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act 228 · exocet · grotesque consumer · cd

01 sleepless walking
02 tug of war
03 like hot and bad dreams
04 narcoholica
05 the line is profit
06 conflict of memories
07 fall in and get out
08 too late but enough
09 shocking fact
10 tankhunter are not patriots
11 sensitive size
12 there and back again

original version of 'too late but enough' released on spunky monkey 03

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for their second album exocet has transformed from two persons into one. Beyond realizing his own creativity, r. klimaczewski was also responsible for the translation of dave kean's ideas and inspirations into this project's music - the result was their first cd in 2008. unfortunately mr. kean passed away last year before any new tracks were implemented. now, in loving memory, klima is getting on with exocet as a solo project - a challenge he has masterly succeeded in.

exocet's sound can be described best as the missing link between present day noise industrial and intelligent dance music. repetitive industrial roughness is backed by complex beats, pulsing bass and crystal clear ambient spheres. samples sometimes serve as part of the cadenced foundation, f.e. in 'like hot and bad dreams' samples are perfectly embedded to yield the uniqueness of this project. on the other hand, tribal rhythms and harsh electronics clash during the true floor burner 'sensitive size'.

grotesque consumer's spirit is acherontic and menacing, taking the listener into a virtual arena where the enemy can be anywhere - there is no safety, keep wide awake, and no time to rest... move!

exocet discography 06.2k9:
grotesque consumer. cd. ant-zen act228. 2009
violation. cd. ant-zen act219. 2008

official exocet webpage:


a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

some years ago i bought exocet's debut 'violation'. i was struck by his merging of technoid/powernoise material and dark soundscapes. more than just a 4/4 powernoise album, it was a complex work, not necessarily meant for the dancefloor. now exocet is back with another release, so my expectations were rather high. also, a lot has happened for exocet, since it was the joint project of rené 'klima'klimaczewski and dave kean. dave kean sadly passed away last year, before any new tracks were being made. so exocet is now the solo project of klima, and 'grotesque consumer' dedicated to kean. because of this, the album has a more emotional backbone. this can often result in great albums, like assemblage 23's 'failure', about the suicide of tom shear's father. but this review is about exocet, so let's move on. the album is again focused on religion, corruption and war, with again the incorporation of a lot of media samples. because of the dead of dave kean, you'd perhaps expect the album to be more aggressive. well, it's even more accessible then 'violation'. the opening track 'sleepless walking' has the signature exocet sound all over it; technoid rhythms, little melodies and lots of media samples. 'like hot and bad dreams' is very good heavy percussive track because of a very repetitious sample, which sounds like it is used 100 times in the song. nicely aggressive. 'the line is profit' starts with dark samples, then it transforms into a distorted tribal track. it's also very atmospheric. the next four tracks are rather accessible in sound, some with tribal percussion, others with a minimal idm structure. 'tankhunter' is a very slow and chaotic powernoise track. again not in the usual 4/4 beat format, but the exocet way. 'sensitive size' is a really great rhythm oriented track. it also has more of a tribal rhythm, but could very well be played in the clubs. the album ends with a dark soundscape, 'there and back again'. exocet has again created a highly interesting album, far from the usual 4/4 powernoise and technoid music. it's thus again a more 'difficult' release than the average powernoise stomper. a very atmospheric powernoise album, something which is not easily done. the album as a whole is more accessible and less harsh then 'violation'. it's hard to pick favourites, because the tracks work as a whole, but 'like hot and bad dreams' and 'sensitive size' are very striking in their rhythmic quality and also suitable for clubs. mostly, this is an album which should be played very loud at home! highly recommended and something dave kean could be very proud of! (fabian)

enochian apocalypse
it doesn't take an absolute genius to work out thematically where exocet are coming from; yes war is the key here, with track titles such as 'tug of war' and 'tankhunter are not patriots' and so forth. fair play; there is enough of it about. it's a simplistic start to 'grotesque consumer'; nothing to challenging with a simply monotony that didn't immediately engage me to be fair with its basic rhythmic flair, but hey there was a whole album to go. track two and the aforementioned 'tug of war' is where it starts to get interesting though; the simplistic patterns evolve along with a vocal sample that it gently woven into the beats so they almost breath at the listener with a gentle ambient blend floating along-side it's passive aggressive hypnotic approach with almost trance inducing qualities. things really pick up around track six 'conflict of memories'. an almost film score like quality has a motion like minimal drum structure, which as light as it is adds more of an old school industrial quality to the release. given some space this album really is one to sit down to and is welcome as background noise, occasionally catching your imagination off guard; but as less is more this is where the album truly shines; tribal elements seep through the mix occasionally and add yet a different scope on the proceedings, and yes there is that feeling somewhere along this journey that this wouldn't be completely out of place driving throughout the iraqi desert at night on patrol and it's that scenario alone that i think the album toys with; requiring a little patience and not setting any fires alight, but enjoyable none the less if you want something beating a different drum to what you most likely expected. (tony young)

chain d.l.k.
it's not a secret, that exocet's debut release "violation" has been one of my personal favorites on ant-zen in 2008. r. klimaczewski returns, but now without his partner dave kean, who unfortunately passed away, before any of the here featured 12 tracks has been conducted. it may was kean, whose futuristic ideas and visions accomplished a lot of the brilliant industrial ambience of the debut. klima has been the wizard, to perform after kean's ideas and to transform his visions into sound and noise. after kean's passing, klima now continues under his exocet moniker. it is useless to discuss, if "grotesque consumer" sounds that much different compared to "violation", because it offers again some fine worked out noisy industrial sound assaults, combined with diverse restranged rhythm patterns and multiple voice samples. again a harsh, but also tricky worked-out sound environment, which impresses with some magic moments. the freezing synth pads of "conflict of memories" offer a nearly catchy moment. the well implemented voice samples of "like hot and bad dreams" into the hefty noise percussion loops resulting in an awesome and authentic sounding melange. at least "sensitive size" with its clear and hammering rhythm patterns offers heating stuff dedicated to all industrial dancefloor addicts. good stuff with identity once again produced by klima, who succeeds as being a solo artist. (marc tater)

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