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act 215 · proyecto mirage · turn it on · cd

1 turn it on
2 cannibal party
3 cermol
4 i just wanna sex
5 6 6 5.9
6 always lose my control in mars
7 welcome to life
8 salvation
9 piano song
10 we are stupid
11 darker bex
12 napalm sin retorno
13 turn it off

proyecto mirage was founded in 1990 by alicia h. willen and francisco planellas. they were initially influenced by the classic electro-pop of the early nineties (a sound which is still present in their side project bubble gum) but the duo was also attracted to industrial-music projects like s.p.k., whitehouse and - of course - esplendor geométrico. their first release saw the light of day after nine years, and their creative output since then has evolved into more complexity. the hard-floor oriented aggressiveness was enriched with electronic ingredients of all kinds - ranging from electro and electronic body music to techno, drum'n'bass, or even sounds similar to those of experimental 'bridging artists' like aphex twin and pan sonic. artists who share p.m.'s taste for alarming atmospheres, broken melodies and distorted rhythms.

'turn it on' is the conclusion of more then ten years of progression. lashing high-speed dance floor blasts ('cannibal party'), distorted eighties nostalgia (6 6 5, 9), straight breakbeat excursions ('welcome to life'), pounding four-to-the-floor industrial anthems ('salvation', a collaboration with italian experimental/folk mastermind spiritual front), disturbing experimental-core ('darker bex') - this album is a perfect amalgamation of all facets of the electronic assault culture - all of which is welded together to form a powerful statement that encompasses severity as well as humorous wickedness - nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

this is what they are, this is where the project is today - take it or leave it.
always keep in mind: proyecto mirage is not just an illusion but a concrete reality!

graphic design by gee.oh.dee

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discography 04.2k8:
turn it on. cd. ant-zen act215. 2008
gimme your energy. cd. hands productions d098. 2006
gas the dj. 12" lp. mindstrike 001. 2006
gas alarm!!!. cd. hands productions d056. 2004
do not look at me. picture 12". hands productions v042. 2002
two tons of rubble / two tons of rumble. cd / boxset. hands productions d019 / b013. 2001
proyecto mirage. cd. hands productions d014. 1999

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

the new release from proyecto mirage is fan-tas-tic! even more than before this spanish duo consisting of alicia h. willen and fransisco planellas manages to deliver a very good album with extremely explosive techno-industrial, this time mostly with influences from various genres such as hardcore, 80's electro and of course drum 'n bass. the result is highly danceable and ultimately exciting stuff. proyecto mirage has one single mission with turn it on and this is the dancefloor. the beats are thumping right from the opening track 'turn it on' and no pace is held back. the motto is to dance your ass off to high adrenaline tracks like 'cannibal party'. this is continued with 'cermol' and the sultry 'i just wanna sex'. in the most accessible song of the album, '6 6 5.9' a strong 80's analogue electro sound is hidden underneath the heavy industrial sounds and 'welcome to life' shows a breakbeat spectacle like nothing before. 'salvation' is not only a great rhythmic industrial songs, but is also made in collaboration with simone from spiritual front. 'darker bex' is a good example of experimental drum 'n noise core. with regards to eclectic electronic violence proyecto mirage are on of the finest examples and perhaps only comparable to unique grandmasters such as aphex twin, winterkaelte or the rising stars of ambassador 21. turn it on is a very accomplished and powerful statement. absolutely great! (teknoir)

vital weekly 634
proyecte mirage is one of the true legends on the power noise-related industrial-scene. the spanish project was founded back in 1990 by alicia willen and francisco planellas in madrid. originally with much focus on the electropop-scene but throughout the years the noisier parts of the electronic scene has been integrated ending up with six releases on hands productions and now their first release on ant-zen recordings. the music on this new release titled "turn it on" varies between instrumental and vocal tracks consisting of voice contributions of alicia willen as well as francisco planellas. overall the expression on the album is upbeat with pounding beat-structures and noisy sound layers on the ground. and it does work well indeed. great moments especially occur on the "welcome to life"-track that sounds like an uptempo club version of aphex twins' first part in the "selected ambient works"-series. extremely tight and catchy. another excellent club-track comes with the penetration of the track with the almost ironic title "piano song", - no sweet piano melody on this one! hurricanes of blasting beats swirl along trippy electronic experimentation only overtaken by the hyperfast "we are stupid"-track. a great up-tempo work by proyecto mirage, screaming for some physical performance. (nm)

chain d.l.k.
the female/male spanish duo of proyecto mirage has for made themselves a quiet good names thanks to their highly anticipated releases signed to the german hands productions label. now based on ant-zen, alicia h. willen and francisco planellas present with "turn it on" a new full-length album, which documents well their music style. no stuff for a "usual" listening experience, they combine electro-like structures with the harsh aggression of powernoise acts like spk, whitehouse or esplendor geometrico. poppy elements combined with noise? well, that's a mixture someone has to get used to. as for the electro-like structures take influences of ebm, techno or even electropop with a straight and fast-forward dancefloor-oriented 4/4-ability. but where the listener expects moody and layered sounds, the whole sounds gets totally distorted by the massive powernoise influence of the band. therefore mostly the ambience which can be offered in both parts of their genres gets a bit vanished. the flaw on this is the fact, that the songs too often loose interest, thanks to the repetitive hammering bass kick drums. a favorite track can be named with "salvation" with its rather pounding ebm structure and the male vocals of francisco, though there's nothing wrong with female timbre of alicia. also thumbs up for the insane-driving speedy "piano song", which isn't piano at all. sure, a lot of people are digging this act for their try to combine quiet different music styles. far away from sounding like a classic electro-album, i'll miss a bit of the industrial-ambience in the music, for which ant-zen releases are known for. (marc tater)

heathen harvest
through 6 full-length albums, one lp, two vinyls, remixes on various artists and countless appearances on numerous compilations proycto mirage has already managed to make a name and take their firm position on rhythmic industrial scene. all their acts were issued on hands, apart from two - gas the dj (lp, minialbum) which was issued on mindstrike and their last release, turn it on, which was released by german-based label ant-zen, which was founded in early 90s, started its work releasing music on tapes and can be considered one of the most important labels within industrial scene by right, nowadays issuing industrial, rhythmic industrial, ambient and power electronics music. proyecto mirage was started back in 1990 by alicia h. willen (whose vocals you can hear on tracks) and francisco planellas. on this album all the tracks are created and performed by proyecto mirage except "salvation", which is done together with spiritual front and the vocals you can hear on this track belong to simone "hellvis" salvatori, performed in his unique manner and tone, so that they are easy to recognise even being surrounded by unusual for spiritual front - music noises and rhythms. as far as proyecto mirage were inspired by electro-pop of the early nineties and such industrial artists as esplendor geometrico and s.p.k., those influences are still heard in the music (some sources say that proyecto mirage has a side-project called bubble gum where electro-pop sound prevails, however it is really difficult to find more info about this project on the net). turn it on is a combination of straight techno and broken drum'n'bass-oriented beats (sometimes both can be heard within one track), abrasive noisy textures on the fore, sawing or light atmospheric soundscapes on the background and 8-bit game-sounds that relieve heavy, agressive technoid sound. thanks to those 8-bit extracts mentioned this album can be called amusing - the contrast between agression-driven rhythmic structures and those patterns, built on the basis of "clumsy", game-ish 8-bit electronics create the special atmosphere that marks this album out. the artwork is presented on a 3-pages folding up booklet. front surface shows us a mechanism and all parts of the mechanism are numbered from 1 till 13 (see the amount of tracks on this release). the inner side of the booklet gives the listener an opportunity to get familiar with lyrics of following tracks - cannibal party, and turn it off and is generally designed with a hint on propaganda posters. (zg)

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