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act 209 · punch inc. · fightclub · cd

01. the daily round
02. rumble
03. roughneck
04. arm against
05. fightclub
06. barrage
07. revolution now
08. take a stand
09. fight your enemy
10. let's rockn' roll
11. barrage (asche-remix)

the bielefeld based live / studio project punch inc. was founded in august 2000. both protagonists, a. brinkert and a. glöckner are equally responsible for synthesizer, sampling and programming (both have played in various projects since 1992). a. glöckner (aka moctan) experimented with electronic dance music and supported local industrial projects like ars moriendi, asche, morgenstern and monokrom, while a. brinkert (aka bipol) achived recognition as an innovative bass player and sound constructor with klang, womp and templegarden's. during various sessions both generated the idea to merge these musical outputs into a collective venture. since the beginning the name punch inc. has stood for hard, intransigent and propulsive industrial that is supported by tribalistic and technoid beats.

the mercilessness of an industrial civilization is punch inc's main influence, and they always place an emphasis on the rhythmic overkill. fightclub: a visualization of the fate of most everyday humans: struggle for assertiveness, combat the inner and outer predator, fight - not for the chance of winning but for survival. fightclub: machines designed for personal wars, emitting dense, grinding soundwalls that are wedged into never ending beat pulses. fightclub: mankind's biggest enemy is shutdown and here are eleven arms to make you move onward...

if this album doesn't make you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty then you need to check your pulse!

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discography. 02.2k8:
industrial technologies. cd-r. 2001
rush hour. cd. hands productions d054. 2003
freaktime. cd. hands productions d087. 2005
fightclub. cd. ant-zen act209. 2008

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

punch inc. is the industrial noise project of mister glockner and brinkert from bielefeld in germany , where every second industrial band seems to originate from. glockner is a.o. also known from the industrial techno outfit moctan, work with ars moriendi and asche while brinkert recently released an industrial record as bipol. punch inc. however is tapping from a different vein since what these gentlemen treat the innocent listener on are heavily distorted industrial influences and deformed sounds driven by tight 4/4 beats. this is surely suitable stuff for the industrial dancefloor. after two album with the hands label the band is now back with one hell of a new album, which gets a release on ant-zen. after two still quite experimental tracks the machine breaks loose with 'roughneck', whereafter harsh industrial tracks such as 'arm against', 'fightclub' and 'barrage' make it very clear that there is no place here for subtle sounds. in the industrial of punch inc. layer on layer is added which results in a heavy industrial sound that starts to get a hypnotising effect due to the tribal and techno beats. the only point of criticism could be that it all gets a bit too much and becomes fatiguing after having listened for some time. in 'fight your enemy' the beats are extremely heavy and lean towards a massive wall of bass sounds. of 'barrage' a fantastic grooving remix by asche is added as final track on this third punch inc. recording. this is recommended to fans of the more heavy by techno influenced industrial noise, such as converter, asche and mono no aware. (teknoir)

connexion bizarre
the only real requirement when listening to punch inc. is a simple one: volume, and lots of it. crank those speakers as far as they can go and, if possible, do so within an enclosed space. the resulting reverberations and noise cross-contamination interferences that build up are spectacular: truly the only way to fully appreciate this recording. low volume listening yields an unfavourable impression of one of the more exciting acts within the hard industrial genre. "fightclub" begins slowly, delivering a pedestrian and unexciting introduction - sadly, these first tracks feel awkward, uninspired and incomplete when compared with what is to follow - it feels like the duo only start supplying the necessary punch on "arms against", a massive bout of technoid aggression. luckily, this level of production fluidity is maintained on the remaining two thirds of the album. the title track (a monumental creation in itself, highly complex and beautifully structured, with its creepy introduction dragging your soul into the sound) is a glorious paean to youthful revolt against suburbia and the safety of mediocrity that society would dictate to us all - a manifesto repeated later on "revolution now", and, to a lesser degree, on "fight your enemy". equally aptly named is "barrage" (also reinterpreted by asche as a bonus track). here, frenzied, double-time kicks are like a well-placed artillery strike to the cerebrum. this is nothing new for punch inc. veterans, however, as this rhythmic assault is what the pair are famed for. their approach feels far more machine-like and synthetic, rather than noise-based (although plenty of noise still creeps through) as in the case of many similar acts, and the constant evolution of drum lines makes for extremely dynamic listening - and dancing. so fans won't be disappointed and newcomers may easily find themselves investigating further into the post-percussive phenomenon that is punch inc. (david vander merwe)

vital weekly 628
punch inc might be a new name to some of us, but the brains behind have been feeding the listeners of harsh electronics with earlier releases on german label ant-zen recordings. andreas glöckner is known for his project moctan with the last album titled "suspect" released in 2006. the other half of punch inc. is andreas brinkert, who under the name bipol impressed with his "ritual"-album released a year ago. with two artists that have their musical background in the industrial sound world, it should make sense that this joint venture is another exploration into the harsh world of industrial sound. punch inc. is like the name of the project reveals a slap in your face. abrasive power noise-sound spheres circulate in territories of deep rumbling bass-lines assisted by atmospheric soundscapes and hordes of vocal samples. the rhythm textures are astonishing on the album sometimes reminiscent of early imminent starvation. punch inc. is the result of two industrial brains collaboration and the result is more than successful. highly recommended! (nm)

chain d.l.k.
the german area around bielefeld seems to be quite fruitful for acts providing the rhythmically powernoise formula, also the duo of punch inc. can be counted besides synapscape and their uncountable side-projects into this. after some years recording for hands productions, punch inc. have exchanged the flags and hired to ant-zen - at least the decision pro the market leader. and as the second hidden title of this album announces it, "206 bones to break", punch inc. do their best to provide a top-notch harsh album filled with straight and crunchy beats and rotten effects. they don't take any prisoners and execute the dancefloors with the speedy pieces like "roughneck", "arm against" or "fight your enemy". rather mid-tempo pieces like "the daily round" or "rumble" can impress through the use strange voice samples, rotating percussive penetrations and its menacing mood. some might say, punch inc. provide the state-of-art for this genre and this release is quite typical for ant-zen. indeed, since the whole world awaits a new studio album of converter, the title track is that sort of a masterpiece which could come out of the rotten world of mr. sturgis. the invitation into this "fightclub" is quite unfriendly and broken bones and bleeding noses are guaranteed. there's punch incorporated on this album which is a safe purchase, if you can offer only a glimpse of sense for this genre. also check out another excellent graphic idea by s.alt. good stuff! (marc tater)

axess code
quant au nouveau punch inc. , oubliez le cross-over entre l'énergie des rythmiques techno et la rudesse des sonorités indus. il faudra vous tourner vers moctan pour retrouver cette subtile alchimie. avec fightclub, nom qui aurait parfaitement convenu pour l'album des somatic, le ton s'est considérablement durci. l'ambiance est d'une noirceur rare et les rythmiques abrasives. aucune once d'humanité. a mon avis, ils se sont plantés et ont interverti les titres. mais ce n'est que mon avis. une puissance de feu digitale qui, certes, réussi le pari de décrire un monde machinique impitoyable, mais qui fait aussi grincer des dents. la linéarité des morceaux, le manque d'originalité, la récurrence des sons (voulue), fait qu'après cette frissonnante sensation d'agression, on s'ennuie. certains morceaux en deviennent même insupportables. ainsi, j'ai zappé le morceau titre à chaque écoute de l'album. il reste néanmoins deux ou trois morceaux ultra puissants qui ne réussiront pas à effacer ma déception.

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