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act 256 · frl. linientreu · lifelines · cd

01. von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens
02. spiel mal minimal ey!
03. ode an die stille
04. different in this life
05. blindness
06. licht an!
07. lifelines
08. we are in this together (different in this life part2)
09. i hate you
10. empty
11. licht aus!
12. von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens (rmx by saturmzlide)
13. lifelines (rmx by schlauch 2 elf)

released in collaboration with le petit machiniste -

frl. linientreu has been in the public eye for three years - but possibly it is an unknown fact that ina peters had already started to make music at the age of 5. However, besides her own project, she is also a member of the german industrial / techno / comedy project schlauch 2 elf. and after various live appearances in germany (also at maschinenfest 2010) and one cd-r release on le petit machiniste, ant-zen and l.p.m. are proud to present this outstanding artists' second album.

in her own words, lifelines is intended as a kind of biography. lots of emotions have been changed and filtered into sound which was helpful to bring certain phases of her life to an end but also to turn over a new leaf. music as a medium for ideas and feelings - a reason to go further and not to remain in paralysis. as a result of this melting pot of expressed emotions, a large variety of musical styles is displayed here. ranging from heavy-handed fast technoid rhythmic attacks (von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens, empty), chilling ambient with idyllic synth melodies (ode an die stille, different in this life), and vexing collages (licht an!) to minimalistic electro pop with bass guitar and vocals (spiel mal minimal ey!), this album demonstrates frl. linientreu's amazing eclectic skills. the additional remixes append a tightrope walk between breakbeats and breakcore (saturmzlide) and distorted dance beats combined with an unexpected radio interference.

musically and personally, lifelines displays an accumulation of many directions. whether it is industrial (in its many forms), ambient, soundscapes, electronica, or idm - all this and more result in frl. linientreu's aural visualization. an album as manifold and complex as life.

discography 10.2k10:
echtzeit - live @ dkdance osnabrück 08.04.2007. dvd-r. paranoid pictures pdvd005. 2007
echtzeit. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm009. 2008
lifelines. cd. ant-zen act256 / le petit machiniste lpm021. 2010

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remixers webpages:
schlauch 2 elf:


a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

enochian apocalypse
when your album is almost like a biography of your life you can expect it to have some variation, but 'lifelines' takes the biscuit somewhat. let me get this straight the first few tracks are completely different to one another, so much so its crackers; for example track one starts off down the broken distorted beat route and track two is complete death pop, for want of better terminology, an 80's clinical affair. following up on this the ambient 'ode an die stille', which in turn is followed by blissful idm on track four; you catch my drift now? you could harp on for ages about the difference in tracks as this album pans out but that would be pointless; 'lifelines' is a hap-hazard affair, that runs through genres at a whim and whilst most people may see this as being too clever, i actually don't believe that frl. linientrau actually had this in mind. yes it is pretentious, incredibly so, and i am sure a few people out there would pull a face at this when played in its entirety; for myself though i enjoyed this for what it is and there are some glorious moments when attention to detail brings out wonderful hooks and pads that are as emotional as they come. (tony young)

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