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act 217 · synapscape · now · cd

01 hormona
02 tale
03 hint
04 relate
05 espionage
06 10 seconds
07 blades
08 bodies
09 flame
10 bend sinister
11 clouds
12 constraints

with their sixth full length album synapscape (t.kniep and p.münch) continue and evolve what they started twelve years ago: powerful and versatile explorations in sound, rhythm and ambience.

this release is unmistakably synapscape - distorted polyrhythmic beats meet atonal synth tones, kniep's strange lyrics (coupled with his haunting alienated voice that is offset with various effects), and constant rhythmic changes (while the metric speed is kept). however, there is a readiness for experiments - thus they avoid turning a trademark into a corset.

synapscape's open mindedness to the electronic art combined with their ability to integrate characteristics of breakbeat, electronica and experimental music results (as usual) in a fascinating, unique sonic exploration. the possibilities are infinite as their producing was, is, and will be.

this is where they are now - another landmark in contemporary industrial music.

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synapscape discography on ant-zen 08.2k7:
now. cd. ant-zen act217. 2007
scenes from a galton's walk (w/ asche). cd. ant-zen act192. 2006
act!. cd. ant-zen act167. 2005
the incredible three vinyl trilogy (w/ imminent). 3x7". ant-zen act183. 2004 / 2005
hands on centrozoon. cd-ep. ant-zen act157. 2003
raw. cd. ant-zen act137. 2002
positive pop. cd / boxset. ant-zen act117 / act117.7. 2001
screenwalking (w/ imminent). cd-ep. ant-zen act103. 2000
so what. 2cd. ant-zen act87. 1999
remix item (w/ imminent starvation). 10". ant-zen act78. 1998
rage. cd. ant-zen act67. 1997
helix. 7". ant-zen act57. 1996
synapscape. cd. ant-zen act27. 1995

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

chain d.l.k.
one of the veteran acts signed to world-wide renowned ant-zen label returns with its sixth full-length album (without counting their various collaborations in between...): synapscape, hailing out of bielefeld, germany. and what has started 12 years before, finds once again a remarkable and unique continuation. tim kniep and phillip münch have produced 13 remarkable tracks (okay, only 12 tracks although the art lists 13 tracks...) reflecting different influences, while still remaining their own authentic style. already the opening instrumental tune "hormona" takes influences out of electronica and idm-influences, while only offering a slight distorted outfit. the speed to offer the best possibilities for some dancefloor action is richly given with tracks like "tale", "relate", "blades" and most of all "bodies". besides the heavily use of polyrhythmic distortion elements and strange manipulated synth texture, all of these pieces feature tim kniep's alienated and distorted vocals - the fact that they like to integrate the factor "human" to their music makes them even more unique. this is welcomed and a side-kick to all related and mostly instrumental-producing powernoise-acts offering repetitions. the track "espionage" then deals with some dark ambient influences by using ominous and atonal synth textures, another remarkable piece. although that synapscape have lost through their long career a bit of aggression of their early works, this release still holds a lot of hard cakes to bite. but besides all this, it still gives a lecture to acts producing the repetitive harsh ebm formula featuring annoying voice-samples and a loop-based kind of work. thumbs up once again for the prove that powernoise can be diverse but also intelligent and attractive. (marc tater)

der medienkonverter
ein jahr nach dem split-album mit asche und zwei jahre nach dem letzten longplayer "act!" wagen synapscape einen erneuten angriff mit "now". tim kniep und philipp münch präsentieren wieder einmal ihre zwiespältige symbiose aus harschen, basslastigen tracks und mehr sphärischen songs. das bielefelder duo, das unter anderem auch für seine wortkargheit bei album- und songtiteln bekannt ist, zeigt schon beim opener "hormona", wie es sich wieder einmal neu definiert: breakbeats und spielerische, aber leicht melancholische synthies. das folgende "tale" intoniert dann tim knieps verzerrte vocals. der track an sich ist sehr trocken, fast gänzlich ohne melodie. ganz anders "hint", das wieder mit sentimentaler melodie und brealbeats der ruhenden unruhe frönt. mit "relate" tritt das erste bassmonster auf den plan. zum dröhnenden wummern gesellt sich hier wieder herrn knieps gehaucht-geschrieener sprechgesang. bei "10 seconds" braucht es keine zehn sekunden, bis einem der kopf dröhnt. schräge melodie und pulsierender bass wirken wie eine droge, die einen in trance versetzt. gut, dass "blades" einen aus diesem trancezustand wieder herausreisst. brachialer bass und oszillierende, mal dumpfe, mal hohe töne und ein ambient-artiger hintergrund wirken regelrecht virulent. ein etwas experimenteller song wie "bend sinister" wirkt da schon etwas deplatziert, weil viel zu ruhig. gerade, wenn davor ein song wie "flame" alles andere als ruhe verbreitet. synapscapes schizophrenie ist einfach herrlich, die kombination aus aggressivität und ruhe perfekt umgesetzt. genau das, was man von dem duo erwartet. eine konstante weiterentwicklung, die hoffentlich noch lange kein ende hat.

synapscape has remained a constant factor in the underground music scene since they started all the way back in 1995, when few people had even heard about industrial music, let alone that they liked it. a lot of albums and side projects later they return once again with "now" the new album consist of 12 tracks that have the very recognizable synapscape sound, but are also showing a slow movement towards a new kind of sonic exploration. this time the focus seems to be shifting more towards creating a dark and haunting atmosphere and less about the actual beats and rhythms. the breakbeats, bassdrums, noise and the characteristic use of vocals are all still there, but i noticed a lot more atmosphere and soundscapes going on in the background. the first track "hormona" immediately brings forth this new evolvement. the track is build around a slowly evolving soundscape on top of which industrials beats and distorted sounds are being layered. the second track continues this sound but descents down into the darkness being led by haunting lyrics and some powerful beats. this path goes on for the following songs but take's a halt at the fifth track. breaking from the rhythms and beats and concentrating on slow mechanical drones and noise alternated with some light percussive elements to form a gloomy soundscape. after this short stop the industrial rhythms immediately take things over again but the dark and dampening atmosphere stays, luring in the background, taking every chance to grab and take you on a dark and sinister ride through harsh sonic world of synapscape. special mention goes out to the ninth track "bodies", which has f***ing amazing kickdrum leading the track into an insane explosion of raw power and anarchy. definitely my favourite track of the album and one i look forward to hearing in a club, or better yet, being played live by synapscape themselves. after this a well timed slow and frightening rhythmic soundscape once again brings you back on your feat again. the album then finishes off nicely with another two rhythmic industrial tracks build from the same various elements that make up the other tracks of the album. with "now" synapscape has once again delivered a fine example of why they still belong at the top of the industrial scene. although you will not find a completely new and different synapscape on this album, the subtle influence of the dark and haunting sound throughout the tracks sounds give a nice injection of some extra atmosphere and a fresh hook to the industrial beats and rhythms. the last synapscape album "act!" and the split album with asche, which, although they are both fine releases, didn't really get my attention that much and are certainly not my favourites. "now" however, has renewed my interest for synapscape once again and i recommend it to everyone who likes experimental electronics and rhythmic industrial with a touch of darkness. if you already know and like synapscape, than you can buy this album without even listening to it. get it "now" :) (niels)

synapscape è un moniker abbastanza famoso in campo power/rhythmic noise grazie ad una serie di ottimi album dove ritmiche ossessive e distorte davano spazio anche a voci assolutamente inumane e distorte, caratteristica rara nel genere e più vicina al power electronics. "now" è il nuovo lavoro del gruppo caratterizzato da una musica oscura più atmosferica e evocativa, anche se comunque attinente al genere, forse più matura. un viaggio onirico ci accompagna per tutto l'album strutturato tramite breaks, distorsioni e atmosfere melliflue con voci in lontananza, mentre in alcuni brani fa la sua comparsa l'oscura voce dell'odio, non sono estranei nemmeno momenti ben congegnati al limite dell'idm. "tale" è narrata da una voce malvagia mentre un vortice sonoro ci trascina tra rottami e venti radioattivi grazie ai ritmi sincopati e ai suoni metallici, che ci accoglie dopo l'introduzione al vetriolo di "hormona"; la voce oscura torna in "release" con il suo mantra ipnotico tanto quanto i beat centrifugati e i duri colpi industriali di drum machine. l'oscura cacofonia ritmata continua imperterrita per tutto l'album con brani strumentali e altri in cui compare la voce, la parola rhythmic noise rappresenta perfettamente l'album in quanto ci troviamo di fronte ad uno dei più bei album del genere, rumore con ritmi e cognizione di causa e che evita la monotonia tipica del genere grazie alle variazioni e alle atmosfere a volte ambient, nonché al già ampiamente citato uso delle voci. insomma un ottimo lavoro che a mio parere ogni amante dell'elettronica complessa e oscura dovrebbe avere in quanto mischia il power noise con l'electro-industrial conducendoci in un viaggio dantesco, non fatelo scappare questa è musica raffinata e allo stesso tempo corrotta, un viaggio nei sogni di un oscuro golem moderno fatto di residui, frammenti industriali, cemento armato. (davide "forgottentear" pappalardo)

vital weekly 601
one of the true legends behind this scene, german project synapscape, is now ready with their sixth full length. the energetic level remains the same twelve years after the brains behind the project, philipp münch and tim kniep began their sonic explorations on the self-titled debut album "synapscape". opening with the electro-inspired atmospheric track "low secret dreams", the album sends the listener into the world as we know it from synapscape: rhythm textures ranging from complex to straight upfront beat blasts accompanied by distorted vocals of extreme aggression. the strength of the project is the ability to create a structure in the noisy chaos thanks to some very catchy polyrhythmic beats creating a nice sonic architecture in the otherwise chaotic noise territories of atonal synth layers. yet another fine release by the maestros of power noise. (nm)

elegy iberica
assim como insinua as ilustrações do cd, temos aqui uma visita ao parque de diversões, onde se tem, a depender do gosto particular, oscilações sensoriais boas ou más. "now" é o sexto álbum deste referencial e surpreendente projecto germânico, que segue a evoluir há mais de 12 anos. tim kniep e philipp muench navegam também por mares de idm, ebm, dark ambient e break beat, demonstrando assim a imensa versatilidade; adjectivo que, em última analise, é a marca registrada de synaspcape. editado pela ant-zen, o cd traz uma dúzia de experimentações sonoras ricas em ritmos, infinitas texturas e múltiplos efeitos. provavelmente as músicas em que os vocais distorcidos aparecem, como em "10 seconds", possam ser mais afáveis; entretanto o habilidoso duo alemão faz prova real que o noise pode não ser aborrecido. (luiz soncini)

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