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act 232 · this morn' omina · momentum of singular clarity · cd-ep

1. momentum I
2. nuraghi
3. ananda
4. tellurian
5. momentum II

'when you begin to tackle a subject, you must endure to the end, and the end never comes until you can say either yes or no; indifferently, to physical conditions. [furthermore] it is a curious thing that once you have written down a reason you diminish its value.' (a.c.)

this is the first time since 1996 that no coffee machines were used - auditory or in any other way.

1 became 3 as well in the tmo-universe. relevant?

those who where there from the beginning know what it is all about and for new travellers, welcome to discovery! this is after the abyss, after the inferno we have crossed and the momentum ('drehmoment') has happened. the road 'less-travelled by' which we have taken,... from here on it flows towards the ultimate goal of the nyan-trilogy. the supreme level of all things inherent to the truth and the nano fabric of our matter/singular clarity. the side-step we had to take. the side-step we took. if only view how the stairs wind even further.

(p = mv) - classical mechanics - the naked truth in a formula. the essence is subject to personal belief despite its rationality. explicable to its bare essence, but not definite infinite light.

despite numerous adversities we persevered and gave our momentum of singular clarity. enjoy!

(mika, sal-ocin, spike)

five years have passed since the self-contained 'drake equation'. this ep is also a stand-alone release - a stop between the second and the third part of the nyan trilogy. sal-ocin joined t.m.o. as a full member a few years ago and now the project is a trio with the inclusion of the live concert drummer spike.

this morn' omina created five tracks which combine rhythmic complexity with impulsive power and tuneful depth to aurally express mass and velocity of an object (=momentum). framed by the fast, pulsating floor burners momentum I and II, you will discover the melodic beauty of nuraghi, the tribal, symphonic darkness of ananda, and the slow, melancholic flow of tellurian. synthetic beats, acoustic percussion, sub-basses, atmospheric electronics and energetic vocals result in the uniqueness that this morn' omina stands for.

discography on ant-zen 04.2k9:
momentum of singular clarity. cd-ep. ant-zen act232. 2009
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the drake equation - [ecf]. cd-ep. ant-zen act162. 2004
le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge. 2cd. ant-zen act152. 2003
nagash. 3"cd. ant-zen act152.3. 2003
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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

connexion bizarre
this is an odd beast. this morn' omina have always been quite the favourite of mine, particularly in a nightclub setting; big, noisy tribal beats blended together with what can only be described as noisy techno - perfect to stomp around to and enjoy whilst out with friends - and "momentum of singular clarity" certainly still has that trademark sound stamped all over it. there's just one addition that i'm not terribly certain about. this morn' omina have gone and added vocals, although only to the tracks "momentum i" and "momentum ii". listening to the vocal element for the first time certainly made me sit up and pay attention, but i'm not certain how i feel about it. i certainly admire mika goedrijk for stepping out from behind the laptop and adding this element to his music, but it's approaching combichrist territory a little too closely for my tastes. it's not bad, but i feel the vocal tracks may well take some getting used to. the music and vocals certainly do work very well together, and i can see "momentum ii" going down very well in the clubs. the only difference between the two tracks being "momentum i" has all the lyrics present, and "momentum ii" seems to just have the chorus lyrics present, choosing to focus on the sound instead. those tracks without vocals are suitably impressive. "nuraghi" starts with a slow, steady tribal beat, building up into a lush melody, with strange and slightly unsettling whispers sandwiched in between. "ananda" is a little strange, but i like how the sounds are meshed together; to me the beginning sounds vaguely industrial, maybe with a slight nod towards power electronics - dark, mysterious and brooding - until the beats and noisy techno sound comes in half way through, only to fade back in to the dark at the end. it's an interesting track. "telluran" is really very chilled out for this morn' omina with lovely spoken word additions and a slightly world music feel to it. i think with this release a lot of people will focus on the vocal element, much the same as i have done, as it's a really rather unexpected addition; although the tracks without vocals show more interesting range, i can see the "momentum" tracks being very popular. i am impressed with the varying sounds present over five tracks, and that this morn' omina have stepped out of their comfort sound and tried something different. i think this will be one of those albums that gets better with more listens, and will most certainly work well in a live setting. (kate turgoose)

this morn omina has returned shortly after the release of the gloomy dark ambient release inferno and the solo release pellicules of mika goedrijk with a new ep as interval for the nyan trilogy in the form of the 5 track release momentum of singular clarity. striking is that the furious tribal techno track 'momentum i' with which this morn omina kicks off and sets full steam for the dance floor, also contains vocals that would not miss stand with a thrashmetal band. this is something to chew on for sure. the beats are way more ebm than before as well. the vocals return in 'momentum ii' which has shorter lyrics and is fully focused on the gothic-industrial dance floor. musically this morn omina on this release again taps from the familiar vein. ebm, rhythm industrial and trance atmospheres with a variety of acoustic tribal percussion and ambient textures make up the musical spectrum with an exciting tension span in tracks like 'nuraghi', 'ananda' and especially in the world music alike 'tellurian' which in my opinion is the highlight of this release. this track also reminds somewhat of underworld and massive attack due to the spoken lyrics and synthesizer sounds. these tracks will no doubt score highly at the dance floor. personally i find the more atmospheric tracks without vocals the best ones on this release. (teknoir)

was soll man über dieses projekt aus belgien eigentlich noch sagen. viele worte zu verlieren ermüdet sowieso nur. also steigen wir gleich ein mit "momentum of singular clarity", ein titel der mindestens genauso verwirrend klingt wie die musik von tmo. das projekt ist ja immer für eine überraschung gut. war beispielsweise "inferno" ein episches meisterwerk, das mit viertelstündigen kompositionen überzeugen konnte, kehren die musiker auf ihrer neuesten ep zu ihren tribal-wurzeln zurück. düster klingen die beiden "momentum"-themen, die die übrigen drei stücke einkreisen. und hart: hier knallen metallene beats aufeinander, ohne nur den ansatz von erbarmen zu zeigen. auch "nuraghi" steigt nach anfangs ausgebreiteten klangteppichen auf vierviertelbeats und bedrohlich flüsternden vocals um. da gegen arbeiten "amanda" und "tellurian" mit sehr hypnotischen soundscapes, die ihre ursprünge aus der goa-bewegung haben, durch geschicktes drumprogramming und unerwarteter breaks aber eine ganz eigene richtung bekommen. allen voran "tellurian" beginnt geradezu hypnotisch, ehe ein düsterer beat mit monströsen hi-hats und snar-drums einsetzt. defintiv der beste song auf einer sonst wieder einmal mehr als hörenswerten ep. bleibt eigentlich nur noch die frage: wie machen das tmo eigentlich, dass sie kontinuierlich so geile scheiben auf den markt bringen!? (nuuc)

chain d.l.k.
wow! the return of the international renowned industrial-musician mika goedrijk under his main project this morn' omina promises a lot, although this new release is only a 5-track-ep. together with partner in crime sal-ocin (empusae, tzolk'in), he has decided to hire with spike a third member for all future productions of this belgian idm/industrial outfit. these five tracks are musically more based into the dark electro genre featuring a slight tribal influence, instead of noise, a quite surprising, but welcomed development. the main track is "momentum", available in two versions, a hard and forward moving tune, which should be able to appeal the dancefloor-oriented people. no cheap hellectro relations included, this piece is one of the few smooth pieces consumable at your home entertainment too. "nuraghi" starts with some fine layer sounds which remind a lot on tzolk'in until the beat and some sparse inserted vocals dominating the scenario. another highlight has to be named with pure instrumental tune "ananda", which leaves completely out all floor-compatibility - it's the dark mood well presented through tasty arrangements, which score here. again - all i can say is "wow!" - this ep is a mouthwatering new sign of life of this belgian collective. when to expect a new album...? (marc tater)

heathen harvest
it is not easy to say what is more difficult - to write about the band you enjoy or to give a review to the release that you barely could finish listening to. for me both are quite equal - in the first case it is difficult to mention all the things you would like to mention, because those are so numerous you don't even know which one to start with. and in the second case, you are just searching for the right words to avoid unintended offension the person who put much efforts and probably soul to the act of his creation. anyways, this morn' omina is the one from the first group mentioned above, it is a two-men belgian band, a collaboration of mika goedrijk and nicolas van meirhaeghe. actually, this is the band, whose releases are ones of the most awaited ones within rhythmic industrial scene. i would even say that together with a few other musicians, creating different collaborations and projects, a new sub-scene is formed and this sub-scene has already gained many admirers all over the world. although momentum of singular clarity is just a five-tracks ep, issued on german industrial label ant-zen, which, i'm sure, doesn't need any introduction as the name speaks for itself, it is complete nevertheless and as usually conceptual, it is once again filled with much ambiance, samples that go together really well and tribal percussion that creates the basis for tmo's sound. however this time we can hear the vocals (which is quite rare for tmo) and more melodism - for example, ananda sounds quite unusual for tmo, being dramatic, slow and having much percussion at the same time (usually such atmospheric tracks didn't have much percussion, but rather various samples used). to this extent it made me think to other projects mika participated in. momentum of singular clarity stands between the second and third parts of nyan trilogy. it can be interpreted in different ways. this ep may be considered as a stage in a cycle, a continuation of the previous work and at the same time a push to a new level, entering the new area, discovering possibilities, getting prepared to the final part iii, which is going to gather and unite all the experience gained through the previous periods. momentum of singular clarity is kind of a push to the future and there can be none of it without this push, the one that makes everything progress and develop. this ep starts from the track momentum i and is finished with momentum ii (a cycle within a cycle). probably those are the kind of barriers or frontiers - the first one, opening the mind and making you explore, and the second one, momentum ii, is the one that leads you to another step on the stairs of experience. and all what lies inside -the things familiar, considered from another point - in those three tracks (nuraghi, ananda - bliss from sanskrit and tellurian) you may find reflection of the previous works of tmo. (zg)
allzu gut erinnert man sich an diverse auftritte des trios, welches als projekt des belgiers mika goedrijk seinen anfang nahm: elektro/noise/tribal, virtuoses filtergeschraube und hypnotische ritualsequenzen ließen regelmäßig das publikum vor den bühnen zu einer tanzenden masse mutieren. anfangs waren spike und sal-ocin (empusae) lediglich live-verstärkung, heute tragen die tracks deutlich die handschrift aller beteiligten, auch, wenn bescheiden darauf hingewiesen wird, dass man "nur" melodien und drumpattern beigetragen hat. konsequent arbeiten sich die drei mannen auf der 5 track starken ep am selbst gelegten roten faden entlang und zeigen, dass auch heute noch hochwertiges aus einem der führenden exportländer für elektronische tanzmusik mit hirn erwartet werden kann, darf und muss. vor erscheinen des letzten teils der nyan-trilogie lassen this morn' omina eine ep auf die hörerschaft los, welches zu recht als leckerbissen und nicht als lückenbüßer bezeichnet werden kann und durch nichtvorhandensein von füllmaterial und dafür mit einer ganzen batterie ohrwürmern beeindruckt. während viele kollegen auf den mainstreamzug aufgesprungen sind, wird hier immer noch virtuos an feinsten details geschraubt, die sich dem hörer erst bei mehrfachem hören (hochwertige hardware ist hierfür fast ein muss) erschließen, sodass man nach dem letzten stück die ep fast ungläubig schütteln und berechtigt fragen möchte: schon alle? bei der relativ kurzen spielzeit darf gern auf langatmige intros verzichtet werden und so tritt der opener "momentum i" regelrecht die tür ein, dass man sich instinktiv nach einer tanzfläche umguckt und es sich dort direkt langfristig bequem machen kann. mit dem triballastigen "nuraghi" lässt man den hörer ein wenig zu atem kommen, bleibt immer noch deutlich im oberen bereich des bpm-zählers und fesselt durch flächen, verzerrten sprech-/flüstergesang und hypnotische drumsequenzen bis zum letzten beat. die beiden ruhigeren titel "ananda" und "tellurian" erinnern an deleriums "spheres 2" und "semantic spaces" oder auch an passagen aus frühen haujobb-alben. wer nun aber lieblose kopien erwartet, liegt komplett daneben. auch hier handelt es sich um tracks mit dichter atmosphäre, intelligent arrangierten drumsequenzen und melodien mit soundtrackqualitäten, wie man sie in diesem genre eher selten zu ohren bekommt. wer jetzt den fehler macht, zu denken, dass die ep mit "momentum ii" sanft ausklingt, irrt erneut: hier kommt zwar der gemäßigtere bruder des openers, aber auch dieser teilt dermaßen aus, dass man sich spätestens an dieser stelle auf die nächsten live-konzerte und tanzende massen freuen darf. 5 tracks - das ist auch schon der einzige wermutstropfen. "momentum of singular clarity" wird jedem hörer ein zufriedenes grinsen ins gesicht meißeln und die wartezeit zum nächsten album mehr als erträglich machen. für eine solche ep wurde die repeat-taste erfunden, könnte man meinen. mehr davon! (i. illés)

severa percussività ed incisive soluzioni electro-tibali costituiscono l'ossatura delle cinque tracce dell'ep dei ritrovati tm'0, triangolo belga la cui line up menziona m.goedrijk ( ex pow[d]er pussy/nebula-h/adraculoid/project arctic), sal.ocin e spike. due anni separano l'attuale operazione sonica dall'antecedente album "inferno" del 2008, offrendo un impegnativo trionfo di electro-ritmica d'acciaio e malignità vocale sussurrata con inquietante distacco. licenziato dalla ant zen, "momentum..." non spazia tra leggerezze da studio o sterili virtuosismi ma ripiega sull'efficacia emotiva di un sound evocante le apocalittiche prefigurazioni futuristiche di una umanità post-nucleare ridimensionata in danzanti tribù tecnologicamente avanzate. il martellante pulsare del drum-programming affidato a "momentum i" si eleva pesantemente scandendo le bpm in un tripudio di elettronica acre come esalazioni di plastica incandescente per poi assestarsi in una ritmica lineare, dalle cadenze decise, appoggiata su un background di loops vocali e torrenziali apporti di progs nella successva "nuraghi". drumming più attenuato ed elaborate strategie industrial si diramano dalla strumentale "ananda", mentre dense frammentazioni di synth punteggiano l'acida seuenzialità di "tellurian". sostenuta magnitudo percussiva anche per la selvaggia e finale "momentum ii", traccia che riassume in sè gli intenti industrial-tribe oriented che si propagano ferocemente dai progs e dalle sibilline stesure vocali. superfluo concludere questa recensione con un veritiero e per nulla sbrigativo "ottimo lavoro, ragazzi". diorama iper-tecnologico pregno di inquietudine e sagacia avanguardistica. questa band sta rollando i motori preparandosi ad una successiva, altisonante fase di decollo.

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