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act 239.1 · imminent · cask strength · cd - cd - wooden box edition

cask strength cd in wooden box 20x20x2,5cm w/ laser engraving and ornaments. limited edition

séracs, gari, bock, garn, lorsc, teskede, ila, cling, rubbs, droak, ébat, thal

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cask strength is the term used in whisky making to describe the strength of whisky (in a cask) during maturation. this strong whisky is not the one that is usually bottled, as at cask strength the whisky isn't as drinkable. most bottled whisky is normally diluted with spring water to bring its strength (alcohol by volume) down to a level that makes it more palatable, usually about 40%. while the majority of whisky bottled by distillers is watered down, some whiskies are bottled at cask strength, which is about 64% abv.

imminent starvation has been a leading light in the intersection of powerful industrial music and advanced electronics. incessant technoid rhythms, twisted electronic noise and cold, sinister atmospheric textures are the key ingredients in olivier moreau's musical spectrum. after finishing 'nord / north' in 1999, he destroyed his mixing desk, gave away the pieces as part of the limited 'nord' release and shortened his moniker to imminent. after the name change he produced remixes for sonar, iszoloscope, orphx and others, appeared on compilations, performed live and collaborated with synapscape as 'the incredible three'. furthermore he constantly worked on this new full length album - which has now been completed.

like any good whisky that has to mature for at least 10 years in a cask, it took the same time for this release to maturate - and it was worth awaiting the ripening. indeed the music is comparable to a cask strength whisky's taste: raw, aggressive, powerful, without any concession or any additive to dilute it's true nature, but it also includes a lot of complexity that awaits to be discovered by a true connoisseur. straight beats interwoven with sophisticated breaks, brilliantly placed samples, intertwining powerful atmospheric synth textures and forceful distorted sequences (without inhibition) form into the sophisticated style of industrial music imminent is known and loved for. 64 minutes of music - just like a 64% abv bottled cask strength whisky contains - taste it and full satisfaction is guaranteed!


imminent. cask strength. cd. ant-zen act239
cd - jewelcase edition

imminent. cask strength. cd - wooden box edition. ant-zen act239.1
cask strength cd in wooden box 20x20x2,5cm w/ laser engraving and ornaments. limited edition

imminent. cask strength. lp. hymen records ¥056
33rpm black vinyl 12" lp

imminent. non chill-filtered. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon88
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in silver & dark brown. sizes: s, m, l, xl, one-sized girlie-shirt

imminent. whisky tumbler. glass. ant-zen ikon90
solid square whisky tumbler w/ detailed engraving of imminent's cask strength logo. size 10,4 x 10,4 x 9,5 cm, capacity 33cl.

discography 09.2k9 (excerpt):
cask strength. cd / lp. ant-zen act239(.1) / hymen ¥056. 2009
nord / north. cd / lp. ant-zen act89(.8) / hymen ¥012. 1999
ethyl 6. lp. hymen ¥006. 1998
human dislocation / human relocation. cd / lp. ant-zen act59 / hymen ¥001. 1997
emergency provision. tape. 1993

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chroniques électriques
le belge olivier moreau, ici affublé du pseudonyme imminent, est depuis le milieu des années 1990 un spécialiste reconnu de la sphèrie ndus/noise. fidèle d'entre les fidèles des labels ant-zen ou hymen records, il officie également sous les avatars delta files et imminent starvation. moreau est également membre des duos collapse, axiome et du trio ambre. cask strength est un album brillant, autant le dire tout de suite. même si on pourrait naïvement qualifier sa musique de bruitiste par tant d'enchevêtrements, il ne sombre jamais dans une dérive brouillonne et indigeste. haletante et oppressante, sa musique n'est par recommandée aux auditeurs souffrant d'épilepsie. entre beats technoïdes passés au presse-purée, rythmiques frénétiques et encordées synthétiques abyssales, ce son jouit d'une précision digne de la mécanique quantique. sur le superbe gari, les rotâtes effrénées laissent pourtant place à une complainte fantomatique d'une cantatrice endeuillée. les moments de répit sont rares sur l'ascensionnel bock, morceau renvoyant le terme frénétique à l'essence même de sa signification. lorgnant vers un breakcore sur-amplifié dopé aux breakbeats cinglants, la psychose et la schizophrénie n'ont jamais semblé si proches. la très ambient première minute de garn s'affiche comme une descente vers des profondeurs chaotiques vocodées et dantesques. mes neuro-récepteurs sombrent à ce moment vers une délicieuse agonie. on pense à une accalmie avec l'oblique mais génial lorsc, avec ses incongrus cuivres et sifflements. il m'apparaît inutile de décrire et d'énumérer les morceaux suivants tant ils brillent tous de la même trempe exceptionnelle. comme souvent chez olivier moreau et plus généralement le label ant-zen, on a encore droit à un disque d'excellente facture. l'écoute est physique et éreintante mais c'est tellement bon. seul avertissement, deux options s'offrent à nous après des écoutes répétées de cet album : prendre une belle poignée de benzodiazépines ou envahir la pologne. (ed loxapac)

enochian apocalypse
has it really been so long since imminent (starvation)'s last full-length release 'nord'? however long then it certainly seems well worth the wait as this reeks of excellence from the word go. opener 'seracs' harks an immense return with cut and paste glitches that build into a monster of suspense and driving beats and bass that carry subtle chopped up vocals into an impressive array of driven electronics. ghost like operatic vocals are catapulted along with 'gari' and its insane mash up of plastic beats that trip over each other and never totally lose sight of themselves; this in turn ios followed by the outright lunacy of 'bock' which folds smashing rhythm sections into industrial madness and an undercurrent of dare i say it, gabba; of course i do use this terminology loosely as to be frank, its fucking mental no matter what genres fly out at you. it's an interesting if not peculiar subject matter thematically that imminent has utilised for this release, the subject of strong whisky distillation. the press release goes into the process of maturation of whisky during casks and the state it's in whilst not drinkable (unless i presume you want to kill yourself); like i said it's interesting and we could have had more info in the cover surrounding this subject even if i am desperately trying to find the link up between this and the music and their even more bizarre song titles. its not all completely bat-shit insane; there are the more toned down atmospherics of 'lorsc' to mellow out somewhat to, with electronic tribal patterns and harmonious pads and chanting vocal lines and whistling that come as a welcome break from the hammer to the face build up of previous songs. 'cask strength' is nowhere near as bleak as previous releases and it almost seems as though imminent is having a lot of fun here; its as rhythmic and heavy as before and there are spaces for genuine atmosphere to rise through the maelstrom of beats of which he treats us to in abundance. a welcome return and a relief to see that time certainly hasn't diluted imminent's approach to electronic industrial aggression. (tony young)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

der medienkonverter
wer beim namen imminent in verbindung mit dem industrial-genre direkt an imminent starvation denkt, ist nicht völlig auf dem holzweg. das einmannprojekt von olivier moreau gehörte zum ende der neunziger zu den bands aus dem bereich industrial, die sich auch in den nicht auf industrial spezialisierten clubs durchsetzen konnten. sein song "lost highway 45" wurde ein veritabler hit und zierte einige grenzüberschreitenden sampler wie 1997 die intelligent inside compilation. 2000 verschwand dann der zusatz starvation und moreau konzentrierte sich, mal abgesehen von remixen, liveauftritten, samplerbeiträgen und einer kurzen zusammenarbeit mit synapscape unter dem imminent-banner, auf seine zahlreichen nebenprojekte. 2009 kehrt nun imminent zurück. den anfang machten die sammlungen "archive one" und "archive two", bevor jetzt das erste neue material seit 2005 erscheint. "cask strength" bietet industrial wie er für das label ant-zen und hymen typisch ist und hat mit den veröffentlichungen von aktuell erfolgreichen bands wie nachtmahr oder ähnlichem nichts am hut. ich muss gestehen, dass ich immer etwas zeit brauche und die richtige stimmung, um zugang zu einem ganzen album dieses genres zu finden. was im club knallt, bei konzerten eine besondere atmosphäre aufbaut oder mit einzelnen tracks zusammengestellte tapes (ja gut, heute sind es cds) auflockert, ist auf albumlänge oft ein herausforderung. imminent zeigen auf "cask strength" warum sie zur speerspitze dieser szene gehören. geboten wird über eine stunde echter industrial, der zum größten teil knallt und ein ordentliches beatgewitter abfeuert, aber nie stumpf oder langweilig wird. los geht es mit dem frickeligen "seracs", bei dem die stimme von synapscape-sänger philipp münch nur zu erahnen ist. man könnte den eindruck gewinnen, dass moreau gerade am anfang alle eingängigkeit oder tanzbarkeit vermeiden will um direkt klar zu machen wo der hammer hängt. das zerhakte "gari" nimmt den faden auf und erst mit "bock" kommt ein eher klassischer rhythmustrack, der aber ebenfalls nichts für schwache nerven ist. das treibende "cling" dürfte für den gemeinen imminent-fan ein anspieltip sein, während das hektische "rubbs" oder das zwischendurch fiese "ebat" wirklich nicht in jeder stimmung zu ertragen sind. freunden des gepflegten industrials macht der belgier mit seinem lange gereiften neuen album sicher eine große freude, die wie üblich von einer tollen verpackung und schönen merchandising-ideen (da der titel sich auf die fassstärke von whiskey bezieht, macht ein whiskeyglas mit imminent-logo sinn und ist ein mal wieder toller einfall von ant-zen/salt) flankiert wird. stücke wie "bock" oder "cling" sind prädestiniert für die einschlägigen clubs und schreien nach konzerten. aber mit "lorsc" oder "seracs" bietet "cask strength" ohne frage auch was für zuhause. allerdings gilt auch hier - please play loud!

cask strength is a term which is used to measure the strength of whiskey in a cask. this state of riping of the whiskey is absolutely not suitable for consumption since it first has to be diluted with spring water. some brands however are bottled at that strength, which is around 64 %. like any whiskey needs at least 10 years ripening, it took imminent the same amount of time to release a new album. imminent was in the 90's one of the better known names in the realms of industrial noise. the project name was not yet shortened and was in full: imminent starvation. on the new album cask strength imminent shows that it has been worth the wait since olivier moreau shows he has carefully crafted all these years and produced an industrial album that sounds raw and aggressive as well as has a refined ripening, with a striking complexity in the rhythm and breaks department claiming a major role. powerful synth texures and sequences and clever sampling ensure the cold and ominous atmospheres imminent is known for. although it misses the magic from the days of human dislocation, nord and ethyl 6, imminent also shows that it still can compete in the ever changing sonic landscape where industrial and similar musical styles meet. best tracks are the hypnotising 'bock' and 'i la' and the atmospheric 'lorsc'. (teknoir)

connexion bizarre
olivier moreau aka imminent's, latest release on ant zen, 'cask strength' is a full blown assault of percussive glitches and hard distortions. it begins with "seracs", a construction of rhythmic elements that ramp into a colossal wall of sound with underlying melodies echoing beyond. "gari" is a barrage of broken beats, symphonic moans and harsh bass hits that whirl around your head like a tornado. "bock" is the second assault of percussion and glitch in imminent's assault that at times seems to fight the constraints of rhythm via bass hits, distortion and stabs. "garn" is the most coherent song on the release so far with menacing drums, underlying tonals and swaying synth pulls. "lorsc" is a groove using resonance drums and classic analog synths to achieve a musical meandering complete with whistling. "teskede" changes the mood by introducing hard kicks at break neck speeds amidst intermittent frequency drops and subtle strings. "lla" is the equivalent of an electronic drum circle and vaguely reminiscent of terrorfakt. "cling" is a reprieve from the prior track with a thick bass ridden ambience interlaced with drum reverses and echo hits. "rubbs" rejoins the distortion with rabid enthusiasm beating the listener with distorted kicks and soothing them with bittersweet pads. "droak" keeps pace with "rubbs" with a broken beat rhythm and fast light synths that attempt to keep tempo. "ebat" enters with high frequency noise and then bangs out a dub step experiment in consuming distortion and ambiences. "thal" is two minutes of closure, soft and subtle mixed with slow abrasive percussion and sullen strings. my personal highlights on this disc would include: "gari", "garn", "lla" and "thal". as an album, "cask strength" works on two levels, subtle enough to be background music and aggressive and intricate enough to hold a listener at full attention - it is a force to be reckoned with in the genre of idm and glitch. (james church)

chain d.l.k.
it's a great time for comebacks of veteran artists, isn't it? imminent alias olivier moreau may has had its heydays in the earlier years under the flag of the german industrial label and retailer ant-zen. his classic 'human dislocation' and 'nord' albums, which defined an own class in the stable of this famous label, are still true masterpieces. like with any good whisky ' and that's meant with 'cask strength' ' the strength of the whisky taste being matured in a cask ' this album has at least taken 10 years in the making. too short to get forgotten, if your band-/project name is imminent ' but long enough in our fast pacing days, that you've to start nearly from scratch. someone may tends to ask, why it has taken that long to come up with an all new studio album ' let's agree, that good and quality rhythmic powernoise in that authentic kind, how olivier produces, needs that long time. after his wall of disturbing, at times hectic and fast pacing rhythm structures, hides depth produced through thick and dark sounding synth pads ('teskede'). and have you ever heard of a musician out of this special music genre, who whistles and use temporary brass instruments ('lorsc'). although olivier's sound environment sounds raw, with complex rhythm programmings, and not-that-catchy-and-linear, with tracks like the nearly 8 minutes pounding track 'cling' he could be able to provoke a hurricane of mass-movement on the dancefloor of the dark clubs. all of those mentioned tracks are rather the immediately striking tunes, which leave some impression on the listener ' but this album has much more to offer, if you would find the time to give it some more spins. this album acts like the mentioned whisky ' good things need time to mature. (marc tater)

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