act 196 · sonar · alien overdrive · cd

transparant pilots, consume, vanished, bad man, alien overdrive, red capsules, one mile away, transfo funk, striking backwards, aval, consume - morgenstern remix, red capsules - marita schreck remix, alien overdrive - ambassador 21 remix.

during the last ten years sonar has become one of the most well-known and appreciated rhythmic-industrial projects. countless releases and high-energetic live performances assured their top position in this genre. for those unfamiliar, sonar's sound can be described as synthesized outbursts, strategically placed samples and droning bass pulses, corseted in strict driving beats and minimalistic sequences. presently the sonar line-up consists of dirk ivens (dive, the klinik, absolute body control) and eric van wonterghem (monolith, insekt, absolute body control).

alien overdrive displays sonar's professional skill in diversifying a well-known style of industrial music, making it fresh and exiting. the straightness of the tracks works perfectly as a catalyst that makes you move your body. then again, this music's specific feature is displayed subliminally, f.e. unusual syncopations ('vanished'), accentuations on the off-beat ('bad man') or a constant state of the rhythmic flux without an actual beat ('transfo funk'). the more often you will listen to it, the more you will discover.

the three remixes at the end of this album make a fine addition; ranging from morgenstern's mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and pounding dance beats to german industrial legend marita schreck's 16th-note tekknoise and belarussian ambassador 21 who offers this release's fastest track - a powerful orgy of rhythmic assaults.

this is the first sonar release on ant-zen in almost a decade - play at maximum volume!

discography (excerpt) 09.2k6:
alien overdrive. cd. ant-zen act196. 2006
bad man ep. cd-ep. faceless fac001. 2005
volt revisited. 2x12". hands productions b021. 2003
volt control. cd. daft records d1042cd. 2003
parallel friction. 7". klanggalerie gg42. 2001
remote assault. cd. daft records d1036cd. 2000
voodoo vision. 10". triton 31. 1999
cosmic rays. 12". hymen records ¥013. 1999
overdose simulation. cd. daft records d1029cd. 1998
connected. lp triton lp 12. 1998
on mission inside. 12". drag & drop industrial ddi3335. 1997
dislocated. 10". ant-zen act65. 1997
rotation. 7". divine comedy records dc001. 1996
sonar. cd / lp. daft records d1017cd / ant-zen act46. 1996

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this new cd of dirk ivens and eric van wonterghem is very much in the same vein as the latest dive album if you ask me, yet musicwise it has a sonar character. the approach is a bit more minimal than on previous sonar recordings, yet the result is more infectious and especially more hypnotising. this directly is illustrated well with the second track, titled 'consume'. further highlights on this excellent industrial-noise album are 'bad man', 'alien overdrive', 'red capsules' and 'transfo funk'. finally there are three remixes on this album, such as the remix of 'consume' done by morgenstern, who give it their distinct dark atmospheric twist, a teknoise remix of 'red capsules' by the german industrial-noise legend marita schreck and a punding fast and heavy remix of the titletrack 'alien overdrive' by the belarussians of ambassador21. sonar proves with this album that after ten years of activity they still are among the absolute top of the current industrial scene. (teknoir)

vital weekly 548
having been part of legendary industrial-project klinik since 1985, dirk ivens and eric van wonterghem are true legends of the post-industrial-scene. the number of releases from both artists is quite impressive not only counting their klinik and sonar-projects but also their individual side-projects. their compositional activity beautifully follows their great quality in harsh sound production. "alien overdrive", being no exception, clearly demonstrates the two artists' knowledge in how to control the buttons of heavy pounding industrial machinery. the musical expression of the album can be described as "minimalist power noise" in short. imagine how richie hawtin would sound like if he left his detroit techno-sound and moved into the power noise-spheres in his early days of plastikman. "alien overdrive" operates in ultra-repetitive spheres based on mid-tempo rhythm textures and heavy subtle bass-drones. crushing sounds of distorted noise penetrates and fades away intensely following the sharp cut beats. the minimal expression results in an amazing hypnotic though anything else but tranquilizing atmosphere. "play at maximum volume!", the notes in the inner sleeve suggests. hell i will! (nmp)

terrorizer #152
sonar have created a good name for themselves over the years producing quality dark industrial beats and 'alien overdrive' carries this on. the atmosphere throughout is of an under lying threat. one that stays in the shadows but is breathing heavily down the back of your neck.

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