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act 221 · mika goedrijk · pellicules · cd

1. tempest
2. strain
3. locusts
4. white spiders
5. undulate
6. zerotiefe
7. grey hours
8. butterfly's call (end off)
9. the sound and the fury

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"to create is divine - to reproduce is human" (man ray)

many listeners will have expectations about this release as mika goedrijk is well-known as the mastermind of projects such as this morn' omina, project arctic and pow(d)er pussy.

what you are about to hear illustrates mika's decision to form a 'brand new' project (which is named perfectly). pellicules (films) highlights previously unrecognized facets of mika's musical self-conception. this album accentuates prior subsurface appearances of technoid intelligent dance music structures, catchy impulsive beats, melodic soundscapes and (unpredictable) tribal elements. for this project mika goedrijk left out oriental mysticism for occidental accuracy - the result is conclusive evidence that a pretend 'misfortune' can turn into a valuable work of electronic art.

"a man is the sum of his misfortunes" (william faulkner)
or is he? while musing (somewhere late december 2007) on why a cinematographer (before the digital age) cuts away parts of his visual creation and lets the pellicules drop on the floor (never to look at them again), have them burned or simply let them gather dust in some archive. as if he is unsatisfied with the result and is technologically unable to recreate anything on the fabric of the pellicule. i decided to go back to what i considered to be my pellicules, face them and recreate them as there was still a spark of life in them upon closer inspection. it was an arduous task but nevertheless a pleasant one at times.

marcel proust was the main inspiration:
"...for you are not even a person, a clearly defined entity, imperfect but at least perfectible" (from 'swann in love')... this particular sentence ignited the spark to (re)create) - other interesting guides in this endeavour were faulkner, derrida, foucault and man ray. although the above seem to be irreconcilable at first sight, they are not.

so here you have it, my personal pellicules. discarded as they were seen as 'misfortunes' (or part of them) but now teeming with life - as they were (re)created beyond any form of recognition.

so yes you are wrong when thinking this is 'old stuff'. it is in fact brand new. it has no relation to any of the other projects - which is the main reason why i wanted it to be released under my own name and not a 'project name'.

enjoy to the fullest extent possible. let it wrap around you like a warm blanket in the midst of winter and play it loud!


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the name mika goedrijk is mostly known for the tribal electro projects this morn omina, nebula-h and powder pussy. this time mika however released under his own name a solo album titled pellicules. as could be expected this is an album with electronic music of the highest quality. still, i didn't expect it to be such a tremendous album and this after all is a bit of a surprise i must say. mika drags the listener into a wondrous world in which all sorts of sounds and rhythms create a very interesting musical spectrum that ensures the listener will not get distracted for a second. musically one could categorize the music on pellicules towards idm and ambient, but these genre categories are so diverse that just labelling the music as such actually won't help much in understanding the music. elements such as intelligent rhythms and technoid sound or ambient spheres and soundscapes or even tribal rhythms we know from the other projects mika goedrijk is involved in, do also return on this album yet in a completely different manner. the oriental influences are gone and have made place for a more cold electronic idm sound. to make a comparison i would have to mention the reference of future sound of london to give an indication of the complexity and genius of the music. since fsol are musical heroes to me you get an idea of my appreciation for this album of mika goedrijk. also a reference such as autechre is useful, especially their early period, to get a grasp of what's going on on pellicules. pellicules is an album that listens like a big sonic trip in which there is much to discover. absolutely fantastic! (teknoir)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

vital weekly + earlabs
since the opening of the new millenium, belgian composer mika goedrijk has feed the world with an unusual blend of tribal trance and harsh industrial under his alias this morn omina. unusual because the integration of danceable trance is a quite unheard territory in the world of industrial. never the less this morn omina succeeded his mission and has released a number of albums under the concept. latest album under the flag "this morn omina" leaves the tribal rhythm textures behind and exclusively focus on drone-based dark ambient. the album titled "inferno" is released on the interesting belgian label spectre. "inferno" is divided into three lengthy and untitled intersections running from 15 to 18 minutes. the atmospheres are dark and alluring with subtle buzzing drones surrounding the listener meanwhile distant voices creates a nightmarish feeling. another new album from mika goedrijk has just been released, this time under his birth name. again the original tribal trance/industrial-sound has been suppressed. but in contrary to the non-rhythmic "inferno"-album there are rhythms on the album titled "pellicules" released on german label ant-zen recordings. the rhythms are more downbeat than the earylier style, meanwhile the texture is more complex thus approaching the classic idm-style of early warp records with a combination of atmospheric ambientscapes swirling along rhythms of complexity sometimes reminiscent of early autechre or the black dog. distant voices and conversations keeps a mysterious feeling on the album that balances between threatening and alluring atmospheres. both albums is quite a different take from mika goedrijk alias this morn omina, and might capture new listeners but also fans of the original style will be fascinated on these ones. (nm)

der medienkonverter
mika goedrijk ist bekannt von projekten wie this morn' omina, pow(d)er pussy oder project arctic. eigentlich müsste man meinen, der umtriebige musiker hätte genug musikalische spielwiesen, um sich auszutoben. dass er jetzt auch noch ein album unter seinem eigenen namen veröffentlicht, zeigt, wie viele ideen in seinem kopf schlummern und nach einer ausdrucksmöglichkeit suchen. für dieses album namens "pellicules" hat sich mika all derjenigen ideen angenommen, die im laufe der zeit auf der strecke geblieben sind, weil sie z.b. zur jeweiligen zeit nicht ins konzept passten oder noch nicht ausgereift genug waren. ein wahrlich schwieriges unterfangen, dem sich mika goedrijk gestellt hat, denn schließlich mussten diese ideen noch einer näheren betrachtung unterzogen und ausgearbeitet werden. natürlich ist auf "pellicules" bisweilen eine ähnlichkeit zu einem von mikas anderen projekten festzustellen bzw. hineinzuinterpretieren. das album soll aber auch nicht als explizierter konterpart zu eben diesen projekten, sondern als etwas eigenständiges betrachtet werden. das auffällige an "pellicules" ist die hervorstechende kühle, die man in dieser form noch nicht von mika kennt. kühl ist in diesem zusammenhang aber nicht gleichzusetzen mit steril. die tracks bestechen durch eine sanfte kombination aus idm und ambient und das ergebnis dieser zusammenführung klingt sehr chillig. die verschiedenen ideen, die dem album zugrunde liegen, sind deutlich zu erkennen, denn obwohl "pellicules" ein sehr einheitliches gesamtbild abgibt, unterscheiden sich die songs teilweise erheblich voneinander. ambiente klangflächen, tribal rhythmen, tiefe bässe, eine zeitweise stark minimalistischer ausprägung und ein schuss skurrilität lassen "pellicules" wie ein aquarium erscheinen, in dem es immer wieder neue fische zu entdecken gibt. mikas arbeit hat sich gelohnt. diese ideen haben es mehr als verdient, veröffentlicht zu werden.

connexion bizarre
mika goedrijk is better known as the man behind projects such as this morn' omina, pow[d]er pussy and project arctic. whilst spending time considering the motivation behind a director's inclination to reject certain scenes or elements of filming in defining the final cut of their work, goedrijk decided to revisit some of his own discarded ideas and sounds as the basis of new material. as this work is unlike the music he creates under any of his other projects he chose to release it under his own name and call it "pellicules", a word meaning 'film' or 'skin' indicating the removal of layers of sound in the recording process, in this case discarding them only to revive them later for this project. mixing precise beat work and bassy tones with edgy ambience, goedrijk creates a meticulously crafted album of precision electronics. the whole thing is crystal clear, clean and accurate as though he has a very clear vision of what he wants to create and accurately reproduces it for us all to share in the experience. everything about it is ultra-modern, right down to the computerised rhythms of "zerotiefe" or "strain", the latter being combined with slowly creeping ethereal ambience. "pellicules" is far from being clinical or synthetic however, every track has a degree of feeling and passion about it that builds and expands as it progresses. album opener "tempest" combines clean jabbing beats with atmospheric sounds and slightly melancholic drifting ambience to set the scene for the further development of this sound later in the album. "undulate" has a real sense of presence and a steady air of unease about it that is almost cinematic in design. taking things in a slightly different direction is "locusts" which steps up the pace to frantic levels with deep distorted bass and huge stabbing beats. toning down the beats slightly to head in a more idm direction but retaining crashing beats and a sense of futuristic edginess is "white spiders" while "grey hours" electro clockwork beats slowly gather pace backed with atmospheric ambience. "butterfly's call (end off)" is a progression from "grey hours" in that it retains some of the same qualities but fuses them with the precise electronics found elsewhere to produce a more driving and powerful result with a definite futuristic quality. for the final track, "the sound and the fury", goedrijk rounds off the album by unleashing a burst of energetic beats, bass and danced up industrial/idm electronics. although it is probably closer to electronica than the output goedrijk is known for, "pellicules" is so beautifully conceived and executed with such precision that it draws the attention. deceptively addictive, this album really is a cohesive exploration of a concept that couldn't be further from the collection of discarded ideas or sounds if was conceived from. (paul lloyd)

den meisten fans experimenteller elektronik dürfte mika goedrijk kein unbekannter sein. der belgier firmiert seit längerer zeit sehr erfolgreich unter dem projektnamen this morn' omina. nun hat er sich ein neues projekt ausgedacht, in das er sich ganz verwirklichen möchte - so behauptet es zumindest die presseinfo. nun ist man als rezensent geneigt, den lobhudeleien und überdimensionalen positiven stimmungen, die auf diesem geduldigen stück papier zu lesen sind, wenig glauben zu schenken. doch bei mika goedrijk mag man das wirklich, denn "pellicules" unterscheidet sich deutlich von den sachen, die er unter seinen anderen projekten (neben tmo sind da auch noch project arctic und pow(d)er pussy zu nennen). "pellicules" nimmt sich zeit für einen streifzug durch ein ganzes archipel von sounds. kommt der opener "tempest" kontemplativ und meditativ rüber, wird in "strain" vor allem im bereich der bässe und tieftöner gearbeitet, sodass der song jazzig anmutet. mit dem etwa schwer definierbaren "locusts" gleitet der experimentator in "white spiders" in eine sehr minimale und dennoch bedrohliche kulisse. die verzerrten beats, stakkato-melodien und in wabernder bass schaffen eine beklemmende atmosphäre. wieder einmal gibt sich goedrijk einem surrealen klangkosmos hin. der hörer muss ihm einfach nur folgen und wird sich wundern, welche töne er da zu hören bekommt. dass aber die musik bei einem künstler, dessen größte inspiration bei "pellicules" marcel proust gewesen ist, alles andere als langweilig ist, versteht sich dann wieder von selbst. (nuuc)

heathen harvest
pellicules is a debut album that mika goedrijk, also known for participating in such projects as this morn' omina, andraculoid, pow[d]er pussy and more, released under his name. the cd became act 221 of german industrial label ant-zen, that's been active since 1994. first of all, i want to ask you not to expect something similar to this morn' omina. i think it would be fair to consider this work a solely another project and to forget for the moment that the man, standing behind it, has something to do with this morn' omina. why? because otherwise it would enter tmo's discography, wouldn't it? it often happens so that a person considers a side project from the point of the main one, as a continuation, which has to contain the leitmotif of the main project. therefore people get disappointed, their expectations fail, and this all is just because they refuse to regard the release as something outstanding, a separate statement and a whole one, the one to be regarded without looking back to the musician's past works. mika goedrijk, as i already mentioned, is one of the musicians behind this morn omina, a dark tribal rhythmic industrial project, known for all the admirers of the genre. of course, it would be a lie to say that pellicules didn't inherit anything of the previous experience of the musician. it certainly did, but only a few elements, combined with amazing calmness and harmony. you will hardly hear heavily distorted beats or manifestation of electronic madness in the form of loud and loaded patterns that sometimes go as a golden filament through the albums of this morn omina. there is almost nothing similar but an echo in pellicules. it is more of an album that creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxing at home and the process of thinking. it is filled with many various images, intonations that form the whole picture of the album. tribal percussion as well as scratches and whispers create the appropriate atmosphere. in the very beginning, the first track, to be more precise, it made me think to stendeck's "faces" album, thanks to the crystally transparent tunes in the opening, weaving a beautiful net of sounds. what is this album about? the word "pellicules" means "skin" or "very thin film". probably it may correspond with the thing that this album represents the sides of mika's creativity that couldn't be or hardly could be noticed in the other works, it resulted in them becoming stronger, more expressive. in the sense of "skin" the title might be appropriate, considering "skin" also as the embodiment of the change, something that goes and gets back, something vital, as the snake changes its skin, opening the new self to the world. this way, through "pellicules" album we discovered the new mika goedrijk, another layer of his creativity, another variant of his vision, therefore this album is definitely an exciting experience. (zg)

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