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act 233 · 100blumen · floral annihilation · cd

01 chlorophyl rush
02 mortar
03 floral annihilation
04 last days of working class
05 grassroot symphony
06 no gods no masters
07 more flowers walk proud
08 hope is gone
09 petróleo y dinamita
10 seed of it all
11 pussywillow
12 stempel
13 disko mongo
14 blumen100
15 das ende
16 mongo (remix by p·a·l)
17 blumen100 (fleurop mix by heimstatt yipotash)

"flowers and anarchy!" (100blumen)

although the electronic sound assaults seems like a long way from this artist's punk rock roots, the inspiration from punk prophets like conflict, discharge and crass is still of great importance to 100blumen - that is a citizen of full age, the scrutinization of authorities, politics and beliefs. but he does not consider his music 'political'; however track titles and some samples can be used as thought provoking impulses - if the listener decides to.

musically, 'floral annihilation' is a consolidated package of energetic, percussive pieces, interlaced with many facets of electronic sounds - repetitive, impulsive and suggestive. 100blumen focuses on a balance between hard danceable industrial noise (characterized by the artist's own description of 'polyrhythmic rock and roll') and lo-fi influenced less aggressive tunes. all this is combined with a 100blumen / loss collaboration ('pussywillow') and two remixes by p.a.l and heimstatt yipotash. this cd is a truly fine follow up to 'in floriculture there is no law!'

packaging: cd gatefold sleeve.
first four copies in jewelcase packaging incl. 100 real flowers.

also available:
100blumen. floral annihilation. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon83
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in grey & orange ink.
available sizes: s, m, l, xl, one-sized girlie-shirt

discography 09.2k8:
floral annihilation. cd. ant-zen act233. 2008 mp3 album. ant-zen dig008. 2008
in floriculture there is no law!. cd. ant-zen act213. 2007
massaker....ep. cd-r. le petit machiniste. 2006
flowers and barricades. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm004. 2006
against the snails. 7". le petit machiniste lpm002. 2006

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der medienkonverter
"where have all the flowers gone?" heißt es so schön in einem song von pete seeger. eine frage, die man sich angesichts der musik des aus dem punk rock kommenden projekts 100blumen auch stellen könnte. denn eine geblümte ausprägung findet sich allenfalls in den songtiteln wieder. ansonsten treibt das ein-mann-projekt eher krachige blüten. aber das auch in vollendung, denn wie schon auf seinem letzten ant-zen-release "in floriculture there is no law!" geht 100blumen schön stampfig-brachial zu werke. sporadisch eingeflochtene samples deuten botschaften an, die jedoch angesichts der beständig laufenden rhythmusmaschine eher nebensächlich erscheinen. gewitterartiger noise sorgt für freie nasennebenhöhlen und verpasst dem hörer eine elektroschocktherapie. doch in diesen oszillierenden tiraden verliert sich 100blumen auch allzu gern. die wieder einmal an die herren ivens und van wonterghem erinnernden, dahin bretternden songs sind zwar wie erwartet gut, entbehren aber einer gewissen eigenständigkeit. anders verhält es sich mit den ab und an auftauchenden, ruhigeren stücken. davon gibt es zwar nur wenige, aber hier beweist 100blumen sein gespür für melodie, dramatik und gekonnten sample-einsatz. ebenfalls wahre blütezeiten sind die zwei remixe von p.a.l und heimstatt yipotash. p.a.l meint es eher spaßig, heimstatt yipotash eher verschroben. aber ein bisschen mehr hätte es alles in allem dann schon sein dürfen. 100blumen ruht sich etwas zu sehr auf bewährten konzepten aus. trotzdem ist das album ein solider noise-lieferant.

shortly following the succesful debut recording of the industrial project 100blumen all of a sudden a new album gets released. m.nickels clearly hasn't been inactive and treats the listener on 17 new tracks, including two remixes by heimstatt yipotash and p.a.l and a song which has been written together with loss. like on the debut in floriculture there is no law the music of 100blumen consists of rhythmic industrial with influences powernoise and dark ambient. the industrial of 100blumen this time is a bit less forceful and straight ahead dance floor stuff. at times it reminds of morgenstern, asche or sonar, but it is a bit rawer and less refined. it seems that 100blumen has been a bit too fast with this album or that he has used some material from the shelves, as the impact of this second album unfortunately is less than the first one. still the material is quite good. highlights are the tracks 'grassroots symphony', 'more flowers walk proud' and 'pussywillow', with the latest track being the loss co-operation. (teknoir)

chain d.l.k.
only one year after the release of the widely recognized debut "there is no law in floriculture", germany's one-man act 100blumen returns with a new album. still heavily numbed by a "chlorophyll rush" (ha-ha...), this project again sets fire under the machines and offers another 17 minutes of pounding, abrasive floral industrial. all the good things known from the debut like the courage to combine quite different musically arrangements in one song (ever tested piano drops laid over a torturing rhythm inferno? check "grassroot symphony" on here...) could kept alive and the act has experienced an improvement. also the hypnotic aura by looping repetitive rhythm patterns over and over again has found a continuation. additional remix works by some friendly label colleagues like p.a.l. and the hands-recording act heimstatt yipotash are accomplishing this decent release. "floral annihilation" is the consequential follow-up and proves that the field of flowers isn't dried so far. it surely can't reach the ant-zen throne currently owned by exocet, monokrom or synapscape, but it is nevertheless a satisfying alternative. (marc tater)

heathen harvest
this is the greatest floral/plant-themed industrial euro-dance synth power electronics record that i have ever heard. there is a lot to chew on here, and it can admittedly be rather overwhelming to listen to all 17 tracks at once. however the gentleman behind this project is a genius and all of his efforts are worth your while. this record veers between completely monomaniacal throbbing repetitive dance industrial sledgehammers and the occasional odd atmospheric bits with a disarming ease. each song provides a window into another little world inside the mind of 100blumen. in a way, the flower is a meditation on death, as they eventually grow on our remains if we are allowed to rot freely. surely the world would be a better place if there were more flowers and less humans? "no gods no masters" and "mortar" ring in the revolution, drumbeats for the death march of the gladioli. each powerful dance beat, each new facet presents new flowers growing in my brain. "mortar" appears to sample machine-gun fire to a very effective end, but the violence never comes across as completely threatening. through and through, "floral annihilation" satisfies the listeners urge for propulsive minimalist dance industrial. things are not sunshine and cinnamon all over, however. 100blumen makes no bones about switching into harsh painful power electronics mode on tracks like "hope is gone," where the relentless disco-punk throb is replaced with similarly uncompromising and relentless noise walls. 100blumen proves that despite his ever-present sense of humor he understands the harsh realities of this world. and thats not all. 100blumen can dive just as easily into the realm of haunting electronic soundscapes, evidenced by "petroleo y dinamita," where odd traditional folk songs intersperse with synth drones and "pussywillow," where a propulsive synth line drives 100blumen into video game music territory quite successfully. things get really strange again on the artist statement and near-finale "100blumen," where the speed-addict drums collide with ethereal synths and squealing metallic feedback. a lot of the themes of the record culminate here and it should be seen as somewhat of a landmark in minimalist dance music, comparable in relevance to the early work of green velvet in america. this is deadly serious and efficiently addictive european thrash-dance ambient brutality, and the record is long enough to provide a rather satisfying fix, including several remixes, which are predictably insane. highly recommended! (vargr wulf)

they fell
blimey this hurts my eyes! retina bleeding covers alongside death by dandelions and daisy chains. cool. for all its less than serious posturing i was quite surprised to find that the humour (unless its serious?!) doesn't translate along with the lsd tripped out petal madness and light hearted track titles into the songs themselves. there is a simple formula to 100blumen, gritty ambience and distorted beat come power noise and it would be a lie if i said there was anything more to it than that as a whole; however whilst not being the most original thing i have heard this does have the odd surprise once you get past the opening numbers with some childlike playing around on piano and whatnot in the form of 'grassroot symphony' which had the balls to be outright original with its almost infantile 'look for the ritalin this child's out of control' mannerisms. i like quirky, especially when it's a surprise. there is something decidedly old school in the simplicity, monotony (not meant in a bad sense) and straight to the beat before you have time to pause, that really as lacking in the overall challenging stakes as it is, works. mildly put i know this act is popular and i can see why. it's simple, it feeds the die-hard ant-zen throng whilst still having that mass appeal for the kids on the floor and that is no mean feat in itself. (tony young)

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