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act 235 · asche · the easter island phenomenon · cd

01. doing bad things
02. another prig
03. something evil (version)
04. a streched crash
05. knee chopper (version)
06. destroying home
07. neither...nor (version)
08. wasted hedon
09. count suckers
10. dig it! (count suckers pt.2)
11. dogday sunrise
12. futurewaste (prig rmx by eva|3)
13. something evil (rmx by xsoz)
14. knee chopper (rmx by zeller)
15. neither...nor (rmx by saturmzlide)
16. waste (wasted hedon rmx by dj intoner)
17. steamroom (guilty pleasure rmx by sabes)
18. darth sux (count suckers rmx by oszillotom)

12-18 mp3 bonus tracks

"the history of easter island is not one of lost civilizations and esoteric knowledge. rather it is a striking example of the dependence of human societies on their environment and of the consequences of irreversibly damaging that environment."
(excerpt from

"...the fate of easter island has wider implications too. like easter island the earth has only limited resources to support human society and all its demands. like the islanders, the human population of the earth has no practical means of escape. how has the environment of the world shaped human history and how have people shaped and altered the world in which they live? have other societies fallen into the same trap as the islanders? for the last two million years humans have succeeded in obtaining more food and extracting more resources on which to sustain increasing numbers of people and increasingly complex and technologically advanced societies. but have they been any more successful than the islanders in finding a way of life that does not fatally deplete the resources that are available to them and irreversibly damage their life support system?..."
(clive ponting: "the lessons of easter island")

the easter island phenomenon can be compared to the symptom of a disease that has existed since the beginning of mankind. as an artist that is not isolated from contemporary world history, ache has titled his third ant-zen full length album this phenomenon. anger, fear and anxiety are brilliantly converted into 11 powerful compositions that range from pounding rhythm industrial anthems to menacing dark ambient soundscapes - a threatening journey between distorted disco and noise brutality. besides the album tracks, 7 like minded artists re-construct ashes' message via exciting remixes (which have been added onto the cd in mp3 format). all of the remix artists, except for dj intoner, have already been released on asche's own label (fich-art). this is a fantastic and long awaited album for open minded listeners.

"the easter island story is a story for our times. we too are on an island floating on an endless sea. there are differences, of course. it could be said that easter island is tiny and that it was only a matter of time before the resources in such a closed system were used up. but there are parallels between the islanders' attitude towards their environment and our own, and this is the most frightening part of the story. .."
(excerpt from 'the story of easter island')

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asche discography on ant-zen 04.2k10:
the easter island phenomenon. cd. ant-zen act235. 2010
scenes from a galton's walk (w/ synapscape). cd. ant-zen act192. 2006
distorted dj. 2cd / 2x12". ant-zen act145 / act145.4. 2003
erode (w/ converter and morgenstern). cd-ep. ant-zen act123. 2001
distorted disco. cd. ant-zen act105. 2000
split w/ morgenstern, lp, ant-zen act040. 1996

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remixers links:
eva|3 -
xsoz -
zeller -
saturmzlide -
dj intoner -
sabes -
oszillotom -


a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:
"keine nation wird je für die ehre kämpfen, die osterinsel erforscht zu haben, zumal es kaum ein anderes eiland im meer gibt, welches weniger erfrischungen bietet und annehmlichkeiten für die schifffahrt denn dieses" schrieb schon james cook über die osterinsel. und das aus gutem grund: was will man schon mit einem kahlen, unbewohnten eiland, auf welchem sich lediglich riesige menschenköpfe aus stein, die so genannten moais befinden. die moais und auf der insel gefundene inschriften zeugten jedoch davon, dass hier einmal eine zivilisation gelebt haben muss, was gerade in esoterischen kreisen zu höchst interessanten und genau so haarsträubenden erklärungsansätzen geführt hat. in der seriösen forschung ist man sich jedoch weitgehend einig, warum von dieser zivilisation nichts mehr zu finden ist. die bewohner der osterinsel haben schlichtweg über ihre verhältnisse gelebt: die natürlichen ressourcen der insel ausgeplündert, nicht nachhaltig gelebt und damit letztendlich ihren eigenen lebensraum zerstört. offensichtlich, was also mit dem osterinsel-phänomen gemeint ist, erleben wir es ja selber tag für tag. für eine solche thematik eignet sich natürlich am besten unbequemer industrial, der zwar liedstrukturen aufweist, die aber nur aus genre-üblichen krach-elementen zusammengehalten werden: maschinen stampfen, sprach-samples krachen auf einen nieder, die noch vor der drohenden katastrophe warnen wollen, doch sie nimmt unaufhaltsam ihren gang: es wird konsumiert, produziert, immer mehr ohne rücksicht auf unsere umwelt. alles natürlich nicht tanzbar, dafür aber düster, monoton hämmernd und unheil versprechend. passend dazu ist natürlich auch das plattencover, welches die moais als die letzten überbleibsel jener kultur darstellt, die vor der hochhauskulisse einer großstadt stehen. ob nun solche städte einmal die letzten zeugnisse unserer kultur sein werden, bleibt natürlich abzuwarten. letztendlich ist the easter island phenomenon eine gelungene, wenn auch finstere zukunftsvision, die von sechs remixen, die als mp3s auf der cd zu finden sind, komplett gemacht werden. (tristan osterfeld)

vital weekly
german artist andreas schramm has impressed with his earlier efforts of over-the-top sound explosions. released a decade after the successful power noise-trip "distorted disco", present album titled "the easter island phenomenon" stays true to the style of andreas schramm alias asche. never the less this is an excellent trip to hell with blasting beats hitting you like a machine gun and demonic growls from the man himself. biggest difference from the excellent "distorted disco"-album is the dark ambient-sound spheres that saturates quite a few moments of "the easter island phenomenon". so many great pieces on this one, though one of my favorite moments comes with the absolutely stunning "something evil", that combines excellent industrial rhythm textures and horrifying samples into black mastery. (nm)

the industrial noise beats only start to kick in with the second track 'another prig' following the opening dark ambient track 'doing bad things' which is a very dark and ominous introduction to this new asche album, featuring intricate shifting of rhythms. the industrial beats go hand in hand with aggressive vocals. in 'something evil' a groove is added to the industrial noise of asche. 'knee chopper' is a more experimental track with beat experiments and again threatening dark vocals. the dark ambient returns in 'destroying home' which halfway transforms into a powernoise spectacle. the danceable beats are back in 'neither...nor' again accompanied by gritty vocals. 'wasted hedon' contains more techno influences and reminds of the distorted disco days of asche. this album is overall however more experimental and darker in tone. 'count suckers' starts as dark ambient soundscape with a politic al speech and then turns into 'dig it! (count suckers pt.2)', an industrial noise track with techno beats and gothic dark electro sounds. great track! 'dogday sunrise' is a more quiet track focusing on rhythm and atmosphere with spoken word vocals that ends this obscure industrial noise release of asche in style. but not before you have listened 7 more bonustracks in mp3 format. these are remixes by artists on the fich-art label of asche. the easter island phenomenon is an album that moves in between dark ambient and industrial noise and emphasizes the aggressive powerful elements in the sound of asche. it is not the most accessible material of asche and it is recommended to the real fan of industrial noise music. (teknoir)

connexion bizarre
when the first asche album i heard - "distorted disco" - was released in 2000 it was at the forefront of noisy industrial and it has aged very well - if you haven't heard it i recommend you check it out. with "the easter island phenomenon" asche maintains his reputation by creating a complex album that will challenge his peers. "the easter island phenomenon" is as gritty as its predecessor, but darker, while retaining the hint of playfulness that helped make asche's previous work so enticing to me. it is a rich work with low drones crawling around wet punch like snares, ominous synth lines supporting distorted vocals and disintegrating samples highlighted with snatches of electronic rasps. its' expansive repertoire ranges from dance floor drilling in "dig it (count suckers pt.2)" to dark ambient wastelands in "a streched crash" to the crushing power electronics stylings of "destroying home". asche does an enviable job of taking inspiration from other genres and making it his own: dubstep haunts the gnawing tension of "doing bad things" and the lurching groove of "knee chopper (version)", breakcore looms below the surface in "something evil (version)". "the easter island phenomenon" represents a significant step for asche, who has clearly matured and grown as a musician without losing his edge nor his passion. besides the original tracks this album features seven remixes by artists i have never heard of but most of whom have been featured on asche's own label, fich-art. the pieces are all creative, dark industrialesque pieces with similar hints of other genres, unfortunately they pale next to asche's work. (rudolf vavruch)

enochian apocalypse
it seems like an absolute age since we got any new output from the guy that brought us the excellent 'distorted disco' (in fact i think it was in 2006 with a split with label mate synapscape), so i was extremely eager to hear what we had in store for us here. things start well with the nice building ambient intro to 'doing bad things' that lets the rhythms slide into place almost effortlessly in squelching and pleasing manner, before seamlessly flowing into beat driven noise fest that is 'another prig' which is back to the asche that we all missed along with visceral vocals that drift as an undercurrent to the almost heartbeat on steroids like patterns. 'something evil' immediately gets the head nodding with folded vocal sampling alongside warm rhythmical structuring only to be overshadowed later on by the slower paced but immediately more visceral 'knee chopper' that sounds not too dissimilar to something out of a horror movie filtering through pads in the background to pounding beats, with warm fuzzy bass and vocals that are straight outta morbid angel. if dave vincent could do voice to any track in the badly termed 'power noise' genre it would be this; hell its almost laibach-ian in some twisted way; awesome and ticks a lot of boxes for me in every respect and probably my favourite track off the album. teip is actually a varied album in a lot of respects, even if it maybe too noisy for some, hell there's also a lot on here for the dance floor should any of the 'kids' out there pick this up, ambience and distorted beats a plenty, a nod at death industrial and dark ambient it's been too long asche, but welcome you back with open arms. (tony young)

der medienkonverter
satte sieben jahre nach dem letzten doppelalbum bei ant-zen und vier nach dem split-album mit synapscape tritt andreas schramm endlich wieder mit einem neuen album an die öffentlichkeit. die moais auf dem cover, die großen steinköpfe der osterinsel, sind nicht etwa reine zierde, sondern beziehen sich auf eine tragödie. diese sorgte dafür, dass die bewohner, die diese köpfe einst erschufen, schon seit langer zeit verschwunden sind. der chef des fich-art labels will uns auf den raubbau an der natur hinweisen, auf die verschwendung der natürlichen ressourcen und die damit einhergehende gefahr der zerstörung unserer umwelt. den bewohnern der osterinsel schien es so ergangen zu sein. sie lebten über ihre verhältnisse und beraubten sich durch eine verschwenderische lebensweise der natürlichen lebensgrundlage. das nennt man das osterinsel-phänomen. es liegt in der natur von herrn asche, uns nicht mit sentimentaler musik zu beduseln, sondern mit knallhartem rhythm industrial auf die missstände hinzuweisen. doch schon beim langen intro "doing bad things" wird man merken, dass andreas schramm neben dem industrial auch eine sehr dunkle, ambient-orientierte komponente in seine musik eingefügt hat. leuchtendes beispiel dieser symbiose ist der song "count suckers", der mit düsterem brodeln und grillenzirpen beginnt, nur um nachher mit pumpendem beat loszurollen. in diesem wie auch dem folgenden zweiten teil, "dig it! (count suckers part 2)", spielt asche geschickt mit einem sprachsample, das immer wieder in verschiedenen variationen wiederholt wird. "a stretched crash" ist dagegen eine auf- und abschwellende welle aus noise, ein in die länge gezogener kollaps, der ironischer weise im stampfenden "knee chopper" endet. "destroying home" ist der wohl unheilvollste track des albums. maschineller krach, stampfen und kaum verständliche, tiefe samples bekunden das ende der welt. so trostlos kann industrial sein. hört man in die remix-tracks hinein, die etwas versteckt als mp3-dateien auf dem album liegen, dann bekommt asches musik noch einmal ganz neue dimensionen. hier sind nicht nur songs des albums verarbeitet worden, sondern auch andere stücke. wer nicht durch die hohen töne im "steamroom"-remix von sabes taub geworden oder dem tinitus erlegen ist, der kann sich darüber hinaus über ein abwechslungsreiches beat-gewitter von breakbeat bis industrial, von eva|3 bis zeller freuen. und selbst beim saturmzlide-remix von "neither...nor" bleibt der typisch gläserne matrix-sound erhalten. wir leben in einer illusion. na was ein glück, dass es in dieser illusion musik wie die von asche gibt. (veit)

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