act 23 v.a. parasit lp

lim. 498, clear vinyl, dark blue tracing paper & sticker, deleted. power electronics and other noisy experiments.

contagious orgasm. assertive training
victim kennel. trail of blood
craws unit. loss of life
msbr. panicstricken civilization
streicher. decomposed whore 2
macronymphia. caprineum
nimoy. unit 9
aube. ionosphere II
c.c.c.c. live at esterhofen
thirdorgan. yagamania part 4
pal. intercourse
con-dom. endlessy repeated evolutions of drilled uniformity (persistance of an agony)
small cruel party. 7-1114/357-730: the light itself


dead angel
hark! a noise compilation... this one from germany, and a good one at that. contagious orgasm's offering, "assertive training," is reminiscent of some of taint's work -- hollowed-out metallic percussion, unpleasant samples of violence abound -- but without the ear-shattering power electronics. "loss of life" (crawl unit) employs an eerie, processed loop of sound that fades in and out of oceanic electronics, producing an effect that could almost be ambient if it weren't so loud; by contrast, japan's m.s.b.r. breaks out the power noise in static bursts against a backdrop of hum and screech on "panicstricken civilization." streicher's "decomposed whore 2" sets rude samples and grinding and crunching sounds against a wavering bass loop -- repetition is a big theme on this record, kind of unusual on the noise front (perhaps signaling a new movement?), while macronympha piles on thick sheets of pure white noise in customary fashion on "caprineum," albeit with a wee bit more form than the uncontrolled chaos of some of their previous work. aube's contribution ("ionosphere ii") is one of the more interesting tracks here, with screeching loops competing with grunting filth and telegraph rhythms before descending into the pure noise hell of c.c.c.c's "live at esterhofen," which produces a sound much like a rhino wrestling with a bulldozer. thirdorgan's "yagamania part 4" is equally punishing, a seething river of white noise like the earth being sucked down a garbage disposal. con-dom's offering (with the long and convoluted title) is driven by a churning, repetitive loop of sonic quivering and augmented by various weird space noodling noises, taking a completely different approach than most of the material here with intriguing results. while space prevents me from getting clinically detailed with everybody on the compilation, the remainder of the tracks (by the likes of victim kennel, nimoy, p-a-l, and small cruel party) are equally good, and the art direction is phenomenal -- salt (apparently from germany) has produced a stunning visual package to accompany the record (which itself is pressed on clear vinyl). the record is enclosed in blue rice paper and includes a large booklet adorned with a huge detail of a fly's eye on the front, with truly swank graphics inside; all of it rests inside a bag of clear stitched vinyl with the trilobite logo stamped on front. it has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and it is truly amazing....

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