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act 230 · moctan · come closer · cd

01 here and now
02 plains civilized men
03 amok
04 the survivor
05 come closer
06 long distance runner
07 the wicked electric
08 a new day
09 missing in action
10 deja vu
11 overkill
12 acid human
13 justify yourself
14 plastic error mind (asche rmx)
15 amok (bipol rmx)

with 'come closer' andreas glöckner joins the ant-zen racing team for a second time - perpetuating what began years before and what was perfected with 'suspect'. still the target moctan has set is visible: creating a unique synthesis of atmosphere, aggression and rhythm.

after starting with the comparatively silent 'here and now', moctan increases speed and activates the supercharger on the subsequent tracks - making you move, just as intended. titles like 'come closer' and 'a new day' slow down the pace for a well needed pit stop by using dark synths and ceremonial voices which create a hypnotic trance - only to be followed by pulsing floor burners like 'long distance runner' and 'deja vu'. after having endured the abrasive noise attack of 'overkill' the listener will reach the finish line with the heavily grooved remixes by asche and bipol.

once again, moctan has created a perfect balance between hard technoid dance tracks with an industrial feel and disturbing soundscapes - all overlaid with a multitude of unsettling, fierce samples. come closer - join the race!

moctan discography 09.2k8:
come closer. cd. ant-zen act230. 2008
suspect. cd. ant-zen act180. 2006
musick. cd-r. fich-art fich71. 2004
tecmusic. cd-r. fich-art fich70. 2002

moctan on the web:


come closer is the second album of andreas glockner's hardtechno project moctan and on this album you can again expect energetic 4/4 techno rhythms with heavy percussion, catchy sampling and industrial influences. after a quiet intro the album immediately kicks off with one of the highlights: 'plains civilized men', which is a highly danceable and accessible techno track. also 'the survivor' presents pretty accessible hardtechno. with title track 'come closer' and 'a new day' the music goes deeper by means of a relaxed funky ambient trance groovein the first and dark ambient spheres in the latter track. with 'long distance runner', 'missing in action' and 'déjà vu' it however goes back to the dance floor where 'overkill' gives noise structures the upper hand. the breakbeats in 'justify yourself' are less accomplished. the cd closes with two good remixes by asche and bipol. compared to the previous album, the industrial influences are more prominent in the techno structures of the tracks on this album. a good example is the track 'amok'. come closer is all in all a very energetic hardtechno album with industrial influences that compared to the previous album suspect even goes a step further. (teknoir)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

they fell
back to the destructive rabid distorted beat range that ant-zen occasionally supply us with, and what we all have come to know and love, moctan pretty much do what you expect with machine like precision. this bloke likes his american muscle cars and it's a bizarre cover background concept to track titles that most likely have nothing to do with dodge viper's and the like. looks cool all the same. this is primarily all about beats, some more beats, and then if that wasn't enough there are some more beats just in case you didn't get it the first time, all played at heart rate of a dying chubby fella who has just been forced into a ten mile run while chewing on a block of lard; with extra fries. okay this isn't rocket science but it's a lot of fun and there are moments in my life when you just need something that isn't going to challenge you at all and just gets on with its job, on the rare occasion cleverly changing the formula to some mild dance to break the mould; either way as the album progresses this is more than effective in the grand scheme of things and paves the way for an album i really enjoyed the more it went on. from what on the surface appeared pretty formulaic to me upon first inspection, there is a method to the overall madness that comes when you take on the release as a whole, and rather than go down the route that i may have heard this before, this is an exciting romp that i could see laying waste to many a dance-floor given the opportunity. 'come closer' indeed; you may find more than is initially presented on the tin. (tony young)

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