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act 212 · this morn' omina · the hegira trilogy · 3cd box


nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet. the first cycle
01 inside a full eclipse
02 totemism (modern)
03 k'hai
04 the fifth incarnation of vishnu
05 kadaicha
06 the stars are like dust
07 dragon - flies / samarrkand
08 decline and fall of empires

em sauf haa-heru. the second cycle
01 procession of the sacred bull
02 hannibal ad portas
03 the face of the waters
04 starchild
05 the true voices of the tree
06 spires of the moon
07 signs and portents
08a the void which binds: kheph-ra / dawn
08b seneshai

taiu. the third and final cycle
01 ah-menti
02 the penultimate truth
03 vassago de nunez
04 the light that shines and the light that fades
05 beatified spirit
06 totemism (ancient)
07 aeon
08 the weeping eye
09 either / or
10 perun
11 terran

packaging: large black heavy-cardboard box w/ silver print + inlay and postcards
limited edition of 600 copies

the hegira trilogy (1997-2001)

interest in this trilogy has not declined even though the last musical note of the hegira trilogy was made almost 6+ years ago and the tracks from this period have not been played live in a very long time. perhaps it is because all three releases were extremely limited or perhaps it is because people want to know the origins of this morn' omina. for whatever reason, listeners now have a chance to get acquainted with the musical history of this morn' omina.

it all started after a turbulent and extremely hot summer night (no sleep for days because of the heat) in 1996. this morn' omina was born the next day - the project title referred to that specific moment in time ("the morning of omens/portents"). the search for a new 'language' began shortly afterward - a language that consisted of nothing more than an md-player (used as a sampler!), tape deck, bass guitar and effect pedals, lowgrade drumpads (noisy!), a gm module and a 4-track cassette recorder). 1996 saw the production of three tape recordings which attracted the attention of magthea (hybryds) and this resulted in a compilation appearance (daft records). the first cd was released on old europa cafe in 1997 (nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet).

the central theme was clear from the first recording session - i.e. 'hegira' also known as 'diaspora'. the never ending search for a 'new land' and a 'new language'. the concept of a trilogy was embraced and the writings of d. simmons, crowley and mythological/religious themes would eventually influence the work. however, no one ever expected the trilogy to be finished (including myself) - especially when you consider the chaos that surrounded the process. yes, these were the days of the first computer based sequencers and while promising these programs delivered nothing more than unwanted tempo changes and crashes - which resulted in more sleepless nights (nights in which recovering lost data was the priority). em sauf haa-heru (originally released on horus cyclic daemon) was the final result of this painstaking process and it is perhaps still one of my personal favourites. nevertheless, 'working' on a tmo track never felt like 'work' (and it still doesn't!) - it all flowed naturally from an idea/concept/theme to a piece of music.

also in this period (frustrating technology was the impediment of creativity) a soundscape was made ("realtime old skool style") called 'the future has taken root in the present'. this was released after 'taiu' on tantric harmonies.

a much needed break was needed and after a visit to the party island of ibiza, work on 'taiu' started (released in 2001 on horus cyclic daemon). i returned with a head full of fresh ideas and 'taiu' laid the basis for the later tmo-style. it was also the first time there was access to a real studio and new technologies that did not deter the creative mind. it all came together and the 'new land' (='taiu') / 'new language' was found.

so here it is. a fully re-edited, remixed and re-mastered version of 'the hegira trilogy'. may you enjoy listening to it as much as i did while working on the re-release.

m.goedrijk winter 2007

herewith you will find the entire hegira trilogy, presented in a beautiful boxset. when the original albums were initially released, they only caught the attention from a few insiders; now you have the opportunity to listen to all three already deleted single albums at once, showing the concept of the trilogy which took years to create, but also the progression of the outstanding belgian project. a proof that all musical characters of t.m.o. were already present right from the beginning: ritualistic ambience, tribal beats and catching samples - a powerful symbiosis of dark electro structures and sacred-ritual trance atmospheres.

so enjoy the upgraded version of this morn' ominas early years!

also available:
this morn' omina. the infinite light. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon64
black shirt w/ white & golden frontprint.
available sizes: S, M, L, XL and one-sized girlie-shirt

discography on ant-zen 04.2k7:
the hegira trilogy. 3cd box. ant-zen act212. 2007
les passages jumeaux: 25~33. 2cd. ant-zen act172. 2006
au delà de tous les degrès. cd-ep. ant-zen act172.7. 2006
the drake equation - [ecf]. cd-ep. ant-zen act162. 2004
le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge. 2cd. ant-zen act152. 2003
nagash. 3"cd. ant-zen act152.3. 2003
7 years of famine. cd. ant-zen act142. 2003

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a review in greek language can be found on

mittlerweile hat this morn' omina den ruf eines geheimtipps hinter sich gelassen und immer mehr hörer in seinen bann gezogen. grund mag die sehr eigenwillige auslegung von musik, insbesondere elektronische musik sein. was this morn' omina seit ihren ersten musikalischen gehversuchen aus dem jahre 1996 gemacht haben, kann man getrost als kunst bezeichnen. diese musik ist zwar nicht gerade tanzbar, sie passt auch in keine schublade, aber sie ist genial und einfach gut durchdacht. mit "the hegira trilogy" ist eine zeitreise zurück zu den anfängen der band, als man noch mittels einfacher technologie versucht hat, auf musikalischer ebene eine "neue sprache" entstehen zu lassen. dementsprechend klingen auch die ersten werke durchaus verschwommen, surreal und irgendwie aus früherer zeit ins heute transportiert. mit "nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet" hat alles angefangen. rituell anmutende, mystische sequenzen, gepaart mit zum teil verzerrten, eher spröden beats lassen eine sehr eigenwillige stimmung aufkommen, die einen vielleicht an ferne riten irgendwelcher urvölker erinnern mögen. die schummrigen aufnahmen lassen eine düstere, eine dunkle szenerie entstehen. auch das nachfolgende werk "em sauf haa-heru" hat diese energie und den spirit des erstlingswerk mitgenommen, allerdings die elektronische seite der sounds stärker hervorgehoben, so dass die musik auch immer mehr ebm anhänger und noise fans angesprochen hat. mit "taiu", was so viel wie "neues land" heißt, präsentierten sie einen wandel hin zu etwas eingängigeren, aber immer noch sehr vertrackten und surrealen melodien und soundgerüsten. der stärkere einsatz von sprachsamples und sprachfetzen lässt die stücke weniger meditativ denn manisch erscheinen. alle drei alben haben aber - und das macht eben this morn' omina zu einem ausnahmeprojekt - ihre eigene seele, ihre eigene geschichte, wirken nicht wie ein abklatsch von vorherigem, sondern sind markierungen einer band, die einen weg beschreiten in richtung neue hörgewohnheiten. (nuuc)

it's an extremely powerful and original release of ant-zen: three compact-discs in a cardboard box set under the title the hegira trilogy by the cult belgian project this morn' omina. want to know, what's true industrial? how does the music of techno-shamans sound? well, you've chosen the right way to learn about it. since the times of coil i didn't happen to listen to anything more significant of this genre. though some time earlier i was greatly impressed by the works of gods delusion - that was the first title of the team further known as alexandroid. hegira consists of three parts with rare album editions of different periods of team's creative work: from 1997 to 2001. all the musical material is perfectly remastered, sometimes recorded once again. while listening to such compositions as "inside a full eclipse", "totemism (modern)" you are slightly shifted to love secret domain, music makes its work very delicately so that any amateur can fall under its influence. perhaps it's better to know nothing about this music before listening to it, you must be just ready and predisposed for such thematical direction. all compositions have unreal, fantastic sounding, it reminds the fast immersion into some mythology country with crowley demonic personages. the leader of the project m.goedrijk is the true expert at his job, talented musician who was zealously forming this trilogy for a long period of time and at last gained the perfect results. such a work can be even called monumental, abstract industrial monument for this morn' omina.

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