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act 193 · converter · expansion pack 2.0 · 2cd

subliminal eye (lsi), domination (lm), shock front (detonated), see beyond (remix by displacer), stand beside him (420 elevators remix by broken fabiola), the experiment, smoke, order/creature (remix by rasputin), witch hunter (burned remix by dj burn), stand beside him (fyp), stone wind, fallen (lm), offering (scorched remix by databomb), d.1k.d, witch hunter (hanged), atlantis (, time through windows, invocation of lilith, ceremony (black), electric wizard, order/creature (remix by sonar), monster death (lem), cloud eye (remix by architect), chainreaction, see beyond (feat. goddess kring), order/creature (lm), offering, cloud eye (remix by prospero), stand beside him (power), coma (tik remix), listen to converter.

party guy: "hey, you got converter?"
dj: "yep"
party guy: "can you play this track, uhm... 'domination'?"
dj: "no, it's only on that compilation, i don't have it"
party guy: "------"

party girl: "can you play converter, that track on this industrial compilation?"
dj: ""
party girl: "------"

party people: "heeey dj! play 'domination'!!!"
dj: "(censored)"

there is a theory that track 2 on a cd is the cd's "hit". on this 2cd package, track 2 is 'domination' - enough said. two years after the first 'expansion' came out, we present the second strike. this expansion contains unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by industrial icons like sonar and ambient masters like architect and displacer.

scott sturgis' musical variety is amazing, ranging from heavily distorted industrial beat attacks to dark ambient soundscapes. 'expansion 2.0' tracks range from the 'shock front' to 'exit ritual' period - which perfectly documents sturgis' improvement. instead of repeating a successful concept over and over again, scott experimented with new influences and various styles. he even has enough balls to communicate with satan herself - as it is documented here.

this is a highly recommended addition to your converter collection. and if you're a dj then satisfy the party people - play 'monster death'!

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re-pressing of the deleted classic w/ new cover artwork

discography converter 05.2k5:
expansion pack 2.0. 2cd. ant-zen act193. 2005
exit ritual. cd. ant-zen act163. 2003
expansion 1.3. 2x3"cd. ant-zen act 143.3. 2003
expansion pack 1.10. 2x10"vinyl. act 143.10. 2003
erode (w/ asche + morgenstern). cd-ep. ant-zen act123. 2001
firebloom. 12" vinyl. hymen records y026. 2000
blast furnace. cd / boxset. ant-zen act113/act113.1. 2000
coma. 12" vinyl. hymen records ¥014. 1999
shock front. cd. ant-zen act83. 1999

converter website:


this double cd stuffed full with converter tracks and remixes is a true sensation for the fans of converter and power industrial in general. two years after the release of expansion pack 1.3 there now is expansion pack 2.0. the track which are compiled on this cd stretch from the period of shockfront to that of exit.ritual. this perfectly reflects the musical development of converter as an artist. it is also stressed some more that scott sturgis is very versatile, musically speaking, since the tracks vary from dark ambient soundscapes to heavy distorted industrial beats. the remix of see beyond by displacer has an almost funky rhythm that easily could come from r 'n b music. broken fabiola's remix of stand beside him is deliciously spherical, and this is a world away from the power remix of converter's own hands. dj burn directly aims for the dancefloor with his fantastic remix of witch hunter. further remixes on this cd come from rasputin, architect, prospero, sonar and databomb. finally, this album contains monster death, a remix of the floor smasher monster. this cd is suitable for the living room as well as clubs, but you should use the tarck selection on your cd player in this case to select the tracks that fit the setting. .converter is and will be one of the best power industrial acts around. (teknoir)

grave concerns
technically, this is the collection - the second in a series - of rarities, compilation tracks, remixes, and live material from scott sturgis's prolific power noise project, but you might as well call it a "greatest hits" album. between club favorites like "domination" and more experimental soundscapes like "invocation of lilith," these tracks cover the broad panorama of sturgis's work up to this point, from the quietest ambient fuzz to the loudest distorted rhythms. djs have plenty to work with - "witch hunter (hanged)" and "stand beside him (power)" are particularly dance-friendly examples of converter's signature harsh noise - but there's plenty of more contemplative stuff, too. "chainreaction" flavors distorted drones with studio glitches, while "see beyond" evolves from eerie feedback into an echoing white noise that's almost pleasant. "fallen (lm)" on the other hand, is fast and frantic, but its complex jungle-tinged rhythm works better blowing minds and headphones than as a club track. the remixes here are diverse and brilliant as well. tik's remix of "coma" is noisy but infectious, while broken fabiola, a manufactura side project, delves into surprisingly soothing territory on the laid back "420 elevators" mix of "stand beside him." legendary harsh electronic act sonar makes an appearance with a remix of "order/creature," but it's relative newcomer databomb - the solo project of recent skinny puppy collaborator dre robinson - that makes the most memorable contribution, with a "scorched" mix of "offering" that manages to be clanking and rhythmic yet mellow and stony all at the same time. with thirty-one tracks spread over two seventy-minute cds, this is essential listening for power noise fans, and there's such a great variety of music here that it works both as a collector's item for devoted fans and as an newcomer's introduction to the project.

terrorizer # 134
Converter is the artist that turned a lot of people on to Ant Zen records with his seminal 'Shock Front' cd in 1999. It's machine beats and heavy production have spawned a whole host of imitators, but none of them seem to have the grip Converter has on rhythmic noise. The way he manipulates distortion to new highs whilst still having a melody has never quite been matched within the electro industrial field, On this twin cd a whole host of rare, compilation, and remixed tracks have been gathered to show off the many an varied faces of Converter. Form mangled ad jingles to pounding furnace smashing beats, electro ambience and sci fi sound track stylings this collection is a must for not only fans but for the new comer to dip into and test these intense lead heavy waters. (alex boniwell)

chain d.l.k.
when doing reviews, i find it useful to have a point of comparison so i listened to expansion pack 2.0 and then listened to blast furnace. blast furnace was good, but this is much more varied in style and a lot less predictable. it also reminded me that blast furnace wasn't just straight up rhythmic noise. that's the nice thing about scott sturgis - it's difficult to pigeonhole him into one category. if you get this disc, think of it in terms of not only expanding your collection of sturgis's output, but also in terms of expanding what you think of converter. i have to admit that when i got these discs i thought that i was in for rhythmic noise - until i read the press sheet that came with it. i'll quote from that here: "this expansion contains unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by industrial icons like sonar and ambient masters like architect and displacer." ambient? converter? yes, and it's really good. on with the music; let's start with disc 1. first off, this opens with what can best be described as harsh ambient - voices talking about subliminal messages and bits of noise thrown in. about 6 minutes in you are reminded that you did not put the wrong disc in the cd player as it kicks into the rhythmic noise that you had expected. a nice opening to the disc. track 2 is domination which, from the press release is a something that people like in clubs. because i'm out of the club scene, i don't know, but it does sound like it would work well. the rest of the disc alternates between these extremes - sedate, more mellow pieces and harsh rhythmic noise. about the only real low point on the disc was "witch hunter (burned remix by dj burn)" which was a bit too repetitive with a steady 4/4 beat running through it. even though witch hunter (hanged) is not up to the rest of the disc either, it at least changes it up a bit and is a minute and a half shorter. disc 2 begins with "atlantis (1990 re-edit)" a shorter, more minimal track of some spoken word that is difficult to understand and eases into track 2, "time through windows" which is a more sedate, tribal sounding track. although repetitive, there is enough happening beneath the surface to keep it interesting. this was actually one of my favorite tracks. it's not until track 5, "electric wizard" that the rhythmic noise kicks back in and i have to admit that i was enjoying the soundscapes more. the press sheet tells djs to play monster death for the "party people" and i have to agree - this would sound right at home on the dance floor and at 9.31 it gives the dj plenty of time to flirt with the clubbers (isn't that what the djs are actually after anyway?). this disc is also a good mix of less aggressive tracks (although keep in mind that this is still converter that we're talking about, so it's all relative) and the rhythmic noise we expect from converter. overall this is a good set - and weighing in at about 2.5 hours of music, the discs are packed about as full as possible. the only real issue i have is that i would have preferred a set that had the low key stuff on one disc and the noisy stuff on the other to more easily suit the mood i'm in. other than that, this is really good and both discs (especially disc 2) will be spending some quality time in my cd player. (brett 'eskaton')

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