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act 219 · exocet · violation · cd

01 el respecto
02 retar a muerte
03 perverso
04 saint terrorism
05 south end
06 will èn berg
07 sénescente psychopathe
08 aegade järjestus
09 méthode d'apprentissage
10 saint terrorism das bunker vor dem tore
11 frío como un témpano
12 south end (colombian connection rmx by manufactura)

rené klimaczewski a.k.a. klima is well-known for his collaborations with artists like converter and architect; he also made well-approved remixes (for displacer, for example) along with supporting young upcoming performers like demian, rdr a.k.a. raw state and denizchador on his label kellermusik, which started seven years ago.

by chance, on a trip to new york city in 2007, he became acquainted with dave kean - an inspirational character and a non-musician with a twisted mind, who left klima stunned with a multiplicity of ideas and extraordinary creative urges. kean became the muse for a new-born named exocet and this album is the first result of this artistic insemination.

violation holds a perfect balance between technoid complexity and industrial roughness, spliced into a single unit by accomplished usage of well-structured rhythmic work. fortifying bass pulses and diversified synth chords are enriched with scattered sounds and voices, generating powerful undertones of anxiety and threat. turning kean's guidelines into music, klima developed a one-of-a-kind style of digital sequences and human sentiment, defining an almost unreal post-industrial atmosphere. exocet is a crucible of sounds resonating with power and motion, completed with a pounding, merciless remix by u.s. electro-industrial legend manufactura - a truly fine conclusion to a landmark in the neutral zone between electronica and industrial.

exocet discography 04.2k8:
violation. cd. ant-zen act219. 2008

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

exocet is an industrial project from rene klimaczewski who's also known from klima and his own label kellermusik. with exocet he makes very dark electronic music that with regards to style could be categorized as a mixture of (post)industrial and rhythmic industrial. the synthesizer and divere sounds that invoke the post-industrial atmosphere are accompanied by tight rhythms, pulsating basses and a technoid complexity that reminds of acts like manufactura and converter. the various samples sound haunting and ensure an ominous atmosphere which makes exocet way less accessible than previously mentioned acts. quite some samples reflect the dark sides of religious rituals, terrorism, corruption and war. the spanish titles together with the samples and overall atmosphere makes this album reflect themes like obscure practices somewhere in the big city ghettos. musically this album explores rhythmic industrial as well as gloomy dark ambient spheres. there is much to be found on this experimental recording and this makes it an intensive listening. the pounding remix of 'south end' by manufactura which is added to the album actually doesn't add much more to this already excellent album. (teknoir)

goon magazine
exocets sci-fi-elektronik ist der passende soundtrack für weltraumspiele und die zerstörung der welt für eine handvoll dollar. splittermeteoritengürtel links, rupert-murdoch-interferenzen von rechts, von vorn allahs jungfrauengarde und am arsch eine wütende menge blackwater-jedi-ritter, die den home security act gelesen haben. ein tag in unserer kleinen welt, wie sie exocet beschreibt, kann schon mal aufregende wendungen nehmen. den soundtrack, der über intercom aus dem beengendem vakuum drängt, liefert der new yorker gleich dazu. laser entsichern, handbremse ziehen, einen augenblick stillstand und durchatmen... der zerbrochene dunkle industrial ist noch immer das liebste kind der sci-fi-egoshooter - egal ob im spiel oder leben. denn was zu dem ersten gut passt, ist für exocet nur das ergebnis des zweiten. "music about corruption, terrorism and war." kalt, brachial und voller furcht. seelenlos in dem maße, dass nur die verlorenen hier ein zuhause finden. davon hat sich seit äonen nichts geändert. dennoch sticht exocet heraus. er gehört zu den vertretern des genres, die - ähnlich den härteren the technoist und the dolphin - dem kühlen gestampfe der maschinen mit atempausen und komplexen kompositionen entgegentreten. irgendwie absoluter, der dennoch verzwickte klanggeflechte spinnt und sich neben all dem drive-by auch mal einen drive-in gönnt. damit steht er zugleich dem famosen breakcorer xanopticon nahe, der seinen kurzen aber prägnanten und stilprägenden klanglöcher damit begründete, dass "eine gejagter hund auch mal eine verschnaufpause benötigt." genug durchgeatmet. handbremse lösen... streufeuer. (jens pacholsky)

vital weekly #631
as soon as "violation" opens the show it seems like it lives its very own organic life. listening to the album is like having a nightmare or a dream if you prefer a more diplomatic word. abstract signs of atmospheres creates an interesting ongoing line throughout the 60 minutes. the musical concept behind the new york-based project exocet might be familiar to listeners of german label ant-zen recordings, though the joint venture between renè klimaczewski and dave kean still adds something unusual to the scene. that renè has collaborated with scott sturgis aka converter in the past isn't surprising when you listen to a track like "retar a muerte" that has some similarity with "conqueror" from the debut-album of converter. otherwise the album musically swirls in other sound spheres than converter with the much more concentrated focus on creating atmospheres rather than the harsh industrial expressions. the mixture of abrupt sonic textures that continuously keeps changing directions and thus keeping the listener attended turns my memories back an album like download's "through the eyes of stanley pain". highly recommended! (nm)

chain d.l.k.
a newbie for ant-zen, but behind exocet stands with rene klimaczewski somebody, who has made himself already a good name with some collaborations (architect, converter) and remixes (displacer). the album "violation" can be seen as rene's first audio outfit, but it mainly extracts its inspiration out of the twisted mind of the new york based us-citizen and non-musician dave kean. kean has left an impact on rene with multiple ideas and extra-ordinary creative urges. this album therefore reflects different sights on electronica/idm, ambient and powernoise music - the fine and good thing is, that it is capable to deal with all of these styles in a quality kind. tracks like "south end" with its straight-forward oriented kind are rather the minority. mostly the exocet-tracks can impress through its breaks and interruptions which are mostly filled with moody and thrilling samples ("retar a muerte", "perverso"). as usual for an ant-zen release, also this exocet release offers rhythmically powernoise music far above the quality level of the 4/4-hard-tech-on-the-floor ebm acts. but it isn't the noise factor which wows the listener, it is the high quality uniting of the different styles merged onto this album, which causes and ends into nothing else than applause. one of the highlights of ant-zen in this year - a must-have album. (marc tater)

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