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act 191 · geneviéve pasquier · virgin pulses · cd

yearning, order of thoughts, vie 1, i love you, don't think i am..., today the disco, boop song, virgin thoughts, schizofren, pulse (analogue-mix), good-girl-bad (short version), fairy tale, epileptic dance hit, lines, blitzkrieg baby. part 1, blitzkrieg baby. part 2.

01-09 originally released on virgin thoughts lp (umb), 2003
10+11 originally released on pulse 7" (disorder), 2004
12 previously released on genevieve pasquier vs. bastards of love 10" (petting zoo), 2005
13 previously released on in stahlgewittern II 4lp compilation (steinklang), 2002
14 previously released on lines 7" (steinklang), 2005
15+16 previously unreleased

this record was made with love.

geneviéve pasquier's debut cd 'soap bubble factory' introduced this outstanding artist to listeners who do not have access to a record player (having a vinyl collection isn't expected anymore). now, after countless customers' requests, both geneviéve and ant-zen are presenting g.p.'s finest vinyl tracks on compact disc (for the first time).

what you will find is the complete 'virgin thoughts' lp, three 7" tracks, 'fairy tale' from the split-10" with bastards of love, g.p.'s 'in stahlgewittern II' compilation contribution - and the previously unreleased 'blitzkrieg baby' (part 1 and part 2).

the style ranges from distorted noise-influenced industrial ('don't think i am...') to dark electro beats ('pulse'); also included is her take on a pop tune ('today the disco'). this retrospective shows geneviéve's artistic variety right from the beginning. the mastery of many electronic sound facets, combined with her exceptional voice - claiming, alluring, repelling, suspicious - was and will be g.p.'s trademark. all of this is perfectly displayed on this truly fine release.

geneviéve pasquier discography 10.2k6:
virgin pulses. cd. ant-zen act191. 2006
soap bubble factory. cd. ant-zen act181. 2006
lines. 7". steinklang records sk7-18. 2005
split (w/ bastards of love). 10". petting zoo 001. 2005
pulse. 7". disorder records 03. 2004
virgin thoughts. lp. ritalin aktif / umb 002. 2003

geneviéve pasquier website:


genevieve pasquier was already known from her contribution to the industrial-power electronics formation thorofon but as solo artist she has been active for some years as well. eventually she made noise influnced industrial ('don't think i am...') and soundscapes ('virgin thoughts') and later on she moved more towards minimal elektro ('pulse', 'fairy tale', 'lines'). her unique enchanting vocie and her mastering of various aspects of electronic sound showed an artistic and above all unique sound. before she was signed by ant-zen and released her debut cd soap bubble factory there, various different vinyl releases, an lp, and a split with bastards of love were released. these are all sold out for some time now and therefore it is really great that those interested who prefer to listen to their music on cd now have the possibility to do so with virgin pulses on which all vynil releases are compiled. the nice thing is that the tracklist is in chronological order so one can follow genevieve on a journey through a world of sound and notice how she developed into a very original and trendsetting artist. her music is perhaps not easy to digest for some, yet anyone will surely find it fascinating. the voice of genevieve pasquier doesn't let go easily, it crawls under your skin and together with the confronting electronics it is an important part of the overall sound that is being created. sometimes it is quite accessible, such as the pop alike 'today the disco' and also the new 'blitzkrieg baby' songs reflect. (teknoir)

vital weekly 556
this is a really cool release! it makes me think of early industrial-pioneers of the 80's transformed into the modern sound technology of 21 st century. french composer genevieve pasquier impressed me with her previous album titled "soap bubble factory" but this new album titled "virgin pulses" is even better! the strength of genevieve pasquier is her excellent voice that, sometimes being sung other times spoken, adds a perfect charm into the icy and tough expression of the album - like electronic music's answer to rock music's femme fatale, p.j. harvey. that the greatest force of genevieve pasquier is her voice says quite a lot, since the album compositionally spoken is an awesome beast as well! musically "virgin pulses" presents anything from harsh power electronics sound spheres to ethereal ambient sometimes being integrated in cynic spheres of early industrial drones reminiscent of alan vega's pioneering project: suicide. the great variation in sonic expression from soft soundscapes to noisy chaos combined with the remarkable voice of genevieve pasquier makes this album a truly unique and very fascinating work. excellent! (nmp)

"soap bubble factory" was not genevieve pasquier's first outing, but it did come with the power, directness and the uncompromising attitude of a debut. which may go some way in explaining why this album may have raised more awareness for pasquier than any of her groundbreaking classics as part of thorofon. it is still, a full year after its release, a colourful and exciting effort, characterised by slow-moving acid blurbs and intense psychedelic moods. while the world waits for the follow-up, "virgin pulses" takes a step back to the early days of pasquier, without ending up as a mere bunch of loose ends. collected on the album are tracks from between 2003 and 2005, from her first full-length to the three powerful 7"s "pulse", "vs bastards of love" and ""pulse". collectors and limited-edition-purists can heave a sigh of relief, however, as this is neither a full replacement of the original releases (quite a few tracks have been ommitted), nor an exact reproduction - all songs have been carefully remastered, some of them edited and rearranged. the nine pieces from "virgin thoughts", however, are all here and they still stand their ground with might and majesty. analog sine waves beat nervously, electric charges fill the air, frenzied bleeps swirl in an intoxicated madness and pasquier recites, screams, moans and lusts for the listener's attention. a mixture between totally deranged chansons and erotic dime novels with pink covers, the music burns on sweat, sex, passion and propped-up aggression and just as much caters to the left as to the right side of the brain as well as the dirty needs of your body. it is the very extremess with which genevieve persues her vison, which turns what could be embarassing into a dark kind of art, which maintains a certain sense of mystery: "today the disco", with its "you have to adore me!" shouts could either be about cheap, egocentric pseudo-popstars or about domination games (and is probably about something else alltogether). just like many other contributions, this is firmly danceable and catchy and if pasquier really wanted, she actually could rule the discos of this world. but the way she stretches her tracks into infinity, into twisted oblivion and to a point, where the senses loose all certainty, qualifies it as something bigger than mere potential chart hits. apart from that, the coherency and inner-connectedness of "virgin pulses" is amazing to say the least. if one didn't know better, it would be easy to assume that this were in fact genevieve pasquier's debut album. (tobias fischer)

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