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act 241 · bipol · fritter away · cd

01 too much
02 my challenge
03 it makes me sick
04 in the name of the workers
05 the menacing kiss
06 talk about my scream
07 contest of devotion
08 in my hand
09 confusion
10 fatal attack
11 claustrophobic news
12 manipulation now

three years after his first album andreas brinkert (bipol) has released his second album entitled 'fritter away'. brinkert has once again demonstrated his skills of creating moods which range from apprehension and aggression to disarray.

musically bipol assimilates classic dark industrial by creating a multitude of hypnotic repetitive sequences, dark drones and mechanical noises that are highlighted with a large variety of complex beats. the twelve tracks include subliminal bits of sound that drift below the surface so that the listener is deeply captivated. bipol is supported on three tracks by tim kniep (synapscape) and andreas schramm (asche) and the album's mental intensity is that much more enforced.

a superior work of present day industrial music - a sound that forces you to listen - definitely not music to fritter away the time.

discography bipol 02.2k10:
fritter away. cd. ant-zen act241. 2010
ritual. cd. ant-zen act201. 2007

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a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

enochian apocalypse
second full length release full of soaring atmospheres that carry a certain anxiety within their rafters; like some evolving nightmare that carries desperation and horror alongside its crunching squelching rhythmical structures. seamless in its approach one track happily (?!) folds into the next and in that context works like a rather well oiled machine; and a machine this most definitely is, whirring and buzzing whilst the cogs turn and the hammers pound, this is an 'industrial' album in the purist sense of the word for me. there is a certain lack of evolution through out the album which is a shame as i would have preferred by the halfway point for there to be some variation and this is probably the only thing holding back bipol from stepping out of the sub-dwellings within which they reside; however i do get the feeling that its in this murky gritty factory underground that they are most happy and in a sense that is good for them, because by a few songs in you know what you are up for and there are not going to be any horrible surprises. suspense, turmoil, terror, torture and an untimely end are all images that crop up whilst listening to 'fritter away', and all in all this less than happy bunch have produced a solidly dark album that brings with it equally pitch black aesthetics. (tony young)

2007 saw the light of day of punch inc.'s andreas brinkert solo debut as bipol with the album 'ritual'. with 'fritter away' he finally presents us his follow-up. bipol has a style of combining old industrial esthetics with the newer industrial wave. this is already apparent in the first song 'too much', which combines industrial sounds with kind of idm-like approach. he immediately sets the scene with a thick industrial atmosphere. 'my challenge' is a hard industrial song with uneven rhythms. it also uses some distant vocals in the background and has a very effective aggressive ambience. 'it makes me sick' uses some very distorted vocal effects that are somewhat high-pitched and have a kind of black-metal sound to it, but not in a bad way. 'in the name of the workers' is also a very nice industrial song with good rhythms and pace. the song very much sounds like old school industrial in a newer sounding suit. 'talk about my scream' is a very aggressive industrial song with distorted and menacing vocals, very much reminding me of synapscape. 'confusion' generates a sound of mental confusion. fast and abstract rhythms are combined with noise breaks. 'claustrophobic news' has a very chaotic and apocalyptic sound, even reminding me of some of skinny puppy in their more psychotic moments, like on the 'last rights' album, but with an ant-zen sound to it. andreas has created a very interesting album, really combining old industrial with the newer wave. some of the tracks have a very synapscape feel to it, with combining distorted vocals and rhythms. the whole album has a nicely aggressive feel to it and the tracks are effectively layered with industrial sound and rhythms. the album has also some very good and interesting dark photography by salt. very much recommended to fans of synapscape and beyond! (fabian)

der medienkonverter
drei jahre nach seinem debüt "ritual" schickt andreas brinkert via ant-zen den nachfolger "fritter away" ins rennen. mit an bord renommierte kollegen von asche und synapscape. nach einem typischen einstieg, erfreut mich das dichte "my challange" mit einer atmosphäre die an die hochzeiten kanadischen electros erinnert. ähnlich vertraute gefühle kommen bei dem sich immer weiter steigernden "in the name of the workers" auch auf, hier liegt es aber vor allem daran, dass die sprachsamples sehr schön an alte front 242 songs erinnern. leider sorgen ein paar unspektakulären song (z.b. "too much", "contest of devotion" oder claustrophobic news") für längen, auch wenn sie die atmosphäre des albums unterstützen. erfreulicherweise schafft es andreas brinkert, komplexität und ausreichender gemeinheit zu liefern, ohne dabei in richtung unhörbarkeit abzudrifften. zudem sind stücke dabei, die zum beispiel durch den einsatz von gesang auch über das genre hinaus auf interesse treffen könnten. während es beim düsteren "fatal attack" eher ein gesprochener text von andreas schramm (asche) ist, gibt tim kniep (synapscape) dem songs "talk about my scream" eine eigene note und die songs erinnern an die raue anfangsphase von synapscape. leider fehlt "fritter away" insgesamt der entscheidende kick um sich deutlich aus der flut an neuveröffentlichungen hervorzuheben. um es kurz zu machen. nicht das album des jahres, aber ganz spannend. bipol bietet auf "fritter away" industrial, wie man ihn heute definieren würde (fans von spk oder throbbing gristle dürften diese diskussion mittlerweile aufgegeben haben). es faucht, knartzt und scheppert unrhythmisch wie es sich der genre-freund wünscht, techno-einflüsse oder "4 to the floor" sind nicht auszumachen und mit hilfe etwa der gastsänger wird für abwechslung gesorgt. eine gute industrial-cd also, nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger. und mit schönen booklet-fotos. (minne)

connexion bizarre
there's a certain point when the more generic ant-zen/hands/rhythm'n'noise releases merge into an indistinguishable continuum. too many artists follow the same tried and trusted formulas and seem tasteful rather than incendiary. "fritter away" occasionally comes close to falling into this trap but there is something more interesting going on here. bipol's work sometimes comes across as an uglier, more fucked-up version of ahnst anders' sound, veering between vocal-heavy and more processed extremes and as a result this album seems more like a compilation than a coherent unit. i actually appreciate the fact that it's ugly and tense and that i can't instantly or wholly relate to it. "too much" sets the tone with a prowling, muscular bass intro and is followed by "my challenge" which features the harshly processed vocal textures which along with the general air of tension are the album's least generic elements. the vocals and heavy drums make it sound quite 'rock' at times and although this almost puts me off it does maintain an interesting, tense contrast with the electronics. the album sometimes feels like a colder, digital update of the better end of the industrial rock spectrum but at other times the vocals are too intrusive. "talk about my scream" makes me want to paraphrase graham chapman's monty python officer character and say "now stop that, it's silly, very silly indeed." it tries too hard to sound evil and as a result it's impossible to take it seriously. it would have made a great instrumental though. the vocal works much better on the next track "contest of devotion", this is because it's recessed, processed and kept in check, without any self-conscious melodramatics. the intriguingly-titled "in the name of the workers" features heavily processed vocal samples with occasional metallic elements and works well. another well-titled and impressive track is "the menacing kiss", which revels in its own unresolved tension. "confusion" is a very uneasy and dynamic mass of contradictory rhythms which almost edges towards autechre-style disjointedness. the album closes with "manipulation now", a brooding, ugly closer featuring sickly whistles and bleak textures, leaving a nasty hangover. "fritter away" is very mixed and doesn't always succeed but at its best is excellent and certainly worth investigating. (alexei monroe)

vor rund drei jahren legte andreas brinkert mit bipol das debüt "ritual" auf ant-zen vor, der auch teil des duos punch inc. und der bielefelder bassbeben-posse ist. auf grund dieser einschlägigen referenzen überraschte mich "ritual" mit seinem differenzieren wie doomigen rhythmic industrial damals schon etwas und der nachfolger "fritter away" steht dem nun in nichts nach. ebenfalls im eher mittleren rhythmusbereich angesiedelt, fällt diesmal der für diese verhältnisse massive einsatz von verfremdeten vocals auf, welche durch tim kniep (synapscape), andreas schramm (asche) und einer gewissen franke bestritten werden. das ganze entwickelt mit zunehmender spielzeit eine gewisse klaustrophobische atmosphäre, der man sich schwerlich entziehen kann und als potentiellen club-hit des albums wie gleichzeitig anspieltip würde ich das sich stetig steigende "fatal attack" empfehlen. ebenfalls sehr auffallend und wirklich erwähnenswert das ästhetisch ansprechende und futuristisch wirkende flughafen-artwork, so wie der verzicht auf die so typischen und doch nur füllende remixe am ende der cd. endlich mal wieder ein gelungenes album, welches aus der flut seelenloser rhythm tech-veröffentlichungen heraus sticht. (m.f.)

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