussurier's latest outburst comes with beautiful and very matching artwork. the nine songs are all pretty long and spun out, of which the longest can be found at the beginning of the album. opening track 'the audient void' stays entertaining a full ten minutes. very daring and at the same time well done to begin with such a track. it reminds me of the nice opening track of spermblasters "seeking comfort in chaos". the absolute best and finest song is to my opinion 'the sum of us all'. a very worked up beginning with after one and a half minute a freaking strange break, after which the wonderfully complicated but still absolutely danceable beats sweep you of your feet. incredible, how intoxicating these nine minutes are! we keep the pace high in tracks like 'insubstantiality', 'from hollow', 'unto deeper calling' and 'heard voices (album version)'. this last one is the shortest presented song and will do nice in the most noise or industrial dj-set lists. the sweet and pleasant melodies are accompanied by good and mathematically correct beats. somewhere it reminds me a bit of acts like kettel or aphex twin. 'the path of totality' is brought to us in two parts. the first piece has some pretty break beats, while the second is more drone-like and spooky. apparently the path becomes less practicable the further we get... with iszoloscope's "the audient void" ant zen brings us the perfect album for those dark, lonely and cold winter nights to come. (ergo)

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