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act 192 · synapscape / asche · scenes from a galton's walk · cd

tracklist synapscape:
what are you doing to whitenoise, baby?. got up. scrambling daylight. karambolage. racer x. tragic figures. situation eight.

tracklist asche:
babylon (chaos). petunia. made my day (v3). killers. 2nd scrape (version). falling to the ground (petunia rmx) by moctan.

seven tracks by synapscape and six tracks from asche - this could have been 2 new cd-eps. well, here you get 1 new full-time cd instead! the act! was just finished, but synapscape still had more. seven new tracks where t.kniep and philipp münch keep the beat straight, the vocals distorted, and the pace fast; however, they let the dancers catch their breath with 'karambolage' and 'situation eight'. so what are you doing with whitenoise, baby? go enjoy it! after three years, several compilation appearances and re-releases of older material on cd-r there is a new sign of life from asche. more distortion, more beats, more disturbing voices and vocals - and more names: this morn' omina collaborated with andreas schramm on 'petunia', which was re-edited by moctan on 'falling to the ground'. rhythmic rage meets droning darkness - asche, make my day!

this item will also be available at the synapscape + asche u.s. tour in march 2006.

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synapscape discography on ant-zen 02.2k6:
scenes from a galton's walk (w/ asche). cd. ant-zen act192. 2006
act!. cd. ant-zen act167. 2005
the incredible three vinyl trilogy (w/ imminent). 3x7". ant-zen act183. 2004 / 2005
hands on centrozoon. cd-ep. ant-zen act157. 2003
raw. cd. ant-zen act137. 2002
positive pop. cd / boxset. ant-zen act117 / act117.7. 2001
screenwalking (w/ imminent). cd-ep. ant-zen act103. 2000
so what. 2cd. ant-zen act87. 1999
remix item (w/ imminent starvation). 10". ant-zen act78. 1998
rage. cd. ant-zen act67. 1997
helix. 7". ant-zen act57. 1996
synapscape. cd. ant-zen act27. 1995

asche discography on ant-zen 02.2k6:
scenes from a galton's walk (w/ synapscape). cd. ant-zen act192. 2006
distorted dj. 2cd / 2x12". ant-zen act145 / act145.4. 2003
distorted disco. cd. ant-zen act105. 2000
split w/ morgenstern, lp, ant-zen act40. 1996

synapscape website:

asche website:


a review in russian language is available at machinist page:

terrorizer #143
both artist split this release down the middle with a solid collection of hard electro industrial rythms and noise. synascape employ fierce distorted vocals to overdrive the squealing feedback and punchy industrial beats while asche have a slightly more dance floor friendly approach with a cleaner more straight forward sound and vocal style.

this split release of synapscape and asche contains uncompromising material.if you have some guts this however can be spinned for sure. the synapscape part consists of heavy pounding fast paced technoid 4/4 bats and industrial drum 'n bass with distorted vocals. tim kniep and philipp munch apparantly had some tracks left of the previous album act. eclectic like always, and again fast paced and pretty inaccessible material. the music of synapscape takes many unexpected turns and has lots of surprises, without losing track of the base structure. the only 'light-weighted' exceptions are the white noise soundscape track 'karambolage' and the rhythmic more challenging track 'situation eight'. 'racer x' is quite awesome. this song sounds like a soundtrack for a computer racing game that has gone mad. the synapscape part has 7 tracks. the asche part has 6. 'situation eight' holds back a bit, but 'petunia' together with this morn omina is a massive technoid cracker. as well as 'killers' 'falling to the ground (petunia remix)' and ofcourse the version of '2ndscrape' are great clubtracks based on an asche recipe. great dancefloor stuff! (teknoir)

this is what you call a superb split-cd. synapscape opens this album with seven typical tracks and asche finishes it off with six songs. with 'what are you doing to whitenoise, baby?' synapscape starts energetic. it's a threatening song that slowly comes to an eruption. especially the shouting, distorted voice reminds a bit of aphex twin ('come to daddy'). 'got up' is somewhat more chaotic while the following 'scrambling daylight' sounds more accessible. striking songs are the moody instrumental 'karambolage' and the harsh and brutal singing 'racer x'. asche proves, once again, to be a master in producing of sinister voices with stirred up beats. 'babylon (chaos)' is a nice first track, so threatening that the repeating of patterns works hypnotising. the heavy pounding 'petunia', with help from this morn' omina' will do wonders on the dance floor. the slow dark 'made my day (v3)' is a sinister resting point only to be scared shitless with the heavy, but not so succeeded, 'killers' (with the voice of bush). the '2 nd scrape (version)' will undoubtedly result in packed dance floors, it's the question though how people will react on the quiet end of the song. the 'falling to the ground (petunia rmx)' of moctan doesn't share this problem, because its upbeat until the end (although the original sounds better). it's a nice end of a successful initiative. (beautevil)

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